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Marine & Offshore Supplies, Inc ( MOS) provides materials for the Offshore and Shipbuilding Industries in USA, Canada, Mexico and South America. We represent 5 leading companies with components and materials of high quality to competitive prices.
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Donald Langrock possesses a unique combination of engineering, research & development, project management and sea going operations experience related to diverse areas of the marine field. Don’s career started in the U.S. Coast Guard in the early 1960’s where he served as both a deck officer and later as an officer in the engineering department on major ships operating in the North Atlantic.

After completing his graduate work at MIT in 1967, he was assigned to Coast Guard’s Merchant Marine Safety Department and worked on fishing vessel stability requirements, structural fire protection for passenger ferries as well as working with the American Bureau of Shipping on load line requirements and technical committees.

In 1971, he was assigned to a project task group as engineering manager and chief inspector for the construction of two polar icebreakers with combined diesel electric and gas turbine propulsion plants. (93,000 SHP). As Chief Engineer he took the first of the vessels through shake downs and operational missions in the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions.

After retirement from the Coast Guard in 1981, he took a position with the Offshore Engineering Department of Mobil Oil where he was responsible for the development of all floating equipment for offshore oil production. In 1990, having completed all necessary prototype designs and having developed an effective and well trained engineering group, he was reassigned to Scotland, where he was responsible for R&D and deep water development projects. Working with the marine and offshore industry and many of the major universities in UK, he developed remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and associated equipment to a level of sophistication previously unseen in the field. This equipment is presently being used in many parts of the world to accomplish work previously done by divers.

Throughout his career Don has published extensively, (10 countries on four continents) and has chaired numerous technical conferences related to the marine and offshore industry. Since retiring from Mobil in 1996, he has acted as a consultant to ABS and various manufacturing and engineering firms.

Education, Awards and Professional Affiliations

  • Coast Guard Academy, B.S. with honors 1961
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S. Mechanical Engineering 1967
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S. Naval Arch & Marine Eng. 1967
  • SNAME Spring Paper Award, 1991
  • Outstanding Technical Paper Award, MTS, Intervention/ROV 1992
  • Houlder Cup1996, Society for Underwater Technology (Great Britain)
  • Member, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, since 1970
  • Member, Marine Technology Society 1990-1996
  • Member, Sigma Xi, since 1968
  • Professional Engineer, State of Washington, USA

Donald Langrock
PE, B.S., M.S. (Nav. Arch., Mech. Eng.)

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Langrock Offshore and Marine Services, Inc.
PO Box 221
Lopez Island, WA

Phone:(360) 468 4404

Fax: (360) 468 4404



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