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NOX System


NOX System

Martek Marine (UK) provides on-board NOx and engine efficiency monitoring system MariNOx in accordance with Annex VI of MARPOL NOx Technical Code and MEPC 103(49) regulations. These regulations apply to all ships, fixed and floating drilling rigs above 400T constructed after 1st January 2000. Deployment of MariNOx allows operators to demonstrate compliance of their engines with prescribed NOx emissions limits by simply taking readings from the system. Direct on-board monitoring is the preferred option to adopting the onerous ‘Parameter Check’ method. Lloyd’s Register has issued a Type Approval certificate for this system earlier in 2005.

The ‘Parameter Check’ method involves as a minimum: an inspection of engine record books to check they are being maintained; an inspection of engine settings & adjustments to check they are within allowed tolerances; and an actual inspection of engine components to verify IMO identification numbers, encompassing a survey of a minimum of one complete cylinder unit.By using on-board monitoring to demonstrate compliance, operators are free from all these onerous and disruptive requirements and will save money on survey fees. The application of MariNOx also frees operators from the restriction imposed by adopting the ‘Parameter Check’ method that they can only use original engine manufacturer’s NOx critical spare parts.

In addition to delivering compliance with the regulations, MariNOx offers operators a number of other major benefits, most notably in helping to achieve fuel savings. By monitoring the NOx levels, CO2 and oxygen together with other engine and ambient parameters, the system facilitates the tuning of the engine for optimum efficiency saving up to 4% fuel. The system will also facilitate the adjustment of the engine to perform optimally to suit different emission control areas throughout the world.

To help understand relevant regulations, Martek have produced a DVD called “A Shipowners Guide to the NOx Technical Code”. The DVD investigates and draws comparisons between the different compliance options available to ship owners, together with introducing the features and benefits of the MariNOx direct onboard NOx/CO2 monitoring and fuel efficiency optimisation system.

A Shipowners Guide to The NOx Technical Code  

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