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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd (A Division of Informa Plc)
IBC has been providing extremely successful events over the last 30 years. IBC provides leading conferences, seminars and training courses, with over 50,000 customers benefiting from our services worldwide.

Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators'
The Society is a non-profit making organisation, formed to promote high operating standards and best practices in gas carriers and terminals world-wide. It provides technical advice and support for Members and represents their common interests.
    United Kingdom

IMO - International Maritime Organization
The International Maritime Organization is the United Nations' specialized agency responsible for improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships. IMO's work is described in the following headings.
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Petrotech Enterprises
PETROTECH is one of the most respected names in the Oilfield & Marine Industry and application of Process Control, Pneumatic & Fluid Power Equipment. Renowned for the quality of its products and application expertise. We are ONE STOP ENGINEERING SHOP
    United Arab Emirates

Digital Ship Conferences


Digital Ship Conferences

As the maritime industry is coming under extraordinary pressures to improve its safety and security, as well as operational efficiency and quality of life onboard, a timely cluster of one-day conferences will be presented by the Digital Ship during the forthcoming NorShipping event. The conferences will review the best technologies to improve navigation and reduce risks of collisions and groundings, improve satellite communications, implement best practice in the LNG shipping industry, improve reliability of automation systems, and improve bunker operations.

Best use of technology to improve navigation conference will explore ways leading to big reductions in navigation risk. As shipping companies come under increasing pressure to reduce the risk of groundings and collisions, navigation technology makes big steps in being able to reduce such risks. An overview how navigation technology can be sensibly used for best advantage will be followed by an analysis of accidents by DNV.

TMSA and first class tanker operations conference will discuss Tanker Management Self-Assessment Scheme (TMSA) - the program for tanker operators developed by Oil Companies International Marine Forum. Leading tanker experts will share their views how to achieve high quality and continuous improvement in tanker operations. This conference will also demonstrate how the tanker industry is moving forward with techniques, which are in many cases better than used in other industries.

Broadband maritime communications conference will address possibilities that are being opened by satellite communications. Shipping companies face growing demands from shipbrokers and charterers for faster response to e-mails to the ship while shipping company IT managers face challenges to keep shipboard computers working and want to be able to fix problems from shore. Inmarsat is launching satellites this year which are 16 times more powerful than the last ones and other like Boeing are entering the fray reducing costs for broadband services.

Design, propulsion and management of LNG vessels will be discussed at another one-day conference. It will cover the latest technology and techniques for LNG vessels, including new designs, vessel concepts suitable for Arctic regions, tank gauging, new propulsion solutions and technologies related to minimizing cargo losses.

Managing the risk of ship control, monitoring and alarm systems - those that are concerned about the risks of systems failure or the risk that a serious accident is caused due to seafarers not understanding the alarms, will find this conference interesting. Presented in association with Lloyd's Register, the conference will follow recently completed research project "ATOMOS" and discuss how shipboard systems dependability can be proved.

Improving technical bunker operations - those interested in technical bunker operations will learn about the pressures and forces on the bunker industry, including demand for low sulphur fuels, different requirements from new engine types, new blending and treatment technology, requirements and technology for testing. This conference is an opportunity to meet with other experts and discuss technical and management approaches to these challenges.

Norshipping Conference  

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