Survey of Technology in Asian Yards
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Faculty of Nautical Sciences, Cadiz University
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Survey of Technology in Asian Yards


The Manufacturing Technology (MANTECH) Program of the Office of Naval Research has joined forces with a collaboration of U.S. shipyards called the National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) to fund the development of technologies, processes and practices that will lead to more cost effective ship design and construction. As a means to measure effectiveness of the NSRP collaboration, MANTECH has undertaken an independent study of the production technology employed by a sample of the most competitive Asian shipyards.

The study had two objectives:

  • Identify the U.S. shipbuilding industry's strengths and weaknesses as compared to the best foreign shipyards as input to the NSRP strategic plan for improvements.
  • Establish the current levels of technology in U.S. shipyards as a starting point from which the future effectiveness of the NSRP Program can be measured.

To conduct an objective benchmarking of selected Japanese and South Korean shipyards, the Office of Naval Research contracted with MARITECH Engineering, Japan (MEJ) using a benchmarking template developed by First Marine International (FMI). This template was designed specifically for commercial shipyards and has been used to benchmark over 150 shipyards throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S.

This report presents the findings of the survey of four Japanese and two South Korean shipyards conducted with the help and assistance of the Shipbuilding Association of Japan (SAJ) and the South Korean Shipbuilding Association (KSA). In addition, this report contains a "Study of the Productivity of Japan's and South Korea's Shipbuilding Yards Based on Statistical Data" (Appendix A) prepared by Senior analyst Seiji Nagatsuka of the Japan Maritime Research Institute (JAMRI).

The full report has been prepared by Koichi Baba, MARITECH Engineering (Japan). A PDF file can be downloaded from


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