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The Engineering Council
The Engineering Council is the leading body for the engineering profession. In partnership with engineering institutions, the Council is responsible for regulating and promoting the profession in order to maintain a world class engineering force.
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The Nova Scotia Ocean Initiative
NSOI is a membership organization designed as: 1. A Simple Entry Point To All Nova Scotia Ocean Related Technology. 2. A Catalyst To Partnering And Team Building To Get The Right Connections Quickly. 3. A Business Network

Association of Ship Brokers & Agents (USA) Inc
We are a membership trade association bringing together companies and individuals doing business in the U.S. and Canada as ship brokers and agents. Our purpose is to foster the ideals and standards of professional conduct and practices.
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Security Alliance For Effective Solutions, LLC (SAFE Solutions)

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4300 South U.S. Highway #1 Ste 203-174
USA Florida

Contact: Hector Delgado

Ph: 877- 723-3778

Fax: 866-830-4244

SAFE Solutions, LLC introduces the Nemesis 5000: a non-lethal, anti-pirate, countermeasure. This high-pressure water deterrent creates a wall of water surrounding the vessel hampering the ability for Pirates to board the vessel.

  • The device, mounted at regular intervals on handrails or gunnel's, is adaptable to fit any size and free board of vessel. The Nemesis 5000's proven technology has already been utilized successfully.
  • This system combines a less lethal approach with minimal operating costs. The Nemesis 5000 works in conjunction with the ship's existing fire system creating an extremely formidable high pressure
  • "wall of water". It has demonstrated the ability to deter even the most ardent pirates from continuing their pursuit.

Ports of Presence:
Peru - Callao, United Kingdom - Poole, USA - Baltimore, USA - Chesapeake, USA - Jacksonville, USA - Miami, USA - New Jersey, USA - New York & New Jersey, USA - Newport News, USA - Norfolk, USA - Port Everglades

Anti-Piracy Boarding Deterrent, Less-Lethal Piracy Countermeasure

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