Dynalco's Diesel Engine Analyzers Approved
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Dynalco's Diesel Engine Analyzers Approved


Dynalco's Diesel Engine Analyzers Approved

Dynalco Controls, a Crane Co. company, has announced that the DIESEL-TRAP™ 9240, 9220 and 9220/P portable diesel engine performance and vibration analyzers—in conjunction with Dynalco’s RTwin™ analysis software—have received Type Approval from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). For over 20 years, Dynalco has been developing diagnostic equipment and software for reciprocating engines. The DIESEL-TRAP analyzer determines diesel engine performance and mechanical condition.

Depending on the model, the analyzers collect phase marked cylinder pressures, vibration and ultrasonic data. All models are lightweight and easily portable. The 9240 model comes with Dynalco's BETA-LINK™, a built-in digital wireless transmitter/receiver unit for flywheel reference. RTwin analysis software, for Windows™ 95, 98 and NT, manages the engine data and structures it in displays and reports for extensive statistical, comparative and historical analysis. Cylinder pressure statistics for multiple engine cycles are captured in graphical format for cylinder-to-cylinder and cycle-to-cycle comparisons. The same statistics appear in engine combustion, pressure distribution and trend reports. The engine combustion report summarizes cylinder IMEP, power (IKW, IHP) and engine overall statistics. Cylinder signature plots overlay pressure rise rate profiles, cylinder pressure and vibration data to reveal faults in cylinder components, valve trains, fuel injectors and pumps.

DIESEL-TRAP 9240 is a 4-channel engine analyzer that collects phased marked cylinder pressures, vibration, and ultrasonic data simultaneously with real-time viewing. The analyzer collects and stores data for on-machine analysis of all cylinder and valve train components, combustion quality and power production. A ship’s engineer can use DIESEL-TRAP as part of a condition-based approach to diesel engines as described in the ABS guidance manual “Survey Based on Preventive Maintenance Techniques.” Condition-based monitoring systems have reduced maintenance costs, improvedreliability and availability, while optimizing fuel usage and cost.

DIESEL-TRAP 9220 is a single-channel comprehensive engine analyzer used to verify and monitor diesel engine performance and the mechanical condition of all cylinder components, valve trains, fuel injectors and bearings.

The DIESEL-TRAP 9220/ P is a specialized single-channel analyzer that collects cylinder pressure to monitor diesel engine pressure balance, combustion quality and power production.

Dynalco Controls develops and manufactures electronic monitoring, control and diagnostic solutions for industrial engines and compressors.


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