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Advanced IMACS


Advanced IMACS

Prime Movers Controls Inc (PMC) of Vancouver (Canada) designed and manufactured advanced Integrated Machinery, Alarm and Control System - IMACS. The Navigation, Engineers, Wing and Deck Head consoles were supplied for the latest PacifiCat Series 1000 aluminum catamaran - one of the world's largest and most efficient high speed ferries.

pmc1.jpg (23513 bytes)

Due to weight considerations these consoles were constructed using aluminum. All critical machinery functions on this vessel are continuously monitored and displayed by the IMACS. This graphical user interface allows the crew to monitor and control the machinery. It also performs trending and health monitoring from three workstations, ergonomically integrated into the Engineer’s console. A total of 175 graphic pages and 50 pop-up windows allow the crew to easily identify and monitor the 3000 machinery status points. The system automatically logs all machinery alarms to a disk archive for future reference. Intuitive graphics page construction using dedicated day/night viewable color screens greatly simplifies the engineer-machinery interface. The powerful easy to use IMACS workstations are independently networked to data collectors, one remote bridge collector, one Omni Chief HVAC control system, and four Omni Chief communication processors. For maximum reliability, a monitored redundant high speed communication network is used.

Each Omni Chief communication processor provides isolated independent network links for direct communication with the processors of other automation systems. Each link required custom communications protocols to be written by PMC to allow efficient data transfer with the following systems:

  • Main engines (redundant links with auto-changeover)
  • Power management and switchboard
  • Motor control centers
  • Fire detection
  • Fire suppression

pmc2.jpg (73000 bytes)

Additional groups of controlled and monitored system information consists of tanks, pumps, bilges, fire doors, RO-RO ramps, fans, vents and system self-diagnostics.


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