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Saturday, November 15, 2014

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The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology
The Institute is the international, professional body for maritime engineers, having almost 17 000 members and 48 branches worldwide. The Institute promotes the scientific and practical development of marine enginering.
    United Kingdom

SUNY Maritime College
The SUNY Maritime college offers a full-range of training services to the maritime industry. College programs include a bachelor and master degree program in International Trade and a complete line of STCW and regulatory compliance courses.
    USA New York

Gdynia Maritime Academy
The aim of the integrated educational system is the optimal conduct of the maritime education of professional staff for the needs of maritime industry.

Mauritius Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Serving business since 1850, the Mauritius Chamber is the oldest non-profit private organisation in Mauritius.




It flies but it's not a plane. It floats but it’s not a boat. It's called the Flarecraft and it is one of a new breed of hybrid craft known as “wing in ground effect” vehicles. Skimming along just above the surface of the water, the Flarecraft relies on the cushion of high-pressure air that forms below its stubby wings. This allows the craft to skate along at an altitude of a few feet with very little drag.

Ground effect occurs at an altitude within about 1/3 to 1/2 of a craft's wingspan. Here the air rushing beneath the wings slows down, leading to the pressure beneath the wings building up, in turn producing lift.

A ground effect craft is the best of both the airborne and nautical worlds. It performs better than a plane because there is less turbulence to create drag on the wings and it's quicker and more efficient than a boat because there is no water friction. The Flarecraft is a 5-seater. It is already flying in Los Angeles, Miami and St Louis, but its makers envisage its biggest market will be as a small, quick commuter, ferrying tourists to and from resort islands. Other Wing-in-Ground Effect vehicles are currently being developed in Australia and Germany.

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