Knowledge Based Modular Repair
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Knowledge Based Modular Repair


Knowledge Based Modular Repair

This ambitious project targets the specific manufacturing processes used in applying modular construction to overhaul and conversion work. It will analyze these processes to isolate the key variables with maximum leverage potential for improvement, then modify processes to realize that improvement. This project will leverage expertise, technologies and best manufacturing practices from other leading-edge manufacturing industries and apply them to ship repair and conversion at Atlantic Marine Holding Company (AMHC).

The project will develop precise, effective reverse engineering techniques for repair and conversion. It will research state-of-the-art laser measuring equipment to produce highly accurate models of conversion zones in a ship. The project will also develop controlled, predictable manufacturing processes and knowledge-based models to assist decision-making. These processes and models will be used to make significant improvements in the manufacturing processes for repair and conversion.
Successful implementation in conducting repair with dramatic rework reduction will provide a compelling motivation for adopting these technologies. A reduction in rework is expected to result from product measurement information that is accurately transferred to a controlled manufacturing system.

The components produced will fit and function properly without rework. This will result in reduced costs for Navy conversion and repair as well as assist U. S. Repair yards in gaining greater commercial market share.

Atlantic Marine Holding Company, Thomas Neyhart

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