New Events Offered by RINA
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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PortVision, a web-based service that empowers maritime users with new levels of information and knowledge about vessel tracking and terminal activities. Stakeholders can have information on ship tracking/terminals in real-time or historical AIS data.
    USA Texas

Prince William Sound Community College
The PWSCC Training Department exists to provide developmental academic and vocational education, training, and community interest courses to its service community, focusing on Oil Spill Management and Safety Management.
    USA Alaska

DC Maritime Technologies Inc.
DCMT are professional electrical engineers and systems integrators. The company provides electrical, control and automation engineering expertise to the international marine, offshore and recreational boat industries.

Masson Marine, formely ZF Masson and SEE Renk, provide a complete range of marine gearboxes and controlable pitch propellers, from 1000 to 5000 HP.

New Events Offered by RINA


New Events Offered by RINA

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects will be presenting a number of very interesting events in autumn this year. Workshops and conferences will address, among others, important aspects related to software developments for naval architects, bulk carrier safety issues (based on inquiry into the loss of the MV Derbyshire), report writing and courtroom skills for expert witnesses.

Marine Software for Naval Architects 19 September 2001
This event follows on from the highly successful RINA Marine Software workshop held last year in Southampton. The workshop will provide an excellent opportunity for those involved in the design, build and operation of all sizes and types of marine vessels to have a look at some of the latest software developments.

Design & Operation of Bulk Carriers - post M.V. Derbyshire, 9 & 10 October 2001
The inquiry into the loss of the MV DERBYSHIRE raised serious questions as to the safety of bulk carriers in severe and extreme weather conditions. In particular regarding the adequacy of current hatch cover design on low freeboard bulk carriers. The UK High Court recommended that further model testing was required to provide comprehensive seakeeping and wave load data to validate bulk carrier safety standards. This conference has been called to present the very important work carried out in the model test programme and to assess the likely impact of this work combined with initiatives by IMO and IACS on bulk carrier safety in the future.

Expert Witness: Excellence in Report Writing - 26 September 2001
The expert's report is a vital element of much civil litigation as the vast majority of actions are settled on the report alone. It must be clear, succinct, independent and well presented. Excellence in Report Writing course allows both new and experienced experts to look at what lawyers and the courts want from experts' reports. Delegates are taught how to assess others' reports and then how to assess your own.

Expert Witness: Courtroom Skills - 27 Sep 2001
The witness box is a lonely place. Many experts feel they are on trial, standing in the dock rather than giving independent testimony to assist the court. Our adversarial system means that cross examination can be uncomfortable. Doubt is cast upon your experience, qualifications, methods and opinions. The Courtroom Skills Training course is an intensive one day, highly practical and experiential training. This is no mere lecture with hints and tips.

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