Piston Rod Sealing System
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Piston Rod Sealing System


MT Sealing Technology (Switzerland), manufacturers of the High Efficiency Rod Sealing System (HERSS) received the Lloyd's Register Type Approval for their non-metallic packing systems used on piston rods in two stroke diesel engines. The test engine had a history of bearing failures, cross contamination of the system oil and ever increasing amounts of oil changes. The results proved that the seals met the requirements of an effective barrier between the system oil and the cylinder oil.

Other problems associated with poor oil quality is that the heat transfer is affected when the surface of the piston crown becomes insulated by carbon deposits. This prevents a sufficient piston cooling and results in high repair costs due to piston crown burning. There is also evidence that the use of metal scrapers and seal rings can cause a higher percentage of wear, even on hardened rods.

The company claims that their solution reduces contamination and consumption of the system oil and reduces the wear of piston rods. The results are better oil quality and a more efficient engine. The HERSS Sealing System is effective not only with new piston rods but also onworn and grounded ones as well.


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