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Thursday, September 08, 2016

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The Nautical Institute
The Nautical Institute is the world's leading international professional organisation for qualified Mariners. Its principal aim is to promote high standards of knowledge, qualification and competence amongst those in control of seagoing craft.
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South Tyneside College
South Tyneside College is located in South Shields, in the North East of England, and has been an international leader of marine training since its foundation as South Shields Marine College in 1861.
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The Engineering Council
The Engineering Council is the leading body for the engineering profession. In partnership with engineering institutions, the Council is responsible for regulating and promoting the profession in order to maintain a world class engineering force.
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Delta Oceanographics

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4500 Falkirk Bay
USA California

Contact: David Slater

Ph: 520-733-6993

Fax: 805 984-4585

Delta Oceanographics provides the reliable and efficient submersible DELTA to customers worldwide. The submersible has logged over 4643 dives to depths of 1200 feet (365m).

  • Specifications Maximum Operations Depth .... 365m (1200') Tested Depth.... 520m(1700') Cruising Speed.... 1.5Knots Maximum Speed....3.5knots Total Viewports....19
  • The submersible DELTA is an important tool for on going fisheries assessment projects, geological fault mapping, ecological surveys, pipe and platform inspections.
  • Delta has been able to retrieve lost scientific equipment, recover 16 large ports off a shipwreck in a day, capture 36 mating pairs of crabs on a single dive, and obtain methane gas from seeps.
Delta has made dives above the Arctic circle, on the Great Barrier Reef, in the Marshall Islands, the Gulf of Mexico, throughout coastal Alaska, along all coastal US states, in the Great Lakes, and off of Taiwan, Ireland, and Papua New Guinea.

Submersibles, submarines, diving, research, exploration submersible dive

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