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Chemical Carriers Association
CCA is devoted to promoting regulatory compliance and safety in the bulk waterborne transportation of chemicals and other hazardous materials. The CCA membership complement presently includes:
    USA District of Columbia

Leading Manufacturer of underwater loudspeakers and underwater speakers for use in diver recall systems, underwater High Powered Communication Systems and synchronized swimming sound systems. Also used in marine mammal research and aquariums.
    USA Ohio

DECKadence Marine Flooring
DMF is a revolutionary material manufactured from the most practical marine flooring material in existence today. DMF is the right combination of PVC, Resign and Aerated Rubber designed to deliver comfort and durability to boaters worldwide.
    USA Florida


Xia graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1962. From then he undertook research work in the area of ship’s electrical installations in China Naval Ships Research Academy in Beijing.

In 1972, Xia accepted appointment with Shanghai Marine Equipment Research Institute in Shanghai. As a Senior Engineer, Xia continues the research work, actively contributes to standardization work in the international arena and promotes application of ISO and IEC standards by shipbuilding industry in China.

He is also acting as a senior technical consultant for Shanghai First Panorama Maritime Co., Ltd. Xia’s other interests are resolving technical problems, reliability studies, quality management and technology transfer.

Throughout his career Xia has been actively involved with various technical committees of ISO and IEC as a Chinese representative. He is playing a major role in development of standards and marine electrical technology in China and also chaired a number of international conferences on this subject. Xia published over 100 papers and was awarded prizes for his work.

Professional accomplishments:

  • Member of ISO/TC 8 - Ships and Marine Technology
  • Secretary of ISO/TC 8/SC 4 – Outfitting and deck Machinery
  • Member of IEC/TC 18 – Electrical Installations in Ships, Mobile and Offshore Units
  • Secretary General of Chinese National Subcommittee on Electrical Installations in Ships for Standardization
  • Senior Member of China Electrotechnical Society
  • Director of China Marine Electrotechnical Committee
  • Member of Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
  • Member of Shanghai Shipbuilding Technical Committee for Standardization
  • Head of Technical Council on Electrical Installations and Automation in Ships
Xia Yongnan
Senior Engineer

xiayonganlarge.jpg (32321 bytes)

Shanghai Marine Equipment Research Institute
10 Heng Shan Road

Tel: (021) 6437 5794

Fax: (021) 6433 9552



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