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Sulzer RTA 84C UG > Fuel System > HP Pipe MarineTalk Discussion Forums
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  Sulzer RTA 84C UG > Fuel System > HP Pipe
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  Member: Chchch Post Date: 8/14/2000  
Built: Korea / 97' 98'
Cracking of HP Pipe in way of clamp.
Vibration is a component. Maker and
Licencee has no solution or comment.

Have Pictures to share if you e-mail
your interest. Looking for 'fellow-Users'
with good opins on same problem.

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  Member: ntrajah Post Date: 8/15/2000  
Yeah this was a nuisance in the late 80s and early 90s. We may have to look at NASA technology to redevelop new pipes.
I guess the trick is to let them move i.e. make the material a bit flexible and allow the clamps some movement.

However high pressures of 1000 odd bars might be a challenge to develop the required material.

Same old story the owners are left in a limbo and when owners bring in their own material or research maker's do not accept them.

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  Member: Chchch Post Date: 8/16/2000  
This damn distance between the fuel pumps to Injectors....
Two aspects... the clamps and the material of the pipe. I cut a cross section of the pipe to prove a point to my boss... He could not believe the corrsion fatigue could have started from the clamp point contact...

One would blame the ship's crew to continue to tighten the clams which is a visious cycle resulting in the cracks....

Ask NSD.. no solution.. But new design clams...

So?!? Seems like there are no other brothers who are in same S*** situation.... Eh...

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