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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Maritime & Port Security 2006


Venue: Washington Marriott Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Recent attacks in London and elsewhere make it clear that the threat of international terrorism remains very real. Incidents such as this summerís foiled plan to suicide bomb Israeli cruise ships underscore that maritime interests are very much on the target list.

More than one year into implementation of ISPS/MTA and other measures, how much safer are our ships and ports? What does the industry still need to do to protect itself? What funding is available? What regulatory changes are in the works? What steps are enforcement agencies taking to make sure that security plans are more than words on paper?

These are some of the issues that will be addressed at Marine Logís Maritime & Port Security 2006 conference. The new security regulations affect everyone in the maritime industry. This conference will bring together port and maritime industry executives, security specialists and regulatory and enforcement officials for two days of intensive discussion and networking.

  • ISPS: How well is it working--where are the compliance headaches, a port state viewpoint
  • Maritime security compliance--a Company Security Officer perspective
  • Piracy: What steps can shipowners take to protect themselves?
  • Maritime security: What's been happening at IMO lately--and what does it mean for shipowners
  • The FY 2005 DHS Port Security Grants: Analyzing who got how much under the new rules--and why
  • Port Security funding: Why it's still inadequate and what we can hope for from Congress
  • Maritime and Port Security: The terrorist threat is real
  • When the SSAS phone rings, who answers?
  • The National Maritime Security Plan: What is its significance for ports and shipowners?
  • Maritime and port security compliance--avoiding the legal pitfalls
  • How to avoid security headaches--a shipping agent's advice
  • Seafarer Visa and ID requirements: an update
  • What is the Navy is doing to protect its ships in port?
  • Port security: What are the major practical headaches?
  • Cargo security: Developing radiation detectors that detect threats, not kitty litter


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