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Maritime e-Commerce Association
The Maritime e-Commerce Association, established in February 2001, is a non-profit making consortium of companies committed to promoting and developing e-business and online trading in the Maritime sector. Objectives of the Association are:
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Ocean Systems Laboratory, Dept. Comp. & Elec. Eng.
The laboratory is a leading centre for research and development in subsea technology. Our main areas of work are in subsea robotics, unmanned underwater vehicles, through water communication, sonar design and underwater computer vision.
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    United Kingdom

MarineTalk Ltd. Press Release - Wednesday, 21st November, 2001
MarineTalk Announces Corporate Restructuring

November 20, 2001 Vancouver (Canada) - MarineTalk Ltd. announced today the formation of a new parent company, Scientia Technologies Corporation (Scientia = Latin for knowledge & skill). Scientia Technologies will develop the Company's knowledge based software product suite, called the Sourcing Management and Requisition Tool (SMaRT). The new Company structure includes industry focused business units, which will each penetrate a separate worldwide vertical market. MarineTalk becomes part of the first operational business unit Scientia Marine with a focus on the marine industry. is a well-known branded portal that will serve as the Company's communications and marketing platform for the marine industry.

Danek Kilinski, the Founder of MarineTalk said, "This re-structuring was necessitated by the broad appeal of the SMaRT solution to many industries. Our unique knowledge-based expert system software radically improves the engineering and decision-making process to the benefit of both buyers and suppliers. The underlying technology has universal application to complex industries. It makes good business sense not to exclude these opportunities".

At the same time the Company Board of Directors appointed Terry Riley as the Chief Executive Officer responsible for the Scientia Technologies Corporation strategic activities. Mr. Riley was formerly the Chief Operating Officer for the Company. Mr. Riley has been employed within the computer industry for 30 years in a number of executive management positions with Fortune 500 companies. Danek Kilinski will continue as the President and Chairman of the Board of Scientia Technologies. Mr. Kilinski will focus his activities on Scientia Marine, capitalizing on his 30 years of marine industry experience by leading the development of the marine knowledge bases and leveraging his strategic relationships and knowledge of the marine industry.

Scientia's unique approach to provide engineering support, standardizing documentation, and assisting buyers and sellers in their decision-making processes will help many industries in the critical area of the acquisition of complex equipment and systems - from the initial requirement through to integration, commissioning, and logistics support. SMaRT expert system guides the engineer, and especially a less experienced engineer, through the creation of technical specifications and associated documents in a fraction of the time previously required and with significantly increased accuracy. This results in greatly improved communication between buyers and sellers thus eliminating costly errors. Immediate benefits to all users are at least a 70% reduction in current engineering costs, increased quality, more profitable construction processes and elimination of major losses.

The engineering challenges and demands for high quality that are present in the marine industry are similar to those in the Oil & Gas industry. A smooth transition to this vertical market will be facilitated by SMaRT's capability to cover many installations associated with offshore oil platforms. The Scientia Oil & Gas business unit of Scientia Technologies Corporation will address this huge market once the necessary experience in SMaRT development and sales to the marine industry have expanded. The Company plans to build this business together with partners who operate established Oil & Gas marketplaces.

Scientia Technologies Corporation will investigate other industries that offer good potential for the use of the SMaRT expert system. A policy of building on existing relationships within those new industries will be followed, as in the case of the marine industry. New partnerships will be negotiated as required.

The above restructuring is subject to shareholders' approval, which is in process of being obtained. For further information please contact Mr. Peter Maclean, Director at 604-781-8513 or visit the websites at or

MarineTalk Ltd. Press Release - Tuesday, 4th September, 2001
MarineTalk Awarded $3.3M to Develop Innovative Engineering Support Solution for the Marine Industry

Vancouver, 4 September 2001 - MarineTalk Ltd., a privately held Vancouver - based company, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the largest funding ever granted by CANARIE. This C$3.3M funding will be of major assistance in the development of a unique engineering and procurement support software, positioning MarineTalk at the forefront of advanced business application providers.

MarineTalk is developing a sophisticated expert system and knowledge modeling software to improve business processes in the marine and other vertical markets. It is called the Sourcing Management and Requisition Tool (SMaRT) and will be made available using the Internet as the delivery network. This unique solution addresses engineering functions and facilitates rapid generation of well-defined and accurate technical specifications essential for the procurement and integration of complex systems and equipment. SMaRT engineering validation capabilities help less experienced personnel to develop high quality technical specifications in a fraction of the time previously required and assist the buyer and seller decision-making processes.

"In my 30 years in the industry, I have seen, over and over again, costly mistakes that originated from poorly defined procurement and integration requirements. It is exciting to see the positive response of the industry and universal acceptance of our solution," said Danek Kilinski, President and Founder of MarineTalk. In addition, he said, "The "SMaRT" concept is based on providing real value to all participants as it elevates the collaboration within the supply chain to a new level. I believe that immediate and tangible economic benefits will clearly be seen by all."

SMaRT has the capability to revolutionize and streamline the acquisition process. Its unique expert system operates with an extensive knowledge database that includes a wealth of engineering expertise and describes typical marine subsystems and equipment. SMaRT will be offered to users as a stand-alone application, in conjunction with enterprise software management systems or integrated into existing marine marketplaces greatly enhancing their business scope.

Those in the industry are equally impressed. Mr. David Reid, Director of Ship Repair and Business Development for the Washington Marine Group said, "Vancouver Shipyards have examined the SMaRT demonstration model and see the future potential for many shipyards. It will be a major step forward in improving the engineering and procurement processes, enhancing quality and efficiencies."

"MarineTalk's clever SMaRT solution for procurement needs of the global marine industry will position this company at the forefront of an emerging trend for e-business applications." said Mr. Andrew K. Bjerring, President and CEO, CANARIE Inc. "The concept of building first on existing relationships established within the maritime community is sound. This project comes at a particularly opportune time as the Canadian shipbuilding industry begins to implement the findings of the recent recommendations of the Government of Canada's new Policy Framework on Shipbuilding and Industrial Marine Industries to improve competitiveness."

About MarineTalk Ltd. MarineTalk is developing sophisticated decision-support software for the marine and other complex industries improving engineering and procurement processes, enhancing quality and efficiencies. The Company offers a unique vision of the business, extensive knowledge of the marine industry, and very specific expert technical resources - the essential components to ensure the solutions are right for the industry allowing companies to achieve immediate savings and eliminate major losses.

About CANARIE Inc. World-recognized CANARIE is Canada's Advanced Internet Development Organization. CANARIE is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to accelerating the development of Canada's Internet and the creation of innovative applications that exploit the power of that infrastructure to benefit Canadians. CANARIE plays the critical role of facilitator, bringing together experts from private industry, government, and the research and education community to form project partnerships. By encouraging innovation, CANARIE is building Canada's capacity to participate in the knowledge economy.

For further information:

Mr. Danek Kilinski
President & CEO
MarineTalk Ltd.
Ph: +1 604 988 6534

Ms. Shannon Cobb
Manager, Communications
Ph: +1 613 943 5374

MarineTalk Ltd. News Release - Monday, 13th May, 2001
Success at Cruise and Ferry 2001

MarineTalk, was one of only two Internet companies that participated in the recent Cruise and Ferry 2001 Exhibition held in London May 8-10. This contrasts dramatically when MarineTalk, less than a year ago, participated at Posidonia 2000 with over 60 marine related Internet companies exhibiting, many with a great deal of fanfare and expense. Virtually all of them have disappeared.

MarineTalk's steady long term approach is winning the loyal support of the shipbuilding community. Many positive comments were received at the show about MarineTalk. They particularly liked the NewsLetter information content, with its concise format. Many also commented on the new easier to use "search" format for the Buyer's Guide and for information from the World InfoDesk all accessable from the MarineTalk Home Page.

For further information please contact:

Mr. Danek Kilinski, President
Mr. Ralph Fraser, Vice President, Marketing and Sales

MarineTalk Limited
Vancouver, B.C.
Tel: +1 604 988 6534
Fax +1 604 988 6538

MarineTalk Ltd. News Release - Wednesday, 22nd November, 2000
More programs from MarineTalk

The good word is spreading. MarineTalk participated in it's 4th exhibition this year at ShipRepair and Conversion in London, November 15-16. Based on the many favorable comments everyone likes the information being provided through the web site and the NewsLetter, also the ease of finding products and services through MarineTalk Buyer's Guide.

During the exhibition, MarineTalk discussed with some selected industry participants its new program, currently under development, which will significantly improve the efficiency of the procurement process and will directly benefit all shipyards, shipowners, designers and suppliers. It proves to be a needed and wanted solution.

Another program involves the purchasing of selected technical data and information all available from MarineTalk.

Our new advertisements placed in major marine journals and trade magazines are further helping to develop MarineTalk as the Internet portal for marine professionals in the Shipbuilding, Repair, Conversion and Offshore Technology sectors of the market.

For further information please contact:

Mr. Danek Kilinski, President
Mr. Ralph Fraser, Vice President, Marketing and Sales

MarineTalk Limited
Vancouver, B.C.
Tel: +1 604 988 6534
Fax +1 604 988 6538

MarineTalk Ltd. News Release - Friday, 3rd November, 2000
SNAME and MarineTalk cooperate

November 3, 2000 Vancouver (Canada) -, the premier Internet Portal for marine professionals, is pleased to announce the further expansion of its cooperation with the leading marine professional institutions.

While participating in the SNAME 2000 exhibition in Vancouver (5-6 October 2000) the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) and agreed to promote each other's activities and publications. This complements the similar cooperation arrangements that MarineTalk has already concluded with the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) and the Institute of Marine Engineers (IMarE).

The current MarineTalk web site has been continually evolving and now provides a variety of news, technical discussions, and a comprehensive Buyer's Guide with a fast and accurate search capability. MarineTalk's popular NewsLetter features extracts from the World InfoDesk section of the web site to keep the shipbuilding, repair, offshore and conversion sectors of the market informed about the latest developments. The NewsLetter is e-mailed to over 12,500 senior marine industry leaders. Many of these MarineTalk supporters are members of the above three major marine institutions.

MarineTalk is quick to point out that it is not "just a directory" and that the variety and depth of the content and community development, as well as its highly professional profile are the main reasons that MarineTalk site is so popular. "For instance, MarineTalk has 14 Advisory Board members from around the world who are recognized experts in their respective fields. One of these experts Mr. Jeom Paik from Korea was jointly presented with an award for the best conference paper during the recently completed SNAME conference in Vancouver," said Danek Kilinski, President. "MarineTalk is the type of Internet place that the marine technical and management community can identify with and use in the course of doing business. This keeps people coming back", Kilinski further stated.

MarineTalk was started over two years ago by a group of marine professional engineers with the aim of developing an Internet Portal serving the marine management and technical community. This successful development of the content and community has now attracted the attention of investors who see MarineTalk as a model to embrace the coming e-commerce revolution that is rapidly unfolding in the technical sector of the maritime industry.

For further information please contact:

Mr. Danek Kilinski, President
Mr. Ralph Fraser, Vice President, Marketing and Sales

MarineTalk Limited
Vancouver, B.C.
Tel: +1 604 988 6534
Fax +1 604 988 6538

MarineTalk Ltd. News Release - Monday, 4th September, 2000

September 4, 2000 (Vancouver, Canada)., the highly reputable "Internet Portal for Marine Professionals", today launched its latest version of their site. It maintains all of the existing features that MarineTalk customers and users have enjoyed on a regular basis, and has added a number of new features to present more information and make the site easier to navigate.

MarineTalk can now check the industry pulse with a new polling capability. It will also provide an interesting new Internet marketing section, with information to keep customers and users up to date on the fast paced changes in the Internet world, so that companies can adjust their sales and marketing needs to this rapidly changing global marketplace.

Continued development of the web site has been enthusiastically endorsed by marine professionals who find what they want quickly, and with the links provided by MarineTalk they can instantly contact the company for more detailed information. MarineTalk now sees over 2000 users every day.

"The global focus of MarineTalk on the shipbuilding, conversion and repair sectors of the industry, combined with Internet growth as European and other traditional shipbuilding countries de-regulate their telecommunications monopolies, provides even greater potential for MarineTalk," said Danek Kilinski, President.

At the same time, Mr. Kilinski, announced the appointment of Mr. Ralph Fraser as Vice President of Marketing and Sales. Mr. Fraser has been with MarineTalk since February and brings over 30 years of program and product launch experience in Marketing and Sales. Fraser said, " The launch of the updated site represents the culmination of two years of content and community development, the result of input from customers, users and industry experts who are all regular users of the site. We are not standing still though, and are already working on a number of new products and services."

MarineTalk Ltd. is a private company headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

For further information please contact:

Mr. Danek Kilinski, President

MarineTalk Ltd. News Release - Wednesday, 7th June, 2000
MarineTalk Participates in Posidonia 2000

June 5, 2000 (Piraeus, Greece) - MarineTalk further expands its global presence as the Internet portal for marine professionals by participating in the Posidonia 2000 event June 5-9 in Piraeus, Greece.

The MarineTalk Internet portal was created 2 years ago to provide marine companies with an exclusive marine web based platform where they would be able to display their products and services and maintain that presence in front of thousands of potential clients who use the Internet in the course of doing business. MarineTalk continues its philosophy to develop a vibrant community of marine professionals from around the globe and enable fast access to the most interesting developments in the industry, with focused search for products, services, personnel, specialized information, etc. This fundamental MarineTalk philosophy that the community must come before E-commerce has already been proven successful.

MarineTalk's community includes companies and professionals working in the shipbuilding and repair, manufacturing and equipment supply sector, technical and procurement personnel in shipyards, design and consulting engineers, marine surveyors, ship operational personnel and technical ship managers, shipping and marine insurance professionals, research and education personnel, etc.

Access to MarineTalk's huge database, the Newsletter and other facilities such as basic company listings are provided Free. For companies that wish a greater exposure MarineTalk offers two commercial products.
These are:
1. The "Enhanced Listing"
2. The "Premium Listing"

Both Programs provide outstanding value for companies that participate. The Premium Listing provides breakthrough publishing capability by allowing participating companies to publish news/product release information, articles, business offers, etc. virtually instantly for exposure 24 hours per day 7 days a week. MarineTalk is complementary to, not a replacement for print media and cooperates with those publishers that recognize the new role of Internet portals.

Companies and individuals are invited to visit, try the search facility, subscribe to the free Newsletter and list company information free.

Danek Kilinski, president said, "MarineTalk is rapidly gaining wider and wider acceptance as an exclusive Internet portal for marine professionals. Its professional profile and effectiveness have been acknowledged which results in continuous increase of visitors and subscriptions to the Newsletter that has now reached over 12,000. The marine industry has been slower to accept the Internet and the market benefits it can provide. It takes time to educate management on the benefits of the Internet, but once understood they become enthusiastic supporters of our world Premium Listing. The Internet is your silent super sales force out there on a global basis working 24 hours per day 7 days a week. This program is very cost effective and complements other publicity and corporate communication plans".

MarineTalk Ltd. News Release - Monday, 29th May, 2000
MarineTalk at RORO2000 & Going to Posidonia!

MarineTalk announces that they had exhibited at RORO 2000 trade show 23-25 May 2000 in Gothenburg, Sweden. All visitors were impressed by the quality presentations. Those who were introduced to MarineTalk for the first time stressed they favorable opinion about the site format and the unique concept that ensures effective promotion for companies, products and services. MarineTalk continues the worldwide marketing campaign for the benefit of its participating companies and will be exhibiting at Posidonia 2000 between 5-10 June in Piraeus, Greece.

MarineTalk was developed a group of industry professionals with management and engineering backgrounds, who along with others were frustrated by difficulties using conventional reference materials and Internet based information while searching for products, services and reliable technical data. The portal was launched in March 1999 and very quickly achieved wide acceptance and credibility.
  • Proprietary search engine delivers accurate results fast
  • Quick access to reliable sources of technical information
  • Database currently comprises over 10,000 companies with Internet access and this number is rapidly growing
  • Newsletter currently e-mailed to 12,000 professional subscribers worldwide
  • Daily visits by up to 2,000 marine professionals and growing
  • World InfoDesk section updated weekly with the latest industry news, technology updates, opinions and trends
  • Free access to all features of the site without any restrictions
  • Commercial programs to facilitate business-to-business promotion
  • Discussion forums assisted by industry experts
  • Further development to introduce electronic transactions in progress
  • Advertising in major marine magazines and participation in premier industry shows for the benefit of its subscribers

MarineTalk Ltd. News Release - Friday, 19th May, 2000


May 20, 2000 (VANCOUVER, Canada) -, the prime Internet gateway for marine professionals and the marine industry worldwide, has just launched a new, user-friendly version of its popular web portal, offering improved content, better navigation, and technological advancements. The site has received top billing as a "prime specialized resource" from

MarineTalk's site is a valuable resource for marine industry professionals with at least 10,000 of these professionals visiting on a regular basis for current industry information, trends, and news. Receiving upward of 2,000 visits every work day, with a global geographic spread, has already established credibility and a loyal following amongst the worldwide marine industry.

Focusing on the technical sector of the marine industry, provides Free Listings of products, services, and business contacts on its portal, and to date, over 10,000 companies are listed. Enhanced Listings provide a more comprehensive description for a modest fee and stronger impact and exposure is offered through colour graphics and other special features at the site's Premium Listing for an additional fee. The Company's business philosophy is to build its virtual community first, then add e-commerce innovations as the marine industry moves to acceptance of this new business paradigm.

Along with the re-launching of the site, the Company has launched a global marketing campaign, promoting its Free Listings, Enhanced Listings, Premium Listings, and virtual marine industry community through a presence at trade shows, trade journal advertising, news releases, and dissemination of industry news through its popular online newsletter with distribution to over 11,000 subscribers worldwide.

MarineTalk Ltd. News Release - Monday, 3rd April, 2000
MarineTalk Expands Marketing Program

Vancouver -- 3rd April, 2000 -- MarineTalk Ltd., the Internet's premier portal for the marine professionals, today announced that they will be exhibiting at RORO 2000 exhibition 23-25 May 2000 at Swenska Massan Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. Visitors will be able to view and discuss advantages of the new Internet media in marketing of products and services and bringing e-commerce to the technical sector of the global marine industry.

MarineTalk, launched over a year ago as THE Internet portal of choice for marine professionals, companies and organizations, has garnered great success by providing much needed services. Its huge database, regular information service, sophisticated search procedures and convenient communication links assure busy professionals of finding who they need and what they need quickly. The marketing model proves successful for companies that want good visibility on the Internet as indicated by sustained site visits of 500 - 2000 per day. The site is complemented by MarineTalk's Newsletter providing highlights of newly published articles e-mailed to over 9,000 (and growing) professionals on a weekly basis.
To further expand and continue its growth, for the benefit of users and participating companies, MarineTalk will take part in major trade exhibitions around the globe. MarineTalk is also starting a new advertising campaign in marine publications that encourages users and companies to TAKE A CLOSER LOOK.

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