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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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DECKadence Marine Flooring
DMF is a revolutionary material manufactured from the most practical marine flooring material in existence today. DMF is the right combination of PVC, Resign and Aerated Rubber designed to deliver comfort and durability to boaters worldwide.
    USA Florida

Satakunta Polytechnic
The Unit of Maritime Management Training of Satakunta Polytechnic is located in the town of Rauma on the south-west coast of Finland. It offers high-level training programmes aimed at the Sea Captain's and Maritime Engineer´s Degrees.

The Engineering Council
The Engineering Council is the leading body for the engineering profession. In partnership with engineering institutions, the Council is responsible for regulating and promoting the profession in order to maintain a world class engineering force.
    United Kingdom

Cube Relocations Ltd
Cube Relocations is a young company prepared to provide the highest standards in logistics and transport services. Our vast experience in this field enables us to offer you a personalized service, be it for private moves or corporate moves.

Offshore Research and Development Facilities


Practical Ocean Energy Management Systems (San Diego, USA) discovered opportunities for nonprofit organizations to take title to existing offshore oil production structures that have reached the end of their economic life, for purposes of ongoing marine-based research, test and development. The 29 oil platforms operating of the California's coast will have to be decommissioned in some manner over the next 15 years. Allowing the owners of the platforms to leave some portion of the structure as a combination research station/ artificial reef, and sharing the cost savings with the public, will be a win for both the marine environment and the public.

The technology for potential mainstream ocean power generation is available today. For example, over 400 patents on wave energy devices have been filed. Many countries have forged ahead with government-funded marine power stations, although the US, consuming about 1/4 of the total world power supply, and importing 50% of its oil, is not among them. Norway, Scotland, Japan, Australia and Indonesia have built and are operating wave-energy stations. Technology advances in turbines and storage make ocean energy increasingly practical and economic for larger scale demands. There is no common public facility and test bed in the US, let alone off the 1,100-mile coastline of California, where these devices may be tested: verified for durability, optimally tuned and validated for economy.

Offshore Research and Development Facilities  

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