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Belize Register Corporation

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P.O. Box 0843-03115
Balboa, Ancon

Contact: Edward Anchor

Ph: (507)320-1146/-1148

Fax: (507)3201461/1462

Belize Register Corporation is a recognized organization authorized by International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE) to survey and issue statutory certificates for Belize flag vessels on behalf of the government of Belize.

  • Belize Register Corporation has established a network of qualified and experienced surveyors located in major ports of the world.
  • BRC is authorized to issue the following Mandatory Technical Certificates: International Load Line; Cargo Ship Safety Construction; Cargo Ship Safety Equipment; Cargo Ship Safety Radio
  • International Oil Pollution Prevention; Passenger Ship Safety; Fishing Vessel Safety; Certificate of Compliance (Caribbean code); Document of Compliance (ISM Code); Safety Management (ISM Code)

Ports of Presence:
Brazil - Rio De Janeiro, China - Hong Kong, Greece - Piraeus, Panama - Balboa, Panama - Cristobal, Singapore - Singapore, South Africa - Cape Town, Spain - Palma, UAE - Dubai, USA - Miami

Belize Ship Registration Survey IMMARBE Mandatory Technical Certificates Vessel

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