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The Best Battery Powered Navigation Lights for 2023

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If you are a boat owner, you’re probably aware that boat navigation lights serve a vital role. These units are essential because they ensure visibility to other vessels when you’re underway or moored at night. It is necessary to have proper lights as per international law and local regulations.

Whenever we operate a boat on the water, having poor visibility is inevitable. So, buying the best battery powered navigation lights can be the solution. Regardless of what our boating activities are, ensuring that we can be seen is especially critical.

best battery powered navigation lights

If you are looking for reliable navigation lights for boats, the product reviews below are specifically created to assist you. Go over the buying guide and other related information shared in this post to make your final buying decision less complicated.

Finally, be sure to check out the vital features that would work best for your boating requirements.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Attwood 14190-7


Honorable Mention

Bright Eyes BE-BTLGT-GR-1


Best Looking

 Innovative Lighting 560-1110


Table of Contents

Best Battery Powered Navigation Light Reviews

1. Attwood 14190-7 LED Light Kit

If you are looking for less expensive battery operated nav lights, this product is worth a try. There is no need to deal with a complicated assembly process since it is relatively easy to install. It emits adequate brightness that can ensure your security and safety, particularly at night. As for versatility, this unit is unrivalled.

In addition to this, its overall construction is durable enough to stand rugged use. Many boat owners pick this item because it meets regulatory compliance. Attwood brand is famous for being an outstanding manufacturer of premium quality marine products. So, you are guaranteed that you’re making a wise purchase without breaking the bank.

Besides, this handy navigation light is operated by 3 AAA batteries. The C-clamp mount goes on and removes easily. If you are worried about moonless nights while on the water, then this boat navigation light can be your reliable companion to stay visible. You can avoid accidents while enjoying your water adventures.

Meanwhile, this version is perfect for boat owners who prefer battery powered nav lights that feel more solid than the previous non-LED style. The on and off mechanism is push-button, which is way better than the previous model as it was more susceptible to failure.

On the other hand, the screws used for mounting are not corrosion-resistant. That makes them more susceptible to accumulating rust. To avoid this, ensure to rinse them well if exposed to saltwater. As you can see, proper care and maintenance are the keys to extending this unit’s service.
  • Easy to install
  • Bright and feels very durable
  • Meets regulatory compliance
  • Offers additional safety and security at night
  • Versatile to use
  • The screws are prone to rust formation.
By and large, this Attwood portable navigation light kit is a good value for your boating lights requirements. It is easy to install and bright enough as advertised.

2. Bright Eyes BE-BTLGT-GR-1 Lights

If you’re the type of boat owner who is searching for a reliable solution for a marine environment, this battery powered bow light is for you. It is no sweat to transport and store. In the same way, it offers an uncomplicated and effective vessel safety lighting solution.

Users are provided with three distinct lighting modes: slow blink, strobe, and solid brightness. This boat navigation light is housed in a silicone sleeve that makes it resistant to water. It is popular for being an excellent accessory for boats.

Wherever you prefer to install these green and red LED silicone lights, they won’t give you a hard time. These are smooth sailing to set up around any cylindrical object or pole on your vessel.

Additionally, if you prefer a water-resistant and portable LED light for your watercraft, this item is worth a shot. It is highly recommended for skeeter, fishing, Jon boats, and pontoons. You can utilize this navigation light for running, bow, and stern lights. Having this nav light installed will allow you to become more visible to other boaters.

Luckily, this product is a risk-free purchase. These green and red boating nav lights are supported by a money-back guarantee offer. Sure thing, you’ll like that they work more efficiently yet are not priced so expensively.

However, you need to decide quickly if you’ll buy this option once seeing it available online. This is because this item is sometimes out of stock; many boat owners must have picked this brand over the others.
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Designed with three lighting modes
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal solution for a marine environment
  • Portable and water-resistant
  • Sometimes out of stock online
Ultimately, this battery powered boat stern light is plain sailing to operate and utilize. I think that something this bright must be required on all types of vessels.

3. Innovative Lighting 560-1110 Light

Do you prefer top-quality portable navigation lights? If yes, then your search is finally over. This product is recommended if portability is your priority. It is straightforward to install, too, since it does not necessitate drilling.

Indeed, if it is your first time to use one, don’t worry; this is quite a piece of cake to utilize. Since we prefer navigation lights that are engineered with superb durability and brightness, this option is something we can rely on.

As for longevity, it seems to be made for long-lasting use. It comes with an extended LED service life, so it can be your companion for a long time.

The LED light is built with superior quality, so it can help users save more energy. You can rest assured to be safe while mooring or running at night because you are provided with adequate lighting.

The included suction cup is capable of holding firmly on the boat’s sleek surface. The brightness of the light does not disturb any views. Please note that you will need to buy 4 AA batteries separately as these aren’t included in the kit.

What is more, this light works great for kayaks or other small types of vessels. It sticks well and is not prone to falling off. In fact, it can surprisingly stick on a small vessel for several days without any issues in the garage. You’ll love its capability to work best for whatever it was designed for.

Regardless, while it cannot be denied that this boat navigation light is bright enough for power outages and other sorts of emergencies, it seems not recommended for any kind of wind or wake.
  • Offers more portability
  • Does not require drilling
  • Super durable and bright
  • Designed with an energy-efficient feature
  • Extended LED service life
  • Appears not ideal for wake or wind
Lastly, if you are purchasing battery powered LED lights for boats, you can give this option a closer look. For sure, you won’t get disappointed with its long-lasting performance.

4. Attwood 14191-7 Navigation Light

Boat owners tend to pick battery LED navigation lights that are specifically manufactured to withstand harsh conditions. If you choose this product, you can ensure long-lasting LED lighting service. Many boating enthusiasts have found this item a great catch in terms of convenience and durability.

More than that, this LED light runs more efficiently and requires 3 AAA batteries to operate. It has been tried and tested to run for roughly a total of more than 150 hours. Since the electronic components are tightly sealed, they can stand the test of rugged use.

As for the casing, it is built with a tightly sealed and shockproof feature. The polycarbonate lens is also shatter-proof. This handy LED navigation light is easy to install, and you can also remove it instantly as needed. It comes in camouflage color.

This alternative is also great for novice boaters who like to fish and do some boating activities at night. You can easily maneuver between your canoe, Jon boat, or rowboat. Such clamp-on lights like this version won’t fail to meet your expectations.

As for the price, this item is a great value for the money. The LED light is nice and bright. The mounts offer more versatility, for there are several useful techniques for mounting the unit on a small vessel. This way, users won’t have a hard time installing it.

Nonetheless, the product only comes with the C-clamp base and does not include a molded mount. Additionally, the rear pole is merely screwed together and not telescopic, as illustrated in the advertisement photo. It would have been better if the seller had provided an accurate product description.
  • Engineered to last in rugged conditions
  • Durable and versatile overall built
  • Contains shatterproof polycarbonate lens
  • Offers extended run time
  • Shock-proof and tightly sealed composite casing
  • Not exactly as shown in the advertisement photo
To wrap it up, if you are buying high-quality clamp-on navigation lights, this option is a great catch. It makes boating and mooring at night safer and more worthwhile.

5. Shoreline Marine SL91916 Light

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend extravagantly on premium quality LED navigation lights for boats. This light is designed with all-around and bi-color features. You can utilize this unit on both the bow and the stern. Even if it is your first time to buy one, you won’t have struggles in installing it.

Moreover, if you value portability and efficiency, then this option is perfect for you. Did you know that this product is considered a great alternative light source for night boating? You can rely on this navigation light when something goes wrong.

For instance, it can serve as a backup during emergencies. Hence, even if there is a power outage, you can be worry-free. The manufacturer designed this product with a water-resistant feature, and it allows more portability. It works more efficiently for its purpose as well.

Please note that each light calls for 3 AAA batteries, which you need to buy separately. If you need a quick solution for adding lights to a small vessel, you don’t need to further your search. This unit can do the trick.

Many users of this navigation light are impressed by the simplicity of clamping the lights in place and the insertion of batteries. Having no switches and wires to run is such a relief, particularly when it is not a permanent install. Its durability and brightness are also admirable attributes that you will adore.

Nevertheless, it is essential to keep checking the battery compartment more often. This is because there have been reports that it is prone to corrosion.
  • All-around and bi-color nav lights
  • Allows easy assembly process
  • Can resist water and portable
  • Perfect for bow and stern use
  • Works more efficiently
  • The battery compartment is not corrosion-resistant.
As a whole, if you’re in need of battery powered boat navigation lights that are sturdy, easy to install, and super bright, this alternative is worth buying.

6. Botepon Marine Boat Bow Lights

Do you own a kayak? If so, this navigation light for vessels is a surefire investment. This nav light is designed with a beginner-friendly feature since it ensures an easy installation method.

Indeed, to provide a more straightforward assembly process, it comes with a double hook. This hook offers support as you fasten it to the rail of the vessel as well as a flexible silicone body.

Kayak navigation lights like this alternative are engineered with sufficiently bright LED safety light design. So, even if you frequently do water activities and anchoring at night, you are guaranteed to stay visible.

Whether you need adequate lighting for emergency cases or you only need a backup light, this product is worth having. These navigation lights can make your vessel or kayak legal and more secured at nightfall. If you like to go fishing, this can serve as your best companion too.

This marine bow light comes with a one-touch switch design. Such a warning light comes with three lighting modes: steady, slow flash, and flash lighting.

The flashing mode lasts for about 160 hours, while the steady lighting mode lasts for roughly 35 hours. The battery is easy to find, and you can buy it anywhere. So, replacing it if necessary is not a problem.

Best of all, such inflatable boat navigation lights like this are great finds. You have nothing to lose as it is supported by a one-year warranty offer.

While this boat navigation light can provide sufficient lighting at night, you need to use it with extra caution. This is because there have been claims that they are susceptible to corrosion and may malfunction if frequently exposed to a saltwater environment. It is suggested to keep it clean and dry at all times.
  • Built with super bright LED safety light design
  • Allows straightforward assembly process
  • Back up by a one-year warranty offer
  • Extended lifespan and three lighting modes
  • Top option for kayaks
  • Appears not ideal for rugged marine use
To conclude, this item is such a great deal considering it is a cinch to operate, designed with superb features and keeps you visible at night.

7. Bright Eyes LED Boating Lights

Don’t miss out on buying top-quality battery powered LED boat lights that can offer you the type of boat lighting you need. Just like this version, you can install it anywhere, as it is designed with a less-hassle installation process. It is portable and waterproof, so it can endure harsh conditions.

You won’t encounter any difficulty when transporting and storing this nav light. It offers a less complex and more efficient boat safety lighting solution. There are three available lighting modes for users to select from. These consist of slow blink, solid brightness, as well as strobe.

As for its overall built, this navigation light is housed with hardened anodized aluminum. Hence, it can repel water and works as an excellent solution for a saltwater environment. You will find this item as a sterling accessory for vessels. This LED navigation light is quite convenient to utilize.

Such a version does not limit your application. For a fact, you can utilize it for stern, bow, or running lights, so that other boaters can easily see it. Whether you own a skeeter, Jon boat, pontoon, or love to go fishing, this nav light can be your best buddy to make your boating experience more fun-filled.

Not to mention, this little battery-operated light works excellently as an emergency substitute as well. It easily clips onto a bow light pole, and it even comes with extra batteries. The battery is easy to replace too. Aside from that, it does not take up more space compared to previous models.

Be that as it may, this boat navigation light is a bit small. Luckily, it is sufficiently bright and works efficiently for its purpose.
  • Waterproof and portable LED light
  • Easy to install anywhere
  • Allows effortless and convenient storage and transportation
  • Hardened anodized aluminum casing
  • Guarantees reliable boat safety lighting solution
  • This navigation light is slightly small.
To sum up, it is wise to invest in premium quality battery navigation lights like this if you wish to enjoy late-night fishing on the kayak! You’ll never be afraid of the dark anymore while navigating the boat.

8. Aqua Signal 27440-7 Navigation Light

Isn’t it practical to have battery powered navigation lights for small boats that offer multiple mounting options? Fundamentally, this version comes with several distinct types of mounting equipment, such as a pole and various clamps. Hence, this allows users to mount the navigation light anywhere needed.

This light is a premium quality investment for small boats. It is built from marine resistant materials and is designed to be waterproof too. Such a LED light can offer long-lasting battery life that can extend to about 30 hours. If you prefer a portable, compact, and versatile alternative, go for this option.

Likewise, it is manufactured with unique plastic projector lens that enable the light to be conveniently utilized as a spotlight or flashlight. Many boat enthusiasts prefer this product because it is designed to guarantee safe navigation at night. You need 4 AAA batteries for this unit to start operating.

The casing of this boat navigation light integrates a carabiner clip to enable quick fastening to a vessel. This can be done with the aid of a lanyard to impede loss overboard. There is an included adapter when affixing the unit to irregular surfaces.

Fortunately, the kit includes almost all the needed accessory when installing the battery-operated vessel navigation light.

For all that, one downside that you need to check out with regards to this battery operated nav boat light is the lens. The lens seems to be more directed vertically than horizontally.
  • Can be utilized as a spotlight or flashlight
  • Designed with long-lasting battery life
  • Marine water-resistant and waterproof features
  • Offer multiple mounting alternatives
  • Compact, portable and versatile
  • Lens appears to be directed more vertically than horizontally
In summary, you won’t waste any single cent if you buy Dinghy navigation lights that come with unique features and functions. In that aspect, this option is the real deal.

9. Attwood 14192-7 Navigation Light

Battery powered boat lights with different mounting options are practical picks. Just like this navigation light kit by Attwood, you will remain safe and visible at night. The kit comes complete making the assembly process a child’s play to carry out.

Furthermore, you can select from the two mounting options. You may either utilize the adhesive pad included in the kit or screw the light down. As you can see, having distinct mounting options can ensure more convenience for boat owners. Whichever you think is more convenient for you, go for it.

The casing is designed to be shock-proof, while the polycarbonate lens is also shatter-proof. Indeed, the electronic components of this boat navigation light are tightly sealed to shield it from water penetration and other potential elements that may damage it.

You’ll need to purchase 3 AAA batteries to operate this navigation light. It can run for more than 150 hours, and you can rely on bright lights at dusk. This brand is reputable for manufacturing reliable and built to last marine products for years. So, you are guaranteed that you’re in good hands.

The navigation lights are easy to install. It is suggested to use rechargeable batteries as this would help you save more for the long term. Please be reminded to always put the adhesive down as detailed in the user manual. It is good to note that the adhesive pad sticks tightly on smooth surfaces.

One minor gripe is that the white light is slightly dim. While it somehow aids in making you more visible in the water, you can’t consider the white light a significant light source to navigate at nightfall.
  • Comes with two mounting options
  • Extended run time
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lens and shock-proof casing
  • Tightly sealed electronic components
  • Emits bright light that is visible at night
  • The white light is a little dim.
In general, if you are in search of reliable battery operated navigation lights, this product is a great alternative. You’ll be visible and safe while navigating at night.

10. Deals4you Boating Lights

You won’t go wrong if you pick portable boat running lights that are suitable for many different purposes. This product can work as a backup light and navigation light. Best of all, they are priced affordably, so they could fit all types of budget. You can ensure a practical boat lighting solution without breaking the bank.

Smart boat owners choose this product over other options because it offers an outstanding safety lighting solution. You can quickly mount the boat navigation lights in paddles, mast, stern, or bow without using special tools. The silicone sleeve is meant to avoid water penetration.

These navigation lights can also serve as ideal gifts for boat enthusiasts. Many buyers consider them a cheaper backup light set for racing sailboat or dinghy. Moreover, they are practical for inflatable boats, kayaks, skeeters, Jon boats, pontoon, and fishing, too.

So, if you’re looking for a straightforward, portable, and efficient boat lighting solution, this is it for you! If you need a camping light, running light, climbing light, warning light, safety light, skateboard light – name it, these portable navigation lights can serve all those purposes.

Meanwhile, the three lighting modes comprise of strobe, steady on, as well as slow blink.

These boat navigation lights are small, so storing them is not a hassle at all. The LED lights are built with decent quality, so they are guaranteed to last. If portability and convenience are your things, this option is perfect for you. You have nothing more to ask for.

Anyhow, since these boat navigation lights appear as not remotely water-resistant, boat owners need to mount them high and keep them dry all the time. This is to help protect and extend the longevity of the unit. As always, proper care and regular maintenance are paramount.
  • Easy, portable, and effective boat safety lighting solution
  • Practical to utilize for many different applications
  • Reasonably priced than other options
  • Designed with three different lighting modes
  • Can be easily mounted without special tools required
  • Seems not remotely water resistant
Chiefly, these portable navigation lights for small boats are bright enough and can be kept in your bag for instant mounting when necessary.

What to Look for When Buying Battery Powered Navigation Lights


Before making the final buying decision, it is a must to consider some valuable buying guides. Here are some of them:

It is crucial to know your application when purchasing battery-powered boat navigation lights. If you are searching for kayak nav lights, submersible and battery-powered lights are what you need.

On the other hand, if you need dinghy lights, portable boat navigation lights will work well. However, take in mind that the smaller the watercraft, the smaller the light.

Basically, knowing your application before buying is essential when it comes to navigating the alternatives available on the market.

As for the color, tri-colored, bi-colored, and white boat lights are available as portable nav lights. Luckily, battery-operated alternatives make the assembly process either temporarily or permanently less complicated.

Meanwhile, when looking for nav lights for inflatable boats, rowboats, or canoes, choose based on the boat’s size and application type.

When it comes to colors and designs, consider consulting boating regulations on the recommended size and color for running, stern, or bow lights.

Take note that LED lights from different manufacturers offer the greatest power utilizing the lowest draw on the power source of the lights. Options for assembly consist of a pole mount, c-clamps, and suction cup.

Additionally, please be guided that larger vessels need brighter and typically larger navigation lights. The required minimum visibility also differs with the type of light.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is battery powered navigation light?

Battery operated lights are recommended when it is impossible to hardwire in navigation lights. These units are also ideal for emergency purposes, for example, during power outages.

Navigation lights powered by batteries help boat owners remain visible when underway or moored at night or in dusky areas.

How does it work?

Battery-powered boat navigation lights work as perfect substitutes for standard navigation lights. They serve as a reliable backup light source should there be a light failure or serious boat electrical system problems.

Battery operated nav lights are easy to use and can be set up in a few minutes. These units are capable of brightly re-lighting your boat during emergencies or power outages.

To operate some models, you only need to switch the lights on and off by turning the lantern’s middle section. They guarantee visibility while boaters enjoy the water after dusk like everyone else.

What are the different types of battery-powered navigation lights?

Boat navigation lights come in many distinct ranges of visibility, location, arc of illumination, as well as colors.

Here are the distinct forms of battery operated boat navigation lights:

  • Masthead Light

All vessels that come with an engine need to have a masthead light. A masthead light is a white light that beams forwards and veils an arc of 225 degrees. This must be positioned at least one meter above the sidelights.

In the same way, it must come with a range of two nautical miles. If a watercraft does not contain a masthead light, this signifies that it is a sailing vessel.

  • Stern Light

This is white light. It is situated at the rear section of the vessel at the stern. The purpose of this navigation light is for the vessels behind to see you.

  •  All-around White Light

For vessels operated by an engine and are below 12m, the stern light and masthead light can be integrated into one. This type of navigation light is seen by other vessels from different directions.

  • Sidelights

Nav lights are also situated on the right and left sides of the vessel. A green light is positioned on the right, while the red light is on the left side of the vessel.

Sidelights are required to have a range of one nautical mile for vessels that are up to 12m in size. Please take note that larger vessels call for a larger range.

Why do you need battery operated navigation lights? (Benefits)

Boat owners can enjoy several perks if they invest in top-quality battery-powered boat navigation lights. These lights are practical and convenient when it is inconceivable to hardwire in navigation lights.

What is more, they can serve as a reliable power source in times of emergencies, such as power outages and other sorts of unfortunate incidents.

Battery-operated boat navigation lights are generally easy to install. Hence, even if you aren’t an expert in assembling one, the installation process can be accomplished, provided that you strictly adhere to the user manual.

Boat navigation lights that are operated by batteries are easy to mount or clip-on. And, since built with super durable overall construction, they are ideal for rugged marine use and can withstand harsh conditions.

Some versions are designed in various colors that emit bright light at dusk. Thus, boat owners remain visible in the water regardless of how dark the area is. Having battery-powered boat navigation lights installed can undoubtedly guarantee your safety and security.

Moreover, these units are easy to operate. They are also designed to be portable, so they are convenient to use and no sweat to store when not in use. Since they are compact, you can transport them anywhere too.

More importantly, battery-operated boat navigation lights are priced affordably. So, even if you’re short on budget, you can buy one for your boat. See to it to inspect the size of your boat and the color you prefer when purchasing one.

The batteries used for boat navigation lights are easy to replace. You can also easily find them in local stores or online. With proper care and regular maintenance, these lights can last a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted battery-powered navigation light brands?

Are you unsure which brand is reliable when it comes to manufacturing premium quality battery-powered navigation lights? Needless to say, it is always practical to conduct your research about the most credible brands that manufacture built-to-last battery-operated nav lights.

As you might already know, only outstanding brands can exceed your expectations. While it cannot be denied that high-end brands sell products that are priced more expensively than others, you are assured that quality and excellent performance are obtained.

If the brand is highly trusted, then you’ll have nothing to worry about. It is just right to be wise when selecting the manufacturer of the battery-operated boat navigation lights of your choice. This is to ensure that you get what you pay for.

Here are a few of the most trusted brands that you can choose from:

  • Innovative Lighting
  • Attwood
  • Shoreline Marine
  • Botepon
  • Deals4you

How to use?

Battery-powered boat navigation lights are user-friendly, which means that they are not complicated to operate thanks to their simple design. As for how you use them, different brands and models provide a user manual on how to properly operate battery boat navigation lights.

How to care and maintain?

Battery-operated boat navigation lights are not complex to care for. All you need to do is check them more often to inspect some indications of rust formation, corrosion, and other signs of damage.

As for the batteries, replace them as needed. Install the unit based on the manufacturer’s instructions. If exposed to marine water, clean the lights and its components. It is also important to keep them dry all the time.

Where to buy it?

You can go to local marine products stores in your area when buying battery-operated boat navigation lights. If you are a little confused about the options available, always consult the seller regarding which brand they recommend.

Alternatively, one of the best places to find second-to-none boat battery-powered navigation lights is Amazon. In this online shopping site, you will get the chance to browse limitless options made by different brands.

In the same way, you can have the opportunity to avail of special promos, discounts, affordable deals, freebies, and other giveaways. Best of all, this is the home of first-class brands that are trusted worldwide.

If you shop on Amazon, you can also read real customer reviews and check out customers’ feedback who have already used a specific product. Since you can compare the products, you can decide more confidently.


As what you read in this post, the best battery powered navigation lights are essential investments for boat owners. Traversing or being on the water, whether at sunset or sunrise, can be dangerous. Hence, it is a must that you keep your vessel visible underway or when moored at night.

When picking the right navigation lights for boats, always make sure that they exhibit suitable lights. Substantially, they must abide by international laws or as requested by your local authorities. Don’t forget to consider the buying guide discussed in this article and carefully compare the options tackled in the review section.

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