3RD Annual Digital Ship Cyprus
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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3RD Annual Digital Ship Cyprus


Venue: Hawaii Grand Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus

Digital Ship Cyprus is currently the world's largest maritime IT event - it is the largest of Digital Ship's events, last year attracting 100 shipping company managers and 126 IT suppliers.


1) KPIs / TMSA / monitoring and measuring in ship management

  • Selection and implementation of shipmanagent software
  • Business continuity after an IT disaster
  • Paperless Office onboard the vessels and ashore, regulations and requirements
  • How new technologies affect the day to day business onboard our passenger vessels
  • Use of key performance indicators in maritime software
  • Administration Onboard / Findings of a research done on CSC members vessels
  • Using software systems to measure, monitor and improve your TMSA scores
  • Arrival notices and the need for standardization
  • Regulations and future requirements
2) Satellite Communications
  • Connection by Boeing - Latest developments
  • How shipowners can get better packages by dealing directly with Eutelsat
  • Providing worldwide IT support for the vessels
  • Live Video Conference with the M/S Constellation using VSAT Technology
  • Live Remote Access to a Hanseatic Vessel using Inmarsat Fleet F77 Technology
3) Voyage data recorder and long range identification and tracking systems session
  • Long range tracking and ship navigation systems
  • IMO progress towards an LRIT system
  • Implementation of LRIT and up to date developments at IMO
  • Progress with electronic chart systems
  • Rutter Technology - simplified voyage data recorders
  • On board weather: safety and economics
4) Round Table Discussions
  • Do today's ships need electronic charts?
  • Do today's ships need broadband or can they make do with what is available?
  • Do today's ships need more sophisticated software and IT systems?
  • Are shipping companies using enough maintenance and purchasing software?
  • Can IT help to more to achieve efficiencies in ship operations?


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