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The Best Boat Trailer Jacks for 2023

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When you especially require lowering or lifting bulky loads inside or outside of the watercraft, what you need to do is to first pick the best boat trailer jack for your vessel that is capable of adapting to the weight. These days, a lot of trailer jacks designed for boats have been built from the sturdy and top quality metallic materials in order to guarantee long-standing and superior performances.

In addition to this, these are also specifically manufactured to be very durable and solid in order to offer much needed support for distinct weights of up to two thousand pounds. They also come with swivel bigger-sized wheels that enable effortless movement on all types of surfaces.

best boat trailer jack

Are you shopping for a boat trailer jack but do not have much insight on what appropriate features to consider? Then, worry no more because this post would assist you to learn more about the primary factors that you need to contemplate on when making the order such as the maximum size, length, built, swivel system, weight capacity as well as the mounting process and the like.

As you can see, it is beneficial to shop when you are well-informed of what to shop for. This way, you can be guaranteed that you are getting the right option that would work for your needs.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

REESE Towpower 74410


Honorable Mention

MAXXHAUL Trailer Jack


Premium Choice

Pro Series Jack


Table of Contents

Best Boat Trailer Jack Reviews of 2023

1. REESE Towpower 74410 Trailer Jack

This boat jack lift model won’t force you to spend more for quality, reliability and functionality. It comes with a side-winding handle that is equipped with ergonomic knob. This is quite simple to utilize and guarantees trouble-free operation mode. Its 6-inches wheel offers low-friction mobility and it makes maneuvering the trailer into desired position a less burdensome task to manage.

This model is constructed with stable swivel mechanism that is furnished with a pull-pin release. It aids in having instant access to the jack whenever you most need it and it can be easily stored away when not in use. This trailer jack fits tongues measuring 3-inches by up to 5-inches and does a reliable job of lifting and lowering any trailer that weighs a thousand pounds.

On the other hand, two demerits that can be observed with this model are its longer bolts that tend to stick out a little and the spacer for the wheel bolt was missing.
  • Helps lift and lower any trailer with a total capacity of a thousand pound
  • Equipped with tough swivel mechanism that comes with pull-pin release
  • Capable of gliding without much effort for easier transit
  • Ensures smooth usage and fast operation mode
  • Guarantees easy stowing
  • Bolts are longer than needed
  • Spacer for the wheel bolt was missing
To conclude, if you are searching for the best buy for your bucks, then this boat trailer wheel jack won’t go wrong. It is designed with superb quality and it is manufactured with a lot holes in the brackets where you could mount a number of distinct size trailer frames. This is definitely a solid wheel that is built with versatile fitting configurations that make it more plain sailing to utilize. You need to concentrate on setting it up though as it may require a bit of assembly.

2. MAXXHAUL 10″ Lift Swing Back Trailer Jack

If you are fishing for a bolt-on trailer jack that can be practical to utilize for vessel and utility trailers, then you can give this model a go. This is constructed with swing or swivel back bracket that enables the jack to be out of the way when unnecessary. It also comes with a broad nylon wheel measuring 6″ diameter x 2″.

What makes this model a great choice is that there is no need to raise the tongue to maneuver the trailer. The swivel wheel functions accordingly and enables users to move the trailer to the areas where you need to store it. This comes with a durable pull pin that is meant to firmly lock jack into place in either vertical or horizontal position. It is solidly built and designed with sturdy zinc plated finish that is good at combatting corrosion and rust.

A few downsides that can be experienced once you start using this boat trailer tongue jack are its not being designed for many years of usage and the inner parts appear to be cheaply constructed and look unpolished.
  • Comes with 1,000-pound maximum capacity
  • Manufactured with incredibly durable all steel built
  • Designed with swing or swivel back bracket
  • Built with 10-inch vertical lift for more convenient operation
  • Ideal option for boat and utility trailers
  • Internals seem poorly built and unpolished
  • Appears not designed for long-standing use
In summary, this trailer tongue jacks with wheels can solve the problem of maneuvering the trailer around the place without the need to often have it hooked to the vehicle. It is definitely smooth sailing to use and install. Putting it on and off the vehicle is not time-consuming since it can be lifted or lowered rather than manually lifting it. And, the best of all, this is sold at an affordable price tag so there’s no need to spend extravagantly.

3. Pro Series 1000 Lbs. Capacity Swivel Trailer Tongue Jack

Are you looking for a boat tongue jack that is readily available and sold at a much lower selling cost? Basically, this model can be mounted to 3″ x 5″ trailer frame and can handle a total capacity of a thousand pounds.

Apart from this, this tool comes with transparent zinc finish to allow maximum shield against corrosion. It is built to be bolt-on and already consist of a 3/8 pull pin as well as the needed mounting hardware. Its ring swivel mount style provides utmost support and nominal deflection. Furthermore, this is furnished with 6-inch poly wheel.

Still and all, you’ve got to be aware of a few flaws that you may encounter when using this model and these are the need to be a little patient since it might take longer to get it where you prefer it to be and it also calls for some help when lowering or lifting when not under a load.
  • Comes with avant-garde snap-ring swivel design
  • Equipped with easy-to-replace 6-inch diameter reinforced poly wheel
  • Certified premium quality bolt-on zinc plated
  • Already includes all necessary hardware
  • Sold at a very cost-effective price tag
  • Requires a bit of aid when lifting or lowering when not under a load
  • May take a while to get it where you prefer it
Right-on, this third wheel for boat trailer is heavy duty and a child’s play to set up. It is surely a great relief to have it in your extended collection of jacks. This is surprisingly affordable considering it does a wonderful job for marine and utility trailers. PRO Series brand tongue jacks are highly renowned for being practical to use for a lot of different applications and are time-tested.

4. CURT 28112 Marine Boat Trailer Jack

This product is capable of rolling quite well in concretes. And, you will fall in love with its well-finished zinc coating. This jack offers more excellent ground clearance particularly when navigating bumpy landscapes, deep swamps and streams.

In like manner, this version is equipped with integrated grip that enables users to experience no sweat lifting and lowering of the trailer coupler as necessary. If you opt for easy operation, more convenient maneuverability and reliable strength, then this is the ideal bet for your preference.

Fundamentally, the jack is capable of swinging up and out of the way for towing. And, to guarantee more clearance while towing the trailer, this is built with a swivel bracket.

Two factors that must be thoroughly looked over if you are eyeing to purchase this marine trailer jack are its not being that dependable in terms of repelling corrosion which is contrary to what was advertised and the rails especially requires being mounted horizontally for they come with lengthier sizes than needed.
  • Top-drawer at supporting a trailer tongue weight of 1,200 pounds
  • Made with 6-inches diameter trailer jack wheel for more convenient maneuverability
  • Enables vertical maneuverability and is equipped with side wind handle
  • Reliable at fighting off corrosion
  • Furnished with superior quality swivel bracket
  • Not really that reliable in combating corrosion
  • Rails must be mounted in horizontal mode and seems longer than needed
All in all, if you want to invest in functional swing away trailer jacks, this version is a great consideration. It appears well-built, furnished with nice bolts and the jack runs without any issue. The nylon lock nuts and mounting brackets are topnotch too. This is a great option in that it is crafted with premium quality and can be practical for many applications. It is much more durable and ensures sleek operation.

5. Fulton XP15L 0101 Swivel Trailer Tongue Jack

This Fulton boat trailer jack is a little costly as compared to other competitors but it comes with well-upgraded features and functions that make it a cost-effective option.

This is made with extra two-inch of travel and comes with total capacity of 1,500 pounds. It already includes hardware that can be mounted to a 3″ x 5″ trailer frame. This model is designed with side wind handle style that makes it a lot easier to utilize.

Setting it up can be accomplished in a few minutes without any intricate modifications to deal with. Moreover, the grease zerk would considerably aid in ensuring more excellent lube as well as maintenance which can’t be experienced in other less pricey options.

Even so, there are a couple of negative aspects to examine if you plan to get this version and these are its being susceptible to mounting problems and many users who have tried it found out that it does not last a very long period especially when exposed to brackish water environment.
  • Comes with a total capacity of 1,500 pounds
  • Designed with outstanding plating corrosion shield
  • Mounts with much ease to a 3″ x 5″ trailer frame
  • Manufactured with tough 8-inch spoked wheel and half-swivel pull pin
  • Built with bolt-thru mount that comes with paramount support and minor deflection
  • May not last that long in brackish water environment
  • Prone to some mounting issues
Lastly, this heavy duty boat trailer jack is crafted with tough built and flexible design that allows it to be suited to different frame sizes. It is also adept at rolling quite effortlessly and the wheel appears to be solid and dynamic. Basically, this is a great replacement to a regular no-wheel jack version. It absolutely executes a good work when it comes to loading the vessel to the trailer to the truck in an instant since it could be maneuvered around without lining up perfectly.

6. Quick Products JQ-3500B Electric Tongue Jack

This jack is comprised of a bubble-style leveling cap, manual crank override, a super sturdy weather-resistant vinyl cover and LED work light. It operates accurately, in a very fast and powerful approach. This is user-friendly and does allow for modifying sloping ground.

A lot of users prefer this model because it comes with a maximum lift capacity of 3,650 pounds and it is a breeze to set it up into existing jack mounting holes made possible by its standard jack tongue size of 2.24-inch post diameter.

Most importantly, this is a safe option in that its waterproof electric components and incredibly durable steel gears sit below the neat and smooth plastic housing.

Howbeit, the only things that give this boat trailer crank wheel a couple of minus points are its LED lighting that appears to be slightly dim and the product description seems misleading. See to it to have these issues thoroughly inspected prior to making the final shopping decision.
  • Can handle a maximum lift capacity of 3,650 pounds
  • Comes with a manual crank override and LED work light
  • A lot effortless to set up into current jack mounting holes
  • Equipped with waterproof electrical components and sturdy steel gears
  • Back up with one-year no-hassle warranty
  • Product description seems misleading
  • LED Light appears a little dusky
Laid on the line, this electric boat trailer jack functions quite excellently with a trailer and is not the installation is never a painful process. The kit already consists of a circuit breaker to ward off short circuits and it also comes with a cover to further guarantee weather-proofing. Without any shadow of doubt, for the price and convenience, this is unrivaled.

7. Fulton HD25000101 Bolt-On Trailer Tongue Jack

This trailer jack for vessels appears to be well-engineered, tough and heavy-duty. It functions as you would expect and is well-constructed with solid welds and top quality materials. As you can see, the adjuster foot is painless to actuate as well.

Such tool is a good investment since it includes all the hardware for a range of box tubing applications. The jack is bulky and the drop portion offers users a broad array of height modifications. Deploying and stowing never become a problem with this jack.

For all that, a few downsides that must be seriously contemplated on when buying this product are its questionable longevity and durability since there have been claims that it does not last for many uses and the mounting holes appear to be narrower as compared to the 2,000-pound jack.
  • Furnished with mounting hardware for up to five-inch trailer frame
  • Can handle a total lift capacity of 2,500 pounds
  • Designed with durable zinc finish to safeguard it against corrosion
  • Built with unique drop leg design
  • Questionable durability and longevity
  • Narrower mounting holes
Sure enough, this can be labeled as one of the best trailer jacks today. It is quite a snap to crank and it comes with a nice grease fitting. Its capacity is generous enough to lift or lower the trailer tongue and it helps users drop the tailgate without the need to unhook the trailer. It is built with solid propriety bushing materials and does a reliable job of withstanding corrosion.

8. MaxxHaul 70149 Lift Swing Back Trailer Jack

If you are still in the hunt for the best trailer tongue jack model, then you can stop a bit and check this option out.

This tool is engineered with swinging design wherein you only have to raise or lower it enough to securely put it on the ball of the towing vehicle and right after that swing it to the right or left. And, as you reach your harbor, you need to swing it back and then spin it a number of times to lift it.

It is interesting to note that this model is a lot effortless to set up and use as compared to a standard jack. More than that, this kind of jack offers superb lift that is far more exceptional than others. Its dual wheel design guarantees very tough built that could accommodate more weight.

Nevertheless, this trailer jack for watercrafts come with fittings that are prone to getting loose and as a result, the jack becomes more prone to rattling and the handle could become a little hard to turn as days go by.
  • Reliable at handling a bit of weight
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty built
  • Especially engineered with swing back dual wheel
  • Not complex to set up and utilize
  • Total weight capacity is 1,500 pounds
  • Handle becomes complicated to turn in the long run
  • Fittings can become literally loose so the Jack tends to rattle
Finally, this trailer jack comes with great quality components that make installation procedure done in a snap. It is less complex, built with effective design and boasts very solid and supreme quality construction. This is a stellar replacement to conventional jack found on most utility trailers of today. Its dual wheel design offer more solidness that makes it capable of handling more weight.

9. Jeremywell Swivel Trailer Jack Double Wheel

This jack comes with two six-inch wheels that allow users to move the jack with less effort. It cranks with much ease too and is specifically crafted to provide maximum performance. Its wonderful sleek finish does not only give it a stunning look but also safeguards it against corrosion and rust.

Notwithstanding, what makes this trailer jack slightly complicated to set up is because it does not include assembly instructions in the package once bought and the wheels often fail to spin unless you turn them. This means that the wheels need to be dragged when you push the trailer around the driveway. You may consider utilizing the drop leg to instantly drag it.

  • Offers free-of-charge delivery within the USA
  • Comes with nice and appealing finish
  • Engineered with six-inch wheels
  • Built using solid steel
  • Designed with rust-proof finish
  • Wheels frequently fail to spin unless you turn them
  • Does not come with installation instructions
As a conclusion, this boat trailer front wheel is the real deal. For a fact, it is regarded as a very tough and solid jack that executes its work quite excellently. Its dual wheel design allows easy movement during transit. The wheels measure six inches, the trailer jack is crafted using tough steel and is certified rust-proof. Its height range is 15 inch by up to 26 inches and it also comes with a nice length lift of 26 inches. This is good value for the price mainly because it is capable of holding by up to 2,000 pounds.

10. Fulton TJ12000101 Swivel Trailer Tongue Jack

If you are currently seeking for a functional and dependable bolt-on swivel tongue jack, then this option can be your safest bet. It can handle a lift capacity of 2,000 pounds and is manufactured with first-class plating corrosion shield. It is equipped with six-inch poly wheel as well as a 3/8-inch swivel pull pin.

Be that as it may, please be guided that a few things that give this trailer jack minus points are its unreliable customer service support since they are not responsive and this device can become totally locked up after several months of usage.

  • Backed up by a 5-year limited warranty offer
  • Engineered with A1 plating corrosion shield
  • Includes hardware to be mounted on a 3″ x 5″ trailer frame
  • Comes with a total lifting capacity of 1,200 pounds
  • Goes on easily and operates outstandingly
  • Customer service is unfriendly
  • Can become completely locked up after several months of usage
On the whole, this boat trailer jack to change tire is crafted with exquisite quality and it is not that laborious to install. The release handles for the main stand and the wheel are durable. This can serve as a very smart replacement jack for a decent price. It goes on easily and operates as advertised. The design is practical and functional and the grease zerk fitting does a vital role in sustaining the internal works.

11. Southwest Wheel Bolt-on Zinc Heavy Duty Drop Leg Trailer Jack

It can be tricky to shop for state-of-the-art stainless steel trailer jack products at present. Hence, if you wish to end your long search, then you can look at this version.

Many consumers who have tried and tested this trailer jack have claimed that this works solidly, it’s painless to mount and it guarantees zero sweat operation. It is built with bolt-on zinc tough drop leg trailer jack with foot that can handle a total lift capacity of 2,500 pounds.

And, the best of all, it does not force you to spend more since the package already includes all the necessary mounting hardware when setting up the trailer jack.

A few factors that you need to delve into if you plan to shop for this version are its slightly short extension component and it may call for more cranking when lowering or raising the lift.
  • Comes with a total lift capacity of 2,500 pounds
  • Known for its secure and tough drop leg trailer jack with foot design
  • Already consist of the required mounting hardware once bought
  • Ideal pick for saltwater applications
  • Installation procedure is a breeze
  • Requires a bit of cranking to lower and raise the lift
  • Extension component of jack is a bit short
To sum things up, this trailer jack appears to be well-suited for a trailer frame or boat trailer that comes with generous amount of ground clearance. And, this is ideal option for saltwater applications since it is not prone to getting rusted even after several months of usage. You will also adore the easy-to-modify jack leg and pin precisely because they could considerably help you save more time.

12. RAM Trailer Products EJ-3520-BBX Black Electric Trailer Jack

It is interesting to know that the corrosion-proof zinc that constitutes the inner tube and the footplate is impressive quality material that could guarantee your jack would be able to serve you for many years to come. It is the heavy-duty steel gears that would remarkably aid in keeping the tool in spotless shape.

Over and above, what makes this more prominent than other options is that it comes with 7.5-inch drop that offers users with some space for extra adjustment if needed.

All the same, this electric boat trailer tongue jack operates in a slow mode and is only backed up by a limited warranty offer. These drawbacks are just a few of the things that you need to be heedful of before spending lavishly.
  • Equipped with a drop leg
  • Designed with radiant LED light that allows effortless hookup at evening period
  • Crafted with crank handle to enable manual override during power interruption
  • Built with solidly hardened steel gears
  • Specifically setup for 12V battery usage
  • Only supported by limited warranty offer
  • Tends to operate in a slow mode
If you prefer a smart investment that you wouldn’t regret in the future, then this trailer jack model won’t leave you feeling disappointed. While it may cost an arm and a leg, it is still economical because it comes with a total lifting capacity of 3,500 pounds which is quite superior to its rivals. The inner tube as well as the footplate was built from corrosion-proof zinc, it’s straightforward to set up and assemble as well making it user-friendly even for novices.

What to Look for When Buying a Boat Trailer Jack


When purchasing the most suitable boat trailer jack, there are some buying guides for you to go into first and these consist of the following:

  • Construction

A top quality trailer jack must be constructed with very solid design that shall enable it to manage the weight of any trailer. It must be constructed in a manner that it is adept at fighting off rust and corrosion so it could help maximize durability and performance.

Look for the one that it is powerful and stable enough that it won’t bring about any accidents in the event it breaks down.

  • What is your vessel’s environment?

First, ask yourself if you utilize your vessel in a saltwater or freshwater environment. How receptive is the climate to a non-stainless product that gets submerged in the water?

  • Type.

Know which type of trailer jack you want to have. There are two kinds for you to select from and these include a manual and an electronic one. The manual jack may require more effort but it is not that complex to handle. Meanwhile, the electronic option is a lot easier to manage but it is much more overpriced.

  • Foot or wheel?

Decide whether you prefer a jack with a wheel or a foot. Wheels normally break more instantly; hence, those that come with foot usually come with much superior weight capacity; however, these are not as mobile as compared to wheels that are still capable of holding generous amount of weight.

  • Weight.

This is gauged in terms of the downward pressure that is executed to the hitch ball. A very valuable consideration here is because of the fact that wheels consuming more of the weight, a jack naturally takes on ten by up to fifteen percent of the total weight.

As a result, a jack that comes with a weight capacity of a thousand pounds can instantly support the trailer weight of five thousand pounds.

  • Lift Length.

It is also fundamental to inspect the length the trailer jack could maneuver the load. Because they could maneuver in distinct lengths from 10.5 inches by up to 26.5 inches, it is a must to look into a unit that is adept at meeting your requirements.

Please note that for trailer jacks that are capable of maneuvering to longer distances, these are quite dependable and more convenient; thus, this is highly ideal as they could be utilized for a majority of towing tasks.

  • Height.

Take in mind that it matters to get the precise tongue height so that the tongue of the trailer could instantly reach the tow hitch. Ensuring that this height is accurate would allow effortless installation and this would also enable easy release when you’ve accomplished the hitching.

Ultimately, in order to make the best choice when picking a trailer jack for your vessel; carefully mull over how the jack would mount to the trailer, how solid and strong the jack is and what would provide the power to make it work.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a boat trailer jack and how does it work?

Trailer jacks execute superb job of making your trailer, vessel or personal power craft experience more thrilling, exciting, fun-filled and more convenient. Hence, if you’re able to get a wonderfully designed and effective trailer jack, you would be able to hitch or unhitch your rig in a safer and a lot easier method.

These are generally tailored for use in and around drenched locations and are particularly engineered to look stunning in the process. Such equipment work by providing reliable as well as stationary support that you could always rely on. Indeed, they are also ready for use in a broad array of designs or styles for you to choose from.

Trailer jacks also come with accessories that help make maneuvering and positioning your toy or trailer more convenient and effortless.

What are the different types of boat trailer jacks?

The trailer jack you pick should be rated to provide support to the tongue weight of the trailer when loaded with your vessel. Various kinds of trailer jacks are designed with the heaviest models that are superb at supporting tongue weights by up to five thousand pounds. Aside from this, there are those that are designed with a wheel or a foot.

If your watercraft is too bulky to maneuver around in a manual mode, then a jack that comes with a foot would function well. However, if your vessel is lightweight enough, you may refer to a jack that comes with a caster-style wheel as this would enable you to maneuver the trailer around and this could be a great aid in terms of hooking the trailer to the tow vehicle. You’ve got to be reminded that large diameter wheels are more inclined to maneuvering more freely as compared to small diameter wheels particularly over bumpy landscape.

Other types of trailer jacks are also designed either or freshwater or saltwater applications. If you use your vessel in saltwater environment more frequently, opt for trailer jacks that come with corrosion-proof features. These could be anodized aluminum, powder-coated steel or zinc-plated steel. Meanwhile, other considerations consist of the amount of travel which actually refers to the trailer jack’s up and down maneuverability in inches as well as the maximum height of the jack.

It is worth mentioning that trailer jacks for boats could be mounted in a number of distinct methods and distinct capacities. In general, these jacks come in bolt on drop foot, bolt on swivel mount or those that are bolt on a frame style boat trailer jack. These would of course comprise of the required mounting hardware.

Why do you need a boat trailer tongue jack? (Benefits)

If you trailer your watercraft, then you are probably insightful of the importance of counting on a durable, well-built as well as long-standing boat trailer jack to get your boat lifted up the slope and back on the trailer. Furthermore, these are practical additions to trailers as they superbly work to lessen the load of the vessel when loading or discharging from the hitch.

Trailer jacks designed for vessels are available in different height lift travel, weight capacities, as the wheel size of the jack. So, whatever your requirements are, you are assured to getting the best match for you. Also, these are deemed as the best solution for lifting and lowering boat trailer tongue. These are commonly tailored with waterproof design and some are corrosion-resistant so they could withstand even when overly exposed to saltwater environments.

These are easy to use and move too in that some models are constructed with built-in wheel to allow more effortless and more convenient maneuverability. They are specifically made to help make your trailering experience less burdensome to deal with.

Having the right tongue jack can lift and lower the vessel to enable you to hitch or unhitch the boat trailer and this also significantly helps in maneuvering the trailer around without much difficulty. And, the best of all, some tongue jack models can be upgraded to any styles if your trailer does not come with it.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted boat trailer jack brands?

If you want to be guaranteed of getting more reliable, convenient and durable trailer jack for your vessel, then you’ve got to ensure that you only trust what experts trust. For sure, you’ll never go wrong if you buy from manufacturers that have been trusted in the field for so many years.

When it comes to trailer jacks, the following brands have already made a good reputation which is why you can rest assure that you are getting the right investment if you purchase from them. Before you spend lavishly, check about the manufacturer’s information first or better yet read some reviews from other consumers out there.

Here are a few of the most credible brands that you can select from when buying trailer jack for your boat:

  • RAM Trailer Products
  • Quick Products
  • Fulton
  • Jeremywell
  • Southwest Wheel

What size boat trailer jack do I need?

It is radical to search for two factors when picking the precise tongue jack and these include weight capacity and height.

Please note that the required weight capacity of the tongue jack is clearly figured out through computing the tongue weight of the trailer. The criterion for a watercraft trailer is seven by up to ten percent of the weight of your completely loaded trailer.

For instance, this implies that if you own a 6,000-pound loaded trailer, utilizing ten percent as an example, then you will necessitate a tongue jack that comes with a 600 -pound capacity. Keep in mind that the majority of tongue jacks available on the market these days would outweigh your trailer’s tongue weight requirement and the good news is that these are not too pricey or huge.

On the other hand, the height is crucial too in that you specifically necessitate to have the adequate height for the jack to raise the coupler in order to clear the hitch ball on the vehicle. It is worth noting that the height calculation on a tongue jack description would commonly be pertained to as the extended height.

And, in order to determine the height, you will have to gauge the height from the ground to the underneath section of the coupler. Note that this calculation must be executed when the trailer is level.

How to install and use?

When installing the boat trailer jack, here are the set up guides for you to adhere to:

  •  The first phase of the setting up procedure highly relies on your jack. If you have a jack that comes with a wheel, you could maneuver the trailer to the vehicle, but if you have a jack that comes with a foot you would have to maneuver the vehicle to the trailer. Please take into consideration that if you’re administering the latter, you would either require someone to guide you or consider getting a backup camera.
  • It is essential to ensure that the jack is elevated sufficiently to provide the hitching point the clearance they require and from there you could gradually lower it onto the hitch- you need to make certain that it comes with a secure and strong connection.
  • Once accomplished, thoroughly close the locking lever to make it a point that it comes with a solid connection. After that, link all the necessary electronics.
  • Once the hitch was made, check carefully if everything is properly set up. Check all the lights and connections. Make sure to execute brake testing on the vehicle so to examine if everything is secure. Do not forget to chock the tires when you begin harnessing in order to guarantee that the trailer does not roll.
  • Be mindful when backing up your towing vehicle to the elevated trailer. It is indispensable to accurately lay out the trailer hitch with the tongue – be reminded that this could take a number of attempts. If executed the wrong way, you could cause some damage to the towing vehicle by backing up too remotely.

What is the warranty?

When shopping for a boat trailer jack, it is best if you pick the option that offers a warranty. You might be well aware that warranties serve as your protection as a customer. Nowadays, there are a number of fraud cases and other sorts of scams happening especially when buying products through online shopping sites.

Hence, if you do not wish to be a victim of any fraud, then it is highly suggested to opt for products that are backed up by warranties. If your chosen product is supported by a warranty, then you can have the peace of mind that whatever issues you may encounter in the future, you can ask for some questions, money refund, product replacement or replacement of defective parts of the product bought. This would of course depend on the kind of warranty the product you purchased offers. You may learn more about the product warranty on the product description.

Where to buy?

You would be able to look for a great deal of boat trailer jack if you shop online such as in Amazon. While it is true that you can also get these products from local stores close by your town, getting them online can offer you limitless brands and options to check out. Besides, you can also discover the best deals that sometimes come with special discounts and promos for you to avail.

Amazon is an online shopping site where you can find a lot of products based on your needs. They offer products that come with different brands, sizes, price range, style, and various features that you are searching for. Many a time, you can encounter highly acclaimed manufacturers in this shopping site that you would not be able to find through shopping in local stores. This site offers you a very convenient shopping experience that you wouldn’t experience in other sites.

How to care and maintain?

It might appear undeniable but loading as well as securing your vessel and your trailer properly would greatly extend the lifespan of your trailer and keep your watercraft safer during transport. So, in other words, you need to rig it right.

To take proper care and maintenance for your boat trailer jack, the following concerns must be carefully examined before, during and after a transit:

  • Are the safety chains securely affixed and functioning well?
  • Is the coupler properly working? Does it fit comfortably over the hitch ball?
  • Are the bunks alright or is the carpeting unraveled or torn? Check this article to find to most suitable wood for your trailer bunks.
  • Is the tongue jack sufficiently lubricated? As you know, trailers come with several grease fittings for the pinion or rack inside. Please be guided that if there is a lock pin that comes with a spring loaded ball, see to it to accurately grease that too.
  • Check for rusted, corroded or cracked leaf springs as these could bring about serious problems in the future. Examine them closely all through the season.
  • Inspect if there are rusted fasteners, stress cracks or loose bolts or nuts.
  • Make certain that the safety chains are secure and crossed over.
  • Always keep the trailer tongue jack up and in a safe mode. This is to ensure that you do not a hit a bump in your destination with it down.

Needless to say, regular trailer inspections can always guarantee risk-free travels. This would also help you ward off the potentiality of making minor issues into worse ones.

Here are some guides when tying the vessel down properly:

  • Utilize the tie point located at the base of the chuck so to secure the front of the vessel and link the safety chain below the chuck to the front of the vessel- be reminded that the chuck is not specifically manufactured to hold the vessel on the trailer.
  • Use a ratchet strap over the back section of the vessel, then strap it down and see to it to tighten it to make it more secured to the rear of the vessel.

Here are some points to keep in mind when storing your boat trailer and its accessories:

Not to mention, if you do not store your trailer properly, then do not expect it to serve you for many more years to come. Once you thoroughly cleaned your vessel, be sure to dry it as well as all the other components greased oiled and treated. The vessel and trailer must be kept in a dry location, must be well-ventilated and thoroughly covered with tarpaulin.

It cannot be denied that maintaining your vessel trailer could mean a bit of work; however, once you get into the habit and become more knowledgeable what to inspect for, most of this task would plainly become part of your watercraft routine.

In line with this, maintaining it accordingly now would certainly help keep it functioning properly in the future so that means you’ll have more fun-filled memories to share together. To put simply, if you want your trailer to be good to you, be sure that you take proper care and maintenance by heart.


In this article, you have learned that the best boat trailer jack plays a very valuable role in raising or lowering various loads that come with distinct weights into the vessel. And, evidently, this is one of the reasons why it is critical to invest in topnotch quality boat trailer jack that could outstandingly execute what it was designed for.

Due to the fact that there are countless of available trailer jacks sold on the market today, we have selected some of the highly recognized units that you would find practical and convenient to be used for your towing requirements. Aside from this, these products are constructed from incredibly durable materials and are also coated with rust-proof materials. Learn more about the features of each trailer jack by carefully looking into the product reviews.

And, since they come with exceptional overall construction, they are sure to offer long-standing performance and service. This post certainly aims to help consumers purchase the suitable boat trailer jack that could make hitching or unhitching less stressful and time-consuming as possible.

You may begin having a closer look at the options below by unveiling their pros and cons through the products reviews, buying guides and other useful information tackled in this article. In so doing, you can ensure that you are on the right track.

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