About MarineTalk

Welcome to Marine Talk

Visit us if you have concerns about anything nautical! Do you love the adrenaline rush on a power boat? Or are you the type who loves chilling on an electric boat? Or maybe you are passionate about fishing?

Whichever reasons that drive your love to spend time on the boat, we have you covered! Explore the life of boating with the best recommendations, guides, and tips here. Let’s sail away!

Who are we           

Dave L. Beaton    


I am Dave, Marine Talk’s content creator. Boating experiences matter when planning a boat trip for your family or going by yourself. Therefore, I am here to tackle all things relevant to boating so even the inexperienced ones can start their boating safely.

I know how eager and excited yet afraid and confused we can be when facing problems before, during, and after boating. That’s the main purpose for me to open Marine Talk. For me, knowledge is for sharing because not everyone has already had experiences!

William Hart     

William-HartWorking to create content for Marine Talk has always been a fascinating experience. I get to travel, absorb knowledge about boating, and tackle all the issues when we sail into freedom!

I am excited to share all the best guides and tips so you can be well-prepared, know how to handle the boat, upgrade the experience to a new level, and more!