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The Best Boat Trailer Tires for 2023

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You would probably agree with the fact that tires are not always perceived as the most engrossing products to shop for. In reality, people barely think about them; however, this should not be the case if you want to ensure your protection and superior performance for your vehicle or boat trailer. In this post, you can explore why it is imperative to invest in the best boat trailer tires.

When shopping for trailer tires for your boat, it is important to prioritize their reliability, functionality, and durability. This is because when a tire fails, it could definitely wreck not only your day but your total mood and experience.

best tires for boat trailers

The most outstanding marine trailer tires should be adept at coping with the harsh saltwater environment and capable of withstanding a huge capacity. And, since tires execute very vital roles, you should seriously consider several key features such as design, traction, size and the like. That said, it only proves to say that making the most appropriate and well-informed choice is not always smooth sailing.

Continue delving into the practical shopping guides below and reckon with the product reviews shared in this article so that you can choose and spend wisely on a suitable boat trailer tire that would meet your requirements and satisfy your expectations.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

 Wheels Express Wheels


Best Value

Goodyear Endurance Tire


Most Budget-Friendly

 MaxAuto Trailer Tires


Table of Contents

Best Boat Trailer Tire Reviews of 2023

1. Wheels Express Inc 13″ Boat Trailer Utility White Spoke 5×4.5 Trailer Wheels

If you’re going to check some spare boat trailer tire options, you will discover that this model is a worthwhile investment that won’t leave you feeling dismayed. It is built solidly so it can assure you that it can perform to the maximum for a longer period of time. Thus, if you are the type who is into wild and foolhardy adventures, then this could be your perfect companion.

Without any doubt, if you prefer tires that would look and work perfectly for a utility trailer, then this is it. The tire and wheel combo would absolutely work quite fine for a vessel trailer too. This is sold at a decent price and it won’t force you to spend extravagantly for a good quality tire that could exceed your expectations.

Be that as it may, a few factors that give these tires minus points are the paint of the rim is prone to get chipped easily and you need to be careful when getting this tire because it won’t precisely fit to most standard models.
  • Made to be super durable for extended usage
  • Already comes with a rim once bought
  • Ideal partner even in most rugged and wildest adventures
  • Built with excellent load range
  • Designed with a number of ply layers
  • Rim paint is prone to getting chipped instantly
  • Would not fit well to most standard versions
Laid on the line, these tires and rims can perform at their best always. These can be utilized on a one-ton capacity trailer that hauls ATV to different stations and these simply imply that it could be reliable in countless on and off road applications. Such a product is the perfect replacement for those with age-old trailers that come with components that are a little hard to locate in stores.

2. Goodyear Endurance all Season Radial Tire

Goodyear is always a highly reputable brand when it comes to heavy-duty boat trailer tires. And, while it is true that they are priced a little higher, you are assured of getting what you actually pay for.

These tires are designed with rounded profile that considerably assists in cushioning the trailer’s ride. In like manner, it comes with proportional tread design with intimately spaced ribs that offer steady rubber-to-road contact for smooth tracking and also to ensure long-standing wear and reliable highway stability.

Meanwhile, a couple of flaws that come with these boat trailer tires are its slightly overpriced selling cost which is more expensive than other similar choices sold on the market these days; and these are not intended for car and light trucks use.
  • Can offer very supreme scuff protection
  • Guarantees more excellent load class and speed rating
  • Constructed with tough fabric-steel built
  • Built with hauler as well as trailer design
  • Adept at protecting tire sidewall from instant ravages of time
  • Not designed for light trucks and car applications
  • A little pricey as compared to its competitors
This model can be utilized for vessel trailers, pop-up campers, toy haulers, travel trailers and fifth wheels. Such tires are built with superior durability that significantly aid make towing a trailer a painless task to manage. This is made possible by minimizing impact-related issues encountered while in use. It is made with well-enhanced sturdiness and carrying capacity while working adeptly in staying adaptable with common tire inflation stations as well as tire pressure monitoring systems

3. MaxAuto Set of 2 4.80-8 Highway Boat Motorcycle Trailer Tires

Please be reminded that before purchasing this tire, you’ve got to refer to the trailer tire load range chart first. This is for you to examine the size of the original tire on your boat or vehicle and make it a point that the size of the tire to be bought is appropriate. Many consumers ended up buying the wrong one because they ignore the importance of checking first.

If you’re going to observe carefully, you would see that the tires look awesome and are mounted effortlessly on the wheels. The tires are built using excellent quality rubber materials, world-class craftsmanship and guarantees satisfying performance. They are user-friendly as they can be installed in a snap. These are actually famous for having sturdy, powerful and sleek rolling 6PR design.

Even so, there are a couple of bad marks to look into if you are eyeing to get this vessel trailer tire for your watercraft and these include its potentiality not to offer the accurate fit particularly if you did not check the size of the old tire that you’re replacing and if you buy multiple tires, expect the shipping to be delayed since these would be shipped differently.
  • Comes with dependable, powerful and sleek rolling 6PR design
  • Built with premium class rubber material and outstanding craftsmanship
  • Enables trailers to guarantee superior performance
  • A piece of cake to set up
  • Guarantees exceptional quality and reliability
  • Frequently packed in multiple packages so shipping may be delayed
  • May sometimes fail to offer the perfect fit
In the long run, this is the best bang for the money. This model functions outstandingly for a utility trailer. It would definitely serve as a very suitable replacement and comes with a load range C at an existing load range B selling cost. As you can see, it appears to be the appropriate tire sold at the right price tag. It is a child’s play to install and can function just as advertised.

4. Freestar M-108+ Trailer Radial Tire

Do you find it hard to hunt for the best bass boat trailer tires? Are you feeling confused because there are limitless selections for you to verify? Then, why not give this model the opportunity to prove its worth to your tire requirements?

Such product is A1 at spooning on easy the beads are capable of seating nicely, and it also comes with deep tread. If you own a camper, this can be a great choice. You can get it at an affordable selling cost yet the quality is dependable. You won’t have issues with this because it can offer well-improved traction in both parched and drenched conditions.

Still and all, you’ve got to be reminded that this vessel trailer tire was reported to be more susceptible to some leak issues, and as for its longevity and durability, you have yet to find if it could withstand the test of time. See to it to consider these frailties before deciding to get one.
  • Ideal use for towing and high load capacity trailers
  • Perfect tire option for bass boat trailers
  • Built with more improved traction in both dry and drenched conditions
  • Manufactured with uncomplicated design and black sidewall
  • Mounts without much difficulty
  • Durability and longevity is questionable
  • Prone to leak issues
On the whole, this vessel trailer tire is the real deal. Owning it does not need to break the bank. It is designed with profound grooves that are meant to drive water out to guarantee more enhanced performance. This is built with less complex design and black sidewall. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal choice for trailers that come with superior load capacity and frequently used for towing. Furthermore, this is a great tire if you are searching for the one that could work well for bass tracker vessel trailer.

5. Power King GVM20 Boat II LP Trailer Bias Tire

If you want to get the most appropriate vessel trailer tire for your watercraft, then you need to check carefully some boat trailer tire sizes. As you know, many consumers were disappointed buying the wrong option because they fail to check the size of the tire they need to replace.

This model is great for anyone who owns small or medium trailer. If you’re going to check it closely, you will notice that it is crafted with bias ply construction which is definitely intended to provide much needed support and more excellent handling. The tires looks stunning and you’ll adore the way they roll while in use.

Please bear in mind that two factors that give this product weak points are its tendency to bring about leakage concerns once used for a few months and it seems that it was cheaply built so its durability is questionable.
  • Constructed with avant-garde tubeless design
  • Practical to utilize for small to medium-sized type of trailers
  • Can be availed in a decent selling cost
  • Designed with bias ply built to ensure additional support and sterling handling
  • Can roll fine and looks good
  • Appears to be built with poor quality
  • May have leak problems in the long run
Finally, this vessel trailer size is a good purchase that won’t leave you feeling discouraged. It is not that expensive and comes with fascinating look and is adept at rolling just fine. This is an ideal pick for campers. The tires are not susceptible to going flat even after several months of usage. And, these do not produce vibrating or irking sounds too.

6. Tredit 205/75D14 Trailer Tire

Assuredly, you won’t go wrong when shopping for the right vessel trailer tire for your needs if you exhaustively go over some boat trailer tire reviews. In so doing, you will be insightful of the must-have features to look for and you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each product. That said, it would be easier to narrow down your choices and get the best match for your preference.

A few downsides that must be taken into consideration if you decide to get this boat trailer tire are its rim that appears to have a sloppy job on the finish and it looks more susceptible to getting easily rusted than expected.

  • Comes with a tire weight rating of a total of 1,760 pounds
  • Functions exceptionally with top-drawer vessel trailer brands
  • Appropriate for most second to none cargo and utility trailer manufacturers
  • Sold at a decent price that guarantees great value
  • Maximum pressure amounts to a total of 50 PSI
  • Seems to be more prone to developing rust easily
  • Rim comes with messy job on the finish
On the button, this trailer tire for watercraft is very economical. It comes with nice looking rims as they are galvanized. This offers perfect fit to trailers and the tires look great as well. It is especially designed to function excellently for vessel trailers that show no indications of wearing away. For the price, this can be regarded as one of the A1 replacement tires for a boat.

7. Roadstar 2 New Trailer Tire + Lug White Wheel

Needless to say, for you not to have serious concerns about boat trailer tire pressure, then you’ve got to ensure that you choose premium quality tires that are designed to serve their purpose. Luckily, this product is a nice choice that could fit your requirements when looking for reliable and functional tires.

Many people who have used these boat trailer tires have actually attested to their functionality, dependability, and perfect fit. They can serve as highly practical vessel trailer replacements and you could witness for yourself that they are indeed superb quality rims and tires for the price. If you are looking for a trouble-free fit, good quality, and economical selling cost, then this is the best bet for your needs.

For all that, you also need to learn about the minor gripes of this vessel trailer tire and these are its not being suitable to use for vehicular applications and it comes with very thin coating inside. This would make you think if it could last for many years of usage.
  • Already inflated to preferred PSI once bought
  • Offered at cost-effective selling price
  • Good-looking and functional wheels
  • Can guarantee smooth and less troublesome ride experience
  • Bolt circle tires fit perfectly
  • Comes with very thin inner coating
  • Not appropriate to utilize for vehicular applications
Ultimately, this boat trailer tire is exquisite and it is already inflated to preferred PSI. More than that, the bolt circle tires are great and are capable of fitting the trailer without any trouble. It is cost-effective in that you already get two packs once purchased so you can set aside more pennies. And, the best of all, you would be guaranteed of having awesome wheels that look fascinating and superb at riding smoothly. It cannot be questioned that such product makes a great value for the money.

8. Roadstar Set of 2 Trailer Tire + Rim 13″ White Spoke Trailer Wheel

If you are wondering what appropriate boat trailer tires to buy, then you can check out what this product can offer you. This is plain sailing to replace which means it does not make you suffer since the tires are already mounted and well ready to go.

The wheels are manufactured with super sturdy white finish and could fit without any hassle. These surely serve as excellent upgrades to a vessel trailer and there’s an exquisite deep tread in them so you could expect a wonderful life from them.

Nonetheless, while this boat trailer tire is made with top quality and comes with an affordable price tag, a couple of glitches that can be seen are its rims that seem more susceptible to getting rusted and it may necessitate a few minor fender modifications upon application.
  • Specifically manufactured for a broad array of utility, cargo as well as boat trailers
  • Adaptable with many renowned watercraft trailer brands like Yamaha and Triton Triumph Warrior
  • Built as ST175/80D13
  • Adaptable with well-known cargo and trailer brands like Wells Cargo and PJ trailers
  • Well-constructed and fits perfectly
  • Tire rims tend to rust easily
  • May call for a few minor fender modifications
In a nutshell, these radial boat trailer tires are unbeatable in terms of price, performance, and durable construction. They come ready to bolt on and they function as expected. And, the best of all, you don’t need to spend more because you can obtain two for the price of one. Installation is not that complicated to deal with and these would surely execute a good job of improving the appearance of the camper.

9. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

Are you currently on the hunt for boat trailer tires for long-distance? If yes, then this version could be one of your most practical choices to consider. This is actually built for long or short-distance applications with trailers specifically those utilized for utility, towable RVs, boating, horse and stock, toy haulers, cargo, and the like. It is adaptable with famous vessel trailer and utility and cargo trailer brands.

Please be guided that as for the sizes of the vessel trailer tire, it is suggested to look into the current trailer owner’s manual or tire sidewall to figure out the suitable load capacity and tire size for your usage. Also, keep in mind that this product is merely load range D tire only once purchased and does not come with wheel when bought.

Two factors that would partly make you think twice whether these Carlisle trailer tires are worth a try or not are its lower load range tires that were reported to have some failure problems and; once bought, this boat trailer tire does not include the wheel so there’s an additional cost for you to pay for.
  • Built for long or short distance use with utility, cargo, vessel trailers and the like
  • Superb at riding smoothly and can deliver exceptionally as compared to average sturdiness
  • Constructed with load range F availability
  • Makes use of distinctive heat and wear-proof rubber tread compound that are equipped with high-tensile steel belts
  • Designed with L or M speed ratings to guarantee superior speeds on the highway
  • Does not include the wheel once purchased
  • Lower load range tires are prone to some failure concerns
In summary, Carlisle boat trailer tires are good catch given they are built with distinctive heat and wear-proof rubber tread compound that is furnished with high-tensile steel belts which are meant to offer a minimized rolling resistance and heightened resistance to impact They are ideal for a broad array of trailers and works superbly for both short and long distances. Undeniably, they are risk-free and sturdier options than other rivals.

10. eCustomRim 2-Pk Trailer Tire Rim

Are you searching to invest in the best trailer tires for boats? If so, this model can be one of the top-rated picks for you to look over. This works well with countless of highly acclaimed boat, cargo and utility trailer brands.

Hence, you can pick from a number of highly trusted manufacturers that could offer you nothing but exceptional performance. What makes them a good purchase are the flexible sidewalls that help shield the tire’s interior to guarantee long-standing capabilities.

Notwithstanding, a few defects that you should seriously inspect if you want to invest in this product are its being prone to sidewall and fitting issues. At times, you may encounter problems fitting the tire onto specific trailers, so be sure to check this thoroughly.
  • Especially crafted with very flexible sidewalls for more added protection
  • Comes in reasonable selling cost
  • Includes two pack once purchased
  • Manufactured from incredibly durable materials for more toughness
  • Also comes with the rim once bought
  • May bring about some fitting issues with the tire
  • Some users experienced a few sidewall problems
As a whole, these vessel trailer tires are very economical. They come with two packs which makes them perfect for those who are short in budget. Aside from helping you save some pennies, these are particularly manufactured to resist even the most rugged weather conditions such as winter season. Such tires are very reliable since they don’t wobble in harsh conditions.

11. SuperCargo ST Radial Trailer Radial Tire

This tire for boat trailers could work adeptly with many highly recognized cargo, vessel and utility trailers. So, if you own one of the most famous brands, then this model can be practically utilized for your purpose. As a matter of fact, they are perceived to be more risk-free to use as compared to other bias ply tires. Indeed, they appear to be well-crafted and serve as a very beneficial replacement for old boat trailer tires.

On the other hand, please note a few of the shortcomings that can be experienced if you buy this boat trailer tire and these comprise of its not being practical for harsh weather conditions like Winter and many people who have utilized such tires encountered some failure problems.

  • Comes with a tire weight rating of a total of 1,360 pounds
  • Capable of providing topnotch dry and drenched traction
  • Offered at a reasonable selling cost
  • Can guarantee stability even under superior speeds on the highway
  • Maximum pressure amounts to 50 PSI
  • May be subjected to some failure concerns
  • Not the ideal choice for rugged weather conditions
Generally speaking, it is surprising that it is still possible to get premium quality boat trailer tire in a price that won’t put a big hole in your pocket nowadays. If you are searching for that type of trailer tire for your vessel, then this would make a great investment that you won’t ever regret. It is less expensive yet it can deliver superior performance that can only be experienced in high-end options.

12. Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

Unquestionably, it is often times daunting to shop for the best tires for boat trailers given there are lots of manufacturers claiming to be second to none in that field. Well, for you to end up getting the right match for your requirements, you’ve got to learn more about the brand and product first. And, you can start by taking a closer look at this vessel trailer tire model.

Howbeit, a few minor concerns that you need to unveil prior to getting this vessel trailer tire are its not being made to withstand heat and you will need to buy the rim separately since this is not included in the package once bought.

  • Manufactured with nylon overlay built on all sizes
  • Designed with center groove to guarantee stability and constant tracking
  • Reasonably priced making it certified budget-friendly
  • Available in different sizes and load capacity
  • Renowned for its well-enhanced shoulder design
  • Rim must be bought separately
  • Not designed to be heat resistant
Right to it, this is ideal pick for play or work applications. And, since it is built with nylon overlay construction, you can rest assure that they are crafted to be solid and tough and can fight off harsh weather conditions and long-distance highway driving. What make it a standout are its first-class quality materials and it also features quick heat dissipation that helps tires last for a longer period of time. In reality, this is quite popular for being capable at handling bulky loads without much effort.

What to Look for When Buying Boat Trailer Tire


When shopping for trailer tires for your boat, the following buying guides must be carefully looked over:

  • Weight. This is a very indispensable consideration because having a trailer means having to transit something that’s going to be bulky. So, it is critical be aware of how bulky it is and whether the tire that you’re planning to buy could support it.

In general, the larger the tire is, the more weight it could support. However, there are some tires that are good at supporting weight as compared to other options.

  • Traction. This is linked with how the tires would perform and is commonly demonstrated by the type of material, size of the wheel as well as the grooves in the tire. Not to mention, you prefer to pick a tire that would perform excellently even when you are towing a considerable weight in order for you to conveniently transit your trailer.
  • Type. There are two kinds of trailer tires and these include the radial tires and bias ply tires. The former comes with steel belts that run underneath the tire tread that provides them a generous amount of stability and strength. These are known to produce less amount of heat; as result, these encourage longevity.

Meanwhile, the latter comes with plies that come in 30-degree angle. It is worth mentioning that this crosshatch built could frequently convey that the sidewalls are quite vigorous. These are less expensive but the tread does not last for a longer period of time.

  • Design. Basically, the type and design of a tire could make a huge difference on the tread wear. As what was mentioned, radial design is more capable of providing superior level of tire wear while the bias ply design can provide more sidewall shield. It is crucial to invest in a premium quality product since oxidation could bring about serious cause of trailer tire wear.
  • Size. Surely, everything would only be useless if it does not fit accurately. Always check the numbers of the tire profile. For example, 225/75/R15; the first number refers to the tire width in millimeters, while the next number pertains to the height to width and the letter R refers to the kind of tire and the final number is the wheel’s diameter.

When it comes to a trailer, more than just a single tire size would fit; thus, it is essential to carefully look into your available choices. Evidently, all the tires on a trailer must be the same size.

  • Inflation pressure. Having the suitable pressure when inflating your tire is quite vital in order to obtain the most superior level of performance. Please be guided that on each tire, the ideal PSI would be indicated and it is necessary to inspect this after you purchase your tire as this would have large impact to its capability to take care of the particular weight that it is intended to carry.

Bear in mind that it is highly suggested to always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Strength. Without any question, it is critical for tires to be solid and vigorous. Surely, this is specifically vital with trailers as the weight that is on the tire would put on extra pressure to the side wall. Indeed, this is the reason why you must guarantee that your tires are capable of holding the weight that you are towing.
  • Sidewall code. This pertains to the profile of the sidewall of the tire that includes the diameter, ratio and width. Aside from all these, there are other details indicated there such as the date they were manufactured and the speed rating. As you can see, these are all valuable in choosing the most suitable tire and this helps you be insightful of the date it must be replaced.
  • Max load and load rating. It is fundamental to examine both the weight that the tire could handle as well as the weight of the load you would carry. That way, you would be able to transit that weight without any major problems.
  • Longevity. It is certainly tough to discern which type of tire could last a long period of time. This is actually one of the many reasons why it is necessary to go over some product reviews to learn more about other customers’ feedbacks and testimonials. A product that is comprehensively reviewed would definitely give you peace of mind that you are making the suitable option.
  • Speed. The tire you invest in would come with a certain speed rating wherein it indicates the speed that it could travel prior it begins to lose its strength and balance. Hence, it is vital to inspect this prior to heading out on the road.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a boat trailer tire?

Boat trailer tires are manufactured having “ST” on the sidewall or they are indicated as for trailer application purposes only. These are not similar with the tires on vehicles and the difference is that they are crafted with strengthened sidewalls that are especially intended to help handle the weight of the vessel particularly when rounding corners.

Generally speaking, there are two types of boat trailer tires and these include radial or bias ply trailer tires.

How does it work?

Boat trailer tires are specially built to provide maximum support to a load behind a tow vehicle. And, it is not intended to offer a smooth ride for travelers. These are rated for the greatest amount of weight they could carry at highest air pressure.

What are the different types of boat trailer tires?

There are two kinds of trailer tires and these comprise of bias ply tire and radial tire. The primary distinction between them is the manner they are built. In addition to this, the connections within a bias ply tire operate at a thirty-degree angle going to the path of travel, meanwhile the connections on a radial tire operates across the tire from the lip of the wheel to the lip of the wheel, or at a ninety-degree angle.

  • Bias ply trailer tires. These are designed with stiffer and more strengthened sidewalls that make them practical to be utilized for agricultural applications where there is no need to consume most of your time on the highway.

These are cheaper; on the other hand, the tread is not for longer-term use.

  • Radial tires. These are capable of flexing more and are adept at offering more exceptional traction, ground contact, tread wear and stability. They naturally run cooler as compared to a bias ply so they tend to last longer.

These are perfect pick for highway use; hence, they are most preferred by campers and contemporary trailers.

Always take into consideration that such types of boat trailer tires are not intended to be mixed. Essentially, combining the two kinds on the same trailer could bring about unbalanced wear and some tracking issues.

Why do you need trailer tires for boats? (Benefits)

Boat trailer tires are particularly crafted for trailers’ requirements. Their strengthened sidewalls considerably aid in warding off the rig from moving back and forth. In the same way, their steady load capacity is critical and come with ten percent more load capacity as compared to light truck tires and forty percent than passenger vehicles.

They are great investments in that they are specifically built for trailer wheels. Boat trailer tires are also narrower unlike those on vehicles and are designed with shallower treads so they are not prone to shaking back and forth. These assist in enhancing tow vehicle’s fuel economy and can ensure smoother and cooler run.

In like manner, many different models of boat trailer tires are manufactured with efficient heat dissipation technology that allows them to wear fairly and ensure a more extended tread lifespan. They can also guarantee super durable and superior performance no matter how rugged or tough the road conditions are. And, these allow them to efficiently carry any weight in a vessel trailer.

As you can see, with the appropriate trailer tires for your boat, you would be able to tow and easily take along whatever it is that needs to be carried without any obstacle.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted boat trailer tire brands?

When buying boat trailer tires, it is imperative to pick the one that is solidly built, can handle the weight it needs to carry and can ensure a safe travel. So, it is important to get the one that is manufactured by a trustworthy brand that are known for providing what their customers truly deserve.

Fortunately, when it comes to boat trailer tires, some of the most credible and reliable manufacturers are found in Amazon. Moreover, if you are looking for products that won’t fail your expectations, be sure to check out the following brands:

  • Goodyear
  • eCustomRim
  • Carlisle
  • MaxAuto
  • SuperCargo

To learn more about these manufacturers, you can check out some customer reviews regarding the products they manufacture. This way, you can pick the one that could offer you what you are searching for in a boat trailer tire and accessories.

What size boat trailer tire do I need?

When it comes to the size of the boat trailer tire, of course always make it a point that a trailer fits your vessel accurately. For vessels below 8′ 6″ in beam (those referred to as trailerable vessels), it is useful to consider the weight and the length.

Weight pertains to more than just the spec sheet claims of the manufacturer. It is necessary to be well-aware of the wet weight of the watercraft since it accounts for fuel which is 8.5 lbs. per gallon and water which is 6.5 lbs. per gallon. Aside from these, you also need to consider other factors such as gears, batteries and some add-ons that are carried on board.

Meanwhile, watercraft below 3,500 lbs. could commonly be hauled with one axle trailer and those more than 3,500 lbs. are best handled by a double-axle model.

As for the length, this must be gauged from the lattermost point at the front of the boat to the end of the frame’s running surface.

How to install and use?

Installing the vessel trailer tires is not complex at all if you’re insightful of the proper procedure on how to do so and if you have the proper equipment to execute the job.

Here are a few steps on installing or replacing boat trailer tires:

  • Place the trailer jack below the vessel trailer. Then, start jacking the vessel trailer up till the tire reached a few inches from the terrain. See to it that the jack is put solidly. Consider securing it with the aid of a jack stand in order to avoid any unfortunate incident to take place.
  • To remove the nuts, you will need to utilize the lug nut wrench. From there, you could thoroughly lift all the lug nuts that carry the tires in place. Store these lug nuts for future reference.
  • When you have already unscrewed all the lug nuts, carefully lift the tires from the vessel trailer. Be sure to remove all the air from the vessel trailer tires through simply lifting the valve core.
  •  Afterward, it is high time to remove the tires from the wheel. First, you’ll need to place the tires on its side, and then gradually drift the tire iron below the tires’ lip. Pull the tire off by means of maneuvering the tire iron in an upward mode. Keep on working on the vessel trailer tires till you have them totally off the wheel.
  • Lastly, place the tire on the above portion of the wheel and pull the lip of the tires to the side of the wheel. At the time the tire is already in proper place, change the valve core and utilize an air compressor to supply the tires with air. Then, change the vessel trailer tires on the trailer and lower the jack.

What is the warranty?

If you want to get customer protection when buying boat trailer tires online, then you’ve to pick the one that is supported by a warranty. As you know, tires are costly investment so you certainly would not want to end up getting a faulty product that won’t live up to your expectations.

To learn more about the product warranty of the boat trailer tire you are planning to purchase, you may check out its product description. If not indicated there, you can directly get in touch with the manufacturer and ask some questions before making the final shopping decision.

It is wise to choose a boat trailer tire that is backed up by a warranty so that issues regarding the product bought can be resolved sooner and to avoid future problems.

Where to buy?

It can be true that shopping for boat trailer tires is no fun. But, you can start your search for a number of selections by visiting local tires, rims and wheel stores in your area. If you don’t feel like going to local stores, then you can refer to some of the most trusted online shopping sites.

It is all thanks to the emergence of internet; life became more convenient and so is shopping for various products like boat trailer tires. Surely, it is more advantageous to shop online given you are provided with countless of choices to look for without the need to leave your doorstep. And, there are even some special discounts and promos that you could avail of when shopping from legit and world-class online shopping sites like Amazon.

How to care and maintain?

Once you have purchased the ideal pair of trailer tires for your vessel, it is significant to bear a few things in mind when looking after and maintaining them.

Here are some of the ways on how you could properly use, take care of and maintain your trailer tires for your watercraft:

  • Make sure that they do not go beyond speeds of a total of a hundred kilometers per hour. Otherwise, this could result to tire breakdown which could be risky. It is not advised to load up the vessel with additional weight during transit especially when traveling on high speed highways.

Please note that maneuvering any bulky load from the vessel to the rear section of a vehicle itself certainly enables your trailer tires to hold off a little higher speed for a longer time.

  • Besides, it is a must to take better protection for your vessel trailer tires in the coldest seasons and other seasons when it’s not in use. You can protect it from harmful UV light by covering with high quality tarp or buying wheel covers that are meant for that purpose.
  • It is necessary to pivot and readjust the vessel trailer tires just like when dealing with a truck or vehicle. To aid in balancing irregular tread wear and prolong the lifespan of your tire, consider rotating the tires side to side on one axel trailer.
  • Meanwhile, the standard X rotation must be in proper order on a dual-axle. This is especially essential when you observe that unusual corrosion patterns are emerging in the tread.

Take in mind that even though boat trailer tires are properly kept in a controlled garage environment, whether you like it or not, these would be subject to flat spotting as well as dry rot. And, sometimes, even they look in good condition on its outside appearance; it is still advisable to replace the tires once when they are roughly five by up to six years old. Alternatively, they must also be replaced if they have already run the tires approximately ten thousand by up to twelve thousand miles.


Overall, as what you have uncovered in this article, investing in the best boat trailer tires is absolutely more than meets the eye. With the product reviews exhaustively tackled in this post as well as the useful shopping techniques, you will have no reason to end up choosing the one that won’t meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Basically, the most substantial factor is to make an intelligent decision. And, hinging on the amount of money you’re more than willing spend for a top quality tire, you could always opt for the most superb quality option since this would provide you the peace of mind of a more exciting, risk-free and convenient travel.

When shopping for the right boat trailer tire for you, see to it to look into the valuable qualities described above prior to making the final buying decision. This post aims to assist you to ensure that you are not wasting money and time with poorly built trailer tires for your watercraft.

Be reminded that shopping for boat trailer tires can be a challenging task; nonetheless, it is impractical to rush. Always carefully ponder on the upsides and downsides of every product reviewed in this article and meticulously check out their features and decide if these match your needs and preference. Needless to say, it is always wise to be in the know when shopping!

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