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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Marine Growth Removal


Marine Growth Removal
Marine Growth Removal

The Divex Flexbrush is a hydraulically powered rotary brush cleaning system for use in marine growth removal on ship’s hulls & underwater structures.

It comprises two hydraulic counter-rotating motors within hinged fibreglass housings. Cleaning brushes of the appropriate grade are selected for attachment to the motors. These can be steel bladed "barnacle bashing," strength for removal of heavy calcareous marine growth such as mussels & other molluscs, or of simple wire or nylon filaments brushes for lightweight cleaning prior to painting, application of marine coatings, welding, NDT, etc. The system requires a hydraulic power pack with a minimum of 17 h.p and delivering 140 bar at 40lt/minute and supply & return hydraulic hoses.

brush1.jpg (5892 bytes)

Diver safety is paramount and Flexbrush incorporates a "Deadman's Handle," to automatically stop the hydraulic motors-hence the cleaning heads rotating if the diver loses his grip on the unit. The diver approaches the surface to be cleaned and, when ready, with brush heads/cutter heads within 3" or 4" of the work, he operates the Deadman's handle. The machine will propel itself towards the surface to be worked. He then only has to GUIDE the machine into the growth as the Flexbrush , whilst working, adheres to the surface to be cleaned. No scything or other wasteful or tiring movements are necessary, just steadily feed the Flexbrush into the work. Flexbrush adapts to the contours of a steel tubular as found on pipelines or oil platforms.

brush2.jpg (29851 bytes)

More information: Divex


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