Anti-Fouling Paint Convention Adopted by IMO
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Anti-Fouling Paint Convention Adopted by IMO


The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) adopted a convention to ban the use of organotin anti-fouling paint systems on all ships. This includes any vessel that operates in the marine environment, including hydrofoil boats, air-cushion vehicles, submersibles, floating craft, fixed or floating platforms, floating storage units (FSUs) and floating production storage and off-loading units (FPSOs). The convention will become mandatory 12 months after 25 countries with 25% of the world’s tonnage have agreed to the convention.

Ships will be prohibited from applying organotin anti-fouling systems from January 1, 2003 and must remove them from the hull or apply a sealer coat by January 1, 2008. All ships of 400 gt and above engaged on international voyages will require the following survey and certification:
  • an initial survey to confirm that organotin anti-fouling systems (or any other system subsequently banned by the IMO) have either been removed from the hull or a sealer coat applied, and that an organotin free anti-fouling system has been applied
  • the issue of a certificate and anti-fouling record, the certificate will be valid from issue until the anti-fouling system is changed or replaced – no annual or intermediate surveys are required
  • further survey as and when the anti-fouling system is changed or replaced.

Ships over 24m in length but less than 400 gt do not require any surveys or certification. However the owner is required to keep a declaration on board that the ship has an organotin free anti-fouling system, together with details of the anti-fouling system applied. Fixed or floating platforms, FSUs and FPSOs will be prohibited from applying organotin anti-fouling systems but will not be required to remove them from the hull or apply a sealer coat. They will not be subject to surveys or require certification.

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