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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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MTS (Marine Technology Society)
From its inception in the early 1960's, the Marine Technology Society has embraced a charter of inclusiveness. We support all the components of the ocean community: marine sciences, engineering, academia, industry and government.
    USA Virginia

ISMA - International Ship Managers' Association
ISMA, founded in 1991, is an association of ship and crew managers bound by a strict code of management standards, the ISMA Code.
    United Kingdom

Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators'
The Society is a non-profit making organisation, formed to promote high operating standards and best practices in gas carriers and terminals world-wide. It provides technical advice and support for Members and represents their common interests.
    United Kingdom

ICC International Maritime Bureau(IMB)
The IMB is a division of the International Chamber of Commerce, the world business organisation, set up to look into fraud and malpractice in shipping and trading. The IMB has one of the most comprehensive records on piracy worldwide.
    United Kingdom

Managing Innovation


The Gulf Coast Region Maritime Technology Center and the M. Rosenblatt & Son Group of AMSEC (USA) announced the third in a series of seminars entitled "Keys to More Productive and Profitable Shipbuilding” (17-18 May). These seminars were especially developed for and will be taught by the internationally recognized shipbuilding executive Peppino Maffioli, former Director of Production and Engineering at Fincantieri. This seminar "Managing Innovation" addresses the key role that managed innovation plays in successful shipbuilding.

The two-day course identifies one of the most important strategies that management can introduce to improve competitiveness. The topics include, among others:
  • Forward Engineering – Introduction of managed innovation and overcoming the obstacles to the introduction of innovative ideas.
  • New Standards – A discussion of the advantages available through use and aggressive improvement of shipyard standards.
  • New Solutions for Reducing Distortions in Hull Structures – The advantages of maintaining fair surfaces throughout the construction process and an introduction to some methods to reduce distortions during construction.
  • New Materials – A discussion of the various uses of composite materials.
  • New Systems for Piping – Introduction to flange-less piping systems and the advantages available through the use of these systems.
  • New Systems for HVAC – Introduction to HVAC systems which minimize the need for ductwork and a discussion of the beneficial effects of the use of systems of this type.
  • New Electrical Installation Methods (Passenger Ship) – Introduction to methods which allow the reduction of total electric cable footage and electrical installation man-hours.
  • The detailed list of topics and other information can be found on GCRMTC website.

    GCRMTC website  

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