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The Best Boat Navigation Lights for 2023

Fact checked by William Hart

Lights in marine vessels are generally linked with safety. The requirements and specifications are also administered by law. So, if you own a boat and are looking for the best boat navigation lights, be reminded that picking the appropriate light is not merely for compliance. More importantly, this is meant to ensure the safety of everyone.

best boat navigation lights

Primarily, you can significantly ward off collisions and various sorts of accidents if you have navigation lights installed in your boat. These are the devices that pass on information about the activity and direction of every boat’s travel.

Indeed, navigation boat lights also serve as guides for boaters to take the appropriate course of action when approaching other vessels. Angles, brightness, and color emission are valuable elements when buying navigation lights. If you are planning to buy one for your boat, this post can help you pick the most suitable option for your requirements.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Shangyuan Navigation Lights


Honorable Mention

Attwood 14190-7


Most Modern

Obcursco LED Lights


Table of Contents

Best Boat Navigation Light Reviews

1. Shangyuan Boat Navigation Lights

The best things about LED navigation lights for boats are that they are functional, energy-saving, and do not require more power. And, since they are equipped with high-quality LEDs, they are long-lasting and reliable for different applications. What is more, they are bright and can transform the overall look of your most prized boat.

This product is an excellent investment in that buyers are supported by a one-year warranty. Should you have some concerns regarding your purchase, you can contact the seller for solutions. Additionally, the kit contains a set of screws and foam tape bases. These LED nav lights are plain sailing to install since there are two wires connection.

In like manner, this version is more efficient and trendy compared to standard pole style nav lights. These lighting devices are designed with durable PC lens. Moreover, they are shock-proof, waterproof, and dust-proof.

The lights are perfect options for buyers who prefer a decent amount of lighting. They are not blinding and appear made excellent for your boating application.

These nav lights are intended for kayaks, pontoon boats, sailboats, and other types of small vessels. Out of the box, they appear to have great quality. As for the price tag, these are definitely less expensive options. So, if you are on a budget, this product won’t create a big hole in your pocket.

While you’ll see no problem with the overall built of these navigation lights, it is better if you handle them with extra care. As I have observed, they do not seem ideal for prolonged water exposure. So, I think it helps if you apply silicone before installing them to add more protection to the lights.
  • Energy-saving and long LED lifespan
  • Recommended for different types of boats
  • Easy to install and does not require more power
  • Shock-proof, waterproof, and dust-proof
  • Supported by one-year warranty offer
  • Bright and can add an appealing look for small boats.
  • Not ideal for prolonged water exposure
Overall, if you plan to buy affordable pontoon navigation lights, you won’t regret purchasing this kit. These navigation LED lights are dependable lighting solutions for small boats.

2. Attwood 14190-7 LED Light Kit

Attwood navigation lights are prominent because this brand is one of the most trusted manufacturers of boating accessories. So, if you choose products made by this brand, you are in good hands. If you are on the hunt for practical and dependable battery-powered navigation lights, you can give this product a try.

This LED nav light is operated by using three AAA batteries. If you have it installed in your boat, you will definitely be instantly spotted by other boaters. Hence, you can be at peace, knowing that you are visible and avoid collisions and accidents. Since being provided with sufficient lighting, you can safely navigate even if it’s late at night.

Since this lighting device feels durable, they seem to be meant for long-lasting and reliable performance. This fixture is fairly easy to assemble; the C-clamp mounting process is easy and versatile to carry out.

Such a LED light is bright enough to keep boaters visible whenever they sail, even in the darkest area of open waters. You won’t have to worry about navigating on a moonless night on the water.

It is good to note that this product is made by meeting regulatory compliance. By the same token, professional boaters pick this brand because their products are labelled as reliable and safe lighting systems. For a fact, even if their products are priced higher than other options, they are considered one of the best-selling lighting devices.

While you will surely find the features of this light device quite functional and practical, of course, it also comes with a drawback. The quick-release feature of this lighting device does not come apart easily. It would have been better if the manufacturer improved this minor gripe to offer more convenience.
  • Allows more versatile and easy C-clamp mounting process
  • Famous for being reliable and safe lighting system
  • Features a sturdy built
  • Superb bright and offers more visibility
  • Operated by 3 AAA batteries
  • The quick-release feature does not come apart instantly.
To wrap up, this marine nav light by Attwood is a good value for what I wanted. And, it is user-friendly for beginners like me.

3. Obcursco LED Navigation Lights

If you are on a budget and prefer good quality marine LED nav lights, this product is a must-check. The kit contains navigation bow lights with colors red and green. Indeed, the package contains six pieces of assembly screws. These lights are ideal to be installed in the front portion of a pontoon boat.

As for safety, you have nothing to worry about. These LED lights meet fisheries and wildlife regulations. So, if you are in search of reliable replacement lights, this version won’t disappoint you. They are made with a solid stainless steel casing cover that works excellently in fighting off corrosion. The 3-watt LED beams are highly effective as well.

In the same way, these navigation lights come with a built-in and tightly sealed waterproof ring that is meant to impede water penetration. Hence, the lights are shielded and won’t be more prone to damage. If you need a good amount of illumination while sailing at dusk, these LED lights are bright enough to keep your visible.

As for the installation process, these navigation LED lights are a piece of cake to assemble. Surprisingly, they can exactly fit the original holes in the boat. The connector wires are approximately 9 inches and come with tinned edges that make them all set for soldering. This model’s functional and simple design is a great advantage.

Boaters who prefer energy-saving nav lights can surely rely on these items because they are specifically made for that purpose. Should you wish to ensure safe navigation, make sure to have these navigation lights installed in your boat.

However, these LED lights are surprisingly smaller in person. The photo ad seems misleading. They look larger in the photo. Luckily, their small size does not hinder the way they serve their functions.
  • Built with a sturdy stainless anti-corrosion steel casing cover
  • Help in avoiding water penetration thanks to the tightly sealed waterproof ring
  • An easy-to-install package with six pieces of assembly screws
  • Serve as a great replacement light with a functional and simple design.
  • Equipped with super bright 3-watt LED lights
  • Can fit all types of budget
  • Smaller than expected
In summary, these LED boat navigation lights work excellently for their purpose. Best of all, they won’t force you to spend lavishly for good quality boat lighting.

4. Osinmax Boat Navigation Light

Investing in portable navigation lights for small boats is a great decision. This product is worth a try for boat owners who haven’t found reliable navigation lights yet for their boating needs.

If you want to remain visible even at a remote distance, these LED lights can provide you with a tremendous amount of illumination to keep you and your companions safe.

Likewise, since these are LED lights, you won’t require high power consumption. As you know, LEDs are energy-efficient and are meant to last long. The green and red lights are approved by USCG legal provision. Furthermore, the design of these navigation lights guarantees 2NM high visibility running signal to the approaching target.

Besides, they are less complicated to install since you only need a screw to set them up. So, even if you haven’t installed a nav light before, this won’t be an exhausting task for you to handle.

Designed with an IP67 waterproof rating, you are guaranteed that it can serve their functions well. Since they come with an integral high-density foam silicone rubber sealing ring, you can be worry-free about problems with a short circuit.

Best of all, these nav lights are practical options because they can significantly help impede accidents and collisions. They will let you spot approaching boats so that you can take action urgently.

Essentially, even a minor accident such as scratching the surface of the boat is unlikely to happen. No matter how dark the place is, other boats can easily spot you.

As for these nav lights’ appearance, these items look very much the same as what was advertised. They will certainly add more appeal to your most precious boat. Nonetheless, please take note that these boat navigation lights are designed for side mount positions only.
  • A cinch to set up and approved by USCG legal provision
  • Gives off super bright illumination thanks to the durable, energy-efficient LEDs
  • Designed with IP67 waterproof grade, high-density foam silicone rubber sealing ring
  • Visible amidst a remote distance with 2NM high visibility running signal
  • Only require low energy.
  • Intended for side mount positions only
In a nutshell, I like the power-saving feature of these LED boat running lights. Unlike a halogen lamp, the LED bead comes with more radiant light power.

5. Obcursco Marine Navigation Light

Are you after additional visibility and more safety while navigating at night? Then, these bow lights for boat seem to be what you’re searching for. The green and red lenses are sheltered in a die-cast triple chrome-plated Zinc cover. Since they come with a dual-color design, these lights are highly recommended for late-night boating.

More importantly, they are approved by USCG as they are strictly designed following the required two nautical mile visibility. That said, you won’t need to worry about your safety, for other boaters can easily spot you regardless of how dusky the area is, and vice versa.

These items are recommended for marine use since they can resist corrosion as well.

What makes these lighting devices more prominent options than others is that they are engineered with innovative LED optical design. Hence, this unique feature can ensure the bright level of the nav lights. Also, they could remarkably minimize the heat of the light so they could last longer.

Meanwhile, these bow lights are dependable solutions to prevent short circuit concerns. Since these are designed with the IP67 waterproof feature, they play a vital role in preventing the water from getting inside the lights’ internal section. It is the built-in and high-density melt glue that makes water penetration less likely to happen.

Unquestionably, this nav light is a good deal that you shouldn’t miss. The price is right, the lights are a piece of cake to set up, and you’ll be provided with a decent amount of lighting that can make your night boating adventure safer and more worthwhile.

Be that as it may, these navigation lights are a bit bigger compared to the standard size. So, boaters must make a new hole when setting them up.
  • Engineered with innovative LED optical design to reduce heat and last longer
  • Can guarantee more safety and additional visibility
  • Designed with IP67 waterproof grade, built-in and high-density melt glue
  • Built with super sturdy housing cover design made of chrome-plated Zinc
  • Resist corrosion well, suitable for marine use
  • Meets 2-nautical mile visibility required by USCG
  • Slightly larger than the standard size
In general, you don’t need to further your search if you prefer top-quality bow navigation light. This product is a wise investment since it is functional and meant for long-lasting application.

6. Linkstyle Marine Navigation Lights

Boat owners who are short on a budget may consider buying these marine navigation lights. These items are considered one of the most affordable options available today. Surprisingly, they can ensure good quality. In fact, they are viewed as effective and simple boat safety lighting solutions.

Fundamentally, this is no wonder they are known for being a practical option for different types of small vessels.

As for the assembly method, these LED boat lights are powered by 12-volt DC. These are easy to adjust and come with durable built. You only need three screws when installing them. Be sure to refer to the user manual when setting them up.

If you need reliable bow lights, these boat lighting devices will work great for you. The design of these nav lights meets fisheries and wildlife regulations. So, whatever your applications are, these boat safety lighting devices won’t disappoint you.

With IP65 waterproof grade, you can rest assured that they will work fine amidst harsh weather conditions.

Not to mention, these products are known for being lightweight and long-lasting alternatives for marine nav lights. They are built with super solid ABS plastic casing and marine rated stainless steel cover that can offer more protection. These LED lights come in two colors: green and red.

They require low power consumption, so they are energy-saving. In addition to this, the color and brightness of these bow lights are impressive compared to incandescent units. They look smaller in person, but luckily this does not in any way hinder the amount of light that they could emit, particularly at night.

The downside that many boaters have complained about these navigation lights is their minimal illumination to the side. Hopefully, the manufacturer can consider doing some modifications on this issue to ensure better performance.
  • Ensure effective and simple boat safety lighting solution
  • Can impede corrosion with IP65 waterproof grade
  • Allow the easy installation process
  • Has a super solid ABS plastic casing and marine rated stainless steel cover
  • 12V DC LED lights come in two colors: green and red
  • Longer-lasting lifespan and lightweight
  • A practical alternative for different types of small boats
  • There is minimal illumination to the side.
As a whole, these items are good purchases considering they are practical options for different types of small vessels. They are simple yet effective in the manner they execute their job.

7. LEANINGTECH Marine Navigation Lights

Boaters find it very practical to invest in second to none pontoon boat navigation lights. Speaking of decent quality, this product is worth a shot. As you can see in its overall built, it appears to last and withstand the test of nature and time. Its durable construction can attest that this LED lighting system can offer superb performance.

Many small boat owners are impressed by this boat navigation light’s ease and convenience of assembly and usage. Moreover, it does not limit your applications, as it can be used for many different purposes. That alone already proves that this product is a practical investment that you won’t regret in the end.

In like manner, it does not consume more energy to operate. The bright LED bulb is adept at offering an effective and simple boat safety lighting solution.

Fundamentally, this lighting device abides by the USCG requirements for two nautical mile visibility. Hence, even if you frequently traverse the open waters late at night, you will remain visible and safe from any danger.

If you prefer a longer-lasting lifespan, lightweight, and IP65 waterproof rating features, this option is the perfect product for your requirements. Regardless of the harsh weather conditions outside, this LED light can endure it all.

This lighting device is a precious accessory that won’t only enhance your small boat’s look but also improve your visibility and safety when boating at night.

For all that, one flaw that you can observe with this navigation light is the small gauge of the wires. It will have been better if the manufacturer considers making some modifications to fix this issue. Other than that, this is a great lighting system that is a must to install for small boats.
  • Engineered using durable, lightweight materials
  • Installation is a breeze, does not consume more energy to operate.
  • Abide by the USCG requirements for two nautical mile visibility
  • Designed with IP65 waterproof rating to withstand harsh weather
  • Ideal for a broad range of applications
  • Can emit super bright illumination
  • The gauge of the wires is small.
To conclude, this navigation light for small vessels is the best bang for the money. It is designed with great features and functions that would bring a huge difference in your late-night boating experience.

8. Obcursco Boat Bow Navigation Light

This boat navigation light kit is a great catch. Gone were the days when you need to suffer from using unreliable and traditional lighting systems. This lighting device version works more efficiently, and it can help save more energy. If you want a fixture for your boat capable of performing well in a long-lasting approach, then this is it.

Undeniably, this product works practically as a perfect replacement light. The kit contains a one-mile superbly bright LED strip. This model is user-friendly as it does not give you a hard time installing it. A 3M adhesive tape is already included in the package. Please follow the installation instructions to ensure a more secure assembly.

Be reminded that when installing this navigation light, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the mounting area before peeling and sticking the adhesive tape. You can mount the light along the rail on the front side to enhance the normal navigation light. You’ll like its straightforward two-wire assembly.

Since this boat navigation light is designed with IP67 waterproof grade, the LED strip can be fully submerged in water. So, this means that even if there is an inclement weather condition, the light won’t get easily damaged. That does not mean that it is okay to skip proper care and maintenance for this device.

If you’re looking for a sterling marine accessory gift, this product is worth considering. It is practical to use for the front of a small marine vessel. It is a safe investment because it meets fisheries and wildlife regulations.

Anyhow, it is a bit annoying that the 3M adhesive tape seems not capable of fulfilling its purpose. I think it is not sticky enough to last long. The only solution I could think of is to buy a better quality adhesive tape that is sure to execute a tough job.
  • Able to be fully submerged in water due to IP67 waterproof feature.
  • Can serve as a practical replacement light for the front of a small marine vessel
  • Includes one-mile superbly bright LED strip
  • Ensures a painless guided installation method
  • Works more effectively than other conventional lighting systems
  • The 3M adhesive tape may not be strong enough.
Ultimately, this boat navigation light option works outstandingly compared to traditional lighting systems. The good news is that you can get it at a reasonable price tag.

9. Acelane One Pair Navigation Lights

Boat owners are well aware that it is very critical to abide by boat navigation lights rules strictly. For this reason, it is just right that you invest in premium-quality boat navigation lights. If what you’re looking for is an alternative with a solid build, can emit a decent amount of lighting, and last long, this is your bet!

Interestingly, this marine nav light is specifically manufactured to help resist corrosion. Hence, even if it is exposed to the marine environment, you’ll have no worries.

Its super sturdy build also makes this unit a great companion for countless thrilling boating adventures. Undoubtedly, every boat owner must install this lighting device to improve their boating safety.

The 12-volt LED bulb can guarantee more superior visibility up to 1 NM. Since it is equipped with high-quality LED, it is not prone to overheating. So, it is a safer option compared to conventional bulbs that tend to run hot. This unit remains cool to touch and can offer lasting service time.

The kit contains wirings beneath the base. Six mounting screws enable an effortless and quick vertical surface mounting method. This item is practical to use for boats that measure 39.4 feet. The green light must be installed on the starboard side, while the red light must be set up on the port side. This can perfectly replace any type of small boat.

This unit works great and looks great too. However, I did not give this product a perfect rating despite its unique and practical features because the screws included in the kit are made with frail materials. When I was installing the navigation light, I kept worrying they might break anytime.
  • Engineered using marine stainless steel material
  • Perfect replacement for nearly all types of boats
  • Can ensure long-lasting performance and not prone to overheating
  • Resit corrosion well, even if exposed to the marine environment.
  • Designed for quick and painless vertical surface mounting
  • Give off a good amount of illumination; guarantee visibility up to 1 NM.
  • The included screws were built using flimsy materials.
By and large, this LED marine nav light is king. If you are after durability, functionality, and reliability, this is unbeatable!

10. LEANINGTECH Boat Yacht Light

This pair of flush mount navigation lights is appropriate for many different types of small boats and touring vehicles. It can be installed in front of a vessel to provide a sufficient amount of illumination. This lighting device strictly abides by fisheries and wildlife regulations. You will certainly be stunned by its wide range of applications.

Among other things, this alternative is engineered using durable and heavy-duty materials, so you are guaranteed long-lasting service and performance. Even though it is made with solid materials, it is not bulky.

Designed with IP66 waterproof feature, you don’t need to worry about inclement weather conditions. This lighting device is sturdy enough to bear rugged conditions in the surroundings.

Just like other upgraded boat navigation lights, this option is a child’s play to set up. It already includes the polished stainless steel casing and the mounting screws. Moreover, it contains rubber gaskets, so installation becomes fairly easy and can be done quickly.

This boat light comes with an ABS plastic base, and it looks stylish when installed in a boat.

The other additional features of this navigation light are waterproof and dust-proof features. In addition to these, they merely require low energy consumption. As you can see, this alternative is still cost-effective even if you’ll need to spend a bit initially. You should think of long-term benefits when buying.

While it is true that this option is more expensive than other available products out there, it is a must-have. Sure thing, having this pair of navigation lights installed in your boat can keep you safe and visible at night. Isn’t it just right to spend a bit if your safety is guaranteed?

Regardless, the potential problem other users may encounter when installing this LED bow nav light is the need for a larger opening when mounting this pair of lights.
  • Offers wide application for several different purposes
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty and solid build and ABS plastic base
  • Quick installation method with IP66 waterproof grade
  • Ensures low energy consumption
  • Designed with dust-proof and waterproof features
  • May call for a larger opening needed for opening
Lastly, as for heavy-duty build and practical features, this product is worth every single penny you spend on it.

11. Powstro Boat Yacht LED Light

Without question, boat owners wish to end up buying the best LED navigation lights. In line with this, shoppers want quality products that are sold at an affordable price. If these are the requirements you’re searching for, then why not give this product a chance to prove its excellence?

This item is a great purchase in that the pair of navigation lights are radiating brightly at night. So, even if you’re at a remote distance, you will remain visible, and you can immediately take the necessary action in case of unfortunate incidents. If you love late-night boating, this boat light can be your partner to ensure your safety.

Take note that this yacht LED light is particularly designed to ensure painless horizontal mounting. You can use the light as a running, stern, or bow light. It is built with top-quality ABS plastic material. This boat navigation light is lightweight, and its durable construction can guarantee long-lasting use in the marine environment.

The kit contains a pair of green and red navigation lights. The rubber mounting gaskets are also included in the package once purchased. Its solid stainless steel casing material makes this light capable of resisting corrosion. Indeed, rated with IP67 waterproof feature, you are assured that it could stand the test of harsh weather conditions.

Boaters like me can save more if you invest in this product. The LED lights are tightly sealed, reliable, and safe to use. This is a great alternative for Jon boats, speed boats, pontoons, fishing vessels, skeeters, yachts, and touring vehicles. Make sure to set up the green light on the starboard side and assemble the red light on the port side.

If you prefer low energy draw-boat lights, this product is your safe bet. It does a great job of saving the battery. Plus, these LED lights are easy to install. However, I wish the wires were a little longer.
  • Ideal for effortless horizontal mounting
  • Rated with IP67 waterproof feature
  • Built with lightweight, durable, long-lasting ABS plastic material
  • Practical to enhance safety for late-night boating
  • Can resist corrosion due to the solid stainless steel casing material
  • Kit includes a pair of green and red nav lights, rubber mounting gaskets.
  • Comes with short wires
In conclusion, if you want to ensure getting excellent LED lights at a reasonable price, this option is undoubtedly a great choice. It’s the real deal!

12. PSEQT LED Boat Navigation Lights

Haven’t you found LED boat navigation lights that are engineered with decent quality and a more polished look? If not yet, this option might be the one you need. Such boat lights are highly recommended for many different types of vessels. Your purchase is protected since a 5-year warranty offer supports this product.

What’s more, the installation process for these LED lights is no sweat. There are two wires: white is negative, whereas black is positive. You only need to fix these nav lights using screws. Best of all, it is possible to affix them in any spot you prefer.

If you are in search of courtesy lights, portlights, starboard lights, or lights for night fishing, this item is a top choice for those purposes. These boat lights seem built to last as they are tightly sealed and designed to be waterproof. Even if you use them underwater, they can work efficiently.

Besides, they are made with high-strength chrome Bezel and durable PC lens. You can run them by 12Volt-24-Volt DC. Regardless of rugged weather conditions, these boat LED lights won’t fail you. You can be at peace knowing you and other boaters easily see your boat even in a remote distance.

Just like me, other boaters who have already tested these LED lights are impressed by their brightness. The illumination they give off is just sufficient, not to the point that they are painful to the eyes. These are reliable to give keep you safe and secure while traversing the open water at night.

One thing that you need to keep in mind when installing these LED navigation lights is to sell the boat before setting them up. The lights need to be hardwired too.
  • Built with decent quality and sleek look
  • Made with high-strength chrome Bezel and durable PC lens
  • Highly recommended for many different types of boats
  • Backed up by a 5-year warranty offer
  • Allows painless assembly method
  • Tightly sealed and waterproof
  • Work well under rugged weather conditions.
  • Give off sufficient lighting, visible even in a remote distance.
  • Require to be hardwired
Lastly, this alternative is a risk-free investment since a 5-year warranty program supports buyers. I like the fact that it allows for a broad range of uses.

What to Look for When Buying Boat Navigation Lights


What factors to consider when purchasing the top-tier boat navigation lights?

  • Ease of Installation

Setting up navigation lights should be straightforward for every boat owner. The screws and adhesion must be less complex to handle. The wiring should be engineered after the wiring code to ensure safe use.

Navigation boat lights must be wired for them to be one with other running lights and the switch. The moment you switch the light on, everything illuminates. Nonetheless, when it comes to portable nav lights for small vessels, assembly is not needed since batteries operate these.

  •  Light

The majority of navigation lights nowadays are LED. This is because LED lights are more energy-efficient and capable of providing sufficient lighting. As you might already know, high visibility is a vital element for nav lights since they are a mode of communication on the waters.

The typical colors of nav lights are red, green, and white. Vessels from remote areas should spot the presence of other vessels. The colors serve as the indications of the boat’s frame and the direction of their travel.

Fundamentally, manufacturers obtain the needed arc of illumination and range of visibility set by law. Guiding boat owners when installing the boat navigation lights must also be considered by manufacturers.

  •  Fitting or Light Fixture

The suitable nav lights must be capable of fitting properly on the designated light fixture on your vessel. Moreover, it is a must to inspect if it complies with the marine regulations in your country or state.

It is essential to be discreet when inspecting the shielding arrangements to guarantee that the lights illuminate in the right direction. Take note that there should be no overlapping of lights that appears from a combination of lights.

  •  Covering or Casing

Nav lights are frequently exposed to water and different types of weather conditions. Hence, it is crucial to choose an option that is made with a durable covering or casing. Look for dust-proof, waterproof, rust-free, non-corrosive, and not easily tainted navigation lights.

Surely, if the housing is durable, it can be reliable and intended for long-lasting use. This feature also helps heighten your safety on board since the current is linked with the lights. So, since the lights are safeguarded from various elements that may create a short circuit, you won’t be in danger.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted boat navigation light brands?

You can find countless brands that claim to be the best and the trusted options when it comes to manufacturing premium-quality boat navigation lights. Sometimes, it is not practical to easily be persuaded by such claims, especially if it is your first time purchasing one for your boat.

That said, comprehensive research is helpful to avoid buying an unsuitable model for your boat. Consider learning more about credible and tried and tested brands before you make your final buying decision.

To help you narrow down your options when it comes to reliable and trusted brands that manufacture the top boat navigation lights, here are a few of the brands that are worth considering:

  • Powstro
  • Obcursco
  • Acelane
  • Shangyuan
  • Osinmax

Where do you mount navigation lights on a boat?

There is a pattern wherein boat navigation lights are installed on boats or other vessels. And this pattern is as follows:

  • The green light is the light situated on the right-hand side of the vessel. Take note that the “right side” is when facing the boat’s bow, referred to as the starboard side.
  • The red light is positioned at the left-hand side of the vessel. Please be guided that the “left side” is when facing the boat’s bow, referred to as the port side.

Basically, the sidelights exhibit a continuous light over an arch of the scope of 112.5-degree identical to that from right ahead, which can be spotted to a 22.5-degree shaft on either edge.

White light is also positioned at the vessel’s rear section, referred to as the stern side. This illustrates a continuous light over an arch of the scope of 135-degree and is set to display the light 67.5-degree from right aft on each edge.

Furthermore, the mast of the vessel also needs to have night lights. The light should be white in color. There should be a couple of masthead lights in place. The second one shaft of, and must be higher than the first masthead light- this is if the boat’s length is beyond 50 meters.

It must exhibit a continuous light over an arch of the scope of 225-degree and set to demonstrate the light from right ahead to 22.5-degree abaft on either edge.

What color light goes on the front of a boat?

White light (also referred to as the masthead light) goes on the front of a vessel. This light must be visible from 2 miles distance across 225 degrees.

Can you put headlights on a boat?

No. headlights don’t work effectively and safely on the water. Unlike when you’re navigating the road, other traffic will approach you from anticipated directions. However, on the water, other vessels might be approaching you from anywhere.

What is more, boaters don’t use headlights because the sole means you’ll need to spot them is by their white, red, and green lights.

Additionally, boating is three-dimensional, meaning that a spotlight illuminating the waves forms reflections and shadows that could appear like debris or fishing floats. This might cause the skipper to think that every sighting is a hazard when these are mere illusions.

When the skipper realizes that these are simply false sightings, he will end up thinking that what he spots are mere illusions. And, he might miss the ones that represent a hazard.

Substantially, searchlights or headlights are not recommended for nighttime boating because they could temporarily blind other boaters. Other boaters may feel baffled, and this might cause them to make some improper moves.

How to set up and use?

When it comes to installing and using navigation lights, it is safer and better to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions. Please be guided that the nav lights must be kept from illuminating directly to the operator’s eyes.

You can set up the lights above the height level. Furthermore, you can also organize it with the aid of a mast or a pole. However, this is not required when you have LED lights.

This is because LED lights do not affect mounting features and night vision. As a benefit of this vital element, it reduces damage since they do not have contact with other objects. For instance, those neighbouring the anchor and bow could be on the line.

Where to buy it?

You can purchase boat navigation lights in local marine or boating supply stores in your town. It is best to ask the seller about the most recommended brands and the important features to aid you in your decision.

Another way of buying nav lights is online. If you wish to be provided with more options to select from, refer to Amazon. On this site, you can also uncover more reputable brands that you don’t know about.

Many shoppers worldwide prefer shopping on Amazon because they offer affordable deals; there are special discounts, promos, and freebies that you can avail of. More importantly, you can read real customer reviews to learn more about the product you’re planning to buy.

Since you can compare different options on Amazon, you are more likely to make a more confident decision.

Proper Care and Maintenance of Boat Navigation Lights

While it is true that the housing of nav lights are designed as dustproof and waterproof, it is still critical to ensure that nothing penetrates inside the light. That said, it is a must to clean the light regularly. Luckily, unscrewing and putting the lighting device back is not complicated to do.

Likewise, it is essential to pay attention to the wires as these could pose risks. To avoid danger, consider putting protection on it, such as a wire loom. Make sure to inspect the light regularly; look for signs of tangled or loosened.

Sometimes, it is also imperative to inspect if there is water that gets inside the light. Of course, it is better to be sure because the current can be hazardous when water is involved.


To sum up, many aspects need to be inspected when buying the best boat navigation lights. This could start from arranging how the lights emit visibility range as well as the arc of illumination.

Nonetheless, with the aid of premium quality nav lights, you can surely pass all the stringent requirements. Having them installed in a boat can offer several perks. You, your passengers, and other approaching vessels will be safe while navigating.

With consideration of the regulations in your country or state, you have also abided by their requirements. Hence, you can impede unnecessary fines and problems in your boating life.

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