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The Best Boat Trailer Lights for 2023

Fact checked by William Hart

Do you need to transport your boat to another location using a trailer? If yes, you will need to hook the trailer with lights for maximum visibility while on the road. And as you transfer the boat from the trailer back into the water, you will have to submerge the lights. If this is the case, then, you should consider investing in the best boat trailer lights designed efficiently both for land and open water environment.

Due to this repetitive action of transporting the boat to another location and back into the water, boat trailer lights seem to be the only lightning solution to safeguard the boat on any condition or setting. For this reason, I have created a comprehensive review of the top ten performing boat trailer lights, so that you can pick the best boat lighting product for your boat’s growing demands.

best boat trailer lights

Here are the ten brands of boat trailer lights that I have found in the market that stand out among other competing brands. Take time reading each product features and hopefully make a wise decision on which among these boat trailer lights can offer numerous applications.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

MaxxHaul 70205


Most Budget-Friendly

CZC Trailer Lights


Most Durable

Wellmax Trailer Lights


Table of Contents

Best Boat Trailer Light Reviews

1. MaxxHaul 70205 12V All LED Submersible Trailer Light

I have personally picked MaxxHaul 70205 Trailer light because it is the best submersible led boat trailer lights in the market due to popular demand. So, what I like about this waterproof trailer lights? Well, it comes with stop, tail and turns signal light, two amber clearance lights and wiring harness. Aside from that, the hardware is already included in the lighting kit, which I think is a money saver.

Now, how about its specs? MaxxHaul impressed me with its DOT-compliant LED lights because they can withstand underwater submersion. Its coating composition is made from copper-coated aluminum wires with anti-corrosion feature.

However, even though the wires are coated with quality copper, I find them to be inferior if compared with SeaSense tail lights marine grade wire. But, for its cheaper price, I consider this boat trailer lighting kit the best alternative for boat owners on a tight budget.

The power source of this particular lighting kit is via 12 voltage. Its lighting performance guarantees maximum visibility, last longer and passed Government standard transport requirements.

  • Inclusive in the lighting kit are stop, tail and turn signal lights, two (2) amber clearance lights
  • Color-coded pole wiring harness in 23 and 4-foot length (Product classification: Lighting/Electrical)
  • Guaranteed full visibility LED taillights as compared to ordinary incandescent bulbs
  • Compliance with DOT standards
  • Anti-corrosion housing
  • Cheaper than other trailer lights
  • Product comes with hardware for installation
  • Lighting source produces enough brightness
  • Wires are made from copper-plated material
  • Not as durable as other competitors with marine graded wires
If you will ask me, “Will I buy this lighting kit?”. On my careful assessment, if you have a limited budget this boat trailer lighting kit is a good value for money because it has been rated to be compliant with the DOT standards. For my understanding, this rating alone is sufficient enough to confirm that I am buying a product that passed with flying colors to perform.

2. CZC Auto 12V LED Submersible Trailer Lights

If you are on the lookout for boat trailer replacement lights for your boat trailer truck RV, I do recommend you consider CZC Auto 12V LED submersible boat trailer lights. Why? Let me give you a visual tour of this lighting kit.

First, this boat trailer lighting product boasts of seven functions on its left trailer light. It has stop, turn, tail, rear reflector, side reflector, side marker light and license plate light. The right trailer light six functions include stop/turn, tail/rear reflector, side reflector and side marker light. So, no need to buy additional lights because it got every lighting source you need.

Second, all diodes are LED and not made from incandescent bulbs. It also has superb lighting source for maximum visibility.

Third, approved by DOT standards to be compliant.

How about installation requirement? Well, I did find the CZC Auto 12V to have easy-to-follow installation procedure. In fact, you can simply replace your old lighting fixture with this and set to go at your final destination.

Just one downside I discovered during my thorough assessment of this boat trailer lighting kit, the housing and other fittings are not resistant to corrosion because it is only PCB sealed and the visible gap holes in the housing allow water to flow in freely, which I think would be the cause of damage or malfunction in the lighting source in the near future.
  • DOT compliant standard
  • The visibility is superb
  • All diodes are LED
  • They are easy to install
  • Fittings are not corrosion and rust-resistant
Will you buy it? If you want maximum visibility while transporting your boat from one location to another, this is the right product for you. Its diodes are all LED lights, assuring you get optimum lighting source even while traveling at night.

3. Wellmax 12V LED Trailer Lights

The next boat trailer light I reviewed to be included in the best LED trailer lights is Wellmax 12V LED. What features did I find impressive? It is fully packed with everything you want for a lighting system. This lighting kit comes with 12V LED lights (tail and turn signal). The hardware is made from stainless steel, so it can resist corrosion.

Is it a wise investment? Yes, the Wellmax is designed and built to provide lasting service. Its robust engineering built is capable of prolonged hours underwater submersion, while delivering adequate lighting source. This lighting kit claims to be functional in all types of weather conditions, making it the most durable trailer lights in the market.

What about quality? This boat trailer LED lighting kit has been rated to be 100% DOT FMVSS108 compliant, meaning it can be truly reliable for what it is intended for. So, if are about to transport your boat via trailer, you have peace of mind that this particular brand will provide full visibility and reduce the risks of property damage or injuries.

Is it cost-effective? Yes, the LED lights are expected to last longer than your traditional incandescent lights, with 30 to 40 times life expectancy. Imagine the money saved for not having replaced your trailer lights now and then.

Can it fit on any trailer size? This boat trailer is versatile because it can fit in most trailers with measurement of 80 inches in width. In fact, I think this is one of the best submersible boat trailer lights I encountered that has one-size-fits-all solution to most trailers with different sizes and shapes.

  • Has an impressive anti-corrosion feature
  • Highly durable with its tight sealed enclosure feature and lasting wear LED lights
  • Compatible to all trailers of varying sizes and shapes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not aesthetically appealing to the eyes
Is this the ideal boat trailer light for you? I do recommend this boat trailer light for a boat owner that prefers a lasting lighting device. The design and built of this particular brand is guaranteed to provide longer years of service with its anti-corrosion feature.

4. LED Store 6” Oval Red LED Trailer Tail Lights

Next on my review of the best trailer LED tail lights is the 6” Oval LED. So, what special features that made this lighting product included on my top ten performing boat trailer lights? Here’s detailed information of its specs and features:

Yes, this particular model and brand of boat trailer tail lights can fit on most heavy-duty vehicles like tractor, trailer or working truck. So, if you are planning to replace damaged trailer lights, this is the best lighting kit to consider.

Another special feature that makes this trailer tail light a must-have among boat owners is its all-weather proof characteristic. Its design, built and material composition can cope with all weather conditions.

I think this is the most dependable lighting buddy that you can use at night. Why? It has 10 super bright LED colored lights that can deliver full visibility at night.

Did you know you can install this trailer tail lighting kit in a few minutes? Yes, it is achievable and manageable with its easy installation requirement using a grommet. Wait, it also comes with space-saving connector with 12” wiring that will allow you to install without struggle even on tight or uneven spaces.

  • Certified to be compliant with SAE and DOT FMVSS-108
  • Comes with 10 LED colored lights
  • IP67 waterproof rated
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Inclusive in the lighting kit is the connector and grommet
  • Warranty coverage of 2 years
  • Functionalities: Parking/Turn/Brake for Amber and Red
  • Included in the product are 6” Oval light, 6” Oval Rubber Grommet, one 3-Pin connector and customer manual
  • They only work on 12 volts

Will you invest your money on this product? My answer is a big “Yes” with all these amazing features, easy installation and high visibility coverage even at night or abnormal weather condition (extremely foggy or torrential rains), it is designed to function and secure your boat from any potential damage while on transport, plus the LED lights are fully submersible in water with its IP67 waterproof rating score.

Will it work for you? As I have mentioned, whether you need a light replacement for your truck, trailer or RV, this lighting kit can fit instantly because it comes with space connector, perfect for tight space.

5. CZC Auto 12V LED Submersible Rectangular Trailer Light

For boat owners looking for the best trailer running lights I have the right lighting kit for you, the CZC LED Low Profile Rectangular. What can it offer?

Lighting kit comes with 2 combinations of submersible running/stop/tail/turn signal lights, license plate, bracket and mounting hardware for installation.

Waterproof performance? The lights are waterproof and can be submerged underwater. However, the lights are only sealed with PCB and not with exterior housing. So, expect the water to come and flow easily on the gaping holes.

How about its lighting performance? The LED taillights provide super-bright lighting source with guaranteed long service life. It has been approved by DOT standards to be compliant.

Can it fit on most marine vehicles? Yes, for marine towing vehicles under 80” or over because this lighting kit is equipped with stainless steel hardware.

  • They are waterproof and submersible
  • DOT approved standard
  • Super bright LED light
  • The wire is 18 Gauge 100% copper
  • The trailer lights are sealed only inside with PCB
Is it worth your money? Moneywise, I must say it is definitely an alternative option for any boat owner planning to replace existing old bulbs with LED trailer lights. This lighting kit is approved by DOT to passed quality and performance standards, plus it has excellent customer support. So, if you have concerns after purchase, you have a readily available customer representative to answer or resolve your complaint.

6. Partsam 12V Waterproof Square LED Trailer Light

In case you prefer a trailer light with compatibility to any form of towing vehicle, I found the right product for you, the Partsam 12V Square LED Trailer Light. It is applicable for under 80” truck or tractor. It can also be fitted on a dumper trailer, utility trailer, bus, camper trailer including a snowmobile.

When it comes to a number of diodes, the Partsam takes pride of having 15 diodes, a combination of stop/turn, tail side marker light with reflector -reflex reflector, side marker light and side reflex reflector.

How about installation? This lighting kit is easy to install. The details on the wiring are inclusive in the packaging.

Overall built based on my initial assessment exhibits excellent waterproofing. The product is tightly sealed with the acrylic lens designed to prevent water intrusion. When it comes to lighting performance, the LED lights can deliver quality lighting even in harsh weather condition. Aside from that this product has acquired DOT approval to pass transport standards.

What’s inclusive in the product? The product comes with one (1) pair lights, two (2) gaskets and four (4) screws.

  • IP68 waterproof rated
  • DOT compliant
  • It comes with the kit for easy and quick installation
  • Super bright LED lights
  • Not suitable for 24 voltage
Is this the best product for you? If you will seek my professional advice, I reckon this particular lighting kit would benefit anyone that uses numerous towing vehicles to transport boats from one area to another. It can be fitted on trucks, tractors, dumper trucks and other land transport vehicles with towing capabilities.

7. Partsam Red Clearance ID Bar Marker Light

Another amazing trailer marker Led light that bears the brand name of Partsam is the Red Clearance ID Bar Marker Light. What features that made this lighting kit on the top ten best submersible trailer lights? Here are some of the distinct features of Partsam Red Clearance:

Yes, this trailer light is versatile because it works well on most vehicles with 12volt power source. It can also be fitted on trucks, camper trailer, horse trailer, cargo trailer, RV and boat trailer.

This lighting kit comes with installation screws. Anyone with no DIY experience can install it right away without encountering a problem.

This trailer lighting kit has 9 LED lights, giving user supreme lighting performance on any weather condition or environment.

The entire weight of this product is approximately 104g, which I reckon is easy to carry and store when not in use.

The ID bar marker light is available in two colors, so anyone can freely select a color based on his or her personal preference. Its construction is rated IP68 waterproof, meaning it can cope with submersion underwater and exposure to external elements (snow, sand, dirt or dust). The product is DOT certified.

  • Universal fit because the bar is extendable
  • The black base is stainless steel
  • IP68 waterproof and sealed beam
  • DOT approved
  • Super bright LED light
  • It can only use on 12 volts power source
If you will ask me whether this boat trailer lighting kit is ideal for you or not, I think it would be a perfect lighting buddy for anyone boat owner that often moves his or her boat to another location. This boat trailer lighting product weighs less, so you would not have any issue of portability whenever you need to transport your boat from a towing vehicle to another place and back on the waters.

8. Wellmax 12V LED Trailer Lights

Another trailer light that caught my attention is the Wellmax 12V LED trailer lighting kit. Here’s what I discovered as I perform a thorough inspection of the product.

This indeed impressed me on initial glance because the Wellmax comes with complete lighting kit that can be up and running after a few minutes of installation. Inclusive in the kit are two (2) LED lights (tail/turn signal lights). All these materials included in the lighting kit have anti-corrosion feature.

The design and build of this boat trailer lighting kit guarantee lasting wear because it can withstand full submersion underwater setting. The wires are securely sealed with waterproofing material. In fact, this type of lighting kit is highly dependable and expected to work efficiently even on unpredictable weather conditions such as heavy rains, strong winds or snow.

This lighting kit has received DOT FMVSS108 approval. What does this mean to any user? When a lighting kit has been approved by DOT to be compliant to their quality and performance standards, it simply means the user is confident it will perform as promise whatever this product claims to deliver under any condition. For example, for safety, the lights can guarantee the safety of the boat against potential damage or limit the risk of injuries.

Is the product cost-effective? The Led lights promise to deliver lasting and quality lighting source of at least 30 to 40 times better than other conventional bulbs in the market. For a boat owner that values every money spent on any purchase made, this is a wise investment if you will compute the money saved for not having to replace lights often.

  • 100% DOT certified
  • Wire are waterproof because they are properly sealed
  • The lights are waterproof and can submerge in the water
  • Material used are corrosion resistant
  • Full trailer light kit
  • The gauge of the wires is smaller when compared with other brands
Should you consider buying this lighting kit product? If you will ask my personal opinion, I feel with its many features and passing the DOT standards this product will definitely help you transport your boat with ease to its final destination, plus any lighting kit with LED lights has better lighting performance than incandescent bulbs.

9. LED Store 15” Red 9-LED Trailer Light Bar

If you own a wider trailer measuring 80” or over, then, next on my list of trailer boat lights is a must-have, the Red 9-LED light bar. Why? Based on my evaluation, I feel this trailer light bar will work best for anyone towing the boat with a bigger trailer. I am sure if you are aiming for maximum visibility on the road this is the right lighting kit to invest.

Efficient performance? I must say any lighting kit that passed DOT standards is already a solid proof that the product you bought will perform its real purpose during the transport of your boat via a trailer. This product’s reflective lens has passed DOT standards to be compliant with the laws.

How about its waterproofing feature? This lighting kit has been rated with IP67 waterproof rating, which means it can sustain underwater submersion and not encounter any damage. Additional waterproofing is its water drainage notch at the mounting bracket.

What about overall built? This boat trailer lighting kit has solid built made from stainless steel. You can be assured that no substandard material has been used in the production of 15” Red trailer light bar. In fact, even the hardware for installation is made from stainless steel.

Does it require an expert installer? No, the installation process of this boat trailer lighting kit only has straightforward installation. All you need is connect the positive wire and ground wire, then, attached to the mounting brackets.

  • DOT FMVSS108 approved
  • Cutting edge waterproofing enclosure
  • Easy installation (connect only positive wire and ground wire and directly attach to mounting bracket)
  • Stainless steel built and hardware
  • Compatible for quick fit installation for towing vehicles more than 80” width
  • Inclusive in the product are 15” trailer ID Marker Light Bar, screws and instruction manual
Is this boat trailer lighting kit fits on your requirements? Based on my assessment on this product I think it would be suitable to any boat owner that values his or her money. Why? This lighting kit comes with many offers like DOT approved, stainless steel hardware and straightforward installation. However, the only factor that will prevent you from buying this product is its limitation on power source. It only draws power via 12volts.

10. Blazer C6285 Submersible Trailer Light Kit

Last on my top ten listed boat trailer lights is the Blazer C6285 Submersible Trailer Light.

What I like about this particular brand includes the following features:

First, it works effectively on towing vehicles under 80” width and over this measurement. It is also applicable not only on truck, but to a wider range of land transports such as camper trailer, motorcycle trailer including snowmobile.

Second, LED lights are waterproof, meaning the housing and lens are tightly sealed, preventing any water intrusion, moisture build-up and corrosion.

Third, the kit is readily up and running in a short time after installation. So, if you are in a hurry replacing your old bulbs with this lighting kit, rest assured you would not have to sweat it out during the installation process. Apart from that, this lighting kit has adjustable posts that will allow the user to install the lights even on a bent mount.

Fourth, an additional feature which I did not find on other brands I reviewed is its back-up light feature. Is that not a bonus for a picky customer that values a good deal? You have the luxury to have instant access to additional lighting when needed.

The only downside I think is that this add-on feature of back-up lighting feature is only suitable for late-model vehicles. If you have an older truck or utility trailer, then, you need to use a 7-blade to connect it with an adapter.
  • The light used the “Bell Jar Principle” protecting the bulb and socket from the water
  • The product is one of the best waterproof led boat trailer lights
  • The light lenses are sonically sealed
  • It works for 80-inches width towing vehicle
  • With super bright LED lights and easy to install
  • Not advisable for prolonged submersion underwater
Is this product worth buying? Well, for me it is a good deal for the many features it can offer. First, the light is inspired by the “Bell Jar Principle”, which means the light bulb including the socket is fully protected from water intrusion. The LED lights delivers super bright lighting source.

What to Look for When Buying a Boat Trailer Light


Whether your towing vehicle is a truck, camper, RV or a trailer to transport your boat to another fishing or boating location, you will need boat trailer lights for safety reason. It does not matter if you only want to replace your traditional bulbs with the latest LED lights or in search for boat trailer brake lights, the issue is how to choose the best lighting partner. Here are a few guidelines on what to look for when shopping around.

  • Which lights do you need?

This is one of your biggest concern when buying a boat lighting kit for your towing vehicle, the type of lights that you need and approved by law. For example, if you have a trailer truck with less than 80” wide, the required lights are either stop lights, tail lights, turn signal lights, side marker lights and side/rear reflectors. But, if your towing vehicles exceed 80” wide, then, you have to take into account the clearance. This is why you need to invest on clearance lights that can be placed on both sides of the towing vehicle, plus three red identification lights at the end part of the trailer.

  • How rugged are the lights?

When I say rugged, it refers to the overall built and construction material used for the production of boat trailer lights. Keep in mind, these lights will be exposed to a lot of beating while transporting the boat to its target location. Expect grime, dirt, uneven and bumpy road to hit your trailer. It is practical and economical to invest in boat trailer lights that can cope with these external elements and remain sturdy. A brand of boat trailer lights that has special features like anti-corrosion, IP67 rating and DOT approved is a guarantee of lasting wear.

  • How hard are they to install?

Yes, installation requirement is another important factor to consider when buying trailer boat lights. If the lighting kit requires buying additional hardware to install it or has a complex wiring system and need an expert installer, then, all these things need to be considered. I do advice any boat owner to invest in a lighting kit that has an easy-to-follow installation process with the hardware inclusive in the product.

  • Are the lights waterproof?

Yes, the lighting kit you plan to buy should have excellent waterproofing features such as tightly sealed LED lights to lessen incident of water intrusion or moisture development. Lights with housing construction made from marine grade material is a good deal because it assures you that your lighting kit is corrosion and rust-resistant.

  • Wiring

The wiring length available in a lighting kit should be enough to completely wire the entire trailer. If a product has insufficient wiring, this would be a problem for anyone towing a boat via a heavy-duty truck with over 80” wide. You will need to buy additional wiring for installation before you can be up on the road.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a boat trailer light?

A boat trailer lighting product is usually the type of light you normally see behind the back of a towing vehicle like a trailer. With a trailer boat lighting kit, anyone transporting a boat is increasing the risk of damage or physical injury. Trailer boat lights must be corrosion resistant because they are constantly exposed to water including saltwater environment as well as harsh weather conditions.

How does it work?

Boat trailer lights will function well if properly connected with wiring system into the trailer and towing vehicle. In order to enjoy fully functional lights, they have to be installed as per instruction on the product’s manual.

What are the different types of boat trailer lights?

Boat trailer lights come in various shapes and types. Some lighting kits may perform different applications while others offer a combination of functionalities.

  • Shape of the light

What do you need? Rectangular shaped trailer lights or low-profile lights are among your choices. If you are to ask me the rectangular lights are highly recommended for trailers. The low-profile lights are most likely not to bump with curbs, signage post and other objects that may obstruct the road.

  • Type

Trailer lights also come in numerous types. You may come across tail lights, turn signal lights as well as stop lights. These types of lights may come as separate modules, but in other brands of boat trailer lights, they can have multiple lights built-in one model like trailer lights may have a light module for the right side and another on the left side of the trailer. Other premium brands may have license plate lights, clearance lights, tail/stoplights, signal warning lights including back-up lights.

Why do you need a boat trailer light?

You will need a boat trailer lighting kit if you have plans to transport your boat via a trailer or towing vehicle. It is required by law, especially the government for anyone traveling on the road with a towed boat to have appropriate lighting to prevent accidents and third-party liability claim in the event of a major road accident or bad weather condition.

Trailer boat lights increased the safety, both for the person driving the towed boat on a trailer and boat itself against unavoidable events that could lead to damages on property or injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted boat trailer light brands?

Here’s a list of the most trusted brands of boat trailer lights available in the market:

  • MaxxHaul
  • Wellmax
  • CZC Auto
  • Partsam
  • Blazer

These brands have undergone quality assurance tests and been approved by DOT to be compliant with standards required by law.

Are boat trailer lights water resistant or waterproof?

Not all lights are alike when it comes to water resistant or waterproofing feature. Some brands boats of producing lights with lights sealed securely in waterproof capsules. Other brands are built with corrosion-resistant or ability to withstand saltwater or marine environment. A top-performing brand of boat trailer lights should have at least IP65 or IP67 waterproof rating in order to perform well underwater submersion. If none of this waterproofing feature appears on the product’s packaging or reviews, then, you have to search for the best trailer lights with superior waterproof traits.

How to install and use?

Installation of boat trailer lights differs from one brand to another. But, most of the boat trailer lights I have included on this top ten products all follow an easy installation process. In fact, even if you have no electrical skills can follow through the manual instruction provided in the packaging.

How to care and clean?

Lengthening the service life of your trailer boat lights depend on how you care, maintain and clean them. Follow strictly the user’s manual on how to clean and maintain the good condition of your newly bought trailer lights. Be sure to use only recommended cleaning products to avoid damaging the lens as well as the trailer lights wiring system. If you noticed worn or damaged wires or dimming of lights, do the needed replacement immediately to enjoy a fully functional trailer boat light.

What is the warranty coverage?

Warranty coverage of boat trailer lights varies depending on the manufacturer’s policy on warranty. They are brands that provide a minimum of one-year warranty, while premium brands may provide longer warranty coverage of up to 3 years maximum.

Where to buy?

Trailer boat lights can be bought via a trusted online shopping site Amazon. Accessories are also sold separately to match every boat owner’s lighting needs. When buying online only transact with an online shop that has a good reputation for selling only authentic and legally approved trailer boat lights.


I do hope this comprehensive review I made on top ten best boat trailer lights is sufficient enough to help you make an informed decision. Trailer boat lights come in various shapes, types and lighting performance. If you are still undecided which among the above products reviewed is the right one for you, go over and pay close attention to every detail I have discussed on each brand. You may look into each brand’s pros and cons added special features and compatibility to most towing vehicles.

With all these facts carefully presented on your end, I am sure you by the time you finish reading this post you have finally made a wise selection of which brand and type of boat trailer lighting kit matches your needs and budget.

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