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Thursday, September 08, 2016

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Practical Ocean Energy Management Systems, Inc.
POEMS is a non profit dedicated to building demand for making the ocean a key energy focus in the 21st century. POEMS establishes a forum for ocean-based renewable energy development that supports full-spectrum R&D, standards and policy issues.
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Electricfor S.A.
One of Electricfor's speciality is to build any type of electric heater elements from a provided design or based on discussions with one of our technical representatives.

ShipShape International Limited
The ShipShape Management Team comprises in total 125 years experience covering every discipline required to run a successful cruise or ferry business from sales and marketing to operations.
    United Kingdom

Fuel Freedom Int'l

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57 Webber Creek Road
USA Idaho

Contact: Nicolee Catiglione

Ph: 208-374-5142

MPG-CAP™ is not a fuel additive. It is a combustion chamber conditioner that improves an engine's internal combustion process to give you lower emissions, better gas mileage, and better fuel economy. Some fuel additives serve only as “fuel system cle

  • MPG-CAP™ is a 100% organic engine conditioner that simultaneously improves fuel economy and power by creating a micro-thin coating on the combustion chamber in your engine allowing your fuel to burn m
  • MPG-CAP™ increases the overall vehicle performance, including increase in fuel efficiency in miles per gallon, decrease in engine wear and tear, decrease in harmful emmisions, and a reduction in engin
  • MPG-CAP™ can be used in all diesel or gasoline powered engines such as boats, agricultural equipment, heavy machinery, etc. as well as 2-cycle equipment such as outboard motors, chain saws, lawn
MPG-CAP™ will help you save money while delivering greater efficiency and performance results at the same time. MPG-CAP™ will condition your engine and help your engine last longer, too! .

Ports of Presence:
Australia - Melbourne, Australia - Perth, Cuba - Manzanillo, Japan - Osaka, Norway - Oslo, United Kingdom - Bristol, United Kingdom - London, United Kingdom - Manchester, United Kingdom - Tranmere Oil Terminal, USA - Baton Rouge, USA - Long Beach, USA - Los Angeles, USA - Portland (Maine)

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