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The Best Boat Cover Support Poles for 2023

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The job of warding off debris and water from pooling in your watercraft cover is a dreadful task, especially for those who are novices in the boating field. If you want to guarantee the utmost protection for your boat cover, and avoid serious damages to your watercraft, investing in the best boat cover support pole system is a must for boaters.

best boat cover support pole

I have gathered some valuable information, plus some frequently asked questions to help you compare various brands and support pole models that would work great for your requirements.

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Better Boat Support Poles


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Table of Contents

Best Boat Cover Support Pole Reviews of 2023

1. Better Boat Store Boat Cover Support Poles

If you are planning to buy a top-quality boat cover support pole system, this is a must for you to check out. The support poles are well-engineered, and you can easily adjust the height to your desired fit. The sturdy base and mushroom top of the poles greatly help apportion the load and safeguard the boat cover from stress tearing.

As I see, this version is made with a user-friendly telescoping pole that can be modified to any custom height from 23.5 inches to 56 inches. So, if you prefer more reliability, durability, and adjustability, this is it!

I’m impressed that these support poles for boat covers can hold up tarps and boat covers manufactured from plastic, canvas, and more. They are adept at warding off water from pooling and residues from building up.

I’m sure that these versions are ideal options to consider because they don’t limit my applications. They are perfect to use for boat canvas pole support, pontoon cover support, boat cover poles, and boat tarp support.

Another thing I like is that these support poles contain button snap rubber end and mushroom cap that can accommodate diverse boat cover styles. Indeed, since they are crafted using super sturdy marine-grade aluminum material, these are rust-resistant and can be used for an extended period. They are not prone to breaking or bending.

One minor that you may encounter once you buy this model is the base of the support poles. It would be better if the base is bigger than it currently is.
  • Engineered with easy-to-adjust height
  • Has incredibly durable marine-grade
  • Does not require high maintenance
  • Contains button snap rubber end and mushroom cap
  • Can be used for several different purposes
  • The base of the support poles are quite small
Overall, these adjustable boat cover support poles are outstanding solutions at a very cost-effective price. There is no reason for you to search further, especially if you are on a budget.

2. iCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole

This support pole might be what you need to safeguard your boat cover. It is not as expensive as other similar options, yet it can work excellently for what it was engineered for.

I like it as it is a breeze to adjust and include a total of six separate poles for the extension. Also, I can modify it from 12-inches up to 54-inches. Many boaters pick this model because of its sterling features. It is ideal in terms of minimizing water, and debris accumulation.

Another reason I put it on my list is that its material is made of ABS PVC plastic that is durable enough to combat heavy rains and strong winds. I highly recommend utilizing this aluminum pole to guarantee more reliable protection.

My experience tells me that this pole assembles easily without the use of special tools. It is lightweight yet sturdy enough to offer reliable support to a boat cover either in drenched or dry conditions. This version comes with a plastic recordable bag, so I can take it apart without any trouble for storage.

Moreover, the pole contains a pedestal at the foot to keep the pole from falling over. There is also a broad plate on top to widen the surface area of the point being raised to impede piercing through the cover.

However, you need to ensure that this support pole is properly assembled to prevent it from getting damaged under extreme weather conditions.
  • Allow extension
  • Support to any spot below the boat covers
  • Engineered using tough ABS PVC plastic material
  • Designed with unique and excellent features
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Incapable of staying upright in a strong wind
I think this boat cover pole support system is a great purchase. It does a good job of keeping the water from pooling in the middle of a boat cover.

3. NEXCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole

Are you currently in need of high-quality pontoon cover support poles? If yes, then I think you can give this alternative a try. It is beginner-friendly since it is not troublesome to assemble. Moreover, you can modify the height to ensure a precise fit as this pole comes with a six-stage extension that can be adjusted from 12-inches to 54-inches.

Another thing I like is that the base of this support pole is tough and solid. The manufacturer used sturdy ABS material to construct it; hence, it can be your companion for a long time. If you own a carver boat, pontoon, or Jon boat, I believe this pole is one of the best picks for you.

This also works as an exceptional trailerable boat cover accessory as it is like a charm in averting debris buildup and water pooling. This version can offer support to any spot of the boat cover as well.

I prefer this adjustable pole system because it is very useful. It is more excellent as compared to telescoping aluminum poles that slid down in the long run. Luckily, the current price tag of this support pole fits any type of budget.

On the other hand, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when assembling this pole. Otherwise, it can easily fall apart.
  • Designed with durable base offering stability
  • Crafted using solid ABS material
  • A perfect option for different boats
  • Works as trailerable boat cover
  • Can resist water and residues accumulation
  • 6-stage extension adjustable height
  • Tends to fall very easily
On the button, this boat tarp support system is universal and appropriate for any marine watercraft. And best of all, it does not force you to spend extravagantly for a reliable support pole.

4. Redneck Convent Telescopic Boat Cover Support

It is good news to know that you can now get a telescoping boat cover support pole at a decent price. Whether you are buying a support pole for a carver boat, pontoon, or Jon boat, I’m sure that this model can provide you with the maximum support and protection.

I’m impressed that this adjustable pole system is straightforward to install. I can modify it from 28.5-inches to 51.25-inches. Many boat owners go for this version because of its outstanding quality, solid build, and appealing design.

Since the pole is manufactured using anodized aluminum material, it can guarantee more sturdiness and repel corrosion. Moreover, the two-stage extension pole is solid and not frail. This means that this alternative is durable enough to last an extended period of rugged usage.

Another reason why I am a fan of this is that it can significantly control debris accumulation and water pooling on any type of marine vessel. This version also comes with a twist-lock that is user-friendly and can tightly lock where necessary.

One thing I want you to notice is that it is essential to secure the dome to the support pole. Also, you should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions when setting up this support pole system.

I think it is better if the cap of this support pole is bigger to precisely accommodate larger vessels with bulkier covers.
  • Can be used for any marine vessels
  • Suitable cover in terms of precise fit
  • Works as debris and water pooling blocker
  • Not complicated to set up and modify
  • Specifically engineered to last for many years
  • The cap needs to be larger for bigger vessels.
As a whole, this boat support pole is a solid aluminum adjustable pole that works wonder in supporting a boat cover. If you prefer a tenting shape for your boat cover, this is the best bet!

5. Rage Powersports Telescoping Aluminum Boat Cover Support Pole

Are you thinking of getting built to last the pontoon boat cover support poles? If your answer is yes, you may start uncovering what this support pole model can guarantee you. This pole is specifically crafted to back up a boat cover during off-season storage.

I’m sure to say that you can easily remove the boat cover when the boating season is back. Many boaters who have used this product have attested that it works efficiently for its purpose. Furthermore, this version can telescope from 28-inches to 48-inches. It also twists to lock in place.

What I like most is that this product is engineered with a wide surface design cap that is intended to evenly dispense the cover tension. This item is proven to last many years, and this is made possible by its sturdy aluminum built that is tough enough, but not bulky.

This pole is designed with a rubber foot that won’t bring any damage or scratch to the hull of the boat. Take in mind that it is crucial to unlocking the bars by twisting in adverse directions to enable telescoping. Then, twist it back to secure it in an appropriate position.

One minor glitch I have found is the lack of a step-by-step guide on how to assemble the mushroom head.
  • Helps to lessen water and residue accumulation
  • Built with a rubber foot to reduce damage or scratch
  • Can telescope
  • Manufactured with durable, lightweight construction
  • Able to evenly allots cover tension
  • No instructions included
To conclude, this boat cover pole works outstandingly in terms of adding support to a boat cover where water can accumulate. It is a little pricey than other options, though.

6. Vico Marine Support Pole

Searching for the right boat cover pole stand kit for your boating requirements can be overwhelming. Luckily, this does not need to be your case if you start unveiling the exclusive features and exceptional functions of this support pole. Even if it is your first time using one, this option is not difficult for you to install.

I love it as this pole can support and vent my vessel cover. It can hold up to 170 pounds of pressure. Unlike other support pole systems, I can extend this model up to 47-inches. If mildew and mold accumulation in your boat is a serious concern, this can be the right solution for that!

What makes this a great purchase to consider are its unique features. It is built with a cam-lock mechanism attribute that is easier for me to do the necessary adjustments. Such a support pole system is engineered using top-quality anodized aluminum material that can stand the test of time.

I also like that this pole is better than other average thumbscrew anchoring poles. It contains stainless steel components and die-cast collar parts. If you look closely at its aluminum tubing, you will see that it is heat-treated, anodized, and comes with a ribbed profile to guarantee more durability and lighter weight.

I believe this alternative is perfect for boaters who pay attention to better grip, easier setup procedure, adjustability, and more efficient venting attributes.

However, I have found that this version is slightly more expensive than other similar products sold on the market.
  • Can be extended and hold 170 pounds of pressure
  • Allow easier adjustability
  • Premium quality anodized aluminum
  • Reliable at prohibiting mildew and mold
  • Guarantees less effortless and quick setup process
  • Priced higher than other available options
By and large, even though this support pole is pricier than other brands, it is a worthwhile investment considering its quality, build, and functions.

7. Classic Accessories 05900-SC Boat Cover Support Pole

This boat cover support mushroom cap is a great value for the money. With proper installation procedures, this will work efficiently as promised. Many boaters who have used this support pole didn’t have any trouble adjusting it from 12-inches to 54-inches.

I love it as this is a long-lasting support pole system that can work as my dependable partner in providing the utmost protection for your watercraft. It is engineered with sturdy ABS plastic material with a hollow core. It is possible to put some additional support straps at the top portion.

When it comes to preventing the buildup of residue and water, I’m sure this pole is a good catch. Since the poles come in sections, it is convenient for me to make them as elevated as I required. However, if you utilize all of the sections, it may bend and buckle when under load.

I consider you cutting some PVC pipe with a big enough diameter so you can go over the pole sections to ensure that the support pole is more reliable. Additionally, it is a must to cut the PVC pipe long enough to go from the underneath portion of the pole up to the above portion of the support cap. You can also tie the poles from four directions to keep them secure.

Although this support pole is built with good quality, I can’t safely say that it is ideal to use for areas where there are frequent strong winds and other harsh weather conditions.
  • Can be quickly adjusted
  • Manufactured from robust ABS plastic
  • Protects the boat from water and residue buildup
  • Can be added extra support straps
  • Works efficiently
  • Not the best option in extremely strong winds
Lastly, this support pole model is a great deal. You surely get what you pay for!

8. COCO Boat Cover Support Pole

Do you have plans of purchasing a decent price and efficient boat cover stands? If yes, you can inspect the best features of this support pole.

This item is engineered using aluminum and ABS material for its build. Since it is made with durable craftsmanship, it can guarantee long years of superb performance and service. I also adore its capability to impede water pockets on the boat cover. To get the preferred height, you can easily modify the pole.

Another thing I like is this support pole can be adjusted from 22 and a half inches to 54 and a half inches. It comes with a three-stage extension feature that is rigid and not frail to allow a perfect fit and adjustable length.

I am amazed by this pole’s very solid craftsmanship. The base and cap are crafted using ABS material too. The above portion of the pole allows extra support straps to ensure more stability; however, the extra straps are not included in the kit. Additionally, it is quite easy to store during boating off-season.

However, you need to handle this support pole with extra care. It is a must to assemble it accordingly since it tends to break quickly if extreme pressure is applied.
  • Wards off the occurrence of standing water
  • Allows more effortless height adjustment
  • Can offer the needed support to any section
  • Crafted from high-quality material
  • Allows easy and more convenient storage
  • May get damaged easily
To wrap it up, this boat tarp support works efficiently, and it is capable of holding in place. It can ensure the perfect lift to keep the weather off your watercraft cover.

9. SeaLux Marine Products Boat Cover Support Pole

If you love superb quality boat cover support bows, this alternative is worth your money. This is ideal to use for canvas tents, bow covers, and anchoring covers.

I am impressed by this support pole’s excellence in terms of fighting off saltwater corrosion and weathering, thanks to its anodized aluminum construction. Like other high-end and more expensive options, it can help hamper pockets that trap water. Hence, it does a vital role in avoiding serious damages from occurring sooner or later.

I also like that this support pole telescopes to the preferred length. This attribute is made possible by utilizing a twist thumb screw to unlock and lock between 31 inches and 57 inches.

It also comes with three-style tips that include Snap-On or dot fasteners, a 3/8-inch pin for grommets, and rubber tips. Moreover, to accommodate larger-sized vessels and yachts, you can adjust this support pole from 38 inches to 72 inches.

What I love most is this support pole does a great job of keeping weather covers tight and guarantees the utmost shield for the interiors of my cherished watercraft.

Nevertheless, you have to keep this support pole in good condition by regularly cleaning it, and following a regular maintenance schedule. Otherwise, it might be more susceptible to stripping after a long period of usage.
  • Practical to use for different types of covers
  • Provides a maximum shield
  • Aids in impeding marine water corrosion
  • Helps minimize pockets and serious damage
  • Telescopes according to boater’s preferred length
  • May be prone to stripping over time
Generally speaking, this boat cover support pole with snap is the real deal. As for the unique features, functions, and maximum protection it can offer; this is definitely unmatched!

10. Seachoice 97301 Telescoping Boat Cover Support Pole

If you are seeking a support pole that can work efficiently and reliably as a Shoretex boat cover support system, then this version can satisfy your needs.

It is designed with a one-inch diameter pole that could protect watercraft cover from the undercover. The maker made use of solid anodized aluminum material to engineer this product. With its sturdy built, I didn’t worry about debris and water buildup that could damage my boat cover.

Since it offers full protection, I can prevent my boat cover from sagging. Such a support pole is crafted with a reliable base that guarantees the pole stands firmly while the boat cover is being put in place. Also, it helps inhibit corrosion on the deck.

I like it as the mushroom top design is practical in that it serves a vital role in backing up the cover without bringing any damage to it. Furthermore, there is a Snap-on fastener top that fastens to boat covers furnished with fastener. You can also do some necessary adjustments from 35” to 64”.

To ensure that it stays stable and solid, you should always adhere to the manufacturer’s assembly guides. All the same, you need to check the mushroom cap from time to time because I have found that it tends to get damaged in the long run as it appears to be made of slightly frail materials.
  • Back up boat cover well without causing any damage
  • Guarantees sturdy and reliable performance
  • Guardedly impede boat cover from sagging
  • Engineered from super rigid anodized aluminum
  • Constructed to be hand-adjustable to heights
  • The mushroom cap seems made of flimsy material.
Generally, if you go for a support pole that can be ideal and practical for your anchoring cover, then this version will work perfectly to satisfy that requirement. You’ll be glad to purchase such a useful accessory for your boat cover.

What to Look for When Buying a Coat Cover Support Pole


Carefully inspecting the features and functions of a certain item is quite crucial before purchasing one. More than the aesthetic aspect of the boat cover support pole, you also need to thoroughly check the necessary attributes it possesses, as well as the benefits it can offer when you start using it for your boat cover.

What are the valuable buying considerations you need to take in mind when shopping for a boat cover support pole system?

  • Brand

The manufacturer of the boat cover support pole is one of the most important considerations before making the final decision. This is because you are guaranteed to get the best option if it was engineered by a tried and tested manufacturer that has been in the field for many years.

To learn which brand is preferred by experienced boaters and smart consumers, you may go over some product reviews, and carefully read the comments of consumers who have used the products made by a specific brand. This way, you can decide confidently whether you’ll go for it or not.

  • Features

It is wiser to pick models made with the latest enhancements or innovations in terms of their features and functions. Various boat cover support pole models these days are manufactured with exclusive features and functions that can guarantee more maximum protection for your boat cover.

Some options come with attributes such as telescoping, height-adjustability, cam-lock mechanism, and many other practical and convenient features that can make your boating life a less hassle one.

  • Built Materials

For boat cover support poles to be durable, they must be engineered from premium quality materials. Nowadays, support poles are either made of durable ABS plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, PVC, and other materials that make them withstand diverse weather conditions and harmful elements in the surroundings.

  • Convenience and Ease of Assembly and Use

All of us prefer items that won’t give us a hard time installing and using them. So, when picking a boat cover support pole, check whether they are not intricate to assemble, user-friendly, and include a step-by-step assembly guide. Fortunately, the latest support pole versions at present are generally easy to install and use.

  • Price

You can perfectly opt for cheap or expensive products as long as the quality, durability, and performance meet your expectations.

There is no need to rush when buying a boat cover support pole system. You should first search for the vital features that can accommodate your boat cover needs. Also, there are kits that come complete with all the necessary tools and accessories- these are cost-effective options that are worth considering.

Surely, you can end up buying the one that can precisely suit the type of application you’ll use it for.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a boat cover support pole?

A boat cover support pole is an indispensable accessory that makes sure there are no areas for water and debris to build up.

A support pole system is commonly engineered from durable ABS plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum materials to ensure strong built, and make them fit and long-standing for rugged applications.

Many of them are designed to be adjustable, so boaters can adjust the height.

How does it work?

Boat cover supporting poles can reduce debris buildup, and water pooling on the watercraft’s cover. Such accessories make it easy yet effective to protect boat covers from harmful elements and extreme weather conditions. As a result, they serve as great tools to ensure that your vessel cover will last for an extended period.

What are the different types of boat cover support poles?

There are different types of boat cover support pole systems that you can select from, and these consist of:

  • Telescoping boat cover support poles
  • Customized boat cover support poles
  • Homemade or DIY boat cover support poles
  • Boat cover support poles that come with Snap-on fasteners
  • Boat cover support poles that feature a cam-lock mechanism
  • Boat cover support poles that are designed with height-adjustable attributes
  • Various boat cover support pole options are engineered using different types of materials that are general marine-grade; for example, stainless steel, ABS plastic, PVC, and aluminum.

Why do you need a boat cover support pole? (Benefits)

Boat cover support poles are must-have accessories for any boat owners. Aside from the fact that they provide a more appealing look to a boat while they are anchored or stored, they work great in ensuring the utmost shield that boat covers need.

Here are some of the benefits that you can obtain by investing in a premium quality boat cover support pole:

  • Boat cover support poles are ideal accessories to purchase, particularly for those who have a sagging watercraft tarp. Such an item works efficiently in keeping water from accumulating on the tarp.
  • Most upgraded support pole models these days are designed to be height-adjustable. So, boaters can easily modify the height as per their preference or requirements.
  • A reliable boat cover support pole system does a great job of extending the lifetime of the watercraft. It can thwart water from snow and rain from pooling on top, crumpling the cover, and causing damages to the vessel.
  • Support poles are generally engineered with built-to-last and incredibly durable construction materials, making them a cost-effective accessory that could serve as boaters’ long-time companion for their boating adventures.
  • Some support pole system versions are most efficient if utilized for a small spot of cover, i.e. in the forward seating section of a bowrider.
  • The latest versions of boat cover support poles are not so complicated to assemble. So, they are beginner-friendly and do not require professional assistance. Just make sure that you follow the step-by-step process recommended by the manufacturer.
  • There are lots of customized support pole options, which means that you can enjoy their use by making them precisely fit for different purposes. Customized options are often more durable because they are exclusively tailored as per the boater’s preference and requirements.
  • Boat cover support pole systems are usually sold at economical price tags. There are plenty of less expensive options, yet they can work exceptionally just like other high-end brands. Thus, boaters with a limited budget do not need to worry about spending extravagantly for a boat cover accessory.

I have unveiled the many perks of owning a reliable, superbly-performing, and sturdy boat cover support pole system. Once you are able to purchase the appropriate option for your boat cover, you can be at peace knowing your boat is provided with the required protection it needs to combat various weather conditions and other harmful substances.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted boat cover support pole brands?

If you want to give justice to every single cent you spend for a support pole system, then you need to ensure that you only purchase from reputable brands. When you say reputable brands, this means picking those manufacturers that have been in the field for many years.

You may research the most trusted brands when it comes to manufacturing support pole systems. By looking into consumers’ feedback and recommendations, you can pinpoint which brands are worth considering.

Below are a few of the credible, tried and tested brands that manufacture reliable, long-lasting, and superbly-performing support pole systems.

  • Redneck Convent
  • Icover
  • Vico Marine
  • Rage Powersports
  • SeaChoice

How to install and use?

The manner of installing and using a boat cover support pole system will depend on the type of support pole you pick. They usually differ in features, functions, and oftentimes with the way you assemble them.

All you need to do is to follow the step-by-step assembly methods indicated in the product’s manual. If you prefer to add more security and stability, there are additional tools and accessories like straps that you can add to allow the support pole to remain secured and stable regardless of the extreme weather condition.

Alternatively, you can refer to some YouTube video tutorials on how to set up a boat cover support pole system properly. Such videos are very practical and helpful for boaters, especially for beginners.

How to care and maintain?

It is very indispensable to always check your boat cover support pole system. Consider creating a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. Check for some damages, cracks, and other issues, so you can execute the necessary repairs or replacements.

When not in use, it is a must to set a suitable area where you could store your support pole. Be sure to keep them secured from anything that could cause damage to them. Assemble and use the accessory as per manufacturer’s recommendations, this is to help prolong the service, performance, and lifetime of your support pole system.


The best boat cover support pole is a very valuable accessory required by boaters. Boats serve as their owners’ ticket to great relaxation and fun-filled experience on the water. Covering the top of the watercraft provides the necessary shield from various types of weather conditions that can cause some sorts of damage to the boat.

The models of boat cover support poles in my list post are designed to specifically complement boat covers. So, whatever style your boat cover has, you can find the perfect design that could best match its needs. Hopefully, the reviewed products are able to provide you with the necessary information so you can confidently come up with a smart decision.

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