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The Best Anchors for Pontoon Boat of 2023

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In order to calm down your pontoon boat from moving in and shaking around the waters, one of the most practical solutions for you to consider is to invest in the best anchor for pontoon boat. To boot, an anchor can be affixed to your pontoon boat and can be lowered down into the water and from there it could protect itself to the bottom of a point in the water.

Why does it matter to get a reliable anchor for your pontoon boat? Well, the obvious reason is because this can help ensure that your vessel stays in one place even if there is strange wind condition and noticeable current in the water.

best anchor for pontoon boat

In line with this, it is deemed as one of the most valuable equipment that pontoon boat owners could utilize. Luckily, the list of products below tackles some of the gilt-edge anchors that you can get for your pontoon boat. These consist of anchors that are capable of securing themselves properly onto the water floor and can execute a superb job of keeping you from maneuvering around when you do not wish to.

Please note that each anchor is distinct hinged on its weight and style among other features; thus, it is useful to take careful look at some unique features that you find important, practical and advantageous to your current needs and preference.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall




Most Budget-Friendly


Extreme Max 3006.6560


Most Feature Rich


MinnKota Anchor Winch


Table of Contents

Best Anchor for Pontoon Boat Reviews in 2021

1. SEACHOICE Hot Dipped Galvanized Deluxe Anchor


Anchoring a pontoon boat can be a challenging task to deal with primarily if you do not have the right devices and tools that can help make the job plain sailing. But, you need not worry anymore because this galvanized deluxe anchor can be your rescue. It is capable of holding well, so you can guarantee your safety and that of your boat as well.

This anchor is built with a long handle that works as the one where the rope is affixed. Since it is long enough, it significantly helps in allowing the anchor to remain in place. It is slightly heavy but does an effective job. For a fact, it is more than adequate for keeping you in place and away from other vessels whenever there are events in the lakes.

Nevertheless, this anchor comes with poorly-laid welds and it appears that it is cheaply coated which makes it more susceptible to rusting. These are a couple of the glitches that you need to check out if you plan to purchase this product.
  • Practical for vessels that come with 17 by up to 24 feet in length
  • Appropriate to be used for diverse seafloor compositions
  • Comes with exceptional weight in terms of holding power ratio
  • Packaged nicely
  • Does not come loose
  • Poorly-laid welds
  • Seems to be more prone to rusting
Conclusively, this anchor is nicely crafted and is really a great value than other similar products at other retailers. Everything about it seems to be aligned and straight and the quality is awesome at this price point. This is capable of holding extraordinarily with 5’ chain and is also less hassle to stow. You will be stunned to uncover that this fits like a glove and can actually serve as reliable ally if you wish to ensure that your mooring job will be done auspiciously without much stress.

2. Extreme Max 3006.6560 BoatTector River Anchor


The good news is that this anchor can work proficiently for your vessel. It can be utilized several times at the lake and you can witness for yourself that it is not prone to getting loose and it won’t in any manner lose a grip on the bottom even where there are strong winds and fast currents.

Furthermore, many pontoon boat owners purchase this because it could also serve as a supplement to their primary anchor so they can easily ward off the stern from moving back and forth due to strong winds. While this may seem slightly heavy as compared to other similar items, this is what definitely it takes to successfully execute the job.

However, you need to keep a few drawbacks in mind if you decided to get this product, first, if you have limited budget, then this may be slightly costly for you to consider. Secondly, this has the tendency not to get a good bite sometimes. If you regard these cons as minor ones, then this could be your best pick. Otherwise, look for other options to suit your budget and needs.
  • Good to utilize in rivers or lakes that have drift areas and speedy currents
  • A reliable 30-pound river anchor
  • Constructed to utilize a combo of flukes and weight for hold
  • Designed with UV resistant feature
  • Works effectively on rocky, muddy, grassy and hard bottom surfaces
  • A little overpriced
  • Doesn’t get a good bite at times
On the button, this is a great investment that you won’t get disappointed about. It may be a little costly but you can be assured of quality, reliability and maximum performance. By keeping it with you, there is no need to be fearful whenever there are fast currents and strong winds that hit your vessel. It is just right to spend wisely when it concerns your safety.

3. MinnKota Deckhand 40 Electric Anchor Winch


The best boat anchors for pontoon boat are generally expensive. And, this brand is no exception. This anchor comes pre-spooled with 100’ of 800 lb. test nylon rope. Once purchased, this already includes easy-to-follow instructions and mounting hardware and can also work accordingly with other Minn Kota accessories.

Moreover, this is also built with shear pin that is especially intended to safeguard the motor from burning out. It features an easy-to-set-up system and this is also supplied with exhaustive setup procedures; as you can see, this is what makes it user-friendly particularly for novices.

Unlike others, this can be utilized with diverse types of anchors such as those that are categorized as a little bulkier as compared to the standard sea or lake anchors.

Nonetheless, this anchor is evidently quite pricey as compared to other brands. Hence, it is not a good bet for anyone with limited budget. Indeed, many consumers who have used this product have complained about some faulty rope concerns. So, you better beware of these flaws.
  • Can be mounted on a horizontal mode to halt anchor swing
  • Backed up by a 2-year warranty offer
  • Helps make fishing vessel navigation and placement a lot easier and more convenient
  • Adaptable to other Minn Kota accessories
  • Can manage anchors by up to 40 lbs
  • Quite overpriced than competitors
  • May come with some faulty rope issues
To conclude, Minn Kota is more overpriced but well worth the money. This is actually known for being the real deal. Its motor is large and powerful enough and is designed with all-aluminum gear casing. And, as compared to similar products, its quality is unbeatable. As for general fit, tolerances and finish, this seems to be one of a kind. Additionally, it is a risk-free investment worth-considering because it is supported by a two-year warranty.

4. Extreme Max 3006.6563 BoatTector Anchor Winch

Extreme Max 3006.6563 BoatTector Anchor Winch

This anchor is a great deal in that it is capable of holding the watercraft without any trouble at all. It is built to be sturdy yet it is also light enough where everyone can simply lift pull it up when necessary. This weighs 25 pounds and can be utilized without a winch. It can function with anchor winches such as Anchor Mate, Power Winch as well as Minn Kota.

Many people prefer this avant-garde anchor because it features a broad base that is intended to inhibit rolling and be able to sustain anchor position. In addition to this, its distinctive fluke design is meant for deep and speedy in-line digs. Meanwhile, its meticulously designed hydrodynamics allows accurate placement as well as straight drops. Having all these special features, don’t you think it is a good deal that everyone can take advantage of?

Howbeit, this pontoon boat anchor winch won’t be able to fit various types of boats because it only comes with one size. And, its durability is a bit questionable so this may not be the ideal option if you want something that could be for long-lasting use. These are a few of the flaws that come with this anchor.
  • Highly practical to utilize for fishing and pontoon boats and runabouts by up to 12-feet
  • Can ensure reliable hold with 45° angled flukes
  • Especially built for accurate anchor positioning
  • Does not require a chain
  • Can guarantee deep and steady digging action
  • Comes in only one size
  • May not be long-lasting
Ultimately, this is designed to ensure accurate anchor placement. And, this is dependable in terms of holding in rivers, rocks, lakes, mud and sand. It comes with a broad base, capable of guaranteeing exceptional hold with 45° angled flukes, flat or split flukes to allow deep and stable digging action. Save some more money before buying this as it is a little pricey.

5. Slide Anchor Box Anchor


Mooring a pontoon boat won’t be a strenuous task to manage if you have the right tools to execute the job. Luckily this box anchor for pontoon boat can be your great aid in ensuring more control of placement regardless how rough the water conditions are. This comes with the capability to set into any bottom condition and it won’t even require mechanical power from your vessel.

In like manner, this anchor is a child’s play to apply into the water. Its unique foldout motion operates in an automatic mode. And, its durable body is resistant to rust and corrosion which implies that it does not easily gets damaged even if it is used ruggedly. This is a good stuff to own because it is compatible to other watercrafts as well.

On the other hand, please be guided that this box anchor comes with a pointed surface that can be potentially hazardous specifically if thrown incorrectly. Also, it comes with a heavier weight than other anchors sold on the market nowadays.
  • Can make mooring task effortless even under rough water conditions
  • Built to fold flat as to allow speedy and easy storage
  • Highly recommendable for sports or offshore vessels
  • Could be instantly retrieved
  • Capable of immediately setting within one foot of its landing
  • Pointed surface can be dangerous
  • Heavier as compared to other anchors out there
In summary, this box anchor is practical to use for any water conditions. It is particularly crafted to set easily and it offers more control over the watercraft’s placement without giving boaters the feeling of anxiousness about the bottom floor. This can also function well with any size boat from houseboats to personal vessels. It is also quite straightforward to store and maintain. You can safely say that this is the best bang for your bucks.

6. Digger Anchor Marine Freshwater Boat Anchor


If you want to end up owning a heavy duty, highly responsive and innovative dig in anchor, then this won’t break your heart.

Many boaters like it because it can provide an effective solution to get rid of all weeds on the water so they don’t pester your vessel. And, since it can instantly dig deep into weeds, mud and sand, this allows it to hold your boat in place. For novices, this is a great choice in that it can be released with a sudden jerk above the rope.

To add more to its strength and durability, this anchor is constructed with zinc plated eyehooks and loops as well as powder coated castings. Even if this comes with a costly price, it is a sure investment to consider because you can have full refund if the product you received is defective.

While it is true that this anchor comes with a number of impressive features for you to love; it comes with an overpriced price tag that would certainly hurt your pocket. And, the setup process may not be that easy especially for newbies. These are the shortcomings that you need to foreknow.
  • Referred to as weedless anchor as it solves weed problems
  • Primarily designed for pontoons by up to 30-feet long and other vessels by up to 40-feet long
  • Heavy duty and resistant to rust
  • Avail of full refund if product is defective
  • Instantly digs deep into mud, weeds and sand
  • Price can put a hole in your pocket
  • Does not come with proper instructions for users
At the close, this can be perceived as one of the most dependable dig in anchors for pontoons. It does a stunning job of holding your watercraft in place even during windy periods. Also, its fluke is capable of dropping off debris on command and it can be used for a long period of time because it is built to be weather-resistant and quite sturdy. You’ll be amazed of how it digs in the mud, weed and sand quite rapidly. But, its price tag is a wow too!

7. TRAC-Outdoor Products T10109-35 Pontoon


Buying the best pontoon anchor may seem easy but it’s actually the other way around. So, it is crucial to devote some time and money if you want to invest in a good one. Fortunately, this anchor is good enough. It is compact and is user-friendly even for novices. The winch is quite sturdy and fairly easy to utilize.

Likewise, the screws that come with it are lengthy enough to go through the decking, board and winch of a watercraft. Without question, this would make a very fascinating addition to your pontoon boat. The price tag is expensive but with its appealing features, this is not a waste of money to consider getting for your vessel.

Two of the minor concerns related to buying this product are its incapability to be used for a long time. And, the motor is not durable enough because it is susceptible to getting burned easily. These are a few of the defects that make other consumers have second thoughts of purchasing this brand.
  • Designed with compact size
  • Known for being a very easy-to-utilize unit
  • A stunning addition to a pontoon boat
  • Friendly customer service
  • Installation is a breeze
  • May not last long
  • Motor is prone to burning up
Finally, if you want to have an anchor for your vessel that could provide you with top security and safety, then this product won’t leave you dismayed. It is better as compared to other standard equipment and it allows users to execute boat loading with much ease. This can be easily installed and it appears to function well; thus, you have no worries to deal with even if it is your first time to use one. For the price, it is useful and convenient.

8. Extreme Max 3006.6645 BoatTector Spike Anchor


Are you looking for the appropriate pontoon boat anchor size? Then, this anchor is available in three sizes for you to choose from. This is highly practical to utilize for just about anyone because it is proficient and long-lasting for vessels of most sizes. It is constructed with spike shape and capable enough to perform even in bottoms of the rivers and in different lakebeds.

What’s more, this does a good job in rocks, currents, mud, sand and weeds. It is precisely designed with unparalleled release bar that makes the anchor to be reclaimed more instantly. And, in order to guarantee much needed longevity and protection, this anchor is specifically designed with vinyl coat.

Before buying this anchor, you need to take note of its negative sides such as its not being resistant to rust and its easily wearing away rubber coating.
  • Relatively compact yet heavy enough
  • Can hold well even under strong tides and winds
  • Primarily designed to immediately grab the bottom
  • Constructed with special release bar
  • Works well even in different rivers or lakes altering lakebeds
  • Rubber coating gets easily damaged
  • Not resistant to rust
All features considered, this anchor is a good deal that must not be missed. Its capability to work on most lakebeds simply conveys that it is an ideal pick if you do not plan to stay put in the same river or lake all the time. It comes in 3 distinct sizes to provide users the chance to pick which one best suits their vessel. Aside from all these, the special release bar makes handling the boat a smooth sailing task to manage. As for the money, this comes in a reasonable price that won’t hurt your budget.

9. Danforth S-600 Standard Anchor


One of the most highly recommended pontoon boat anchors of today was made by Danforth. This is manufactured using galvanized coat that makes the anchor quite solid and capable of being used for many years. It is lightweight and affordable at the same time. It is precisely built with very durable steel that combats various elements.

In like manner, it comes with shank design that is intended to guarantee profound penetration; as a result, this offers awesome holding power in mud and sand bottoms. Since it is quite lightweight, it is utilized mostly on tiny vessels and in large watercrafts as a secondary anchor.

But, there are a few unpleasant factors to expect if you purchased this anchor, and these include its limitation to set in grass, rock and gravel and its potentiality to move back and forth whenever there is change in currents and when it’s quite windy.
  • Lightweight and budget-friendly
  • Does a sterling job in managing muddy and sandy areas
  • Can fight off rust and corrosion
  • Equipped with superior holding power
  • Specifically designed to be quite firm and sturdy
  • Has the tendency to shake during current shifts and strong winds
  • Comes with restricted ability to set in gravel, grass and rock
In essence, this anchor is incredible and you can own it without the need to spend extravagantly. It can be utilized as a stern anchor and it can hold well even in different scenarios. What makes it distinguished from other options out there is that it has the capability to set quickly and hold securely. This is a nice investment that you won’t ever regret because with affordable price tag, it can ensure long-lasting performance. It can withstand corrosion and rust and can better handle muddy and sandy areas. Aren’t these very impressive features that make it a wise purchase?

10. Shoreline Marine Vinyl-Coated Mushroom Anchor


If you are currently thinking of a perfect gift to give to someone who is into sailing or boating adventures, then this anchor can be the best present ever. This can be relied on when docking your vessel to the bottom of a lake or river. This is designed with vinyl-coated mushroom anchor that is actually recognized as a great solution for lighter watercrafts.

Withal, the extended area mushroom cup is capable of producing adequate holding power in weeds and mud. What makes it vinyl coating truly admirable is that it aids in making the anchor defiant to abrasion and rust. This anchor comes with a weight of 15 lbs. that proves how lightweight it can be.

Without regard to the other appealing features of this anchor, a couple of the setbacks that you may encounter if you bought it are its susceptibility to drift, move or shift whenever there’s strong current, tide or wind. And, this seems to be a perfect pick for smaller boats only.
  • Proudly made with exceptional craftsmanship
  • Can be an ideal present to give away
  • Cost-effective solution for lightweight vessels
  • Vinyl coat makes the anchor abrasion and rust-proof
  • Capable of ensuring adequate holding power in weeds and mud
  • Appears to be ideal only for smaller vessels
  • Prone to shifting, moving or drifting
Finally, what make this anchor a good item to spend in are its incredible holding power, outstanding craftsmanship and cost-effectiveness for lighter watercrafts. And, it can defy abrasion and rust which only proves that it can remain sturdy even under rugged use for a long period of time. In terms of pricing, it is not that overpriced as compared to other competitors. Please bear in mind that it is imperative to affix the other end of the line to your vessel to ensure maximum use.

11. Extreme Max 3006.6530 BoatTector Navy Anchor


Basically, it is a must to first check the boat anchor size chart carefully before you take the plunge in purchasing the right anchor for your pontoon boat. As you know, you will only be wasting more money if you aren’t aware of the current anchor size that you need to get for your boat.

This anchor is good and quite convenient to utilize since it can be set quickly without any serious struggle. It seems durable enough and user-friendly. Its vinyl coating is very sturdy in that it can shield the anchor and the watercraft all the time. The price tag is just right, not too expensive for everyone to invest in.

While this anchor seems to be a topnotch choice, it is also not exempted from defects. In point of fact, its being quite lightweight questions its capability to hold well. And, since it is not heavy enough, it appears that it is not that dependable when the wind blows too strong.
  • Constructed with straightforward and speedy reverse action shank retrieval
  • Can ensure excellent hold in hard sand, heavy weeds or grass and rocks
  • Great pick for saltwater and freshwater uses
  • Designed with sturdy vinyl coating that safeguards the anchor and the vessel
  • Works as advertised
  • Not reliable enough when wind blows too hard
  • Fairly lightweight that questions its capability to hold well
Fundamentally, this anchor is priced right. Its combined flukes, weight and swivel action can deliver superior hold. The navy anchor design is meant to guarantee strong hold in heavy weeds, grass, hard sand and rocks. But, it seems to be so lightweight that it has the tendency not to defy strong winds, tides and currents. For all that, it can still be useful for freshwater and saltwater applications. As for the money, this is economical too.

12. Danielson River PVC Coat Anchor


This anchor does not come with a rope; be that as it may, it still provides an aperture that is meant to allow sufficient amount of support. It is flexible enough so it can help users to keep it as profound in the water as they prefer.

It is worth to know that this anchor is built with a total of 3 flukes that are gingerly curved with sleek bodies. This functions quite finely for twelve and eighteen pounds surfaces. Additionally, since this comes with a heavy weight, it can help the boat to stay in place.

You won’t have a struggle to install and use it. So, this makes it a perfect pick for beginners too. If you are aiming for dependable and flexible performance, then this product can ensure you that. As for the price, this is very affordable even to those with limited budget to spend.

After all, please note that this anchor comes with blades that aren’t sharp and the flukes are impossible to fold inward. Before deciding to buy this item, you’ve got to keep these irregularities first.
  • Built to have sleek body
  • Its hefty weight guarantees the vessel to remain in place
  • Straightforward to utilize and apply
  • Functions adeptly for 12 and 18-pound surfaces
  • Ensures flexible and reliable performance
  • Flukes are incapable to fold inward
  • Comes with blunt blades
Lastly, if you’re going to inspect this anchor, you’ll see that the steel body is impressive and its tough PVC coating makes it one of the best pontoon boat anchors that you can select from. This is intended to offer more excellent coverage to shield the anchor from getting damaged. Indeed, its sleek surface makes it effortless for the anchor to grab onto the bottom of the water.

What to Look For When Buying An Anchor For Pontoon Boat

best pontoon boat anchor

It is worth noting that anchors come in all sizes and shapes. So, when choosing which one to get, look into the average depth of the river or lake you frequently traverse, the weight of your vessel, the bottom condition of the water you always traverse as well as the usual strength of the wind.

Basically, once you figured out what anchor would work outstandingly for you, be reminded how important it is to size it to your vessel.

Here are the different factors you need to inspect prior to making the final purchase:

Physical material the anchor is made of. Generally, galvanized steel is the preferable material used for an anchor. This is sturdy enough to manage various weather conditions, it is capable of adding adequate weight to make it move well into the water and it can also be functional even under deep water since it does not corrode or rust easily. This makes it good to utilize for saltwater conditions where un-medicated metal may be tough to use.

Indeed, stainless steel is also used. It is slightly distinct though since it can provide a better shine, it is more lightweight, can handle saltwater conditions and other strange conditions too.

Weight. The anchor’s weight is a valuable factor that must not be overlooked. This can be lighter or heavier if preferred. It is crucial to consider how well the weight would be gingerly applied and if it is adequate. Take the weight and size of your vessel in mind in order to properly pick the anchor.

The rope material used. The rope as well as the other material that your mooring is affixed to must be thick and durable. Jute and nylon materials are commonly utilized in rope manufacturing. Make sure that the rope is thick enough and comes with a solid weave so that it won’t easily get damaged or frayed.

Apart from this, the weave of the rope must come with tiny air pockets to where it will enable water to maneuver through without affecting how the rope drifts about into the waters.

Inspect the flukes. This will be the one that shall aid in keeping a vessel in its suitable position. This is depicted as a pointed material that will extend from the groundwork of the anchor. It could dig into swampy surfaces and sand and help keep the mooring from maneuvering.

Note that exquisite mooring requires flukes that are durable enough to keep a hold on an area while also being capable of folding internally when the mooring is not in use. The mooring could be easily stored without the need to lose control over how it functions through folding it into the middlemost pole.

Rope support hole. This must be capable of supporting the rope, should be durable and large enough to deal with something strong. The rope support hole must be adequate to manage a thicker rope that does not get damaged easily. Examine your hole’s size versus any type of rope that you prefer to add to it in order to determine what is suitable to your needs.

Is the anchor foldable? Space is limited for a tiny vessel like a pontoon. This is why it is necessary to search for the one that can be folded up instantly and is equipped with a storage bag.

Other Important Factors to Consider

pontoon boat anchors

What is a pontoon boat anchor?

Pontoon boat anchor generally refers to a device that is commonly constructed using metal materials. In the same way, this is mainly utilized to link the vessel to the bed of the water. It is useful in that it is responsible for mooring the watercraft and helps in impeding the vessel from drifting brought about by strong wind or currents.

Historically speaking, the ancient-old vessel anchors were presumably manufactured out of rock during the Bronze Age and have ever since developed. On another note, please take in mind that when learning the art of anchoring, there is no anchor that comes with a single size that fits all. In other words, there is no particular anchor that is perfect for the type of waters that you commonly hang out at.

How does it work?

An anchor for a pontoon boat works by preventing the vessel from shaking, maneuvering or drifting whenever there is strong current or wind. This is purposely set up to help your vessel remain in place no matter the changes in weather conditions are. By having one installed in your pontoon boat, your mooring task is a lot easier and your vessel is kept safe and secured all the time.

What are the different types of pontoon boat anchors?

There are three types of anchors for pontoon boats and these comprise the following:

  • Fluke anchors
  • Box anchors
  • Grapnel anchors

You might be wondering which of these types of anchors is considered as the most exceptional one for mooring a pontoon boat. It is worth mentioning that while box anchors are usually the favorite option to many; these are not going to function quite well in all situations.

Also, the grapnel anchors can be deemed as the second preferred option while the fluke anchors ranks 3 among the other types. Still and all, it is crucial to bear in mind that the type of anchor you pick will rely more on the type of water you frequent.

Why do you need an anchor for pontoon boat? (Benefits)

There is a need to invest in top quality anchors that are specifically designed for pontoon boats because these could help extend the lifespan of your vessel, keep it in a steady position even under strange weather conditions, strong currents and wind.

An anchor system does a sterling job of preventing your vessel from moving back and forth, shaking and losing its proper position on the water. This is a great solution to make your anchoring task a cinch to handle.

Here are a few of the perks of anchors for pontoon boats:

  1. Not that costly to invest in
  2. Generally built using topnotch materials that do not corrode easily
  3. Can execute outstanding jobs of keeping your vessel safe and secured while mooring
  4. These are usually built to last for many years of rugged usage.
  5. They are easy and convenient to set up, use and maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted pontoon anchor brands?

You may be baffled being provided with so many brands and products to select from. But, the products reviewed in this article are the most chosen and regarded as the best ones. Fortunately, these are not too many for you to get more confused about. But, to narrow down your choices even more, here are the most credible brands for you to pick from:

  • Extreme Max
  • TRAC-Outdoor Products
  • Digger Anchor
  • Slide Anchor
  • Minn Kota

What size of pontoon boat anchor do I need?

For you to capably hold down a normal-sized pontoon vessel, you will especially require approximately 15 by up to 20 pounds of weight. And, among the 3 distinct kinds of anchors ready for use for boaters, the box anchor type is available in bigger sizes and is usually heavier as compared to the rest.

Take note that, in many instances, the heftier the anchor is the better; however, the case is opposite when it comes to a pontoon boat; that is it is not advisable to pick anything that is beyond 30 pounds in weight, as this is not needed. As for the length of your pontoon boat, you can easily measure this by yourself.

The good thing here is that once you know the weight and length of your pontoon boat, you will exactly pinpoint what anchor is the best option for you.

Do anchors for pontoon boat work in the ocean?

The anchor for a pontoon boat’s safety and capability to survive in the ocean highly banks on its performance, size and construction. While this is highly ideal for rivers as well as inland lakes use; this does not imply that they are not suitable for ocean waters.

So long as they are made with durable materials, are resistant to corrosion and thick enough, they can withstand saltwater and therefore can be practically used in oceans.

Where to tie anchor on pontoon boat?

Bear in mind that it is preferable that the anchor is gradually dropped facing towards the current or the wind as well as in the front section of a pontoon boat. At present, you are well aware that the wind frequently alters its speed and direction. Thus, to impede drifting, it is advised to place another anchor at the rearward side of the vessel. The second anchor will be responsible for providing additional peace and security for boaters.

What is more, having an under deck mooring is increasingly becoming so renowned in some areas which is not a dreadful idea at all. Meanwhile, if you only have a single anchor, then this won’t be obstructed from drifting when strong wind strikes.

How to anchor a pontoon boat properly?

Mooring a pontoon boat is just identical to other kinds of watercrafts. And, the procedure in doing so, include the following:

  • Pick the suitable anchor for your pontoon boat.
  • See to it to take the most avant-garde anchor rode.
  • Select an appropriate and excellent position for mooring. After that, face and maneuver towards the current or wind in a gradual mode and then slowly drop the mooring till this touches the bottom.
  • Afterwards, gradually go back with the wind or current. Take note that the appropriate distance shall be roughly 6/7 times of the depth of water of the placement.
  • Be sure not to overlook fastening the mooring to a deck cleat.
  • Set and inspect if the mooring is properly installed or not through a minor reverse power of the engine. Then, it is time to pull the mooring line to see if the anchor is appropriately affixed.

When mooring, please be guided that it is highly advised to make use of a total of two anchors to ward off the tendency of drifting.

How to install and use?

Here are the guides on how to set up and utilize an anchor for a pontoon boat:

  • Two anchors are typically needed to keep the vessel from moving. It is necessary to have 3 by up to 4 feet of hefty chain if you necessitate serious mooring. This must be linked directly to the anchor.

Over and above, the chain’s length must be balance to the boat’s length. Meanwhile, for fishing or momentary stop, a shorter chain or an all rope anchor rode will be enough.

  • Please be reminded that the objective of the chain is to allow the anchor to tip over and serve as a shock absorber. This will help in keeping the mooring on its side without allowing waves to pull on the watercraft and prompt the anchor to push up and pull loose.
  • Lastly, set the first anchor down in the center of the bow of the pontoon. This will allow less resistance to the wind and water, and will urge less pull on the mooring. Utilize the other mooring in order to prevent the vessel from moving back and forth if needed.

What is the warranty?

To learn more about the type of warranty your chosen product offers, read the product description so you can have clear idea of what you can avail of. However, if the warranty is not clearly indicated, you may directly ask the manufacturer of the product so you can unveil if they offer some refunds, replacement parts or money back guarantee and so on.

It is critical to go for a product that is supported by a warranty as this will ensure that you’re not risking your money for nothing. Hence, if the product you’re planning to buy is not backed up by a warranty, then the best thing to do is to opt for other options.

Where to buy?

There are lots of options available for anchors for pontoon boats on various local marine supply stores and through online. Whether you choose to buy on a local marine store or shop online, the first thing you need to take in mind is if your chosen store is legit and reputable. The reason behind this is because legit and trusted stores and online shopping sites are only the ones that can offer you the best possible deals.

You can be provided with a plenty of options to pick from both by shopping in local stores and in online. For you to avoid online fraud though, only shop at legit and credible online shopping site like Amazon.

How to care and maintain?

Fundamentally, anchors for pontoon boats also require proper care, storage and maintenance from time to time. In order to extend the lifespan of your pontoon boat anchor, consider adhering to the following care and maintenance tips below:

  1. Cleaning. An anchor for pontoon boat must be thoroughly washed after use, particularly if used in saltwater. This is because any left saltwater residue could cause damage and shorten the lifespan of this equipment.
  2. Many a time, boaters lose a pontoon boat anchor because the rope was already too old and starting to get frayed. This is actually not pricey, so it is advised to replace it on a regular basis.
  3. Misusing your anchor is the number one reason to shorten its longevity in the body of water. You should learn more about the proper use of this equipment as well as its maintenance. Needless to say, when you misused your anchor, no amount of maintenance could keep it from getting lost or corroded.

There is really no need to store the anchor in a certain space when not in use; however, it helps a lot to at least consider storing it inside a sturdy bag just to keep it properly arranged.


All vital information carefully mulled over, you must have learned well how any anchor you plan on utilizing on your pontoon boat is set up. Assuredly, the best anchor for pontoon boat is a must-have so you can help make your boat to effortlessly remain intact on the waters. As you have read in this post, there is a broad range of anchors for you to meticulously inspect on, and by doing so, you can instantly point out the most practical alternative that would be advantageous to what you need it for.

And, with the other vital information and shopping guides discussed regarding the most suitable anchor for your pontoon boat, for sure, you can finally have one great solution to combat shaking and moving around the waters whenever you enjoy your boating activities. Just make sure to make a thorough comparison of the products listed here so you can easily buy your best bet!

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