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The Best Boat Trailer Dollies for 2023

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Boat trailer dollies can work properly on various surfaces such as uneven land, sand, and gravel. However, this would rely on their kind of design. Indeed, the best boat trailer dolly makes the maneuvering process a cinch and worth every single cent spent.

The best motorized boat trailer dolly should be something that works outstandingly for your boating requirements. It can maneuver your watercraft the manner you prefer it to ensure more comfort and safety.

best boat trailer dolly

Since such equipment is valuable pieces that every boater must invest in, it is essential to learn the essential features when buying one.

This post aims to help boaters find the most suitable dolly for a boat trailer to make their boating experience more worthwhile. Continue reading the buying guide, FAQ section, and other related information tackled in this article so that you can make a more confident decision.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall



Most Budget-Friendly

TMD-800C Trailer Dolly


Most Feature Rich

SuperHandy Trailer Dolly


Table of Contents

Best Boat Trailer Dolly Reviews

1. MAXXHAUL 70225 Trailer Dolly

Buyers looking for a two wheel trailer dolly that is easy to assemble will find this product an excellent investment. The Maxxhaul 70225 trailer dolly is manufactured with heavy duty steel construction and finished with a durable powder coat for additional protection and longevity. This model comes with 12” pneumatic tires too that perform outstandingly.

Aside from that, what makes this dolly a superior choice over others is that it is usable for various purposes. It can offer superb maneuvering jobs for utility trailers, boats, and jet ski trailers. That said, it does not limit your applications.

It can also handle 600-lb. for trailer tongue weight, and the overall weight it could move is roughly 3500 pounds. Surprisingly, even when this equipment is chock-full, it can still exceptionally work for its purpose. That is absolutely a significant advantage that you’ll delight in.

You can easily transport the entire equipment in parking lots, or you may also pivot it to the storage spot. This appliance functions like a powerful 3000 lb trailer dolly. It is especially useful for directing trailers into tight areas and even on uneven ground, even though it would require more effort to do so.

When assembling this trailer dolly, there is no need for professional help since it is straightforward to put together even if you are a non-pro. Equipped with high-quality bolts and functional features, this piece of appliance can offer more stability and security.

One major gripe you may encounter once you start using this maxxhaul 70225 trailer dolly is the slight difficulty of maneuvering it on slight slopes. Well, to solve this problem, you’ll need to put in more effort. With greater exerted effort, you can execute the transporting job excellently.
  • Solid steel built and sturdy powder coat finish
  • Easy to put together
  • Designed with easy-to-remove rubber handles
  • Equipped with top-quality bolts
  • Built with 12” pneumatic tires
  • A bit tricky to move in slight slopes
In summary, this electric boat dolly is a perfect alternative since it makes moving trailers a piece of cake to handle without hurting your back.

2. TMD-800C Trailer Dolly Tow Tuff

This boat trailer mover is built with a solid steel frame and is also powdered coated. This type of finish makes this product sturdy enough to combat corrosion and rust for long-term usage. It can handle a weight of 800 pounds, and it is not prone to bowing or bending.

Its large load capacity enables boat owners to utilize this dolly to maneuver and transport a broad range of trailers effortlessly. The 30-inch wheelbase is specifically intended to provide more stability, whereas the long handle is meant to elevate leverage. It is the caster wheel that makes this equipment quite stable and easy to control.

Moreover, the third wheel in the middle is capable of spinning at 360-degree that allows easy moving and turning. This is a convenient option as it will enable users to easily adjust the height from 16.5” to 25.5” to make room for several differently-sized trailers.

As you can see, the back caster is useful in keeping the trailer’s load from putting too much strain on you. In addition to this, if you prefer a risk-free investment, this one’s for you because the product is backed up by a one-year warranty.

On the other hand, one downside of this product is that some people who have already tested it found out the tires are prone to giving off a strong odor. This might be a concern for users with a very sensitive sense of smell.
  • Can handle 800-lb. capacity
  • Built with heavy duty steel construction and powder coated
  • Does not bow or bend
  • Designed with huge 30” wheel-base for more stability
  • Supported by a one-year warranty
  • Tires give off a strong odor.
Overall, this Tow Tuff trailer dolly with a caster wheel is a good pick if you are after durability, convenience, and adjustability when you want to move your boat trailer.

3. SuperHandy Trailer Dolly

This powered trailer dolly is operated by a competent electric driven motor. It has a solid steel frame and easy-to-maneuver wheels. It is for you if you prefer excellent mobility and application of use. That is thanks to a patented, easy-to-adjust ball attachment structure.

You’ll like this equipment’s advanced design since it is handy, does not produce much noise while operating, and allows you to effortlessly transport a broad array of trailers that weigh about 3600 pounds. In like manner, its maximum weight capacity can serve as an outstanding source of dependable power.

Even if you’re a non-pro, you can handle the installation process since this item enables collapsible assembly. The ball attachment feature is a child’s play to adjust. So, you won’t have any problems when it comes to ensuring more efficient capabilities if you buy this equipment. It will indeed work to your advantage.

This motorized trailer mover features an overload protector that helps turn off the unit if overloading happens. Substantially, this aids in safeguarding both the operator and the machine. Note that it is vital to keep all electrical components dry to prevent any unfortunate incidents from happening.

Compared to other available models, this item requires frequent maintenance checks. That’s one thing to consider if you pick this electric boat trailer dolly. Always inspect if the batteries are in good condition to ensure their longevity and maximum performance.
  • Equipped with distinctive electric powered motor
  • Built with more advanced design than others
  • Durable wheels that allow easy transport
  • Manufactured with an overload protector
  • Quick to assemble and use without any hassle
  • May call for more maintenance checks compared to other available versions
Undeniably, you don’t need to search further if you prioritize superior mobility and application of use. This heavy duty boat trailer dolly is a great purchase you shouldn’t miss!

4. Trailer-Tug Trailer Mover

Are you currently on the hunt for a reliable boat moving dolly that is specifically designed to assist you in transporting your trailer without much struggle? Then, you don’t need to waste time and energy looking for a first-rate model than this product.

This Trailer Tug is no sweat to assemble and utilize, so you won’t require any professional assistance to complete the installation process.

It is built with a solid frame and an excellent powder coating. With it, you won’t have any trouble maneuvering whatever needs to be transported. Unlike other equipment, this does not give you a hard time steering and pulling tasks with its rubber grips and rubber push bumper.

Additionally, this tug for a boat trailer is durable enough to support a tongue weight that weighs about 3,500 pounds. The removable handle is comfortable to utilize. It allows you to steer the trailer with less stress, and it can also suit well in the trunk of any truck or vehicle. This product is a sterling accessory for jet skis, boats, and trailers.

More than that, this tug trailer is built with super solid wheels. The casters are tried and tested on commercial pallet jacks for an extended time. The urethane tires allow sleeker gliding on any hard surface.

Regardless, one major gripe you’ll need to check out about this trailer tug is the short swing arm. This somehow limits leverage. I wish the manufacturer can consider making some modifications to this slight disadvantage.
  • Straightforward to pull and steer with rubber grips and rubber push bumper
  • Designed with a removable handle
  • Practical to use for jet skis, boats, and trailers
  • Works perfectly for tight spaces
  • Manufactured with strong and functional wheels
  • The swingarm might be short
With this heavy duty boat trailer tug, you can finally solve your problems in maneuvering heavy objects in tight spaces. It seems built explicitly for that purpose.

5. Trailer Valet TVXL2 XL Trailer Dolly

Initially, you’ll think that this equipment is expensive, but later, you’ll realize that it is a priceless and long-term investment.

This product will serve you right if you prefer a heavy duty trailer dolly that comes with a huge weight capacity. The maximum tongue weight amounts to a thousand pounds while the weight of the trailer amounts up to 10,000 pounds.

Plus, if you’re going to observe this dolly’s overall build, you’ll discover that it is made of premium quality steel with sturdy brass bearings and powder coat hammer finish.

Users will undoubtedly take pleasure in sleeker transporting and instant attachments since this appliance is manufactured with a patented ball attachment structure. The Posi-traction feature allows effortless handling and optimal traction too.

The package contains the drill attachment, patented ball mount, the trailer dolly, and the spanner wrench. This product is also designed with an automatic brake function that serves as a wheel chock to keep the trailer in the correct position.

In line with this, the auto brake activates when the handle is released for more excellent safety. That is why this appliance is a perfect option to use for flatbed trailers, boats, farms, RTV, construction, horse, RV, and RTV.

Another great advantage is that the rubber tires are high-strength, and each of them can endure 500-pounds of pressure. So, even if you’re going to use them for rugged applications, they are heavy duty enough to carry out the job, particularly when transporting a boat trailer.

This is a sure investment because it is built to last. Its metal design makes this equipment tough enough to repel corrosion up to 300 hours of travel. It is less complicated to get going with the aid of the powered drill. This is best for a broader range of mobility.

Nonetheless, this dolly trailer is very bulky, making hauling it in and out of the truck to the hitch a challenging job to handle.
  • Posi-traction that guarantees ease of handling and optimal traction
  • Highly-durable steel construction with pneumatic tires
  • Allows superior maneuverability and instant attachment
  • Designed with an automatic safety brake
  • Can handle a huge weight capacity
  • Much heavier than others
Lastly, you cannot question how reliable and functional Trailer Valet is as a manufacturer of high-quality trailer dollies.

6. Tow Tuff TMD-1000C Dolly Trailer

Are you buying a boat hitch dolly that could help you easily transport boats, utilities, and cargo trailers? This equipment, designed with a unique three-wheel style, can flawlessly do the job for you. If you buy this product, your purchase is supported by a 1-year limited warranty.

The height of the ball is adjustable from 21-inch to 33-inch. It operates with a 2-inch or larger coupler. The super durable and flat-free tires enable users to transit different landscapes with this trailer dolly. These heavy duty tires can ensure straightforward steering and sleek rolling.

This trailer dolly can combat overuse and corrosion- this is all thanks to its sturdy built and hammer tone powder-coat finish. Meanwhile, the 40-inch handle is advantageous since it can guarantee more leverage. Similarly, this important feature makes it plain sailing for users to transport bulky trailers and tandem trailers.

For users to distribute the trailer’s weight efficiently, the 10-inch swivel caster does a great job of making it painless to maneuver the trailers. In addition to this, the caster is the one that makes guiding the trailer a cinch to deal with. With unique and practical features, you’ll have nothing more to ask for.

To ensure your safety, make it a habit to push down on the handle. See to it not to go up as you push harder to transport the vessel. Don’t elevate the tongue jack all the way before utilizing this tow tuff adjustable trailer dolly. This is only needed if the dolly spins toward and slips the vessel trailer tongue to the ground.

While the way this heavy duty trailer dolly executes its job is quite satisfying, it is crucial to be extra cautious about the tall minimum ball height and the slightly flimsy swivel wheel base. That is the inconvenience you need to consider when buying this product.
  • Best for maneuvering cargo trailers, boats, and utilities
  • Features flat-free and heavy duty tires
  • 40-inch handle for more leverage and easy transport
  • Built with a distinctive three-wheel design
  • Can withstand corrosion and overuse
  • Requires extra caution while in use
Ultimately, this boat trailer caddy is one of the most versatile options available because it is adjustable to accommodate differently-sized trailers.

7. Giantex Utility Trailer Mover

This boat trailer hand dolly by Giantex is worth a try. This trailer dolly, manufactured with superior weight capacity, can keep up with 660-pounds weight and is practical to use for different high weight types of jobs. As for its quality, this product will delight even the most demanding buyers.

The cage is built durably, and the dolly’s structure adheres to scientific principles. The premium quality iron wire linking procedure helps make this equipment strong enough for its purpose. It features a sturdy solid wood structure that can guarantee more durability for long-lasting service.

As for its assembly, there are very detailed instructions on how to assembly this trailer dolly. The descriptions and illustrations are very easy to follow. Each pin and screw comes with code, so you can finish the assembly method with no sweat. Unlike other options, this trailer dolly is not heavy, and it is a breeze to store as well.

Besides, the boat trailer dolly wheels are engineered with superb durability in mind. The pneumatic tires can keep up a decent amount of pressure. As a result, they can offer more security during work time. Hence, if you are fishing for a boat trailer dolly with more durability, convenience, and ease of use, this trailer caddy is worth buying.

The price tag won’t create a big hole in your pocket, compared to buying an electric boat trailer dolly. Unlike other brands, there is no need to spend lavishly on this model. Thus, this item is the right choice if you are short on budget.

Nevertheless, some buyers have claimed that they encountered occasional axle bending while using this trailer dolly. You need to pay attention to this weak point before buying one for your trailering needs
  • Appropriate for all types of terrains
  • A superb weight capacity electric trailer boat dolly
  • Guarantees good leverage due to its long handle
  • Easy to store and not bulky
  • Super durable wheel base
  • Occasional axle bending
As a whole, what makes this Giantex trailer mover is a foolproof investment is that it is affordable, quite straightforward to put together. Plus, this electric trailer dolly does not necessitate high maintenance.

8. MAXXHAUL 70881 Dual-Pull Trailer Dolly

You can highly regard this product as one of the best trailer dolly options today because it can offer a great solution in quickly maneuvering Jet Ski, utility, and boat trailers. It makes it easy to transport while altering directions in a tight area. The sturdy construction is satisfying too.

By the same token, this heavy duty trailer dolly’s patent design does a stunning job of converting between manual and towing positions in a short time. Meanwhile, the long handle is meant to aid users enjoy more leverage and allow the most generous amount of maneuverability. The maximum weight capacity amounts to 600-pounds.

To get started, this dual-pull trailer dolly by MaxxHaul is operated manually, or you can pull it with the aid of a small lawn tractor or ATV. Fundamentally, you can instantly maneuver your tiny trailer by means of linking the clevis connection to the rear portion of your lawn tractor or ATV.

Many users find this trailer mover’s three-phase handle adjustment a great feature since it offers more convenience. Plus, the foldable handle provides a larger turning radius. Apart from this, the stand post can also be folded up if not in use.

As for the tires, they are solid enough to stand the test of rugged application. Regardless of the type of surfaces, the wheels will work excellently. Additionally, it is not bulky. So, that makes hanging it on the wall a lot easier, and you can get out of the way to save more space.

The minor concern when assembling this trailer dolly is the holes for the bolts. They are a bit tight. Fortunately, this is workable. With some adjustments, you can solve it right away.
  • Perfect for moving Jet Ski trailer, utility and boat trailers
  • Greater leverage for more maneuverability
  • Built with a patent design
  • Foldable stand post when not in use
  • Sturdy tires suitable for rugged application
  • A few of the holes for bolts were tight.
To conclude, this product is heavy duty, just like motorized boat dolly options available at present. The rigid structure, design and wheels of this motorized boat dolly are high quality for the price.

9. Tow Tuff Adjustable Trailer Dolly TMD-600AFFA

This product is the perfect alternative if you wish to maneuver various trailers with much ease. Since it is built to be adjustable, it is made easier to transport most two-wheeled trailers instantly. In line with this, you can adjust the ball height to fit various trailers.

The weight capacity of this boat trailer dolly is 600 pounds. Hence, this can work as a heavy duty dolly that could safely manage different types of trailers. Engineered with super solid steel construction that comes with a hammer tone and finished with top-quality powder coating, reliability and durability are guaranteed.

In terms of this trailer dolly’s tires, they measure 10-inches and are constructed to be flat-free. As a result, this unique feature makes the equipment capable of ensuring effortless movability and less maintenance. Of course, these are vital features that you need to check out when buying one.

Moreover, if you search for a boat trailer dolly with a long handle, this option is ideal for that requirement. The handle measures 41 inches; that’s why it can offer users extra leverage to make trailer transporting tasks less hassle.

This tow tuff adjustable trailer is designed with a hitch ball that measures 7/8-inches to allow simple attachments. Thanks to this product’s patented and exclusive design, buyers who are after a trailer dolly that makes life easier when maneuvering trailers will find this alternative a reliable partner to accomplish the moving tasks.

So, if you are struggling every time you need to maneuver heavy objects, it is high time you decided to invest in the right trailer dolly that could solve this problem. Just like Harbor Freight trailer dolly, this Tow Tuff TMD trailer is worth the investment.

However, please note that this solid steel frame also comes with a soft spot. The replacement tires of this trailer dolly are often tricky to find.
  • Can handle up 600 pounds of tongue weight
  • Equipped with a hitch ball for easy attachment
  • Reliable and super sturdy steel frame
  • Allows easy mobility and less maintenance
  • Safely handles different types of trailers
  • It might require efforts to find replacement tires
All in all, this Tuff HD dolly adjustable item is a sure purchase if what you’re looking for are essential trailer dolly perks such as ease of mobility, less maintenance, and long-lasting durability.

10. Apex TD-3500 Boat Trailer Dolly

Buyers who need a more straightforward and convenient means of transporting PWC, cargo, small vessels, and utility trailers will find this product a great companion to depend on. It can surely serve as the solution to maneuvering heavier items and trailers without experiencing any serious struggle.

This boat trailer dolly is durable enough as it was built with an ideal rating to utilize at a maximum of 3,500 gross trailer weight. As for tongue weight capacity, this dolly can hold up to 600 pounds. However, you may need to deal with some assembly before you can utilize this equipment.

One of the most valuable considerations when buying a vessel trailer dolly is its solid overall construction. Luckily, this appliance is engineered with steel frame and a sturdy hammered-paint finish. So, there is no question whether this alternative will last long or not. Its overall heavy duty build makes it ideal for rugged use.

Another good news is that you can easily adjust the hitch ball to fit your purposes. The flat-free tires are made to be solid, and this appliance is also engineered with an angled support stand. The long handle is useful enough to offer more additional leverage and maneuver trailers without much sweat.

One significant advantage is that the tires are super sturdy and not designed as pneumatic. Hence, there is no need to air them up before use. With several of its practical features and functions, you will have no doubt that this would make a wise purchase.

On the other hand, the problem you can observe when you start using this trailer dolly is that you could not turn sharp angles. It is imperative to walk the equipment in a bigger sphere than you prefer. Fortunately, it works well at angles up to roughly 270-degrees.
  • Can provide users with more added leverage
  • Practical pick for PWC, cargo, small vessel, and utility trailers
  • Makes transporting bulky objects and trailers less hassle
  • Hammered-paint heavy duty steel construction
  • Allows easy adjustment for hitch ball height
  • Challenging to turn sharp angles
On the whole, this trailer tug trailer mover is a practical alternative that can deliver superb maneuverability.

What to Look for When Buying a Boat Trailer Dolly


After reading those trailer dolly reviews, if you want to know more about what specific features to look for when buying top boat trailer dollies. Check out this buying guide to know more about the load capacity, different types of electric boat trailers, jet ski trailers, and more.

  • Motorized or Manual?

It is substantial to decide which type of boat trailer dolly you need. The answer to this question will largely depend on the purpose of use, budget, and convenience.

Motorized versions are more expensive; however, these are ideal for moving around bulkier trailers. They may call for some maintenance as well to keep these trailer dollies in optimal working condition.

Owning a motorized trailer dolly requires proper care techniques to guarantee that you can keep the equipment well from the time you purchased it.

On the other hand, manual version of boat dollies are less expensive. They are not arduous to maintain too. But, these boat dollies are meant for moving around lower weights only. So you should consider thoroughly if the motorized trailer dolly or the manual dolly will be of excellent use for your needs.

  • Weight Capacity

If you intend to transport around a single item, it is a must to weigh it and pick a trailer that could comfortably support it. Even so, if you believe that you may require hauling around bulkier weights, a more instrumental trailer with huge weight capacity will be necessary.

Keep in mind that motorized trailer dollies can support greater weights. It is important to carefully inspect the weight capacity to avoid any issues of overloading.

  • Usage

You can go for boat trailer dollies that feature various sized balls with different designs; however, this will rely on your requirements. Besides, you can get wheels that come in distinct sizes- these could be either option with durable rubber material or inflatable versions.

Aside from inspecting the size, it is vital to have a closer look at the pattern since this could significantly impact if you’re utilizing the trailer dolly on surfaces like dirt or sand.

Some versions come with an additional caster wheel to take more of the weight off and make turning that load slightly effortless. This is specifically practical if you are in tight spaces.

  • Adjustability

It is beneficial to pick boat trailer dollies that make hitch adjustment a painless process to deal with. Of course, it is better to fix the hitch without the need to push the handle all the way down.

In addition to this, if you link the trailer on uneven ground or in different situations, this can be particularly helpful for you. Boat trailer dollies that are easy to adjust possess a ball that could be placed higher or lower than the trailer.

This makes it simple to hold and lift the handle in a position that feels more natural to you.

  • Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on trailer dollies are good sources of information. You can learn more about a specific product and compare them by reading product reviews. Anyhow, it is not advised to simply check out the best and worst customer reviews.

Carefully read the details and check out if the reviews come with a seal of approval or a verified reviewer status. Sure thing, you can tell if a certain review is too good to be true.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a boat trailer dolly?

This heavy duty equipment is intended to help people maneuver or tow any bulky objects like a vessel trailer in a hassle-free approach. It attaches to and moves the trailer tongue of the vessel trailer upwards.

In the same way, it comes with a handle that users can utilize when navigating the trailer to any placement they prefer. Basically, this appliance plays a vital role in eliminating the pressure on your legs and back, transferring it into the durable trailer dolly.

Once you firmly loaded up your vessel trailer, it will be more straightforward to transport around even in the tightest areas, wherever you need to head to, or when moving between objects.

How does it work?

The items that you are transporting with a trailer dolly aid are literally bulky and even strenuous to maneuver around with another person’s assistance.

For a fact, transporting them using your hands alone could result in putting a significant amount of pressure on your arms, legs, back, and other body parts. This form of pressure can lead to injuries.

So, to avoid all these, a top-quality trailer dolly can serve as the perfect solution that could eliminate this pressure and enable you to maneuver bulkier objects around more comfortably, securely, and safely.

The right boat trailer dolly works by offering you the liberty to transport objects around in tight spaces, which are challenging to get into if you merely do the job by using your hands.

This superior level of accuracy guarantees that you could get into tight areas and transport between objects freely without any struggle. Otherwise, hazards and injuries are more likely to happen.

The most critical function of dolly trailers is reducing the risk of damages, unfortunate incidents, and injuries in any body area. With this piece of equipment, losing your grip or dropping bulky objects is less likely to occur.

Boat trailer dollies are particularly engineered to last long while offering impressive trailer tongue weight capacity. These appliances are built with a solid steel frame and are covered in a powder coating. This durable steel construction helps impede rust buildup and corrosion.

Trailer dollies can execute their duties well since they are also manufactured with super sturdy tires and unlikely to burst. These features make this equipment something that you can fully depend on to carry out the job time and time again.

What are the different types of trailer dollies?

Trailer dollies generally come in two different forms. The weight of the object you transport, convenience, and the amount of money you’re willing to spend are the primary factors that you need to think through so you can decide which type of trailer dolly you should invest in.

Here are the different kinds of boat trailer dollies:

  • Electric Trailer Dolly

An electric trailer dolly is engineered with a single motor that operates the wheels. The controls are commonly situated on the equipment’s handle, or there is an available remote control that lets users maneuver it backward or forward.

Basically, the motor is operated by a battery that is linked to a chain of the wheel axle. An electric trailer dolly allows users to enjoy a more effortless movement and steering. Hence, people benefit a lot from such a convenient electric trailer.

In fact, this electric trailer dolly is deemed a practical system for those trying to move bulkier objects or for people who wish to dodge lifting.

  • Hand Trailer Dolly

This type of boat trailer dolly typically comes in pieces that you need to put together on your own. The standard components consist of a hitch ball where the boat trailer is attached, a handle, a solid steel frame, and wheels.

Once you have assembled the heavy duty trailer dolly, it is necessary to pull or push the handle by yourself. The weight that this steel frame supports is usually lower. This type of dolly is generally reasonably priced and is considered a practical option for many people.

As already stated, it is essential to weigh the objects you are moving to make sure of proper load capacity. And in this case, you need to move your boat. This is to ensure that the trailer dolly with a robust steel frame does not surpass the maximum weight capacity.

Why do you need a boat trailer dolly? (Benefits)

If you can invest in the best boat trailer dolly, you will instantly observe a huge difference in your boating adventures.

Here are some of the perks that you can revel in:

  • A breeze to maneuver

As a boater, you are aware that it is difficult to maneuver your watercraft and trailer in tight areas. A good quality trailer dolly for boats, especially a motorized trailer dolly, can be of great help in moving it into any space you prefer. Hence, this offers you the perfect angle.

  • Minimize the pressure on your back

The weight becomes too much when you add the weight of a regular watercraft trailer and the weight of the watercraft. Trailers used for boats are bulky units; this is why they are tremendously weighty to maneuver.

It is impossible to move them both by merely using your hands. So, if you have a high-quality boat trailer dolly, you can avoid extreme pressure on your back, and there is no need to worry about breaking your wrist as well.

Some boat trailer dollies are designed with rubber handles that make the pulling task more manageable.

  •  Easy to adjust

The trailer dolly’s height is very important, particularly if you’re on the tall side. This is why it is necessary to look for a version that would allow you to set it higher or lower with regard to the boat trailer.

It is easier to maneuver the boat and the trailer in a more natural and better position if you can properly adjust the hitch height.

  • Make life less stressful.

Since boat trailer dollies make pulling the boat and the trailer a smooth sailing process to deal with, you can do it on your own without any stress.

  • Easy Assembly

Upgraded versions of boat trailer dollies nowadays are easy to install. Some options are built with removable wheels, easy to store, and can be instantly folded. Some versions come with special features too, so they can guarantee more convenience.

  •  Great value for the money

Trailer dollies come with reliable, durable, and less complicated designs and overall construction. Hence, these are intended to provide long-lasting performance.

  •  Easy storage option

Some dollies are specifically built to aid boaters to save more space at home or in their vessel. This is especially true if you purchase a motorized trailer dolly since these are designed to allow easy storage.

  • Low maintenance

Fortunately, the latest trailer dolly’s versions do not require high maintenance. You just need to ensure that you store it properly, so it will be all set to serve you when you need it the most.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted boat trailer dolly brands?

All of us certainly prefer products that are worthwhile investments. We find it smarter to spend more upfront if we reap long-term benefits. In short, we choose quality even if it means paying more at first.

This is the reason why when shopping for the right boat trailer dolly. Boat owners need to pick manufacturers that have been tried and tested by wise consumers. As you might already know, if you do business with high-end brands, then you can be guaranteed that your money and your future are in good hands.

So, suppose you plan to buy a reliable, durable and outstanding trailer dolly that could serve you for years. In that case, the following brands are trustworthy and renowned for manufacturing boat dollies that could meet your needs and satisfy your expectations:

  • SuperHandy
  • Trailer Valet
  • Trailer-Tug
  • Tow Tuff

Can I rent a trailer dolly?

Yes. Boat trailer dollies are available for rent. You may search for a wide selection of moving equipment and supplies to help you transport anything from small items to large appliances and other objects.

You can rent an appliance dolly or a hand truck to do the moving for you.

How to install and use?

In general, most boat trailer dolly versions will call for some assembly. Even so, they are not so complicated to put together. Reputable manufacturers of this equipment commonly provide their customers with easy-to-follow guides to carry out the entire assembly process.

Furthermore, top-rated brands also offer clearly labeled components and illustrations to make the assembly process a breeze. It is also vital to check if there are any instructional videos that you could watch to make the installation process more struggle-free. This is especially helpful for beginners.

Alternatively, consider going over some customer reviews of people who have already purchased a specific model in the past. These are great sources of information on how to assemble the equipment correctly.

How to care and maintain?

One of the best things about owning a trailer dolly is that they do not call for full maintenance. All you need to ensure is that you store it away from direct sunlight exposure. This is to ward off the stiffening of the foam material in foam-filled tires and impede the deterioration of rubber material.

What is more, you need to keep an eye on the powder coating. You have to inspect it for any signs of ravages. This is because regardless of how sturdy the equipment is, as time passes by, it will begin wearing away. And this can result in rust formation.

Thus, if you wish to extend its lifespan, make it a habit to do the powder coating again every few years.

How to make a trailer dolly?

Here’s how to make your own trailer dolly:

Things needed:

  • 54 tooth #40 driven gears
  • Keyed hubs for gears
  • 2- ¾-inch pillow block bearings
  • Metal for frame
  • 2000-pound ATV winch or other winches
  • 16 tooth #40 drive gears
  • Pivot wheel (must be something that could carry the weight)
  • ¾-inch keyed drive axle
  • Hitch ball
  • Hub and wheels that key to the axle


You can build the frame by using some scraps from a 1.5-inch x 3-inch x 1/8-inch aluminum channel and 3-inch x 4-inch x 3/8-inch thick aluminum angle. You need to ensure that the frame of the trailer dolly is bolted together.

For the handle, you can use the one from an old lawnmower. On the other hand, for the trailer dolly to work, the power will be generated by means of the trailer plug directly from the battery. Or, you can attach the alligator clips to the battery of a car.

Then, plug the connectors by enabling a 10/3 extension cord to expand the power cord if necessary. A transitory rocker switch situated on the control will activate the brakes of the trailer.


In a nutshell, before you can fully delight in the many perks of using the best boat trailer dolly, it is necessary to check out some of the most important features before making the final purchase.

We hope that our boat trailer dolly reviews and other related information we have collected and shared in this article can help you decide on the best option that would work excellently for your boating needs.

Go through the buying guide and FAQ section of this post, so you can learn more before buying one. With the right boat trailer dolly, you can make a big difference in your boating experience.

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