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The Best Boat Cover Support Systems for 2023

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It’s kind of awesome when you’re out in the open waters in your boat with the wind in your hair, and fine mist of water on your face. But remember, your boat does take a lot of abuse on and off water, such as the harmful corrosive effects of saltwater, the blazing heat from the sun, and the occasional (or many) bumps and jolts.

One way of taking care of your boat is to use a boat cover to shield your boat from sun, rain, snow, dirt, and even bird droppings. And aside from that, the boat cover support is a useful addition since it helps keep your cover in place. This product ensures your cover’s snugly fit without trapping it too tightly and keeps it from blowing off in strong winds.

best boat cover support system

Since there are several types of covers you can use for your boat, finding the best boat cover support system can be quite challenging.

This is why we’ve gathered for you ten best boat supports in the market. We hope this list will help you decide which support system is the best one for you and your boat.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Better Boat Support Poles


Honorable Mention

 iCover Support Pole System


Premium Choice

Camco 41970


Table of Contents

Best Boat Cover Support System Reviews of 2023

1. Better Boat Support Poles

This Better Boat Support pole is a good option for harsh marine conditions due to its construction of high-quality marine-grade aluminum. It’s solid and comes with a sturdy 7” base so that it’s kept upright and steady. Furthermore, the telescopic pole can be extended up to 56”, making it suitable to hold any boat cover securely.

Due to its height, this model is suitable as a good boat tarp support system, and also ideal for large boats such as a pontoon, even though you may need two poles if you own a pontoon.

Many other support poles are sold as a single unit, but this model comes both in a single and dual unit. If you have a large boat, it’s much economical to get the dual pack because it is much more affordable than two separate single support poles.

Be reminded that this boat cover support pole doesn’t come with its adjustable straps. If you buy this product, you will receive the telescopic pole, a mushroom cap (measuring 5”), and the base. Hence, you will need to get adjustable straps separately, and that means there will be additional expenses for you.

Anyhow, it’s still a worthwhile investment because of its durability, stability, and reliability. Plus, it’s sturdy and robust enough to function as a winter boat cover support system.

  • Certified high-quality marine-grade aluminum telescopic pole
  • Height-adjustable up to 56”
  • Comes with a large and sturdy base plate
  • Versatile for many different types of boats
  • A great option for dual poles purchase
  • Webbing straps are not included
Ultimately, if you opt for a versatile boat cover support system, this product is a must-have!

2. iCover Boat Cover Support Pole System

This iCover boat cover support is a sturdy and customizable aluminum pole. Many boat owners love how it can be adjusted seamlessly from 38” to 68” in no time. There is no more water sagging down your cover and ruining the interior of your boat!

To help ensure your cover is fitted on snugly, the iCover support pole comes with a 56-foot long strap with a hook at the end. Meanwhile, to suit your boat’s length, this long strap can be shortened or extended with ease.

With its long adjustable strap, the iCover support pole system can fit on almost any boat in the market that is up to 25-feet. You can place the pole anywhere on your boat to ensure maximum coverage. But if you have a longer boat, you can simply add on another pole and adapt it to the lower spot of your vessel.

You will also get a triangle plate, which goes at the top of the pole, so it’ll be easy for you to thread the strap through. After you’ve fixed the strap onto the pole by hooking it to your boat, putting on the cover is as easy as that summer breeze.

Besides, a big round plate that you place at the bottom of the pole gives it a steady and secure hold. It won’t budge or move even with a strong wind blowing against your boat.

This iCover support pole has the self-standing feature and superb durability that leave you worry-free. Just a note, if you own a pontoon, you will need two of the iCover to sufficiently cover your boat.
  • Designed with a height-adjustable telescoping pole
  • Self-standing and incredibly durable
  • Made from high-grade aluminum material
  • Comes with a long and adjustable webbing strap (56’) with hooks
  • Can fit on almost any boat (up to 25’)
  • Require more than one pole for longer boats
Overall, this support system for boat cover is an outstanding investment. Reliability, durability and superb performance are guaranteed!

3. Camco 41970

Many consumers love Camco because they know how to manufacture good marine and RV hardware products. Their Camco boat cover support system is also one of the things we love from them.

The Camco 41970 is an easy-to-use telescoping support system. You can easily change the height from 30” to 50” in 2.5” increments so you can have it modified according to your boat’s size.

Its self-standing pole that has not one, but two solid base plates for both ends will hold the pole in place even in strong wind or heavy rain. Not only that but the bottom base plate is also foam-padded to prevent any slipping or sliding. Plus, the foam pad is great in helping to protect the sole of your boat!

This support pole can be fitted onto any boat that is up to 22 feet in length. It also comes ready with a 50’ adjustable nylon strap and strong hooks that will securely hold the strap in place at the transom or staple eye or your boat. All these components are packed compactly in a small box so you can easily store them back when not in use.

The Camco boat cover support system may be a little heavy as it weighs 4lbs, but this model is super easy to assemble, even for green boaters. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 because that’s how many steps it takes to set up this model.

Despite how easy the Camco 41970 is to install, you will love how secure the telescoping pole is when it’s locked to your desired height.

You may have to spend a little extra on this model; nonetheless, we can bet it’ll be worth it.
  • Super stable with foam-padded wide base plate
  • Variable height from 30” to 50” in 2.5” increments
  • Comes with a 50’ sturdy nylon adjustable strap
  • Well-made and features a very secure assembly
  • Compact when stored
  • Cost slightly more than competitors
Right to it, this option is a winner in our eyes when it comes to best boat cover support!

4. Taylor Made 55741

For smaller boats, the Taylor Made 55741 boat cover pole support system is one of the best in the market. We love how the pole is really simple and sleek, yet does the job well.

This Taylor Made support pole makes the installation easier for users because it is something we’d like to call a ‘foolproof’ model.

If you don’t want to worry about threading your webbing strap onto your pole, then this one is the right one for you. Two straps, each with buckles on both ends are already stationary on a strong canvas and come ready-made for you.

All you have to do is hook on the 50’ webbing strap onto the buckle, and hook the end to your boat’s transom. Moreover, it may be lightweight (only 1.8lbs) and look simple, but we still love this model for its simplicity both in its application and look.

Please note that if you happen to live in an area that is prone to strong wind or heavy rain, you may have to make sure that your webbing straps are tight enough to hold the TaylorMade support pole in place. The pole stands on the sole of your boat without any base plate, so if you don’t adjust the strap tightly enough, it may be misplaced under strong wind.

Even though the support pole can snap to your webbing securely, it’s still a good measure to adopt the strap tightly. Furthermore, this pole is 29” long, so it can only fit specific size vessels.

  • Crafted with 50’ of ready-made webbing strap cap piece
  • Equipped with strong and quick-release buckles
  • Easy to fix and install
  • Comes with a clean and modern look
  • Lightweight, only 1.8 pounds
  • Prone to instability under strong wind
  • Can only fit specific size vessels
If you have a smaller boat or intend to buy your first support pole, this model is the right fit. As we said, it’s a no brainer to have it fixed onto your boat, and it does the job well in keeping your boat cover in place.

5. Carver 60008

Made with ease and no-hassle in mind, the Carver 6008 boat cover support pole can be a good investment for your boat. It comes ready with pre-installed strap cap pieces. All you have to do is fix the pole to the cockpit of your boat, place the cap piece, and modify the strap.

The Carver 60008 definitely helps you to save time as you only have to hook each of the pre-installed straps to the back of your boat and use the 40’ adjustable strap to cradle your boat’s bow.

With this product, you only have to thread the 40’ strap instead of several straps. The less time it takes you to set up your boat cover support pole, the faster you can have your boat covered, especially when you’re in a rush.

This model weighs 2.2lbs and can be fitted onto any boat that is up to 28’ in length. It’s highly recommended for a pontoon or any longer boat to use 2 units to guarantee maximum coverage and the total stability of your boat cover.

The only downside is that you have to pay a slightly higher price for this top-quality boat cover support system.
  • Easy to install
  • No need to thread several straps
  • Engineered with pre-installed 20’ adjustable straps
  • Lightweight (2.2 pounds) yet stable
  • Guarantees maximum coverage
  • Cost slightly more than competitors
All in all, if you prefer maximum coverage and total stability, this option won’t fail you!

6. Taylor Made 55745 Marine Pontoon

A pontoon is a fantastic boat to own. Its large space, comfortable seats, smooth cruising and efficient handling often make it a favourite among many leisure boaters.

However, it can be quite a pain to find the right boat cover support system for a pontoon because of its longer-than-usual length. If you own a pontoon, the Taylor Made 55745 Marine Pontoon is an excellent choice for you.

To ensure maximum and optimal coverage of your pontoon, this TaylorMade 55745 set comes with two 27” poles that can be extended up to 50”. Made from sturdy material, these poles weigh 2.84lbs each.

You can place the poles parallel to the pontoon’s length and thread the webbing straps to connect the poles’ top caps. With the webbing straps that measure 60’, you will be able to properly cover your pontoon and keep it out of harm’s way.

Plus, the quick-release adjustable straps are made from durable polypropylene so they can withstand the weight of your pontoon cover.

Even though the TaylorMade 55745 poles don’t have a base plate to help them self-stand, we are duly impressed that the rubber cap at the bottom end of the poles allows a surprisingly firm grip on the pontoon’s sole. The injection-molded hooks also keep a stronghold on your pontoon.

Regardless, this model may cost slightly more than the average dual boat cover support poles in the market, or if you were to buy two separate poles for your pontoon.
  • Height-adjustable from 27” to 50”
  • Equipped with high-grade material poles
  • Contains robust and durable polypropylene straps
  • Comes with injection-molded hooks
  • Features a sporty look
  • Cost slightly more than most other competitors
In summary, this product is priced higher than most other available options, but there is no doubt that it’s a worthwhile investment given it was manufactured by a tried and tested brand.

7. Oceansouth Telescopic Support Pole

We love the Oceansouth Telescopic Support Pole because of its sophisticated look. This model is also a suitable Jon boat cover support because it has a sturdy base that looks like a wheel, which distributes the boat cover’s weight better on a Jon boat floor.

The telescopic pole is 1” in diameter, and it can be adapted up to 48”. It’s made from bright dipped aluminum to ensure utmost durability and resistance to corrosion. Some height-modifiable poles come with the slide-locking mechanism or clasp-locking. Still, this Oceansouth model has a thumb-screw adjuster to ensure an absolutely secure hold of the desired height.

What we also love about this model is the components are made from marine-grade polymers. If you find boat cover support poles often come with straps that are not long enough, this model has two 65.6’ adjustable webbing straps that have quick-release buckles to make sure you’re able to secure the straps onto your boat without it coming off.

The straps’ width is 1” to help even out your boat cover from folding in, and its length is long enough to cover any boat up to 24’ in length from bow to stern.

The wide top and base wheel also helps to reduce skidding or movement of the pole. Not only that, but the components also are black, and they contrast nicely against the chrome of the pole.

Be that as it may, this product will only work best for vessels that are longer than 24’. Take note of the capacity or size before getting one.
  • Comes with top-quality marine-grade polymers components
  • Furnished with a height-modifiable aluminum pole
  • Includes top and base wheel for stability and even weight distribution
  • Made with long adjustable webbing strap with quick-release buckles
  • Contains secure thumb-screw adjuster for a strong locking
  • Not suitable for boats more than 24’ in length
Finally, you need to decide quickly and grab one when this item is back on stock. This way, there is no need to hunt for it since it is commonly sold out at many retailers.

8. Redneck Convent Telescopic Support Pole

This Redneck Convent’s product is the most affordable telescopic support pole in our list. It is made from anodized aluminum for added strength and stability, so this support pole is built to last.

This model comes with a twistable adjuster that is strong and sturdy, so you can be sure it’s strong enough to support your boat cover. Plus, it is a versatile piece of equipment that can be fixed onto almost any type of boat, from a Jon to a pontoon or a carver boat. You can change the pole’s height from 28.5” up to 51.25” to suit your requirement before placing your boat cover.

If you want to get this model, you need to make sure that your boat cover is of the right size and fitted to your boat transom.

This product is a DIY boat cover support system to ensure maximum coverage and fit. When you purchase the Redneck Convent Telescopic Support Pole, the kit will come with a telescopic boat cover support pole, 1 top cup attachment, and screws to keep the components in place.

However, the webbing strap does not come with the kit. You also need to keep in mind that there is no webbing thread slot in the top cup because this support pole is designed to have the boat cover rested on it.
  • Universal standard; fit onto almost any boat
  • Built with an anodized aluminum telescopic pole
  • Includes a smooth and round top cup attachment to protect your boat cover
  • Height-adjustable from 28.5” up to 51.25”
  • Sold at a budget-friendly price
  • Doesn’t come with webbing straps
  • No webbing thread slot on the top cup
In a nutshell, at the highly affordable price this pole is sold, you can’t get a better deal than this!

9. Hangtyte Boat Cover Suspension System

This is a cool piece of equipment that has received many positive boat cover support system reviews. Instead of supporting your boat cover with a pole, the Hangtyte Boat Cover uses a suspension system to keep your boat cover in place.

Do you know that the Hangtyte Boat Cover is the only patented boat cover suspension system that eliminates the need for poles or hooks? We love the sheer simplicity of this system as it doesn’t take up any space to store, and you can fix it to any mooring cover.

The suspension system line is strong and durable enough to hold a cover of any material steady and in place. It can be quite a challenge to try covering a boat by yourself, but with the Hangtyte Boat Cover Suspension System, you literally can do the work without help.

The Hangtyte Boat Cover Suspension System also makes your boat look sleek and modern, so that’s another plus point why it is a wise investment to consider.

However, because you have to make a small cut on your boat cover to attach the clamshell, you may risk cutting the holes too big, causing the clamshell to be loose and thus, making your suspension come undone.

But you don’t need to worry because when you purchase the Hangtyte boat cover suspension system, it comes with a guide on how large you need to cut a hole in your boat cover.

  • Doesn’t require any support poles
  • Super easy to attach
  • Time-saving and one-person job
  • Crafted with a durable and robust suspension system
  • Comes with super-resilient lines
  • Requires cutting of boat cover
To conclude, this is an excellent alternative to boat cover support poles, especially for those who don’t like a gabled cover.

10. Ridgeline by Eevelle Support Pole System

With the Ridgeline by Eevelle support pole, you can be sure that your boat cover will snugly hug your boat, and the poles remain upright to keep the covers from caving in and causing standing water.

Please be guided that this model is only suitable for smaller-sized boats between 16” – 28” in length. Then again, because it fits smaller boats and with its ridgeline look, it does look impressive on those smaller boats.

The strong webbing strap is made from nylon and it forms a ridge under your cover to direct the water or wind away from your boat. And the good thing is the ridgeline will give your boat a spunky and sporty look.

The telescopic pole is made from high-quality material to support the weight of the boat cover, and to withstand any movement. It can be extended up to 48”, and the top cap is a triangle plate where you can thread the webbing strap.

What we love about the Ridgeline by Eevelle support pole is that there is vinyl tubing at the strap wear points, so it doesn’t chafe your boat’s finishing. Unlike some other boat cover support poles, this model comes with one long webbing strap that ends with rust-resistant metal S-hook so that you can secure the strap securely to your boat.

However, we need to remind you that the Ridgeline by Eevelle boat cover support pole is only suitable for v-nose boats. Another critical thing to note is that we also don’t recommend using these support poles when trailering your boat because of their shorter and smaller sizes.
  • Height-adjustable, up to 48”
  • High-quality telescopic pole
  • Sturdy top triangle base for webbing
  • Strong nylon webbing strap
  • Ridge look for your boat
  • Only suitable for v-nose boats
On the button, this product is ideal for boat owners who pay more attention to appealing looks that can also offer more security for vessels.

What to Look for When Buying a Boat Cover Support System


When it comes to the boat cover support system, you can easily be overwhelmed with too many types in the market. Whether you need one with a pole or wish to go with a suspension system, it’s understandable if you’re a little unsure about which one to get.

It doesn’t help if you’re new to boating and you’re bewildered with a lot of information available.

The most important thing to remember about choosing the right product, for example a bass boat cover support system, is the size of your boat and where you are keeping your boat.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need to keep your boat covered if you’re storing it in a garage, or off water. Dust and grime can do as much damage to your boat’s interior as water and sunlight can.

We recommend you to go for a boat cover support system that has a strong and sturdy base. This way, even if the place you’re keeping your boat is not prone to strong wind or heavy rain, it can still reduce the risk of skidding or movement.

We prefer support poles with a wide base and foam-padded for added security against the sole of the boat. Not only will it keep your pole upright securely, but it will also not cause any scuff marks.

Secondly, choose a boat cover support system that is made from high-quality or marine-grade material. Whether you’re keeping your boat in or off water, high-quality material can help your support system last longer and stay durable no matter the use.

Choosing to get a marine-grade materials support system can help to reduce the risk of corrosion or rust, especially if you’re keeping your boat near or on seawater.

Marine-grade materials may cost slightly more, but we genuinely believe they’re a good investment in the long run because its long-life usage is ensured.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a boat cover support system?

A boat cover support system is a structure that helps to support the boat cover you use. A boat cover can be made from different material and therefore, its weight also differs.

Furthermore, the size of your boat cover will also influence how heavy it is. With a proper boat cover support system, not only can you ensure your boat cover stays on at the right fit, but you can also be sure that harsh elements and conditions will not disrupt the support.

How does it work?

A boat cover support system is essentially like a tent for your boat. By placing a pole on your boat’s sole, usually in the cockpit area, you stretch a strong strap from the front to the rear of your boat and secure the strap’s ends to a staple eye or to the transom of your boat.

Then you place your boat cover onto these straps and securely fit your boat cover to your boat. You need to remember that after fixing your boat cover using your chosen boat support system, your boat cover shouldn’t be fitted too tightly because this can cause condensation under the boat cover. This spells disaster as the condensation can ruin the interior of your boat.

What are the different types of boat cover support systems?

There are three main types of boat cover support systems. They are adjustable telescopic support poles, strap suspension systems, and bow slats.

The different type of boat cover support system depends on two factors, i.e. boat type and the boater’s personal preference. One support system may work for a certain type of boat, but a boater may not like it for the boat.

For example, boat cover support bows may give your boat a sleek and sophisticated look, but for some boaters, it can be quite a hassle to assemble and fix.

On the other hand, one boater may find the strap suspension system super easy to attach, but another may hesitate to cut a hole in their boat cover to attach the clamshell.

Why do you need a boat cover support system?

A boat cover support system is crucial in extending the life of your boat and your boat cover.

It’s essential to avoid water pooling on your cover for two reasons. Firstly, that can extend the life of your boat cover material because water is heavy and by having extra weight on your cover for a long time can cause it to stretch and wear out quicker.

Secondly, you should avoid the sagging of your cover because when the cover stretches, it can cause water to leak into your boat’s interior, or the sagging can make the cover come loose.

With a boat cover support system, you can keep your boat cover from sagging and collecting water and you can also help to allow proper air circulation in your boat’s interior when not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted boat cover support system brands?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with many brands offering promises on reliable boat cover support systems. As a boater, it’s your responsibility to research as much as possible before making any purchase related to your boat and its care.

One of the best ways to do this is to speak to other seasoned boaters, who have the experience and anecdotes on what are the hardware or equipment worth investing in, and get their input.

Another good way to get an idea of what’s the most trusted brand is visiting the stores. This way you get to test and try it firsthand before making your purchase.

Many store employees are more than helpful to help you make the best choice. However, to help you get started on the right direction, here are the most trusted boat cover support system brands:

  • Better Boat
  • Camco
  • iCover
  • Budge
  • Taylor Made

Keep in mind that because these brands are the most trusted marine and boating equipment manufacturers, their products can be and usually are slightly more costly than other brands.

However, many boaters are more than happy to pay the extra price for the guarantee, durability, reliability, and quality these brands offer.

How do you support a boat cover?

There are many types of boat cover material. As mentioned, different materials will yield different weights.

Not only that, but different types of boats also require different types of boat cover even though it’s not uncommon for boaters to choose one type of boat cover for their different boats.

A boat cover can be supported in several ways. You can choose to support your boat cover with:

  • A support pole – usually made from aluminum or any marine-grade materials
  • Strap suspension system – where the webbing lines are fed into a pulley to stretch and adjust the boat cover and the pylon is fixed onto the Bimini frame
  • Boat cover bows – where several bow frames are attached to the width of your frame to support the boat cover

Regardless of the type of boat cover support system you choose, you need to make sure it is sturdy and stable to prevent any sagging.

Besides, you also need to make sure the boat cover support system is suitable for your boat because some support systems only fit small size boats.

How do I stop my boat cover from collecting water?

Using the right boat cover support system is half your work done in stopping water from collecting in your boat cover.

This is because the suitable boat cover support system will ensure the boat cover doesn’t sag by directing water away from your boat cover.

It’s also important to make sure your boat cover is properly fitted to your boat. A cover that is too loose is prone to be blown off or sag. When your boat cover sags, it can start to collect water, which may leak into your boat and damage your boat’s interior.

You can’t always predict the weather, but as a boater, you’d have a pretty good idea about your area’s weather and climate.

Ensuring your boat is appropriately stowed away and in a place where it is exposed to as little harsh conditions as possible can also help to prevent your boat cover from collecting water.

If you don’t have access to a covered boat garage, you may need to make it a point to check on your boat regularly to make sure your boat cover support system holds and that your boat cover is fitted properly.

How to install and use?

  • For telescopic support system poles: Depending on your model, you need to assemble the telescopic pole before you can mount it onto your boat’s sole.

Some poles come with a twisting mechanism where you simply have to twist the adjuster and extend the pole to your desired length. Some poles need to be screwed together with a thumb-screw adjuster.

Either way, make sure your pole is securely assembled to avoid it from collapsing. After you’ve assembled the pole, place it in the middle of your boat and hook or cradle the webbing strap onto your boat.

Thread the webbing strap through the slot in the top cap or plate attached to the top of the pole. Once your strap is threaded, adjust the length to remove any slack.

  • For strap suspension system: Cut a hole in your boat cover and attach the clamshell onto the cover. Place your boat cover over your boat and feed the lines through the pulley fixed to your boat’s Bimini.

Pull the lines until your boat cover is snug and there’s no fold or sagging. Secure the lines from slipping by locking the line at the pylon

How to care and maintain?

Caring for a boat cover support system takes the same amount of attention as you take care of your boat. You need to make sure the hardware is properly packed and stored when not used to avoid any dent or damage.

Even though many boat cover support systems are made from rust and corrosion-resistant materials, it’s still a good measure to seriously take care of your support system.

Compared to other boating equipment, boat cover support systems don’t require much care because the pole or suspension system is often made from aluminum or stainless steel, so they don’t rust.

However, the webbing straps made from durable nylon or polypropylene need to be kept in cool and dark places that won’t damage them sooner.


Having a boat is one of life’s best luxuries that almost everyone dreams of. If you’re a boat owner and proud of your boat, it makes sense if you want to take good care of it.

Choosing the best boat cover support system can help to extend your boat’s life and maintain its good look. Just like your home, your boat deserves the best and one of the best things you can do for it is to invest in a good boat cover support system. We really hope that this article will help you make your decision more easily. Shop for a cover support system for your boat today!

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