Electric Release Motor Brakes
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Electric Release Motor Brakes


Electric Release Motor Brakes

Magna Shear electric motor brakes from Force Control (Fairfield, USA) are based on a proprietary oil-shear design, which ensures cushion effect smoothing away shocks and jerks to reduce stress on drives and structures. They deliver many times the friction material life of ordinary dry-friction units, while supplying full rated torque over the life of the brake. The motor brakes come in various sizes providing torque ratings from 4 to 1250 ft.lbs for application on a wide range of marine and dockside holding, hoisting and loading equipment.

Compact multi-disk design packs more torque into a small diameter, space-saving configuration, while reduced inertia provides faster response and lowers motor power and energy draw when accelerating drives. Fully sealed for high dependability in difficult environments, the units feature 110-120V electric actuation with pulse modulation to reduce input power and avoid coil overheating. A direct-acting coil eliminates levers and corrosion exposure problems. Magna Shear units transmit braking torque by shearing automatic transmission fluid between multiple friction disks. The heat of braking is absorbed into the recirculating oil, not just the friction surfaces, to greatly reduce wear and extend the life of the friction disks. Extra-long springs compensate for any wear in friction material to maintain rated torque over the life of the unit, unlike conventional units where torque fades with wear. Magna Shear brakes fit a wide range of motors, including NEMA, U-frame, T-frame, and low inertia IEC motors.


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