Automatic Identification System from Sailor
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Automatic Identification System from Sailor


Automatic Identification System from Sailor

Safety at sea will be increased by the AIS system due to the fact that vessels carrying AIS will be able to get an overview of other AIS-equipped vessels within VHF range as the transponders will communicate automatically and as the information can be displayed on different kinds of display systems, which may include sea maps. The SAILOR UAIS 1800 is introduced in order to meet market demand, which will be initiated by the IMO regulations on the mandatory installation of AIS equipment coming into force on July 1st 2002.

SAILOR UAIS 1800 is an advanced integrated system with a 12-channel D-GPS and a built-in VHF. To make the system operational, only a display system, a VHF antenna, a D-GPS antenna and power are needed. This makes the system very reliable, as only few connections are required. The transponder will automatically transmit static data such as MMSI, call sign/name, type of ship, length/beam, antenna location and IMO number. It has one port for DGNSS equipment, and three ports are available for interconnection of other types of navigational equipment on board, e.g. the Gyro, the Compass, the Echo Sounder etc. This dynamic data collected from the instruments can also be transmitted with the static data, giving the receiving vessels more knowledge of the vessels near by. Voyage-related static data such as destination and cargo can also be included in the messages.


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