LR Maritime Information and Fairplay Merge
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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LR Maritime Information and Fairplay Merge


The Maritime Information Publishing Group of Lloyd's Register will merge with Fairplay Publications Limited. The new joint company, Lloyd's Register - Fairplay Limited, will commence trading on July 1, 2001. With a staff of over 130 and a worldwide customer base of over 15,000, Lloyd's Register - Fairplay will be the world's largest independent supplier of maritime information services, according to LR. They will maintain the comprehensive database of the world's merchant fleet comprising over 90,000 sea-going merchant ships, together with details of over 50,000 ships either totally lost or broken up. The companies database will include records of over 170,000 organisations, covering every sector of the maritime industry.

A database of all the world's ports and terminals, totalling over 6,500 records will be maintained. The on-line Fairplay News, including a five-year electronic archive, will be continually updated and maintained. Lloyd's Register - Fairplay will also maintain extensive databases on marine casualties, market fixtures, an electronic ship picture library, distance tables and historical statistics. "The response from our customers has been very encouraging" said Richard Silk, managing director of Fairplay and joint managing director of the new company. "The combination of our databases and the mix of skills will enable us to provide the high quality information and services that our customers require." David Littlejohn, general manager of Lloyd's Register Maritime Information Services, and the other joint managing director of the new company, added: "Lloyd's Register has long been regarded as the premier source of technical information on the world merchant fleet. By merging this information with the commercial details maintained by Fairplay and by adding several other databases and information sources, our customers will see considerable benefits. We have a challenging task ahead of us, but one that will see notable enhancements to the range of services we are able to provide." The full range of services can be found at  

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