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Petrotech Enterprises
PETROTECH is one of the most respected names in the Oilfield & Marine Industry and application of Process Control, Pneumatic & Fluid Power Equipment. Renowned for the quality of its products and application expertise. We are ONE STOP ENGINEERING SHOP
    United Arab Emirates

Transport Canada
Newfoundland and Labrador Ports

International Ship Suppliers Association
International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA) is the international association of national associations of ship suppliers, representing 1,800+ ship suppliers in 81 countries.
    United Kingdom

Westermans International Ltd
Westermans International, suppliers and buyers of used and refurbished welding equipment, cnc plasma profile cutters and positioning machines ideal for the marine and shipbuilding industry around the world.
    United Kingdom

World Ocean Council


Ocean business leaders from a diverse range of industries are distinguishing themselves as “Founding Members” of the World Ocean Council - an unprecedented international, cross-sectoral leadership alliance on stewardship of the seas. World Ocean Council members call on other responsible companies and industries to engage in this innovative partnership for “Corporate Ocean Responsibility” and participate in the Sustainable Ocean Summit (Belfast, 15-17 June, 2010).

Initial corporate and association Founding Members of the World Ocean Council include: ExxonMobil, Rio Tinto, the International Chamber of Shipping, RightShip, the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), Twin Dolphins, Transocean, the Ocean Education, Technology and Science Partnership, Golder Associates, TORM AS, Nautilus Minerals, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Holman Fenwick Willan and Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.

"Given the importance of the world's oceans to the global environment and the global economy, the World Ocean Council will serve a critical function in bringing together industry leaders in ocean stewardship," said Sherri Stuewer, vice president of environmental policy and planning for ExxonMobil. "We look forward to being a part of this collaborative alliance."

Adrian Rose, Vice President of QHSE at Transocean added “Our Corporate Responsibility is based around a common goal of no harm to our people or to the environment in which we work. Our 140 drilling installations are located in most of the world’s major oceans and therefore ocean stewardship is important to our company and our people. We believe the WOC provides a unique opportunity to engage with other ocean industry representatives to share best practices and lessons learned on how we can all use our ocean resources more responsibly.”

"Rio Tinto's product and environmental responsibilities go beyond the gates of our operations to the gates of our customers - which often includes stewarding large tonnages of products across many miles of ocean. We see our founding membership of WOC as helping with our efforts on product stewardship and, just as importantly, as an opportunity to contribute with like-minded partners towards ensuring the long-term health of our oceans," emphasized Elaine J Dorward-King, Global Head, Health, Safety and Environment at Rio Tinto.

Mr. Spyros Polemis, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping, said that “The World Ocean Council creates an unprecedented opportunity for shipping, the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, to work with other ocean industries to share knowledge and develop joint approaches and leadership to safeguarding the oceans, a goal of the industry for many years.”

According to Mr. Clay Maitland, NAMEPA Chairman, “The World Ocean Council is developing a committed and collective effort from all ocean industry sectors to promote balanced sustainable development of the seas, and we call on other responsible ocean industry leaders to join in this unprecedented alliance that is vital to the future of our industries and the ocean itself.”

The World Ocean Council is the international, cross-sectoral industry alliance for private sector leadership and collaboration in ocean stewardship. Companies and associations worldwide are distinguishing themselves as sustainability leaders by joining the WOC as Founding Members in 2009/2010. The Sustainable Ocean Summit (Belfast, 15-17 June 2010) will convene ocean industries to develop working groups on shared marine environmental concerns. Early registration ends 31 March 2010.

Sustainable Ocean Summit  

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