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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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CSA - Canadian Shipowners Association
The Canadian Shipowners Association (CSA) mandate, “to promote an economic and competitive Canadian marine transportation industry,” is fundamental to the daily operation and motivation of the organization and its members.

The Association of Norwegian Maritime Exporters
NME is one of the world’s leading associations of marine equipment suppliers. Their membership includes ship equipment manufacturers, fishing equipment suppliers and the aqua culture industry.

MER - Marine Engineers Review
MER is the largest circulation technical marine publication worldwide. With an audited circulation of 15,114 (ABC). It is both influential and informative.
    United Kingdom

Chalmers Lindholmen - School of Maritime Studies
GMDSS - Education and Examination for ROC and GOC Certificates.



Conor Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc. has developed a new technology, called the Hydromem, that treats oily and contaminated bilge water stored on ships as well as ballast water that can contain harmful and exotic organisms and pathogens. Conor Pacific reports that the first shipboard application of the system, onboard the Canadian destroyer HMCS Iroquois, has proven highly successful in treating bilge water. The company has already produced 11 of a total of 18 Hydromem units for the Canadian Department of National Defence for use onboard its ships. Bilge water is the oily wastewater that accumulates in the bilge of ships and can be composed of a complex mix of mechanical and chemical emulsions and contaminants. The illegal dumping of bilge water is a recurring problem. According to United States Coast Guard statistics, about 570,000 tons of oil enters the marine environment annually. In addition to oil and other marine pollution caused by shipping, aquatic organisms and non-native species that ride across the oceans in the ballast water of ships cause significant changes to ecosystems and threaten human health. When ships discharge their ballast water, microorganisms can be introduced into new regions where they are not indigenous. Estimates indicate that ballast water may be transporting 3,000 species of animals and plants a day around the world. The Hydromem technology separates not only free oil, but also emulsified oil and contaminants from bilge water exceeding national and international oil content limits for direct discharge overboard. In addition to oil, the membrane on the system will remove microorganisms. The Hydromem is the first IMO certified membrane-based, oil-in-water separation system developed and manufactured in North America. More information: Bob Nowack Chairman & CEO, Conor Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. ph (604) 669-3373


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