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DCMT are professional electrical engineers and systems integrators. The company provides electrical, control and automation engineering expertise to the international marine, offshore and recreational boat industries.
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One of Electricfor's speciality is to build any type of electric heater elements from a provided design or based on discussions with one of our technical representatives.

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What do you see when you step onto the bridge of a modern ship or well-equipped boat? Chances are that RTCM standards and RTCM activities had a lot to do with the communication and navigation equipment there.
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Engine Protector AS

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Jaktlia 1
P.O. Box 41

Contact: Petter Balstad

Ph: +47 67 14 60 30

Fax: +47 67 14 66 10

Engine Protector AS supplies antifriction lubricants to be mixed with oil. Our customers experience reduced friction and related wear, downtime & maintenance, while increasing performance, horsepower, equipment life, oil stability etc.

  • Tests with DNV, MET & DMR etc. all conclude that our products significantly reduce friction on roller bearing rollers, piston rings on medium speed 4-stroke engines and slow-speed 2-stroke diesel eng.
  • Engine Protector EP-10 Metal Treatment is the keystone of our product line. Tests show an improvement to the oil's anti-wear- and extreme pressure characteristics of 64% over 10W-40W motor oil.
  • EP-10's technology keeps Titration and TAN low and TBN stable over time. Inclusion of proprietary stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors prevent the formation of halide surface salts causing corrosion.
EP-10 has proven very beneficial to ship engines, cars & trucks and industry. Customers include major Scandinavian and international shipowners. They use EP-10 on main- and aux. engines, hydraulic systems, turbo chargers, gear boxes etc.

Ports of Presence:
UAE - Dubai

Shipping, Friction, Wear, Maintenance, Consumption, Temperature, Downtime, Horsepower, Oil, TBN, Viscosity, Corrosion, Combustion, DNV, Engine, Hydraulics, Roller, Bearing, Piston, Cylinder, Racing

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