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The Best Boat Covers for Outdoor Storage for 2023

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Boats can be quite expensive. These investments need adequate protection. Otherwise, owners might as well be throwing their hard-earned money out the window after their valuable watercraft gets damaged from staying outside for extended periods.

best boat cover for outdoor storage

Buying the best boat cover for outdoor storage can prevent certain problems that may arise from keeping the watercraft outdoors. The right boat-covering kit can prevent issues like color fading, motor malfunctions, and furniture damage, to name a few.

Keep in mind that boat covers for outdoor storage come in different shapes and sizes. Without proper guidance, the search for the best boat cover can be a daunting experience. So, make your boat cover shopping easier by reading these product reviews.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

MSC Boat Cover


Most Durable

Classic Accessories Cover


Most Budget-Friendly

AngLink Boat Cover


Table of Contents

Best Boat Cover for Outdoor Storage Reviews of 2023

1. MSC Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Cover

The next five-star worthy product is a Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Cover from MSC. It delivers excellent functions to protect my boat from changing weather conditions.

First of all, boat owners can rely on the superior marine-grade polyester canvas making this piece to shield against water intrusion. As the material is more durable other similar yet lower-quality variants on the market, it can afford prolonged use in harsh conditions.

Furthermore, its surface also has a double polyethylene coating to increase its sturdiness to the next level. Hence, abrasion, weathering, shrinking and any other deteriorating effects will not ruin this cover for your boat too soon.

On receiving the package, you also have a storage bag to protect the cover while in storage.

There is also a set of adjustable straps included in the kit. They fasten down with a satisfying “click,’ signifying that they are already locked in place. The cover does not fly off during strong winds or when being pulled by a trailer, so that is a good sign.

Kindly note that although the cover can securely protect the boat’s deck, it seems that its dimensions have difficulties covering the rest of the watercraft.

Finally, MSC offers a 2-year limited warranty with this product. Hence, I can rest easy, knowing that I can ask for part repairs and replacements if they are broken or destroyed from natural causes.

  • Heavy-duty waterproof marine grade polyester canvas material
  • Double polyethylene coating to prevent abrasion, weathering and shrinking
  • Includes a durable storage bag
  • Adjustable straps with secure locking mechanisms
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Can run a bit smaller than expected
Made with customer satisfaction in mind, this product is one of the best boat covers for trailering and outdoor storage. It is also ideal for multiple applications, making it an ideal product to protect your watercraft.

2. Classic Accessories Model D Boat Cover

Many boat covers are only made for outdoor storage. But, that is not the case with this model from Classic Accessories.

Aside from using this cover to store a boat outdoors, I can also use it for trailering. The package comes with trailering straps, which creates a tight fit that holds the cover reasonably well.

Further, the kit also includes a support pole made of hard plastic. In truth, I was a bit skeptical about how this single pole can withstand significant wind pressure. To my surprise, it was strong enough to provide the stability that the cover needs and also make way for the pooling water to escape.

As for the fabric, it has a high strength polyester construction. This choice of material offers superior durability and water resistance. However, I would prefer that it is waterproof than just being water-resistant. Still, its water-resistance performs reasonably well, even after a heavy downpour.

Installation is also reasonably easy, but the real winner in this regard is the elastic hem. This cord is directly sewn into the bottom hem, providing a tight and customized fit. Please note that I bought the Model D, which fits boats with 17 to 19 ft. lengths. It fit my 19-ft. sports boat without giving me problems.

Last, there’s also a 5-year hassle-free warranty. But, with this product’s quality, I doubt that I will use that guarantee as it seems that the kit can last more than that period.
  • The tight fit makes it possible to use for outdoor storage and trailering
  • The plastic support pole can hold the cover’s weight
  • High strength polyester fabric is sturdy and water-resistant
  • Elastic hem provides easy installation and a tight, customized fit
  • 5-year hassle-free warranty
  • It may do better with waterproofing
This boat cover can do more than secure a watercraft during outdoor storage. It has features that provide optimal security while trailering as well. Hence, those who want a versatile cover for their boats should not ignore this product.

3. AngLink Waterproof Boat Cover

The AngLink boat cover offers most of the requirements for outdoor storage. It is waterproof, provides excellent protection against UV rays, and has a risk-free warranty.

Perhaps saying that this product can protect boats is an understatement. Made with a highly durable 600D “Ripstop” polyester canvas, this marine-grade cover offers more-than-enough durability and protection for boats. As per my experience, I watched this fabric rejected rain, snow, wind, dust, and UV rays with relative ease.

I also tested this cover by leaving it out under the intense heat of the sun for lengthy periods to see if the color fades. Before purchasing this product, I read that it comes with anti-UV and anti-aging functions. The aesthetics of the fabric remained after spending hours under UV exposure.

This product’s list of excellent features continues as the kit comes with 11 high-density customizable straps. Attaching these components to the windproof buckles is straightforward, and this locking system prevents the cover from being blown away by strong winds.

There is also a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. This guarantee is also risk-free, giving me peace of mind if this cover gets damaged or destroyed from unavoidable events.

However, the package did not come with installation instructions. This lack of directions might pose a problem to some users, particularly beginners.
  • 600D “Ripstop” polyester canvas prevents damage from rain, snow, and UV rays
  • Contains anti-aging and anti-UV traits
  • 11 durable adjustable straps attached to windproof buckles
  • 3-year risk-free manufacturer’s warranty
  • Might be challenging to install with the lack of instructions
I recommend this product if you are looking for a boat cover for outdoor storage that can effectively protect your watercraft from severe weather conditions.

4. Budge B-621-X7 Boat Cover

Durability and security are two factors that should be in a reliable boat cover. Here is a product that can provide these two traits and more.

Touting a marine-grade 600D polyester material, this boat cover can easily wick moisture, which includes rain and snow. Furthermore, it is UV-treated for optimal heat and sun protection. It is impressive how this cover can stay outside while battling the elements without suffering from any significant damage.

It is also surprisingly breathable. I left the cover outside for a few days to see the extent of its waterproofing and breathability. Upon removing the cover, my boat’s deck was still completely dry. Further, there were no signs of mold, mildew, or rust.

The model I purchased was for 22 to 24-foot boats with beam widths of up to 106 inches. I tried to cover a 23-foot boat with this product and produced satisfying results. The fit is more than enough to cover the outboard cowling and the sides of the vessel.

However, keep in mind that this cover is best used for hard and T-top boats. Using it on other water vessels will yield a significant amount of extra fabric that might create water-pooling issues.

Once the cover is set up, the sewn-in straps and buckles ensure that every part of the kit stays in place. There is also a heavy shock hem that provides a semi-custom fit. In my experience, there were virtually no massive gaps in the fit that would otherwise invite different hazards.

  • Marine-grade 600D polyester has moisture-wicking traits and UV-treatment
  • Breathable cover stops the growth of mold, mildew, and rust
  • Snug semi-custom fit securely covers appropriately-sized boats
  • Heavy shock hem, sewn-in straps, and buckles prevent the formation of gaps
  • Only compatible with hard and T-top boats
Unlike other low-quality models, this boat cover exudes top-notch features. Hence, purchasing this product can be a wise decision for hard and T-top boat owners.

5. Pyle PCVHP440 Adjustable Boat Cover

This boat cover for outdoor storage not only offers superior waterproofing, thanks to the polyester Hurricane fabric, but it also has a “one design fits all” construction. This means that it can fit virtually any boat, provided that they are the right size.

Made for 17- to 20-foot long boats of up to 96-inch width, this product features marine-grade fabric coating technology that can resist the harsh elements. I found that this cover could sufficiently stand against potential damage from rain, snow, and the sun.

An integrated buckle and strap system is adopted to securely hold the boat cover down during strong winds. As a matter of fact, this locking system is quite secure, that I can use this cover for trailering. Removal is as easy as the setup procedure, thanks to the quick-release mechanism.

Complementing the custom fit is an adjustable transom flap and an elastic cord sewn within the bottom hem. These features ensure the cover stays stabilized and locked in place for different applications like trailering and outdoor storage.

I do have to advise some boat owners regarding their watercraft’s design as sharp edges may produce rips, scratches, or tears on this fabric. Placing some padding on these vital areas can help mitigate this concern. Gratefully, the manufacturer included a 2-year warranty if this product gets damaged from unprecedented circumstances.
  • Polyester Hurricane fabric delivers great waterproofing and weather resistance
  • “One design fits all” construction can fit most 17- to 20-foot boats
  • Integrated buckle and strap system secures the cover from strong winds
  • Versatile usage due to the custom fit, adjustable transom flap, and elastic cord
  • A 2-year warranty
  • Sharp edges may tear through the fabric
This boat cover for outdoor storage comes loaded with features that make it ideal for other applications, including trailers.

6. NEXCOVER Boat Cover

This final product on this list can bring superior protection to boats. Its ruggedness can protect water vessels against potential damage from the sun, wind, or rain.

The 300D polyester fabric comes with a double PU coating. As a result, this cover can withstand a significant amount of water pressure. Water can be easily removed from the fabric without hassle. Also, the double-stitched seams reinforce this product’s excellent waterproof capabilities.

While on the subject of anti-moisture, the accompanying bag also has water resistance properties. The cover stays dry while tucked away in its container for enhanced longevity.

It is amazing to see the adjustable straps allow this cover to stay in place despite strong winds and heavy rains. The buckles and tightening straps produce an audible clicking sound to signify that the cover has been secured. Furthermore, it did not tear after winter.

As for the install and removal process, both procedures are reasonably easy to accomplish. Also, it only takes a few moments of my time to remove the fabric from the boat, thanks to the quick-release mechanism.

However, I would like to point out that the straps are installed by going under the watercraft. Hence, it might be slightly tricky to achieve this feat without an extra pair of hands.
  • 300D polyester with double PU coating delivers great weather resistance
  • Double-stitched seams improve waterproofing traits
  • Water-resistant storage bag
  • Adjustable straps and buckles deliver a secure fit
  • Quick-release mechanism makes the kit easy to install and remove
  • Installation might be easier with extra help
Your search for one of the best boat covers for outdoor storage may come to an end once you see this product. Its top-notch waterproofing traits and superior ruggedness can easily compete with the best models on the market.

7. Classic Accessories StormPro Boat Cover

Let’s start this list with an excellent boat cover from Classic Accessories. Known for its superior products, the company does not disappoint with this cover kit.

To start with, the package has a support pole, which is quite uncommon in many boat covers on the market. Using it prevents moisture from pooling at the top of the cover, which would otherwise be a relatively normal occurrence if the cover does not have a support system.

Plus, this heavy-duty waterproof boat cover has a 600 Denier (D) rating. This means it is quite durable as it is resistant to rips, tears, and scratches. As a result, this product does not submit to early signs of wear and tear, while providing optimal longevity.

About its length, this boat cover can fit most watercraft that are 14 to 16 feet long and up to 90 inches beam wide. The fit is astounding, thanks to the bottom hem’s stretchy cord. Additionally, to ensure that the cover is secure to the boat, the kit has a great adjustable strapping system. The buckles are also easy to release for quick removal.

Although the straps are quite convenient, I can see them showing signs of degradation with frequent use. But, I can replace these components if and when that time comes.

Other features that come with this boat cover for outdoor storage include a stuff sack storage bag and a detailed instruction manual.

  • Includes a support pole to prevent water pooling
  • Heavy-duty waterproof material that resists tear, rip and scratch
  • Can fit a broad range of boats, measuring 14 to 16 ft. long & 90-in. wide
  • Features stretchy cord at the bottom hem for a great fit
  • Adjustable strapping system and easy-to-release buckles
  • The straps need replacement after frequent abuse
After seeing its excellent features in action, I can recommend this cover for boat owners who want to protect their watercraft from the hazards outdoors.

8. Lunatic L-1800 Boat Cover

Another boat cover for storage that comes at a budget-friendly price point is the L-1800 model from Lunatic.

For this price range, the product outshines competing models with its robustness. In detail, this cover’s 70D polyester material has a durability rating that is slightly higher than a raincoat. But, the manufacturer took this product’s sturdiness one step further by adding a PU protective backing for enhanced weather resistance.

Keep in mind that the market sells boat covers with higher denier ratings with some that boast 600D materials. But, it is quite difficult to argue about this slight shortcoming after seeing this kit’s costs.

Another nice touch is the thread. Looking at it closely, it is not a conventional component as its sturdiness can resist wear, tear, and decay.

I should also recommend not to use this product for trailering. But, it is still possible to pull a boat donning this cover, provided that the towing vehicle drives at a respectable speed.

Aside from being water-resistant, this cover is also breathable and UV resistant. Placing it under the hot sun and slight rain showers do not harm the fabric or the boat’s furniture or hardware. Part of this great security is due to the elastic cord found at the bottom hem that offers a snug fit.

  • Budget-friendly price tag
  • Durable 70D reinforced polyester with PU-protected weather resistance
  • Breathable and UV resistant
  • The elastic cord in the bottom hem offers a tight fit
  • Sturdy thread resists wear, tear, and decay
  • Lower denier rating than competing products
  • Might not be ideal for trailering
I recommend this product as its features make it an excellent choice for keeping boats safe and secure for both indoor and outdoor storage. If you are following a strict budget, you may not hesitate to purchase this kit.

9. iCover Trailerable Boat Cover

This excellent quality cover from iCover is one of the best boat covers for outdoor storage, thanks to its list of top-notch characteristics. Make no mistake as this boat cover joins the ranks of budget-friendly models on the market. However, it does not lack in becoming a first-rate performer.

For instance, the brand offers six different sizes for this cover, ranging from 14 to 16 feet. Furthermore, I can use it on a range of boats, including fishing boats, bass boats, runabouts, V-hulls, and Pro-styles. Thus, it does not fall short in delivering superior versatility.

Regarding the product material, you can pick among 150D, 300D, or 600D polyester, featuring different colors, lightness and thickness levels. Best of all, each of them touts a polyurethane (PU) and PVC coating. Hence, you can rest assured that this cover can block water and harmful Ultraviolet rays from damaging your boats.

Also, the buckles coming with the kit can hold the fabric in place despite severe weather conditions. As expected, the cover features an elastic cord that is firmly sewn to ensure a secure fit.

I should note that water tends to pool at the center, particularly after a heavy downpour. Although this model is an excellent waterproof boat cover, it is still critical to purchase a support pole to avoid the stagnant water, as it can breed pests like mosquitoes.
  • A budget-friendly boat cover
  • Fits a myriad of boats: fishing, bass, runabouts, V-hulls, and Pro-style boats
  • High-density polyester material: 150D, 300D, or 600D
  • Comes with polyurethane (PU) and PVC coating to block harmful rays and water
  • Stable and secure buckles to withstand weather conditions
  • Features an elastic cord for a great fit
  • Might need to purchase a support pole
It is no wonder why many boat owners applaud this cover for its features. Buy this model if you want nothing short of a great value from the purchase.

10. Seamander Trailerable Boat Cover

Providing optimal protection for boats has been a satisfying treat with this product. This kit comes with different benefits, thanks to its top-notch features and traits.

The cover itself is quite sturdy. It sports a 600D marine-grade woven polyester canvas construction. This trait delivers improved protection against the elements, including rain and UV damage. Also, these characteristics make sure that it does not fray or tear easily.

This product is waterproof, and this feature alone can make it a must-buy. I found that the cover can wick more than rainwater as it does an excellent job of keeping moisture from fog and snow at bay. Albeit the kit does not come with a winter boat cover support system, I can still use it during the winter without worry.

Securing the cover to the boat is a reasonably straightforward endeavor, thanks to the double-stitched seams. These components also add to the product’s waterproofing structure.

To increase its longevity, this cover also comes with a mesh bag. It does fairly well in securing the fabric. But, since it is mesh, I advise keeping the mesh bag in a secure location.

On the downside, this cover is not as breathable as I had hoped. But, I remedied this issue by making slight adjustments to its fit.
  • Sturdy 600D marine-grade woven polyester canvas construction
  • Great outdoor protection against rain, fog, snow, and UV damage
  • Double-stitched seams enhance the waterproofing capabilities
  • Comes with a mesh bag for storage
  • Breathability can be improved
Overall, this boat cover for outdoor storage gains top marks, thanks to its durable construction, waterproofing capabilities, and other first-rate features.

What to Look for When Buying Boat Cover for Outdoor Storage


Buying an outdoor boat cover for storage might seem like a daunting task, especially if you do not know where to begin. So, here is a list of things to consider to make the shopping process easier.

  • Cover Size

An appropriately-sized boat cover is crucial. Using an improperly-fitting cover presents many issues, such as not covering the watercraft entirely. If so, the vessel will not be fully protected from rain, snow, and certain pests. Therefore, you need to measure your boat before you begin searching for a suitable cover.

To find the boat’s length, use a steel tape or a similar yet lengthy measuring device to measure the bow’s tip to the stern’s center. If the watercraft has an object past the stern, such as a motor or motor leg, include it in recording the overall length.

Make sure to complete the length while considering manufacturer accessories or upgrades. Also, do not forget to add aftermarket extensions and skip the windshields, rails, and seats while measuring.

After measuring the length, it is time to measure the width. Measuring the width is easier than finding the length, as you only need to record your water vessel’s widest points. But, do not include removable items and bumpers in the documentation.

  • Included Accessories

Accessories, or the lack thereof, can make or break the purchase of boat storage covers. These additional items can play critical roles in improving the overall user experience. They can also enhance the product’s value.

Many boat covers for outdoor storage tend to have accessories like a storage bag and extra straps. Some kits may also include support systems, albeit these tend to come as a separate purchase than extra features.

  • Water Resistance

If you are going to leave your boat for outdoor storage, there is one issue you will commonly run into, and that is moisture.

Moisture can come in different forms, such as rain, snow, fog, or drink spillage. If you do not quickly remove the excess moisture from your boat, the wet state can lead to different problems.

Hence, it is essential to buy a boat cover with high water resistance. Better yet, purchase a waterproof boat cover to eliminate excess moisture from entering your watercraft’s cabin or deck.

  • Winds

Without sufficient support, you should expect to chase after the boat cover as strong winds throw it. Further, windy conditions invite rips and tears, and some of these incidents may lead to replacing the cover.

So, do not focus all of your attention on the fabric. Instead, take a look at the security and support system included in most outdoor boat cover kits. As a rule of thumb, search for covers with many straps, buckles, and locks. If you can take advantage of these items in bulk, you will not have to deal with issues brought by strong winds.

  • Installation Method

Different boat cover kits generally use different installation methods. For example, some custom-fit boat covers come with a lock and buckle system for optimal security. On the other hand, some models use conventional ropes that require knowledge about tying sturdy knots.

If you want value from your purchase, consider scouring the market for kits with quick-release bucks and high-quality adjustable straps. But, if you are on a tight budget, you can still take advantage of traditional rope systems.

  • Warranty

Many custom boat covers exude great durability. However, they are not indestructible. Only time will tell when these sturdy covers no longer provide the best support and security for your watercraft.

Thankfully, some trustworthy companies provide warranties for their products. These guarantees may last from about 30 days to five years. Take advantage of these warranties so you can ask for parts repairs and replacements and cash refunds if your purchased cover gets damaged or broken from natural causes.

Should You Pull a Boat With the Cover On


The short answer is “Yes.” You can definitely pull or tow your covered boat. However, it might not be the safest option to consider. Generally, boat covers for outdoor storage are not ideal for pulling or trailering. However, certain models can handle both applications without problems.

Therefore, take the time to search the market for these versatile boat covers. Search engines can be your best friend in this regard. Make sure you are using specific keywords to make your online research easier. For example, use long-tail keywords like “PrimeShield heavy-duty waterproof boat cover” if you are looking for a kit from PrimeShield.

You can also ask in online communities or social media groups about your concerns. Remember, the extra time and effort spent on ensuring that you will purchase the correct product can save you trouble for the long-term.

Can I Leave My Boat Outside in the Winter


Outdoor storage for boats is certainly possible, even during the winter. But leaving your watercraft outside in freezing weather and without any protection is a recipe for disaster.

Therefore, before deciding to leave boats outside for the winter, purchase appropriate covers for these water vessels. Boat storage covers for winter with features that protect the vessels from moisture and cold damage.

Keep in mind that boats can be expensive investments. Thus, what better way to protect these assets than by using sturdy boat storage covers for winter?


The products mentioned above showed the different options of boat covers available on the market. Remember that the best boat cover for outdoor storage shows a respectable amount of first-rate features to bring excellent value to its users.

Still, if you want to follow my suggestion, think about buying the iCover Trailerable boat cover. This model has a reasonable price, great compatibility, superb durability, and outstanding breathability.

Equipping your boat with a high-quality cover to store the watercraft outdoors will offer peace of mind, knowing that your vessel is safe from external hazards.

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