On-board Training for Ship's Engineers
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Chemical Carriers Association
CCA is devoted to promoting regulatory compliance and safety in the bulk waterborne transportation of chemicals and other hazardous materials. The CCA membership complement presently includes:
    USA District of Columbia

Centre for Coastal and Marine Science
CCMS is a public sector research organisation, carrying out R&D in oceanography. Our science is carried out in 6 Core Strategic Research Programmes, see http://www.ccms.ac.uk/ccms.htm for details.
    United Kingdom

DECKadence Marine Flooring
DMF is a revolutionary material manufactured from the most practical marine flooring material in existence today. DMF is the right combination of PVC, Resign and Aerated Rubber designed to deliver comfort and durability to boaters worldwide.
    USA Florida

Marine Academy
Our marine academy provides extensive education and training in the area of navigation and radio communication.

On-board Training for Ship's Engineers


On-board Training for Ship's Engineers

Marine simulation specialists, Haven Automation (UK) have launched Maxim 100, the first of a new generation of PC based part task engineering training simulators. Maxim 100 is a fully interactive power generation simulator which supplements and enhances traditional teaching/training methods, helping to remove the mystique often associated with "droop", "paralleling" and “load sharing”. The dynamic real-time response of the simulated system allows students to experiment and interact with the plant and perform complex and potentially dangerous procedures without harm to themselves or equipment.

Maxim 100 comprises two diesel-driven alternators with both manual and automatic voltage control and a choice of resistive, capacitive and inductive loads in any combination. The alternators may be interconnected using a virtual synchroscope and adjusted to share real and reactive power. A third power source such as a grid supply is also available. Each alternator has start/stop, speed and excitation controls, voltage and speed droops may also be adjusted. All important parameters including voltages, currents, powers, power factors and power angles may be monitored in real time in vector diagram and graphic displays.

Maxim 100 is available with pre-prepared exercises and student activity can be logged for assessment purposes. Suitable for use on standard PC hardware, Maxim 100 runs on a single PC, site licenses are available for class tuition.


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