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The Best Bass Boat Covers for 2023

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If you have seen a bass boat gliding over open waters, then you know how good that thing looks. With its sleek hull and modern design, it is no wonder a lot of boaters love the bass boat. Typically used for bass fishing, this boat is tough and made to withstand almost anything.

It’s called a bass boat because it’s primarily equipped for bass fishing or any other type of panfish. This boat is commonly seen in freshwater, so you’ll see it most often in rivers, streams, or lakes.

best bass boat cover

Most bass boats are made from aluminum or fiberglass. These materials are tough in hot weather, and they don’t rust easily in the waters. Even though freshwaters don’t cause as much damage as saltwater does, you still need to take good care of it.

One of the ways to protect your bass boat is to get a boat cover. Choosing the best bass boat cover can be quite a decision to make. So, we prepared a list of the 12 best-selling bass boat covers to help you decide. These are the ones most preferred by many boaters.

Make sure you read through everything before choosing the right one for yourself!

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

iCover 600D Boat Cover


Honorable Mention

Classic Accessories Cover


Most Durable

RVMasking 800D Boat Cover


Table of Contents

Best Bass Boat Cover Reviews of 2023

1. iCover 600D Boat Cover

Another well-known name in boating hardware and equipment is iCover. Their boat covers are of high-strength quality and they look good too. A boat with an iCover on looks showroom-ready that it turns heads while being trailered on the road.

We love iCover boating products because they last a long time. We have tested many iCover products, and we have no complaints at all. However, to make sure the 600D Heavy-Duty Trailerable cover will deliver the same quality, we took a look at it.

This model has seven different sizes, and you can choose from four different colors. The smallest fits a 14’ x 68” boat while the largest can fit a 24’ x 102” boat. Hint: We love the black cover because it makes your boat look sleek and sophisticated!

Being made from 600D marine-grade polyester, this cover is able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Its canvas fabric is tough and resistant to tears and cracking. It’s treated with anti-UV finishing and coated with PVC for maximum protection, making the iCover 600D an excellent boat cover for outdoor storage.

iCover makes some of the most secure boat covers. To do this, their boat covers have top and bottom webbing straps. They provide extra hold, so your boat cover won’t flap or come off. What’s more, the straps come with quick-release buckles, so installation is a breeze.

With these security features to ensure the boat cover stays on, the iCover 600D Heavy-Duty cover is suitable for trailering. You don’t have to worry about poor fit while your boat is on the move. All you have to do is place the cover on your boat, secure it in place, and you’re good to go!

Many boaters prefer this version over other options. So, be sure to grab this boat cover the moment you see it back on stock!
  • Available in several sizes and colors
  • Can withstand all kinds of weather conditions
  • Resistant to tears and cracking
  • Treated with anti-UV finishing and coated with PVC for maximum protection
  • Secured with top and bottom webbing straps
  • Often out of stock
This iCover 600D Heavy-Duty boat cover is often voted as No. 1 Best Seller for good reasons.

2. Classic Accessories Boat Cover

Here’s another one from Classic Accessories that we love. Compared to the other model in our list, this boat cover doesn’t come with an outboard cover. However, we love its size options and the other functions and features it has.

This StormPro™ Heavy-Duty Boat Cover comes in seven different sizes. You can choose the one that will fit your boat perfectly. Not only that, this model’s full cut makes room for all your other bass boat accessories. You can cover your running lights or bow rails with ease.

While not many boat covers are accompanied by a support pole, this model comes with a Classic Accessories support pole that we love as a standalone unit. A support pole base plate is a highly functional feature because it keeps the pole upright and better supports the cover’s weight.

Boat covers, even the lightweight ones, can be quite heavy due to the weight of the pouring rain or falling snow on it. A support pole will help secure your cover in position. Also, it creates a dome shape with the pole underneath the cover, which is useful in directing water and snow away from collecting on your cover.

With that pole, the Classic Accessories cover makes excellent boat covers for bass boats because you’re paying for the quality. You don’t want something that only lasts one season, or worse, rips after heavy rain.

All boat covers from this brand are made with highly durable material, so you don’t have to worry whether they will survive a storm. The heavy-duty coated fabric material doesn’t stretch easily, and it won’t shrink.

Nonetheless, this boat cover is often unavailable in local boating or marine stores. You can check it out online. If it is out of stock, see it to check it more often so you can grab the opportunity to add it in your shopping cart the moment the item is available.
  • Comes in seven different sizes
  • Equipped with a Classic Accessories support pole
  • Made with highly durable material to withstand harsh weather
  • Stretch- and shrink-proof
  • Always unavailable
We don’t think you could go wrong with Classic Accessories products. For a boat cover that’s preferred by many boaters, get the StormPro™ Heavy-Duty cover today!

3. RVMasking 800D Boat Cover

Fishing is a tough business. While it may seem like a laidback activity for most, only serious anglers would understand how strenuous it is. Due to this, many boaters are the hardy and no-nonsense type of people.

That also means they wish for the same for all their boating needs. If you understand this feeling, then you’d want to get the RVMasking 800D boat cover. This bass boat cover is one of the best we’ve seen.

Let’s start with the material.

Most boat covers are made from 300D or 600D polyester. Not this one, though. This RVMasking cover is made from 800D polyester to give you the strongest resistance towards almost anything. Come wind, snow, dust, or even those pesky birds resting their talons on your boat. This boat cover can protect your boat with ease.

We love how this model is one of the best waterproof bass boat covers we’ve ever tested. Other than its thick and rugged material, this cover comes with a double-stitching seam design. Additionally, the seams are sewn-in with reinforced waterproof strips to further block any water or moisture from seeping into your boat.

A double-stitching system is crucial because your cover needs to withstand the wind speed. A weak or poor stitching system can shred your cover to pieces. This is a durable and robust stitching system that many boaters look for.

The RVMasking 800D boat cover also comes with high-density windproof webbing straps that are made from Oxford ribbons. Not only that, the ends of these straps come with durable plastic buckles instead of the typical corner scraps. These will provide better hold for the straps.

However, this model is a little difficult to find in local stores and sometimes even online. So, you better add it to your shopping cart once finding one.
  • Protected with 800D polyester, waterproof coat
  • Air vent systems for air circulation
  • Reinforced corners with a double-stitching system to prevent wear and tear
  • Has high-density windproof webbing straps with durable plastic buckles
  • Often out of stock
We love the RVMasking 800D because it has all the essential features we need. With good feedback from the boaters who bought this, it’s a cover you need to get!

4. PrimeShield Boat Cover

If you’re someone who likes to have options for choosing your boat cover material, you will love the PrimeShield 600D Waterproof Boat Cover. Made for bass boats and any boat with a V-hull, this cover would make a great choice.

You can choose between a cover made from Oxford fabric or yarn-dyed. However, we strongly recommend the 600D cover. The polyester is highly resistant to water, so you don’t have to worry about leaks.

Suppose you want the best fit for your boat, and you’re looking for custom bass boat covers. Then this PrimeShield shall meet your needs. Its full size fitted cover will give your boat a semi-custom look. Not only that, the straps are sewn onto the cover for a proper snug fit.

Since this cover is also suitable for boats that can be taken out to sea, such as a tri-hull runabout, the material is marine-grade. Even though you only take your bass boat on rivers, it’s still a fine option to have marine-grade products.

Your bass boat spends a lot of time in the open. You need to make sure it’s fully protected from weather conditions whenever it’s not in use. This PrimeShield cover is treated to protect your boat’s interior from harmful UV rays. Even if you cover your boat on a hot day, the sun won’t fade your boat’s finishing and interior.

If the winter in your area is harsh, this cover will still do an excellent job in protecting your boat. The material also can withstand cold weather of up to -68°F. You don’t have to worry about any Montana snow spoiling your boat anymore.

However, please be guided that this boat cover is a little heavier than other available options. Luckily, this is not a grave concern.
  • High-strength material capable of withstanding water pressure
  • Resistant to shrinkage and stretching
  • Protected from harmful UV rays
  • Can withstand cold weather of up to -68°F
  • Weight is heavier than others
The PrimeShield 600D Waterproof Boat Cover received rave reviews globally. So why not get one today and give your boat the best protection it deserves.

5. MSC Canvas Boat Cover

Many boaters prefer this heavy-duty cover for its sleek cut and versatility. The MSC Heavy-Duty 600D boat cover is usable on several other boats, such as the V-hull, a runabout, and a Tri-hull. The versatility allows boat owners of different types to use it to protect their boats.

Not only it has seven different sizes, this model also comes in six different colours that can make any boat look good. Many boaters love the sophisticated beige cover, but we personally love forest green cover. We’ve seen a pacific blue before, and it looks pretty damn good too!

As much as the color options are sleek and modern, MSC boat covers are really about the quality and durability. Not to worry, this one got that too. This cover is made from marine-grade polyester that will keep your boat dry and protected come rain or shine.

Each MSC Heavy-Duty 600D boat cover comes with 11 adjustable webbing straps. Since this cover is suitable for mooring or trailering, you will need these straps. These adjustable straps have strong quick-release buckles, so it takes you half the effort to secure them on.

To ensure these straps stay on your cover, the webbing loops are sewn in onto the cover with double stitching. This gives your boat an overall secure and snug fit. Once it’s on, you’re ready to store your boat for the season or take it on the road for trailering.

All the same, please be guided that this boat cover especially requires a support pole because of its heavy weight. Make sure that it is properly installed to avoid bouncing or any possible damage to your boat.
  • Available in seven different sizes, can fit V-hull, runabout, or Tri-hull boat
  • Made from highly durable 600D polyester canvas
  • Comes with 11 adjustable webbing straps
  • Waterproof and water-resistant
  • Secured with double-stitching webbing loops
  • Requires a support pole because of weight
The MSC Heavy-Duty 600D boat cover is often out of stock because it’s popular among boaters. The next time you see this, you better grab it before someone else does.

6. Classic Accessories Outboard Boat Cover

We’re sure you’ve heard of Classic Accessories. When it comes to high-quality boating hardware and equipment manufacturers, Classic Accessories is one of the best. Their products are so well-made that you’re hardly ever disappointed.

Whenever you hear StormPro™, you can expect quality, durability, and strength. The StormPro™ Heavy Duty boat cover is something that won’t dismay you. Their trademarked high-strength polyester is an excellent investment.

When you get any StormPro boat cover, you can rest knowing it will do its job. The heavy-duty polyester repels water with such precision that the water will just bead and roll off the cover. Some covers claim to be waterproof, but you can feel the material gets a little damp or soaked.

Since many boaters prefer StormPro™ covers, this marine-grade cover comes in four different sizes. The smallest can fit a boat that’s up to 17’ 6” in length with a beamwidth of 85”. The largest size can fit your bass boat if it’s up to 20’ 6” in length and has a beamwidth of 90”.

This StormPro™ model is perhaps the ultimate set you can get because it comes with not just one additional accessory, but four! You will get an outboard cover, tie-down webbing straps with integrated buckles, a storage bag, and a support pole for your cover.

A support pole is a highly useful piece of boating equipment. Placed in the middle of your boat’s sole, it helps keep your cover upright and give it a slightly domed shape so the cover will direct water away. There’s nothing worse than to have standing water in the middle of your cover because it can increase the risk of stretching and tearing.

For all of these features, this boat cover is priced higher than its competitors. But, it is still a wise investment for the long term.
  • High-strength StormPro™ polyester
  • Comes in four different sizes
  • Marine-grade cover
  • Includes four additional accessories
  • Cost more than competitors’
We strongly recommend the StormPro™ Heavy Duty boat cover because it’ll give you the best value for your money. With robust material cover and additional accessories, it sure is worth it!

7. Seamander Trailerable Boat Cover

A pro-style bass boat is a beautiful boat. It’s a highly functional, fashionable boat that we can’t stop looking at when it’s on the water. If you own a pro-style bass boat, this cover will suit your bass boat perfectly.

A pro-style bass boat often comes with accessories a boater needs for fishing. You need a cover that’s large enough to cover the seats and bow rails. You also need one that’s the right fit so the cover will not sag or gets folded in.

The Seamander Heavy-Duty boat cover will be the perfect one for you. It comes in six sizes and seven colors, so you can choose just the right one for your boat. The largest cover fits a boat that’s up to 24’ in length and has a beamwidth of up to 102”.

If you’re looking for a 17 ft bass boat cover, the Seamander has the right one for you, too. The medium size can fit boats up to 19’ in length with a beamwidth of up to 96”. So, you see, the Seamander Heavy-Duty Waterproof cover has just the right one for every boat size.

Since this model comes in various bright colors, the marine-grade polyester is treated with high-grade dye. The dye will not fade even with prolonged sun exposure. You’ve got a boat cover with gorgeous color. It’d be a waste if the paint is gone after one season.

Many boaters are satisfied with the Seamander Heavy-Duty Waterproof cover for its quality, durability, and service. You don’t have to worry about not getting the help you need if there’s anything wrong with your cover because the Seamander customer service is top-notch.

Nevertheless, this boat cover comes in a costlier price tag than other similar products. It is understandable since it is engineered with premium quality materials and can ensure the utmost protection to your watercraft.
  • Comes in six sizes of up to 24’ in length
  • Made from durable marine-grade polyester
  • Water-resistant coating to direct water away effortlessly
  • Coated with high-grade dye in various bright colors
This boat cover is a great option worth-considering. With its high-res colors and beautiful fit, the Seamander Heavy-Duty Waterproof cover sure is a steal!

8. Classic Accessories Stellex™ Boat Cover

We might be guilty of featuring three of Classic Accessories boat covers. Can you blame us when their products are just that good? This is another Classic Accessories boat cover that we think you will love.

Just like the StormPro™ high-strength polyester cover, the Stellex™ boat cover is another trademark of Classic Accessories. However, the Stellex™ costs a bit more than the StormPro™, but it’s worth the investment.

The major difference between the two is how the Stellex™ is much more lightweight, even though it’s tougher and more durable. Even though it can cover a boat that’s up to 24’ in length, you won’t need support for this cover. It’s light enough to manipulate around your boat for a tight and pretty fit.

This model has two types, i.e., one for a bass boat and one for a V-hull. No matter which type of cover you need, it provides the same durable weather protection for both. The 100% polyester is treated to resist mildew and mold.

With the interior and seats on a bass boat or a V-hull, trapped moisture can spell disaster. Mildew and mold can rot your boat faster than any other element could. You can avoid the damage with this Classic Accessories Stellex™ Boat Cover.

This cover is also suitable as aluminum bass boat covers because the material is sturdy. It’s not uncommon for boat covers to rip when used on aluminum bass boats. If you own this type of bass boat, you don’t have to worry about any rip or tear with this model.

Even so, this product is reliable for different purposes except for traveling long-distance.
  • Even more lightweight than the StormPro™ cover
  • Can fit larger bass boat up to 24’ in length
  • Mildew and mold – resistant
  • Durable marine-grade polyester
  • Not ideal for long-distance travel
The Classic Accessories boat cover is everything you expected and then some. With several of their boat covers featured on our list, we strongly recommend getting one and trying it for yourself!

9. Anglink Boat Cover

Nothing is harder on boats than the weather. You need to make sure your boat is well-protected from harsh weather conditions. Your boat may be built to withstand the sun while it’s out in the open waters, but it still needs extra attention when not in use.

There are many bass boat covers for sale in the market. The challenge is getting the right one for your boat. Do you go for high-quality material, or do you choose price over well-made covers? Why not go for all of them?

Because with the Anglink Waterproof Boat Cover, you can! Anglink manufactures many different products. From portable fans to BBQ grill gloves, motorcycle covers, or boat covers. And as attested by their customers, each of their products is high-quality and well-made.

You can expect the same high quality as their Anglink Waterproof Boat Cover. This cover is suitable for all outdoor weather protection. Many boaters are highly satisfied and impressed with the precision of their boat covers. This precise craftsmanship makes their boat covers 100% waterproof and durable.

The Anglink Waterproof Boat Cover can withstand water pressure of up to 2000 Pa. Not only that, all the seams have solid double-stitching to make sure you get the strongest and toughest hold during harsh weather. When we say this cover is made for outdoor protection, we mean it.

Many boat covers have PU coating to make them waterproof and water-resistant. PU coating, or a polyurethane coating, is a specially made chemical used to coat boat covers. Anglink uses eco-friendly PU coating so that you’re not exposed to any harmful side effects of the coating properties.

On the other hand, since this boat cover comes with a bulky weight, you will need a durable boat cover support system to work as advertised.
  • Made from 600D marine-grade RIPSTOP polyester canvas
  • Can withstand water pressure of up to 2000 Pa
  • Made for outdoor protection
  • Waterproof and water-resistant
  • Double PU coating on both sides of boat cover
  • Requires boat cover support system because of heavy weight
We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the Anglink Waterproof Boat Cover. For such a high-quality make at a reasonable price, you would regret it if you don’t get this cover today.

10. Leader Accessories Boat Cover

This cover for boats is engineered with a broad array of colors. So, you can pick the one that satisfies your preference. Indeed, it is available in distinct sizes, and it allows users to get the kind of fabric that matches their sense of style and requirements.

More than that, this boat cover is appropriate to use for tri-hull runabouts and aluminum bass boats. It can offer the kind of convenience you are looking for. The material of this boat cover is easy to clean. For a fact, you can use soap-less water to retain its good condition.

If you do not prefer boat covers that are quite complex to set up and use, this version is the right pick for you. Many boaters who prioritize the convenience of easy storage and trailering choose this option over other brands. Additionally, it is designed with rear air vents that enable the moisture inside to disappear.

This model is made with an elastic cord that is situated surrounding the hem. This feature provides a tight fit to ensure more improved security. If you’re going to look closely at its construction, you will see that it is equipped with a sturdy strap system and easy-to-release buckles.

Boaters can now safely tow their watercraft without encountering any severe troubles. Besides, it is furnished with ergonomic straps that are smooth sailing to adjust as per your preference.

Meanwhile, to enhance this boat cover’s waterproof effect, it is advisable to use support poles. This would help thwart pooling from water in the middle of the cover. As a result, you can also extend the lifetime of your watercraft cover.

The package includes a free mesh storage bag; however, it does not include the support pole. So, you’ll need to buy it separately.
  • Equipped with ergonomic and easy-to-adjust straps
  • Trailerable and straightforward to use
  • Engineered using durable waterproof material
  • Tight fit for more improved security
  • Allows safe and secure towing
  • Does not include a support pole
As a whole, this boat cover model is a worthwhile purchase. If you are looking for more secure protection, this won’t let you down.

11. RVMasking Boat Cover

Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to find a high-quality boat cover at an affordable price. You either have high-quality one that costs a bomb or get an affordable one with dubious quality.

Let RVMasking solve that for you. The 17-ft bass boat is one of the most commonly owned bass boat sizes. Because of this, RVMasking offers a fair price for their 17 ft bass boat cover.

RVMasking is a trusted manufacturer for boating hardware and equipment. They pay attention to detail, so their products can last a long time. We love how this RVMasking Heavy-Duty 600D boat cover’s details show their passion for producing quality items.

All the seams are stitched with a careful double-stitching system to ensure maximum hold during strong wind or heavy rain. As a boater, we’re sure you’ve had some bad experiences when it comes to covering your boat. One of the most common issues is tearing or ripping.

In poorly made covers, a strong wind is all it takes to tear the seams apart. You can’t always keep an eye on your boat while it’s stored away. You need the assurance and confidence that your cover will hold. The RVMasking Heavy-Duty 600D cover gives you these.

Even though this cover is cheaper than other RVMasking boat covers, it still features the same 3-layer fabric system as their other covers. This means you get the equivalent quality and durability of their premium range boat covers.

Anyhow, one downside that you need to be aware of is that the color of this boat cover may weep after long-term usage (but that won’t happen any time soon, so no worries).
  • Highly durable cover that can last for a long time
  • Has a double-stitching system to ensure maximum hold during harsh weather
  • Cheaper than other RVMasking boat covers
  • Designed with a 3-layer fabric system
  • Color may weep after long use
RVMasking is another famous brand many boaters prefer. You may not find many high-quality boat covers going at such an affordable price in the market. So, we recommend you get this one right away before they’re all gone.

12. RVMasking Polyester Boat Cover

Weather can be unpredictable. This is why you need a cover to protect your boat no matter what curveball the weather throws at you.

For an all-season bass boat cover, the RVMasking Heavy-Duty 600D cover is the right choice. It’s made to protect your boat from the harsh summer sun to the heavy autumn rain to the freezing winter wind. You can use this cover no matter what time of year it is!

With its 3-layer fabric system, it can withstand pretty much anything. The fabric system seals an anti-UV coated fabric between a 600D Oxford fabric and waterproof PU backing. You will get a maximum and optimal protection for your boat with this amazing system.

Since this cover is made to withstand all weather conditions, this cover’s seams are double stitched for maximum hold. Always look for a double-stitching system when choosing a boat cover because this type of stitching makes a huge difference in resisting tearing or ripping.

This model can fit a bass boat that’s up to 19’ in length. However, we find that it’s best as an 18 ft bass boat cover. This cover fits a bass boat that’s 18’ in length perfectly, but it’s a bit too tight for a 19’ and too loose for a 17’.

Another great thing about the RVMasking Heavy-Duty 600D Polyester cover is how it’s reinforced with a waterproof strip along its double-stitched seams. This strip functions as additional protection to block water from leaking into your boat.

It is one of the most preferred versions today. One minor gripe you may encounter when buying this boat cover is that it may be hard to find in local stores, and it is often out of stock online.
  • 3-layer fabric system (anti-UV coat, 600D Polyester, PU backing)
  • Can be used all year round and withstands all weather conditions
  • Features double-stitched seams for maximum hold
  • Has a waterproof strip to prevent leaks
  • Often out of stock
If you live in an area where the weather is unpredictable, we recommend you get this RVMasking Heavy-Duty 600D Polyester Trailerable Boat Cover.

What to Look for When Buying a Bass Boat Cover


Picking the right bass boat cover comes down to personal preference since most models are comparably similar. Aside from budget, it is important to weigh the choices and consider if your choice is cost-effective in the long run.

You also need to look into the type of conditions that you are more likely to encounter for your boating life. Besides, think about how frequently you will need to use a cover for your watercraft. If you reside in a location where frequent bad weather is likely, or your watercraft is kept in a very filthy spot, a boat cover that could ensure more durability in the most rugged environment is a must-have.

What things to search for when purchasing a bass boat cover?

  • Is the bass boat cover manufactured with premium quality material?

Surely, we prefer a boat cover that can ensure a long-lasting, durable, and superior service and performance. So, search for the one that is made using heavy-duty build materials to provide maximum protection.

Go for options that are not prone to getting stretched, shrunk, or ripped easily. Luckily, there are various models for long-standing trailering, anchoring, and storage.

  • Does the boat cover come in appropriate fit and size?

Before buying a boat cover, of course, it is crucial that you know the exact measurements of your watercraft. Obviously, you can’t use a 16 foot bass boat cover for a 19’’ boat, and 19 ft boat cover can cover but might be too loose for a boat of a smaller size.

At present, various boat cover models are specifically made to provide the precise fit to different types of boats.

  • Does it have protection against water and UV?

It is highly recommended to opt for models that are manufactured with marine-grade fabric.

Such options are generally made to combat water, heat, dust, ultraviolet rays and many other factors that could damage the cover and the boat.

If the fabric is extra durable, then it could withstand even the harshest weather condition. Whether it is summer or winter, you can have peace of mind that your boat is safely covered.

  •  Is it easy to install and use?

Your boat cover should be user-friendly. As you know, not all boat owners are expert when it comes to covering their boats. So, it is crucial to choose the one that you can set up and store easily. Fortunately, most boat cover models nowadays are plain sailing to install.

  • Is it made with a secure and quick-to-release system?

When buying a boat cover, check if it features a sturdy strap tightening system and easy-to-release buckle feature. That is to ensure precise fitting. Models equipped with quick-to-release buckles are beginner-friendly.

As you can see, there are several buying considerations for you. Budget is not the only factor that matters when picking the right boat cover for you. It is better to spend a little more for a product that could offer your watercraft the best possible protection.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted bass boat cover brands?

If you are still contemplating what suitable boat cover you will get for your most prized vessel, then you’ve got to start researching the most trusted brands. As you already know, if you purchase from credible brands, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Some of the most reputable brands that are trusted and famous in the field of manufacturing boat covers include:

  • Anglink
  • Seamander
  • RVMasking
  • Leader Accessories
  • Classic Accessories

Please take note that these brands are commonly sold at higher price tags. That is because they are manufactured using premium quality materials, can ensure superior and reliable performance, and lastly, they are capable of delivering their promise.

At first, you may mistakenly think that they are quite pricey; however, you’ll realize later that they are the most cost-effective options you can ever consider.

What is the best material for the bass boat cover?

When it comes to the fabric of a boat cover, you need to keep in mind that the right material must be able to ensure the appropriate blend of water repellency and breathability. That is to avoid water pooling and let the stuck water vapor to disappear.

The fabric must also come with anti-mildew and UV-resistant attributes. It must be made with flexible strength and should be capable of avoiding abrasion. Only a few materials can satisfy such requirements; however, coated synthetic fabrics are the ideal options.

Polyester and cotton blends generally don’t last long as synthetic fabrics do. It is essential to note that natural yarns cannot offer greater resistance against UV light and mildew.

On the other hand, pigment-dyed polyester fabrics come with outstanding strength in terms of weight ratio. Indeed, these are practical options since they are breathable and sturdy. They can resist water and fight off UV radiation too.

There are affordable options when picking a synthetic fabric, such as acrylic-coated polyester or urethane-coated fabrics. These options are UV, stain, and mildew-resistant, are breathable, and capable of shedding water well.

How do you cover your bass boat?

The snugness or comfort of the watercraft cover is one of the most vital considerations to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy a problem-free boat cover life. Moreover, boat owners need to ensure that every tie-down loop is tied snugly to the trailer or vessel with the aid of a durable strap, shock cord, or rope.

Remember to firmly affix the watercraft to the trailer if you’re tying off to your trailer. The boat cover should be adequately padded and supported before tightening it.

Aside from this, it is crucial to safeguard the watercraft’s edges from buckles or hooks that may damage the finish. If you prefer to use a shock cord, make it a point that the shock cord is heavy enough so that the boat cover won’t rise and fall when trailering.

The fabric straps must be made with UV or sunlight-resistant features. When utilizing a ratchet-type of tightener, use it with extra care. This is because it could put unnecessary pressure on the boat cover, which may weaken its performance and shorten its lifespan.

Should you pull a boat with the cover on?

You might be wondering if it is perfectly okay to pull your watercraft with its cover on. This is essential to know whether you are planning to pull your watercraft across your region towards your favorite vacation spot (which means you’ll need to move it in a long distance) or need to traverse it in a short distance.

The answer to this question is yes. You can pull your watercraft with its cover on. Nevertheless, there are a few reminders for you to look into to do so without any problem.

First, you need to ensure that the boat cover comes with the right size. Second, carefully check if you have good straps to keep the boat cover safe and secure. Lastly, see to it that your boat cover is intended for pulling or towing.

Once all these factors are under consideration, then you can safely pull or tow your watercraft with its cover on.

How to care and store?

As for boat cover care and maintenance, make sure to follow these guides:

  • Do not allow the boat cover to get in touch with chemicals, liquids, sharp objects, and gasoline.
  • Avoid the use of detergent, and see to it to spot clean using soap-less water.

Alternatively, you may use mild soap when washing your boat cover. Be sure to shake out any debris, dirt, or dust.

To do so, you may use a garden hose to wash off the filth thoroughly. Or it is also advisable to use compressed air to get rid of stubborn dirt.

Make sure that you don’t use a scrub brush when cleaning your boat cover. It is not also recommended to put the cover into the washer or dryer.

Never use harsh cleaning agents such as astringents or bleach.

  • Hang the product and allow it to dry.
  • To keep the boat cover clean and safe from any objects that may damage it, use a storage bag when storing it.
  • If you intend to store the boat cover for an extended period, make sure that it is thoroughly dry before covering it.

Where to buy a bass boat cover?

Fortunately, there are plenty of top-quality bass boat covers available in many local boating shops or marine supply stores nowadays. However, sometimes local stores can only offer you limited options.

Therefore, if you want to look at many various options, you may search on online websites like Amazon. This online shopping site can offer you countless brands that are renowned and trusted all over the world. Be reminded that since some high-end brands are often out-of-stock, you need to be quick upon seeing the option you’re looking for.

The good news is that if you are lucky enough, you can avail of some special promos, freebies, and discounts that can make your boat cover shopping a more economical and worthwhile one.


In essence, why do you need to invest in the best bass boat cover? Boat covers are important investments because they are meant to protect our boats. When boats are not in use, they need a reliable cover to shield them against rugged weather conditions and other harmful objects or elements.

We are aware that the selection process may be challenging, especially for beginners, so we gathered some essential details on how you can take better care of your boat.

We hope that the product reviews and other valuable information shared in this article can help you choose the appropriate boat cover for your needs. Feel free to share this post if you find it useful!

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