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The Best Boat Seat Pedestals for 2023

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Do you need to upgrade your current boat? Or, are you searching to purchase a boat seat pedestal? If you need more information to buy the right product for your watercraft, this article can be a practical guide. We have gathered a list of the top-rated boat seat pedestals that you could rely on when traversing the open waters.

Look into the different seat pedestal reviews for you to select from. The products are reviewed based on durability, appearance, and comfort they could provide. A top quality boat seat pedestal is a must-have. This is because a lousy seat could waste the experience on the water. On the other hand, a premium quality option could make the hours more enjoyable and fleeting.

best boat seat pedestal

We prefer to sit on the open water without any interruption whenever we hang out on a boat or go fishing. Hence, it is crucial to invest in the best boat seat pedestal. However, with limitless choices available today, the selection process becomes extra challenging.

Hopefully, the product reviews presented in this post can assist you with your final shopping decision. Check the comfort, reliability, durability, design, and price of the options available. These factors can help you make a wise decision on selecting the best choice for your needs.

Nearly all the products included in this post are top quality. But, you need to ensure that they are compatible with the space and needs of your vessel. After buying, install the seat pedestal as directed for the best results. Proper installation can also avoid an unpleasant experience on your boat.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Attwood 91320-ADJ


Most Durable

Wise 8WP21-374


Premium Choice

Springfield Pedestal


Table of Contents

Best Boat Seat Pedestal Reviews of 2023

1. Attwood 91320-ADJ Swivl-Eze Adjustable Pedestal

Attwood boat seat pedestal allows smooth sailing installation and seems to work exceptionally. This version can serve as a very dependable and stable mounting point for a vessel seat. You can instantly modify the height, which is between 11 ½ inches & 17 ½ inches, even if you are a novice. It is sure to last for an extended period because it comes with a very sturdy built.

This model is excellent value for the money. If you prefer a boat seat pedestal that can repel extreme saltwater exposure, you’ll be happy to know that this option can defy the rigors of all sorts of rugged elements. It is all thanks to its exceptional black powder-coat finish.

Furthermore, it features heavy-duty posts and machined bases. So, you can depend on its unrivaled strength and capability to offer much-needed safety. It comes with a seat mounting plate and an integrated base mounting plate, which are what make this model an ideal choice for rigid offshore conditions. Also, this stable pedestal features thickened and welded joints to guarantee more durability.

On the other hand, you may need to use a plastic sleeve to keep the fit tighter. Aside from this, some bolts may not fit precisely on the slots. You need to drill them out to make them larger. Sometimes, it may be a bit shaky at higher settings when mounting it. Check these minor issues first before adding this product to your cart. These are less complicated issues that you can avoid if you consider a proper inspection.
  • Offers dependable and durable mounting point for a boat seat
  • Made with a black powder-coat finish that combats saltwater environment
  • Exceptional value for its height-adjustability and sturdiness
  • Designed with reinforced welded joints for additional strength
  • A practical option for rugged offshore conditions
  • Requires a plastic sleeve to keep the fit tighter
  • Some bolts may not fit well in the slots
Overall, this easy-to-adjust pedestal is the one you’re looking for if you prefer a strong and durable mounting point for your watercraft seat. It can withstand harsh conditions so it can last for many years of rugged use.

2. Wise 8WP21-374 Adjustable Pedestal with Slide

You prefer comfort and relaxation when boating or fishing. So, it is a must to search for a boat seat pedestal that can guarantee that. First, search for a dependable brand that is chosen by many boat owners.

Wise boat seat pedestal is one of the higher-end options. It comes with 360° rotation and features a sturdy locking knob design. Its height adjustment is from 12-inch by up to 18-inch. This version is ideal for class A and class D seats and it is reliable if you need either a casual seat or helmsmen’s chair.

Additionally, it features a two and 7/8-inch diameter pedestal post, which comes with a 9-inch diameter base crafted with anodized polished aluminum. The aft slide and fore mount allow for seat travel. You will love its easy-to-adjust height pedestal locks. Moreover, this model meets class AD Standards, which is a wonderful point.

You will adore its capability to move the seat backward, forward, up, or down. It can rotate without the need to add attachments. It does not wobble and works outstandingly for its purpose. As you can see, it looks great, as well as swivels and slides without trouble- just the way you like it. All the adjustment features lock excellently, so you won’t encounter any slop on the setting.

However, this model is not very easy to set up and maintain. So, you may have a little tough time if it is your first time to install one. For the price, this is slightly costly as compared to other available products. Keep these downsides in mind before getting one for your boat.
  • Comes with anodized polished aluminum pedestal post
  • Allows straightforward adjustment
  • Versatile, durable and reliable to use
  • Meets the requirements for class A and class D seats
  • Capable of providing utmost comfort and relaxation
  • More expensive than other available options
  • A little hard to install and maintain
All in all, this adjustable boat seat pedestal is a great purchase. It is unquestionably one of the most excellent options sold on the market today. The price is a little costly, but it’s all worth it.

3. Springfield Marine Plug-in Power-Rise Air Ride Pedestal

Are you searching for a boat seat pedestal that won’t break the bank? Do you prefer more secure seating and something that you can easily adjust? Then, this version may be the perfect match for your requirements. Comfort and control are the primary advantages of this option. So, this is the right choice if you prefer that kind of craftsmanship.

You will adore this model because it fits snug into the base. It lowers and raises as designed without any force. It is also a piece of cake to modify the pedestal to offer more added control and ease of use. It also works wonder if you prefer a more stable and safer seating. You can lock it in position to thwart rotating and unlock it to allow free rotation.

This version is known for its durability and superb strength. And, best of all, it costs far less than other options in the stores or online shopping sites. This version can be an excellent replacement for a pedestal that is free turning. Since you could lock this seat in place, you can lean, stand, or sit on it safely.

Take note that this boat seat pedestal is prone to becoming rigid when you activate the lock lever. Also, it does not squish down, unlike some similar products. These are a couple of weak points that you may encounter if you buy this version.
  • Offers a more stable and safer seating
  • Can be easily adjusted to allow more comfort and control
  • Built with easy-to-modify pedestal
  • Allows locked-in position to avoid rotating
  • Can be unlocked to allow free rotation
  • Tends to become rigid if the lock lever is activated
  • Incapable of squishing down
Overall, Springfield boat seat pedestal is a surefire choice because it works perfectly for your needs. The height is plain sailing to adjust and can lock in place. You can easily screw it into the seat and just lock it when you don’t want to swivel.

4. Wise 8WD1500 Adjustable Bell Pedestal

Do you want to invest in a less expensive yet very functional boat seat pedestal post? Then, this version is worth a shot. This model is user-friendly and famous for working outstandingly for its purpose.

This easy-to-modify aluminum bell pedestal has a height of 13 inches to 18 inches and its diameter measures 10 inches. This model features a powder-coated base that solidly provides support to the anodized aluminum post. You won’t have trouble setting this up even if you’re a beginner.

The boat seat pedestal base does not move and is certified rock solid. This device is the best bang for the money because of its adjustable heights and its unique features, which offer several options to obtain the appropriate seating position. Fan casting is a duck soup to carry out with a swivel mount. Also, this version comes with a five ¼-inch hole pattern that perfectly suits most watercraft seats.

Most boat owners who used this model find it good quality and quite reliable. It won’t cause any problems on the water, so you won’t be dismayed in its performance. And, more importantly, it is half the cost of other options sold on the market. This is why it is one of the highly recommended choices.

Be that as it may, a few negative aspects found in this boat seat pedestal are its inability to rotate. It is incapable of providing much-needed comfort, particularly in harsh conditions. Be sure to take these glitches in mind before spending your money. Anyhow, these are not severe problems, though.
  • Designed to be highly adjustable and versatile
  • Installation is a breeze
  • Comes with seat mount and easy-to-adjust aluminum bell pedestal
  • Hole pattern can fit most vessel seats
  • Features powder-coated base that supports an anodized aluminum post
  • Incapable of offering more comfort in rough conditions
  • Does not allow rotation
In general, this option probably provides the best value for your money if you are searching for an ideal blend of cost and quality. It is not wrong to spend for something that can offer more versatility and functions.

5. Leader Accessories Locking Boat Seat Pedestal II

Are you planning to buy high-quality pedestal seats for boats? If yes, you may not be able to resist the attraction of this Leader Accessories seat pedestal. This option is second to none in terms of robust built, quality, and performance. More than that, it is a good value for the price.

Tightening the handle of this model is no sweat. The seat is adjustable, dependable, and built with durability in mind. If you look closely, you will see that it looks a lot nicer than many of its competitors. Likewise, the floor flange bolted in excellently so that the seat is always stable no matter the size of passengers.

You will be amazed by these exceptional seat posts. They are well designed and come with an exquisite look, Without a doubt, this pedestal would offer a rugged built that could withstand harsh conditions. Additionally, it will look great for the new watercraft.

However, the pull knob for the height adjustment seems quite tight that adjusting it up and down can be challenging at times. Also, you need to be careful when unboxing the package and check if the required accessories are complete. See to it to inspect these potential issues first before making your final decision.
  • Built using premium quality anodized aluminum material
  • Comes with a height of 12 inches up to 18 inches
  • Designed with brushed satin and matte finish
  • Made with robust and heavy-duty overall built
  • Can be manually adjusted
  • Need to unbox with care
  • The pull knob is little rigid so changing up and down may be troubling at times
As a whole, this is a significant investment that you won’t ever regret. The aluminum boat seat base is durable and can serve you for many years to come. The pedestal is easy to use and install, provided you have the necessary hardware when setting it up.

6. Attwood 2385400 Swivl-Eze Boat Seat Pedestal

This adjustable pedestal is a worthwhile investment because it is functional yet reasonably priced. You can count on this model if you value reliability and comfort the most. This version came with a 3/8-inch satin anodized post and welded to the base for extra durability. It locks securely into place.

You can manually adjust the seat pedestal between 14 inches up to 20 inches so you can enjoy the comfort you desire. This device is a prominent choice because of its ergonomic controls. You will be stunned by its wobble-free motion feature. In addition to this, the seat mount allows 360-degree rotation and a 3-degree tilt.

Its ease of installation, superior performance, and capability to meet the regulatory compliance are what set it apart from its rivals. The manufacturer of this boat seat pedestal is a top-drawer in producing, testing, and engineering the most premium quality marine products. This brand is known for its quality, so you are in good hands. You can shop with confidence because excellence is guaranteed. Aren’t these enough reasons to convince you to give this product a shot?

Regardless, please be reminded that this model won’t be a perfect choice for the helm. And, one thing more, it is not considered the best alternative to use for rough waters. Take these frailties into consideration before purchasing this option. For sure, you wouldn’t want to waste a single cent!
  • Allows height adjustment of 14 up to 20 inches
  • Comes with boat seat mount and aluminum base measuring 9 inches in diameter
  • Especially manufactured to surpass Yacht Council and American Boat standards
  • Adjustable, comfortable and durable to use
  • Does not call for a complicated installation process
  • Not the best option for driver seat or helm
  • Not practical option for rough waters
Ultimately, this boat seat pedestal provides anglers with more improved boating experiences. Unquestionably, it is a valuable component to ensuring safety and maximum comfort while you’re on the water.

7. Wise 8WP21-18S Boat Seat Pedestal

Are you the type who loves to go fishing or boating? Do you need a reliable boat seat pedestal to enhance your water activities? If that is your current case, this model can be your dependable partner to achieve that.

You can label this option as a topnotch fishing boat seat pedestal. Its entire construction is solid enough to serve its functions. This height locking pedestal can help you for more years, because it does not get easily damaged. You are supported by a three-year warranty in case you encounter issues with the hardware. Thus, your money is safe.

This pedestal features a 360-degree swivel that can adjust from 12 inches up to 18 inches in height. This feature makes it comfortable for passengers of any size. It won’t fail you when you go fishing for long hours. Try to look at it carefully, and you’ll see its unique built. This option comes with a thick, slick and well-polished anodized aluminum. Hence, it would bring relief and relaxation.

Unfortunately, two things that will make you a little hesitant to buy this model are its quite complicated installation and odd size. Be sure that you follow the installation procedure as directed to avoid future problems. Also, check the size carefully if it fits your current requirements.
  • Swivel and height can be easily adjusted
  • Built with thick wall, slick and polished anodized aluminum
  • Comfortable, durable and adjustable option
  • Designed with super sturdy and robust height locking pedestal
  • Hardware supports a three-year warranty offer
  • Comes with odd size
  • Not a breeze to install
Right to it, this height locking pedestal is solid enough to withstand whatever the open water throws at it and can serve you for an extended period. It can be a great companion when you’re out on the open sea or simply sitting in the dock.

8. Springfield 1632013 Power-Rise Stand-Up Pedestal

Do you plan to buy a pedestal that comes with easy-to-accustom height? Then, this model might be the one you’re looking for. It is robust and comes with sturdy craftsmanship. It is a useful instrument to have since you can use it as a leaning or seating post.

This version allows for 360-degree rotation. You can adjust it from 22 ½ inches up to 29 ½ inches. It can offer you the level of comfort you’re aiming for and satisfy you because of its unique adjustment ability.

This power-rise stand-up pedestal is a good quality option. You can accustom the height you prefer to feel more secure and safe. It seems perfectly designed to what you need it for. You won’t have problems installing or removing the pedestal after you finish using it..This tool can be your great buddy, whatever your boating activities are.

While this model works just fine, it appears that it is not ideal for many years of rugged use. Also,this option works well with Threaded KingPin bases, but you need to purchase them separately. These are a few flaws that you may encounter when you start using this boat seat pedestal.
  • Can be practical as a leaning post or seating post
  • Allows 360-degree rotation and makes height adjustment a lot easier
  • Ideal to use with Threaded KingPin bases
  • Comes with reliable and sturdy built
  • Offers more comfort while running the electric motor, bass fishing, and casting
  • Seems not for extra long-lasting usage
  • Threaded KingPin base must be purchased separately
In summary, this boat seat pedestal extension is a great product. It holds the adjustment right where you prefer it and the adjustment handle is also stable. This stuff works excellently while casting, bass fishing or running the electric motor.

9. Leader Accessories Boat Seat Pedestal I

You won’t go wrong if you choose a multipurpose and functional boat seat pedestal. So, before buying one, conduct a careful inspection first. It is a must to consider the passengers and how often you use the boat, as these factors can help you find the right option for your boating needs.

Boat seat pedestal kits usually come with high selling prices. This is why you should be meticulous when choosing one. Luckily, you can get the real value of your money with this option. Itt is a stable and very sturdy pedestal that is easy to install and use. Aside from that, you can rely on its capability and functions.

All you need to do is manually adjusting this pedestal to get the desired height, and this tool can safely hold you as you enjoy your boating experience. It would guarantee more comfort and convenience according to your requirements. You won’t have to worry about heavyweight passengers anymore as well..

All the same, you need to check the adjustment knob first before buying one. Some boaters complained that weak adjustment knobs of this instrument were rather weak. Choose a more durable one. Additionally, in some cases, the slider bracket is prone to wobbling, shaking, and rattling. Try to look for ways on how to avoid this. Sometimes, the cause is incorrect installation.
  • Made using high-quality anodized aluminum material
  • Straightforward to install and use
  • Height adjustment is from 14 inches to 20 inches
  • Features incredibly durable bottom platform
  • Capable of holding hefty pounds
  • Slider bracket may rattle and tend to be loose
  • Comes with a rather weak adjustment knob
By and large, you will be amazed by the overall quality of the seat base. This tool can hold even overweight passengers since it comes with an excellent bottom platform. You can opt for this option if you prioritize stability and comfort.Pros

10. Springfield 16038251 Adjustable Taper Lock

Online shopping sites like Walmart can offer lots of options if you want to buy an A1 boat seat swivel pedestal. Many of us prefer devices that can combat harmful elements in the environment. Surprisingly, this version can be the perfect choice for f that requirement.

This pedestal allows you to adjust the seats securely and quickly. It can ensure a decent fit quality. You will be impressed with how capable this tool is in holding passengers of any size. Try looking closely at its very robust construction and you will see how incredible it is for long-standing use.

You can get the preferred height by making manual adjustments. This works best with any Taper-lock base. Your boating experience will be more thrilling if you have this instrument with you because of the comfort it provides. This is a must-have for boaters who are into water adventures..

This pedestal works fine, but it may be a little hard to raise the seat because it lacks a gas lift. It would be better if there was a lift to assist you as you work on the adjustments. The price tag is slightly costly, too, so this may be disappointing if you are on a budget.
  • Tough enough to resist rough saltwater environments
  • Practical to utilize with any Taper-lock base
  • Designed to adjust the post manually
  • Allows instant adjustment from 13 inches up to 16 inches
  • Equipped with trace-lock non-locking swivel
  • Does not come with a gas lift
  • Price is slightly higher than some other options
Lastly, most boaters love this boat seat pedestal’s functionality and stability. It is unmatched when it comes to these unique features. Hence, it is a perfect pick, even if it is priced a little higher than some other options. No wonder it is tagged as one of the top options nowadays.

11. Attwood SP-67749 Swivl-Eze Aluminum Pedestal Base

Many of us are aware that reputable brands rarely fail to deliver their promise, so trusting only the most credible brands is a guaranteed practical investment for smart buyers. Are you wondering what reliable brands are when it comes to boat seat pedestals?

Attwood is the brand you can trust. This name is well-known for first-class engineering, testing, and manufacturing of premium quality products. This manufacturer is worth-considering if you are looking to invest in a quality boat seat pedestal.

This pedestal base comes with unparalleled craftsmanship. The manufacturer used high-quality aluminum material to ensure incredibly reliable performance. The brushed aluminum finish helps provide a more stunning look. This feature is also useful in protecting against corrosion, so you can be at peace even if you traverse marine environments frequently.

One of the issues you will encounter with these boat seat bracket mounts is the intricate installation procedure, which requires some knowledge and additional tools to complete the process. Indeed, some hardware is not included in the package. So, you need to check for the covered components.

It is helpful to follow the installation instructions as directed in the product description. Alternatively, you can watch some videos on how to set up the instrument correctly. Lastly, make sure that you have all the necessary hardware or tools to carry out the task.
  • Can guarantee durability and secure fit
  • Ideal for resisting corrosion
  • Smooth sailing to install and meet regulatory compliance
  • Comes with a brushed aluminum finish for a more stunning look
  • Allows more comfortable and more convenient operation procedure
  • Requires buying the hardware separately
  • Installation may require some effort.
General speaking, this is an excellent boat seat pedestal mount. It is durable, reliable, and functional. It may require some knowledge to install it properly; however, it is surely an excellent investment for boaters out there.

What to Look for When Buying a Boat Seat Pedestal


Boat seat pedestals must allow ease of movement needed to land the big one. This is particularly true for fishing charters, sport fishing, and tournaments.

Here are some of the essential features when buying the right pedestal for your boat seat:

  • Manufactured by a tested and proven brand
  • Must provide an adjustable and comfortable ride
  • Allows easy installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Can guarantee driver and passenger’s safety and comfort while touring the waters
  • Help make disconnecting the seat mounts a lot easier to carry out
  • Built with premium quality materials
  • Can withstand harsh environmental elements and conditions
  • Capable of providing much-needed support, security, and stability
  • Stable, durable and secure enough to last more years of rugged use

One of the most common mistakes when shopping is making the price the sole factor for decision-making. While this can be an essential factor to consider, it is useless if the quality is compromised.

The gist here is not solely to base your decisions on the price tag. You should not have second thoughts if the product is reliable, functional, and durable – even if this would mean paying more. You will reap more benefits in the future, so your investment is not wasted.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is the best boat seat pedestal?

A boat seat pedestal is a handy instrument to make every boating activity more relaxing, convenient, and comfortable. This device works to raise and support the seat and keep it secure and stable.

This equipment plays a vital role in whether you are relaxing on the waves or traversing the open waters. Some options offer straightforward height adjustments, the ability to rotate, lift, or slide.

A boat seat pedestal allows you to lean against them to obtain more additional support.

How does it work?

The pedestal stays fixed by attaching the base directly to the vessel. It would also allow the seat to rotate and alter with the waves. In other words, if it works well, it can reduce turbulence.

A good quality pedestal can remarkably increase the level of comfort in calm conditions. It works to lessen the motion of the vessel beneath you.

What are the different types of boat seat pedestals?

Generally, every boat comes with one or more seats on it. Indeed, this necessitates a mounting pedestal- helm seats, pro seats, fold-down seats, and bucket seats.

Seat mount, post, and a base are what constitute a seat pedestal. Slides, swivels, and some more hardware can be added, depending on the features you prefer. There are many boat seat pedestal sizes and styles. So, go for the one that could keep you safe and comfortable while boating.

In general, seat pedestals come with American Boat and Yacht Council ratings. These ratings help you to identify which pedestals are secure for different positions on the boat. Type A-rated seat pedestals can be practical for any speed. Type B rated ones are ideal for low speeds below five mph.

Please be guided that Type A pedestals are divided into passenger and driver position groups. Type A seat pedestals are practical for helm and bucket seats.

There are three classifications for boat seat pedestal: Class AP (AN), Class B, and Class AD (AO). A designation of Class A conveys that this can be utilized while the vessel is afoot at any speed.

On the other hand, Class B must only be utilized on seats used while the vessel moves at five mph or below.

The Class AD hardware is for driver position or boat helm use.

Why do you need a boat seat pedestal? (Benefits)

Boat seat pedestals are substantial investments because they keep you from bouncing caused by strong waves. More than that, they make you comfortable even on long boating journeys. Boating can become exhausting, dangerous, and uncomfortable without a quality pedestal.

Not to mention, spending more on premium quality equipment may keep you from spending lavishly on medical bills.

Here are a few of the benefits that you can enjoy if you have a top-quality boat seat pedestal:

  • Boat seat pedestals aim to provide high levels of comfort. Some options are capable of absorbing shock waves. Hence, they help make the entire boat ride smoother.
  • This equipment uses a unique technology that guarantees safety. You can adjust the damping rate for overweight passengers too.
  • They come with a high side load absorption feature. You do not need to worry about high maintenance.
  • They are durable, reliable, and functions. So, suitable quality pedestals can guarantee years of problem-free operation.
  • Some options come with anti-corrosion features. Thus, these are useful for boaters who tour around the saltwater environment more often.
  • These are easy to find in local boating stores or online shopping sites.
  • These boat seat pedestals are produced by world-class brands, which provide confidence when shopping. Most models are easy to adjust. They are less complicated to install. They can quickly provide the perfect fit for your requirements.

The bottom line here is that a top-quality boat seat pedestal can be the solution to make your boating experience a more worthwhile one.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted boat seat pedestal brands?

Make sure to buy from highly acclaimed manufacturers if you prefer a premium boat seat pedestal. As you know, this equipment can be a costly investment. But, it is sure to last if you pay attention to its quality, functionality, and durability.

A few highly trusted brands that manufacture award-winning products include:

  • Wise
  • Leader Accessories
  • Springfield
  • Attwood

You will discover that products made by these brands are slightly overpriced among other options. However, these are cost-effective options because they are multipurpose. They are also functional and can serve for many years to come. Hence, you spend a little more, but you are a winner in the end.

How do you attach a boat seat to a pedestal?

  • Position the pedestal seat in place. Mark circles on the deck through the bolt holes in the pedestal’s base. Then, pull the pedestal seat out of the way.
  • Puncture one-inch pit where the pedestal seat’s mounting bolts would infiltrate the deck. Use marine-grade epoxy resin to fill the pits. Let the resin cure for a few days before continuing the task.
  • After a few days, puncture pilot pits in the middle of each epoxy resin patch. The size should be 50% the extent of the bolts found in the bottom seat.
  • Put some marine-grade adhesive on the deck and on the resin-filled pits enclosed by the bottom base.
  • Afterward, even out the sealant onto the underneath portion of the bottom base. Then, settle the pedestal in position. Embed the bolts over the affixing bolt holes found in the bottom base.
  • Tighten the affixing bolts into the deck until the seat becomes fixed. Let the marine-grade adhesive be utilized to bed the seat to settle for a day.
  • Lastly, twist in all the required bolts before you use the watercraft.

How do you mount a boat seat pedestal in an aluminum boat?

Pedestals for boat seats may require replacement from time to time. This equipment enables you to fit the direction you are sitting. When you have a fishing vessel, you may need to replace damaged or age-old pedestals. Or, you may install new ones if you wish to upgrade your seats.

Here are the steps on how to mount a boat seat pedestal:

  • Make a careful inspection first. It is essential to unveil where the fuel tanks and wiring harness are situated. You should do this before you choose a location. This is especially important to save you from causing costly damage by drilling in an inappropriate spot.
  • Make a hole for the baseplate. You will need to use a hole saw and set it up on the drill. Take note that the stop gauge must be in place. This is to ensure that you correctly make the holes for the middle section of the base plate.
  • Lastly, secure the boat seat pedestal. Establish the base plate above the hole you made. You could use the baseplate as a pattern for the rest of the screws you have to set up for beneath the deck.

Attach the pedestal beneath the deck and use blind fasteners to do this. Inspect if all the hardware is attached. The pedestal portion is now all set.

Where to buy?

You can look for top-quality boat seat pedestals in various local boating stores or marine supply stores. However, you can search online if you find it challenging to shop for them locally. Sometimes, buying in local stores can only offer you limited options.

Amazon, eBay, Wholesalemarine, Walmart, and Westmarine are just a few of the most credible online shopping sites that you can lean on. These sites can offer you plenty of choices. So, you can be satisfied with getting the best option that will fit your requirements.

What is more, shopping online can offer a lot of great deals. You can avail of exclusive promos, discounts, and freebies. More importantly, you can find many high-end brands in these online shopping sites.

For those who are still skeptical, some big brands are trying hard to improve their employees’ skills so that they can bring you the best shopping experience even when you shop online. For example, Walmart has opened Walmart Academy, a training center that helps students develop their skills and the ability to meet the requirements of customers.

How to care and maintain?

When cleaning, taking care of and maintaining your boat seat pedestal, the following guides can help:

  • Cover your boat when it’s not in use. This can help impede any sort of dirt and issues while you’re away to look after them at once.
  • Create a cleaning schedule.

Regular deep cleaning for your boat seats and pedestal is a good routine. The frequency of boat use and how filthy it gets after using it could help point out how frequent you should do the cleaning. This would also help you notice the accumulation of grime or filth.

  • Learn more about the different types of cleaning agents.

Pay attention to the unique needs that are necessary for your boat seat and pedestal. You can determine this by looking up precisely what grade material you have. Indeed, you can see if there’s anything else you have to look out for.

Take note that there are diverse cleaning agents that you can use when cleaning the boat seat and pedestal.

  • Follow the installation and maintenance requirements.

Boat seat pedestals would lose their efficiency and reliability if not installed and maintained correctly. So, you better adhere to the guidelines that the manufacturer directed in the product description. This approach would help you extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Guides to Determining Boat Style Seat Pedestal

Typical Pedestals and Seat Mount Brackets

  • Seat Swivels. These are ready for use as both locking and non-locking.
  • Quick Disconnect Brackets
  • Black Steel Pedestals. These are cheaper but serve as permanent mount seat pedestals.
  • Removable Pedestals. These are either post or pin-type of foundations. You can use a removable pedestal for all kinds of fishing vessels, particularly those that you can remove from the floor base plate.

Bear in mind that pro seats commonly come with a 22-inches pedestal height or more.

  • Jon Boat Clamps
  • Permanent pedestals. These come with either adjustable or fixed height. They come with a fixed or stable mounting to the floor of the watercraft. You can remove the seat, but not the pedestal. Some of them come with a seat slide as well.

Important Notes

Thread-Lock Series provides an excellent retrofit to any vessel where a seat is required. This one is ideal to use if you do not wish to go underneath the deck. In the same way, it comes with a low profile base that offers more stable support.

There are permanent pedestals for this series., which come with sizes that are particularly ideal for freshwater types of vessels. You can get them as a complete package including seat mount, post, and base.

The seat mount must be the same brand as the rest of the pedestal when replacing it.

On the other hand, Taper-Lock is a practical choice for fishing vessels. Countless boat builders broadly use this. It comes with bushing locks that guarantee a stable fit. Take in mind that the bases between brands usually appear the same.

Nonetheless, a little tolerance deviation may produce an inappropriate fit if brands are different. You can see the brand of the base stamped beneath.

Meanwhile, Spring-Lock comes with a stainless steel post and a mechanical lock situated on the core of the post that locks into the base. This is perfect to use for Ranger Bass Boats plus other high-end brand bass boats.

Spring-Lock features a bigger locking clip that comes with metal inserts. This enables the posts to lock into bases to offer more safety. All you need to do is to press the button to release.

There is also an available Clip-Lock option. This comes with a sturdy aluminum post equipped with a bushing on the core that extends inside the base. This alternative is useful for accidental disconnection.

We also have King-Pin-Standard. Some manufacturers state that this is the only size where brands can be incorporated.

The ¾-inch pedestal bases and the posts could either be threaded or standard. The non-threaded and standard base can only hold the bushing and comes in a shorter size. The threaded bases come with a deeper cup beneath the plate that shelters the female threads.

Seasport Series is a permanent bell pedestal. Lakesport Series is ready for use as both permanent and removable pedestal. The same goes for 238 Series.

Permanent pedestals are appropriate when the passenger and driver seats are helm or bucket chairs. Likewise, the locking seat swivels can work excellently for helm chairs.


Ultimately, boat riding is a very thrilling activity that you can enjoy, especially during summer. While boat rides are known to be fun-filled and breathtaking, you also wish to experience maximum relaxation and comfort. This is why purchasing the best boat seat pedestal is highly critical.

Sure thing, a functional quality boat seat pedestal must not only provide the utmost comfort, but also be capable of resisting rugged weather conditions. Indeed, it must be durable enough to combat saltwater exposure, mildew growth, and UV rays. Thus, you can get the right product if you thoroughly evaluate each product presented in the reviews.

Of course, we prefer the option that is solid enough to deliver many years of service. With lots of similar boat seat pedestals sold today, narrowing down your top choices can be tough. Don’t worry, this article aims to help you break down all the factors you need to know about boat seat pedestals.

Since there are many boat seat pedestals from different manufacturers, selecting the appropriate option could be time-consuming. Even so, if you consider the list of factors discussed in this post, you won’t go wrong. The key here is to be insightful about what you need. Then, discreetly assess each product to uncover the most suitable choice for your boat.

We hope that all the information in this post can make your shopping experience a more worthwhile one.

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