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HODT Korrosionsschutz GmbH
Anti-Corrosion products - Consulting, Service & Sale Ballasttank-protection, wire rope dressings, wire rope luibricator, soft coatings, semi hard coatings, 1-K-Polyurethan Coatings

British & International Sailors' Society
The British & International Sailors' Society is a Christian Charity established in 1818 providing vital welfare and care to seafarers and their families. The work is administered worldwide through a network of Centres, Chaplains and Society personnel
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Razaghi Meyer International

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Newdigate Rd.
Beare Green, Surrey
RH45 4QD
United Kingdom

Contact: Jon Watson

Ph: +44 (0) 560 257 9618

Fax: +44 (0) 7092 809 181

Density and Viscosity analyser systems for marine fuels: for viscosity trim control & for fuel heater control. INtegrity CMV : fuel quality assurance during bunkering, compliance monitoring and verification for MARPOL

  • Real time continuous measurement of: kinematic viscosity 50 or 100degC Density at operating temperature, at 15 and 98degC. CCAI & CII Fuel quality assurance. Fuel hater control viscometers.
  • INtegrity CMV is a system for demonstrating compliance with Regulation 18 ANNEX VI of MARPOL 73/78 for suppliers and vessels that is user friendly; based on the "fuel fingerprint" affordable and safe.
  • Other fluids handled: lubricants, bitumens, asphalts.
For quality control of Bunker blending, to reduce the giveaway to nil and to provide verification of certificates and samples to satisfy MARPOL, talk to Razaghi Meyer about viscosity analysers for refineries, terminals, barges and ships.

Ports of Presence:
United Kingdom - London

HFO Bunker Fuel Residual Oil FWE viscometers viscosity sensors ignition index kinematic dynamic blending quality blending instrumentation marpol verification density densitometers mass flow

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