Cooling Down Gas
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Cooling Down Gas


Offshore gas extraction platforms are using pipelines to transport the gas to shore where it is further processed into LNG (liquefied natural gas). Shell now believes that it is feasible to innovate transporting of gas and wants to process the gas into LNG on the offshore platform. To liquefy gas cooling water is used and such installations are typically large. Therefore the new concept is to draw cooling water from the sea at a depth of 200 meters. Water at that depth is 10 deg C colder and therefore might be suitable. The water will be pumped up by a 200 meters long pipeline. To make sure that this can be done safely a research has to prove first that vibrations will not cause any damage.

Technical University in Delft is doing this research in its Industrial Flow facilities at WL | Delft Hydraulics. One of these facilities has an 80 tons water tank that is normally used for calibration tests. To simulate the pumping up of the water a scaled model of the pipeline is attached to this tank. Results of the first tests show that the expected vibrations do take place above a certain critical flow. Further research has to establish whether the pipeline can withstand such vibrations.


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