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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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New EatsWaste Systems


New EatsWaste Systems
New EatsWaste Systems

SkimOIL Separator Systems (St Louis, USA) has introduced two new waste minimization systems designed specifically for the marine industry. The new generation WiseASH/Eatstrash™ marine incinerator is engineered to eliminate solid wastes typically generated on workboats and offshore rigs. This innovative little batch incinerator will burn oily wastes including filters, rags, sorbents, waste oils and other non-hazardous incinerable materials including paper, cardboard and galley wastes - quickly, cleanly and smoke free.

The incinerator can be used with or without an external fuel source and is cart mounted for portability. It reduces waste to an average of 3% of the original volume. With the new “EatsOIL fuel injector” option, waste oil can be used to burn high moisture content wet waste materials. The incinerator will efficiently burn 50 lbs of solid waste or 6 gallons of waste oil per hour. A drum full of oil filters or oily sorbents takes only 1¼ hours to incinerate and will reduce the waste material to only ½ gallon of ash.

For onboard wastewater disposal, the new BilgeVAP/Eatswater™ evaporator system eliminates the water portion of oily bilge water. In answer to ever tightening environmental regulations, the ZERO liquid discharge (ZLD) BilgeVAP/Eatswater system is designed to fit below decks, and evaporate 4 gallons of water per hour. With no moving parts, the totally automatic, evaporator with an insulated 55-gallon tank, will run unattended for 13 hours before needing refilling.


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