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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Software For Chemical Carriers


Software For Chemical Carriers

A powerful new NS SafeNet software tool for chemical operators can pay for itself in as little as two months. Combining stability calculators, BP Distance Tables, compatibility guidelines, international regulations and the actual experience of the operator with a particular vessel, cargo and tank history, NS SafeNet for chemical carriers quickly and accurately identifies the bulk liquids a vessel can carry. This makes it possible for operators to pick up cargoes that they may have otherwise declined.

Currently, operators tend to use a book and paper process for determining what cargoes it can carry, even to the point of evaluating each cargo separately. With NS SafeNet for chemical carriers, operators can simultaneously calculate stability while performing compatibility checks. The program automatically replicates information between ship and shore, giving operators immediate information on the status of a vessel, including cargoes currently in stowage, destination, routing and current location.
The carriage of chemicals by sea is becoming increasingly complex. Chemical tanker stowage planning has grown in importance as a result of the lengthening list of bulk liquids carried by sea and the numerous evolving rules governing the transportation.

"Nautical Systems’ SafeNet has had a strong affect on the profit margins of businesses who’ve implemented the system," said Jack Kitchura, President, ABS Nautical Systems. "The new chemical carrier suite takes the basic premise of all SafeNet modules – giving operators a simple, more cost-effective business management system – and incorporates the sophisticated complexities of stowing and carrying chemicals."
The new software module will debut in April of this year at the annual Intertanko Conference.


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