Surface Effects Planing Pontoon Ship
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Surface Effects Planing Pontoon Ship


Surface Effects Planing Pontoon Ship

China-America Technology Corp. (CTC) introduced a revolutionary new design. It is a patent pending Surface Effect Planing Pontoon Ship (SEPPS) design, that is a true zero draft vehicle. It rides on twin pontoons and thanks to its hovercraft engine it can go at high speed with little water resistance. It has excellent steerage and leaves little or no wake in its path.

The technology of transportation by high-speed marine craft is a growth industry around the world. Fast ferries not only shorten the commute time and the transit time at sea for freight companies, they also open up new routes that would otherwise be considered unworkable because of the time involved. SEPPS provides super fast economical zero draft cargo vessels capable of operating in new areas and rivers not accessible to normal draft surface ships. For the same load and horsepower, a SEPPS boat will travel two to three times faster than the comparable cargo ship.

China-America Technology Corp.  

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