Level Gauging System Meets SOLAS
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Monday, January 26, 2015

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Level Gauging System Meets SOLAS


New Saab TankRadar level gauging system with a vapour pressure monitoring and alarm function permits to meet SOLAS Reg II-2/59 para 1.2.3 in a very cost-effective way.

The SOLAS Reg II-2/59 para 1.2.3 says; "A secondary means of allowing full flow relief of vapour, air or inert gas mixture to prevent over-pressure or under-pressure in the event of failure of the arrangements in 1.2.2. Alternatively pressure sensors may be fitted in each tank protected by the arrangement in 1.2.2, with a monitoring system in the ship‚s cargo control room or the position from which cargo operations are normally carried out. Such monitoring equipment shall also provide an alarm facility which is activated by the detection of over-pressure or under-pressure condition within a tank."
Tankers built after 1st July 1998 are to comply with the requirements at delivery whereas tankers built before 1st July 1998 are to comply with the requirements at the first scheduled dry-docking after 1st July 1998 but not later than 1st July 2001.

SAAB5.jpg (6360 bytes)

SAAB4.gif (16766 bytes)

The pressure sensors are installed in the radar level gauge’s housing and the tank pressure information is multiplexed on the same cabling as the level information. A pressure monitoring and alarm function is added in the software and the information will be presented on Work Station’s or on other displays. High and low pressure alarm limits are preset to the recommended values.

All major classification societies have accepted Saab TankRadar as fulfilling SOLAS Reg II-2/59 para 1.2.3. It is easy to retrofit existing Saab TankRadar systems with vapour pressure monitoring and alarm function. As the pressure information is multiplexed on the existing cabling, no installation work on deck will be needed.

More information: Saab Tank Control


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