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The Best Boat Trailer Wiring Harnesses for 2023

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Over and above, any vehicle hauling a trailer especially necessitates the best boat trailer wiring harness that is adept at securely and safely linking the brake light, turn signals, tail lights, and many other required electrical systems.

Keep in mind that if your vehicle is not properly equipped with a very functional wiring harness for a trailer, then there are a myriad of distinct solutions that could offer the precise fit for a particular vehicle. As you know, when it comes to wiring harness designed for vessel trailers, there are color-coded diagrams that you could refer to so you could understand what you need and what you have to do to set them up accordingly.

best boat trailer wiring harness

This article intends to provide vital information that has something to do with some available solutions that you could consider that consist of splice-in wiring, custom wiring as well as replacement wiring. As a result, if you are in the hunt for replacing the wiring harness on your boat trailer, you can start checking out the product options carefully reviewed below.

Also, carefully ponder on the shopping guides detailed in this post so you can have sufficient amount of information regarding the most valuable and special features for you to look into when investing in a top-quality product that could work as expected.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

ONLINE LED STORE Wiring Harness 


Most Durable

SUZCO Wiring Harness


Premium Choice

 Wesbar 707261


Table of Contents

Best Boat Trailer Wiring Harness Reviews of 2023

1. ONLINE LED STORE 4-Way Flat Wishbone-Style Wiring Harness Kit

If you are feeling perplexed about the right boat trailer wiring kit for you to purchase since there are lots of available options out there, then save yourself from headaches from now on and check out what this product could offer you.

This wiring harness kit is made with separate left and right brake lines from the plug reason why there is no need to run a single wire to a single taillight, and then run a separate wire from that wire, across the trailer and to the other taillight again. You will adore its wishbone style wiring structure since this is meant to make wiring the taillights less complex and it does a vital role in simplifying the assembly procedures.

What makes this a risk-free investment is that it is backed up by a two-year warranty. And, it is good to note that it is equipped with 18 AWG color coded wires that evidently point out the function of each wire; thus this makes assembly process safer and less exhausting even for beginners.

On the other hand, this wiring harness comes with short white wires and there is no termination hardware supplied. Also, the product photo seems misleading and would have been better if it includes detailed assembly methods to make the installation less confusing from the very start.
  • Certified made as top-drawer four-way trailer wiring harness
  • A lot effortless to wire the taillights and straightforward to set up
  • Supported by two-year warranty
  • Designed with outstanding 18 AWG color coded wires
  • Ideal for trailers that measure below or beyond 80” wide
  • Comes with short white wires
  • Does not come with easy-to-understand instructions
All in all, this is a top quality solid wiring harness for the price. This does a god job of running the wires with less effort. It appears to have superb quality conductors and insulators for a trailer harness. Aside from these, the connector appears well-crafted and you could plug it in more securely to a vehicle connector with much ease. Undeniably, this boat trailer wiring harness kit is amazing in that even at a very affordable cost; it is unique and reliable at performing outstandingly.

2. SUZCO 25 Foot 4 Wire 4-Flat Trailer Light Wiring Harness

This wiring harness kit is exhaustively sealed to ensure corrosion-proof assembly. It features extended wiring system that is meant to guarantee more flexibility. What makes it an amazing option is that it has the capability to shield tow vehicle electronics from wiring shorts. In like manner, the boat trailer wiring connectors are especially built to supply power for brake and turn lights as well as to efficiently power taillights.

Fundamentally, the trailer wire can be set up effortlessly and instantly with the aid of the four-way connectors. These are available to let the essential hookup of the 3 lighting functions and a single pin is provided for a ground wire as well. To allow easy assembly process, there are guides provided which are intended for wiring the running light as well as the license plate lights.

All the same, two negative aspects that can be detected regarding this wiring harness are the plugs that seem to be not in standard size and the ground wire is not full length and quite thin. See to it to inspect it carefully first before buying it.
  • Built with color-coded four-flat trailer wire
  • Comes with a ground wire that is lengthy enough
  • Allows basic hookup of 3 lighting functions
  • Offers free placement service
  • Capable of allowing more flexibility due to its extend wiring system feature
  • Plugs appear not in standard size
  • Quite thin and not full length ground wire
As a whole, this is an impressive boat trailer wire kit at a budget-friendly selling cost. As for the ease of use and ease of assembly, these would highly rely on how skillful the installer is. It is highly suggested to set the wires at full length then trim it as necessary. Basically, it is quite important to strictly adhere to the four wiring instructions included in the kit. Take note that the distinct color wires are obviously labeled as each wire’s function; thus this could help make the assembly method more risk-free and plain sailing.

3. Wesbar 707261 Wishbone Style Trailer Wiring Harness

If you are fishing for salt water boat trailer wiring, then this option won’t leave you in the lurch. If you are worried about the price tag, this product won’t force you to spend more as it is reasonably priced. Likewise, setting the wires up does not need to be quite vexing for you to handle even if you are still novice in doing the job. Obviously, this is ideal for quick harness repair.

Please be guided that it helps to consider placing a wire loom surrounding the wires in order to shield them from any sorts of damage. This product is capable of resolving all the potential issues from age-old splices in current wiring. In the same way, it works as advertised and came with adequate wiring to replace the existing faulty wires in a vessel trailer.

There are a few very critical factors for you to consider when setting the wires up and these include ensuring that you have a very good ground when you are connecting to the trailer. Furthermore, prior to tying down the wires with the help of a permanent type fastener, you have to inspect for correct operation first through simply linking to your vehicle connector.

Still and all, a couple of drawbacks that you need to be vigilant of if you opt for this wiring harness are a few defective connectors that hinder the wiring from doing its job perfectly and it especially requires splicing in another wires so to reach the lights- you would definitely wish the ground wire was made to be longer.
  • Built with wishbone structure to allow superior trailer installation
  • Equipped with color-coded 18-gauge bonded wires
  • A good catch for the price
  • Built with 3-feet ground wire and 25-feet long four-way trailer wiring harness
  • Integrates with SAE J1128 specification
  • Requires splicing in another wire in order to reach the lights
  • Comes with a few defective connectors
In summary, these are premium quality wires that are particularly manufactured with durable strands of copper that could last for a longer period of usage. Indeed, these do not easily break when stripping, and most importantly, they do not get instantly brittle. For the money, this can be touted as one of the most dependable brands of harness that boat trailer owners can safely invest in.

4. Miady 25ft Trailer Wiring Harness with 4-Flat Connector

This wiring harness is designed with four-way flat plug connector that is equipped with trailer ends and a white ground wire. These are meant to split at the trailer tongue and cut down each side of the trailer. The ground wire for the trailer side is 4-foot long which is sufficient enough to utilize for a trailer. Indeed, this is fully sealed to enable long-lasting corrosion-proof setup.

Take into consideration that it is indispensable to always refer to the boat trailer wiring harness diagram so to ensure that you are on the right track when installing this wiring system.

Meanwhile, a couple of bad marks that can be experienced when you start using this wiring harness are a few wiring that does not operate lights and to install the wiring properly, it is a must to prepare some electrical tools and butt connectors to complete the assembly process.
  • Offers users with extra length needed to achieve precise fit
  • Designed with unique and convenient wishbone wiring structure
  • Set up with four-feet long ground wiring that’s fully sealed
  • Perfect choice for horse trailers, marine vessel trailers, ATV trailer, motorcycle trailer and other cargo utility trailer hitches
  • Guarantees less complex form of connection
  • Wires do not operate lights
  • Especially requires butt connectors and some electrical tools for assembly

To conclude, this tinned trailer wiring harness is the real deal since it is specifically manufactured for a broad array of uses. It makes connection more simplified so you would delight in a very safe and more convenient setup. Its 18 AWG color-coded wires are primarily intended to help point out the function of each wire so connecting the wires does not need to be a huge hassle for everyone to manage even for novices.

And, the best of all, since this is made with 25-feet wiring harness, this option is capable of providing the additional length, all you have to do is to extend the actual truck to trailer wires. Here, you do not have to intertwine your new wires and you only need to extend them with the aid of this extender.

5. Shoreline Marine 4-Way Trailer Wire Harness

This boat trailer harness comes with frame clips that are specifically intended to arrange and secure the wiring. If you own a trailer that could hold up by up to 18’ vessels, then this is the perfect option for you. It is built with superior quality insulators and the plug appears to be of premium quality.

What makes this kit a great catch to consider is that it already comes with all the necessary wiring harness, clips and wire connectors. It is manufactured with color-coded four-way wire and the wire connectors can be instantly clipped together to allow fast and uncomplicated lights assembly. So, if it is your first tome to do the job, you sure have no worries to think about.

Two things that give this wiring harness product weak point are its very short ground wires which mean that these are not long enough to make it to all the brake and side lights. And, the product description seems misleading since the actual product does not contain what was indicated in the product information. So, it is better if you check these minor issues first prior to getting one.
  • Comes with frame clips that helps properly arrange and secure the wiring
  • Designed with 4’ vehicle side connector and features 25’ wishbone trailer harness
  • Equipped with wire connectors that instantly clip together
  • A piece of cake to set up by yourself
  • Designed with color coded four-way wires
  • Product description isn’t accurate
  • Super short ground wire
Overall, this wiring harness for vessel trailers is specifically designed for DIY projects. And, since you can execute the work all by yourself, there is no need to feel drained why installing the wires. This wiring harness is certainly smooth sailing to deal with since it includes a 4-way trailer wiring diagram that can serve as your guide when installing it. It would have been better if the ground wires were long enough to cover for all the side and brake lights. Anyhow, this is still a great investment that you can bank on. The price is alright even for those with limited budget.

6. Hopkins Wire Flat Trailer Side Y-Harness Connector

The wire is manufactured with all copper and it functions accordingly in terms of linking boat trailer light connectors to a truck when you are hauling it. This is ideal for 18-feet long trailer. Furthermore, the split wiring does a great job of making the task a lot easier since each side comes with its own halt or turn and a very functional tail light conductor.

If you prefer a wiring harness that is meant to rewire or maintain a trailer, then this is your best match. This would also suit those who are not that expert in dealing with wiring system as it is a child’s play to set up and use. Its wishbone wiring structure enables a couple of brown wires to be run to each taillight and is made with exceptional corrosion-proof terminals as well.

It matters to acknowledge that the ground wires seems to be quite short to fit a trailer without the need to relocate where it links and as for the price, it is slightly pricey than other similar products available today. Hence, you’ve got to look through these minor problems before shopping for one.
  • Designed with corrosion-proof terminals
  • Especially manufactured for re-wiring or maintaining a trailer
  • Enables two brown wires to be ran to each taillight
  • Wiring is flexible and made with superior quality stuff
  • Less convoluted to set up and use
  • Ground wire appears too short to fit a trailer without relocating where it connects
  • A little overpriced as compared to other similar options
On the button, this wiring harness proves to be a very reliable way to successfully wire up a trailer. It measures 30-feet in length and comes with two brown wires which imply that it is not necessary to splice a wire between the right and left side. In short, you could run the wiring down the length of the trailer, a single group on each edge, link to the back lights and you’re done. As for the quality and flexibility of the wires, these are superb and feel like they are capable of lasting for a longer period of time.

7. Reese Towpower 85205 4-Way Bonded Trailer Wiring

This option is definitely practical for re-doing a less complicated trailer wiring harness. The bonding film is great at holding the wires together without any major issues. It is surely quite effortless to thread and you can rest assure that it can provide you with unbeatable and longer-lasting service.

It is delighting to note that a lot of boat trailer owners who have used this wiring harness adore its durability, functionality and reliability. But, it might not be painless to install especially if you have not done the job yet in the past. To be sure, follow the manufacturer’s instructions by heart or watch some videos when installing the wires.

Under other conditions, this wiring harness appears unsuitable to use for large-sized trailers and since it comes with a very thick transparent plastic coating over it, separating the individual wires becomes more convoluted but luckily these are still quite usable.
  • Equipped with bonded wire to guarantee cleaner setup process
  • Known for being durable and bulky 16/18 gauge wire
  • Topnotch replacement wire when re-wiring trailers
  • Comes with a total length of 25 feet
  • Runs taillights, right and left runs as well as ground
  • Seems inappropriate to use for larger trailers
  • A bit harder to separate the individual wires

On the mark, this wiring harness comes with authentic 16ga copper wire and is also particularly built with very thick insulation. What makes it long-standing to use is that it comes with additional plastic coating over the insulation to safeguard it from any sort of damage and from getting brittle. This is also meant to shield the wire from corrosive elements; however, this makes separating the individual wire a bit challenging.

While this feature provides more protection, it is slightly painful when you need to splice it. Please take note that if you plan to use this for large trailers, you better look for other alternatives since this only works like a charm for smaller trailers. As for the price, it comes with a little higher selling cost than other competitors, but it works exceptionally and there is no need for you to replace the wiring more often.

8. ABN Trailer Wire Extension

If you need to deal with a boat trailer wiring with surge brakes, then it is imperative that you only invest in premium quality wiring system that won’t fail in delivering an excellent performance. The good news today is that if you are fishing for painless trailer wiring, this product can help you accomplish that.

Once bought, the box already contains a 20-feet trailer wire harness extension that could perfectly fit your current requirements. This operates outstandingly and the best thing about it is that it could be disconnected if necessary and it adheres to the standard wiring colors for the wiring diagram.

What is more, you won’t have to splice the new wires and all you have to do is to plainly extend them using boat trailer plug or wiring plug. This can guarantee extra added longevity and strength mainly because it is crafted with solid 20-gauge wires. It is designed with four-way color-coded trailer wire lengths to make it a lot easier for users to identify the functions.

Not the less, this wiring harness is not meant to be utilized for reverse lights and the copper wire is not as durable as advertised since it is more susceptible to being damaged by corrosive elements than expected.
  • Constructed to last for many years
  • Comes with a single ground wire, 2 right/left halt and turn signal wires, and a single running lights wire
  • Can be used in many different applications
  • Does not require splicing the new wires
  • Equipped with heavy-duty 20-gauge wires
  • Not designed for reverse lights
  • Copper wire is prone to corrosion
To wrap things up, with this unparalleled wiring harness option, you could be guaranteed that all the lights operate and there won’t be serious issues for you to deal with. This can be used for many different purposes making it a very cost-effective option worth-considering. If you are into smooth sailing trailer wiring, this can be your most exquisite pick. For the money, this boat trailer wiring kit with LED lights would make you feel rewarded in the end. It comes complete and it guarantees ease and convenience of assembly and use.

9. CZC AUTO Trailer Wiring Harness Kit 4-Way Wishbone Style

This wiring harness kit comes with a total measurement of 29 feet in length which is lengthy enough for all forms of 12 Volt four-pin connection trailers. The female as well as male plug pin size is standard so this conveys that it could match distinct standard female and male plug together.

Essentially, this comes with unmatched wire connections that are color-coded and are capable of directly matching the trailer wire system to allow painless and more risk-free connection. Please be advised that it is critical to look for the picture and manufacturer’s instructions for more details when setting the wires up.

By the same token, its pure, solid and authentic copper core built makes the wiring harness reliable and durable enough to be used even under rugged conditions. This is covered by PVC plug that are designed with stain nickel plated copper terminals and PVC with UV inside it.

Take into account that this wiring harness especially calls for a diagram when installing it so as to assist those who are not insightful with color coding systems as this is slightly challenging to set up. Also, the wiring seems not capable enough to support the turn signals.
  • Capable of being submerged for a longer period of time
  • Constructed with pure and authentic copper core
  • Measures 29 feet in length
  • Equipped with very useful color-coded wiring connection
  • Comes with two-year warranty
  • Wiring won’t be able to support the turn signals
  • May be a bit tricky to set up

This is the best bang for the money since it won’t limit its use. For a fact, this is appropriate for all types of trailers such as those below and under 80-feet wide vessel trailer, ATV trailer, enclosed cargo trailer, car hauler trailer, utility trailer, dump trailer, equipment trailer, and the like. It is built with premium materials, completely sealed and comes with dependable corrosion-proof feature.

Lastly, unlike other options, this could be submerged for a very long period of time and it is even backed up by two-year warranty offer making it a risk-free investment that you could rely on. So, in case you encounter some issues with the product, you can get or ask for a refund or product replacement.

10. MICTUNING Trailer Wiring Harness Extension Kit

This wiring harness for a marine trailer comes with a measurement of 25-feet male and 6-feet female that allows boat trailer owners to extend their vehicle-to-trailer wire task quickly and easily. Many people who have used this option prefers its wishbone structure since it lets them run down the wires separately on each edge of the trailer to the taillights without having to use a jumper wire.

Over and above, this is the best value for the price since the boat trailer lights kit comes fully sealed and features anti-corrosion capability that could result to extended use and a more dependable connection. It makes extending towing lights in a safer mode without the need to have dimmer light. Additionally, you would not need to deal with splicing wires.

If you are searching to get a wiring harness that could suit any kind of trailer, then this option can work wonders for your needs. This comes with universal compatibility feature which is a little difficult to find in vessel trailer harness nowadays.

While this wiring harness for vessel trailers come with impressive features, a few stumbling blocks about it are the connectors that are not reliable enough when it comes to fighting off extreme exposure to corrosive elements and the wires would have better if they were built to be thicker.
  • Reliable in terms of providing more secure and dependable connection
  • Conforms to SAE standards
  • Wishbone structure makes it painless to wire the taillights
  • Best pick for universal applications
  • Four-way connectors allow installing trailer wires more effortlessly and in a snap
  • Connectors appear not that capable of withstanding extreme exposure to various elements
  • Would have been better if the wires are thicker
In conclusion, this is a money-wise investment in that it is equipped with matchless insulation that is generally difficult to unveil on trailer wires. These four-pin trailer wiring plugs come all set to be spliced into your current vehicle and trailer wiring. The installation process is less complex as it is built with firm 18-gauge wires that are color-coded to provide more convenience in figuring out the function of each wire. Also, it is compatible with trailers below and beyond 80-feet in width.

What to Look for When Buying Boat Trailer Wiring Harness


There are a number of things that must be seriously taken into consideration prior to making the final shopping decision regarding the most suitable wiring harness for vessel trailers and some of these include:

Hinging on the intricacy of the trailer’s lights and other components such as brake controller, winch and the like, the wiring harness from the hauling vehicle to the trailer may consist of anywhere between 4 and 7 connectors.

Meanwhile a 4-way connector is adept at offering a ground circuit and other three functions such as taillights, right/turn/stop and left/turn/stop.

Whereas, a 5-way connector comprise all of these; however, this comes with a blue wire that is meant for auxiliary function or brake controller.

A 7-way connector comes with all of these but the additional feature is having a reverse signal. Take in mind that an unsteady ground is a common source of erroneous lighting. And, this could embody itself in a specifically distressing manner when the lights function well at times but not at other times; for instance, when the headlights are turned on.

Fundamentally, it is crucial to ensure that the ground on the hauling vehicle is linked with an unpainted surface on the chassis. Aside from this, also make it a point that each light installation is grounded to the trailer.

It is also equally essential to examine all the wire if they are capable of running along the trailer so to ensure that it is supported more often and shielded from chafe against the trailer and scuffing from rugged road use.

Lastly, durability, reliability and functionality are the primary and must-have characteristics that you must search for if you want to end up getting topnotch wiring harness for your boat trailer. Fortunately, these products are not that overpriced so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a boat trailer wiring harness kit?

Wiring harness kits generally come complete with all the required components, hardware and tools when installing or replacing wires in a boat trailer. Many a time, these are equipped with very practical color-coded wiring connection and are meant to be utilized for many diverse applications.

Such kits can ensure ease and convenience of installation and use and they typically come all set and ready to be wired without any hassle. These commonly do not require splicing new wires and are readily designed with heavy-duty gauge wires.

Likewise, these kits are often designed with bonded wire to ensure neater installation procedure. They could provide top-drawer replacement when rewiring trailers too. These works to run the ground, right and left turns as well as the taillights.

The delighting news is that these are generally priced in a more reasonable selling cost. And, they serve very vital role when it comes to guaranteeing a very reliable way to successfully wire up a trailer.

How does it work?

Wiring harness designed for vessel trailers come with a plug that is linked to the hauling vehicle’s lighting circuitry. In line with this, it is meant to run the length of the trailer frame and diverse components such as turn, tail and halt signals and side marker lights surrounding the perimeter of the trailer.

Basically, lights that are built to serve many functions might combine as plenty as 7 functions into a single compact fixture, consisting of both reflectors and lighting functions. It is interesting to note that this makes fastening lights and wiring them virtually painless and more convenient to work on.

What are the different types of boat trailer wire kits?

  • Way Connectors

These allow the fundamental hookup of the 3 lighting functions and another extra pin is provided for a ground wire. These are ideal for light duty type of trailers.

  • Way Connectors

They enable the fundamental hookup of the 3 lighting functions, come with ground wires and another pin that is meant to offer support for another operation. These are practical for trailers that come with hydraulic brakes or surge brakes.

The extra wire is wired into the backup lights to disconnect the actuator when the vehicle is shifting; hence switching off the brakes of the trailer.

  • Way Connectors

These permit the primary hookup of the 3 lighting functions. Apart from these, the two additional pins and the ground are designed to offer extra two functions; commonly for 12V hot leas and electric brakes.

These are highly recommended for horse trailers. The square connectors of 6-way are more typical for campers. Please take into account the in some applications, the blue brake controller output connection, as well as the black battery power connection, are shifted.

  • Way Connectors

Besides the 3 primary lighting functions, backup lights are available, extra pins are provided for electric brakes, and 12 V hot lead is also available. There are a couple of categories for these connectors and these are the ones that come with round pins while the other one is made with flat pins that are pertained to as blades. You could rarely find the ones that come with round pins but the ones with flat pins are commonly found on newer SUVs and trucks that were manufactured with a trailer hitch.

Why do you need a boat trailer wiring kit? (Benefits)

Wiring harness kits are must-haves because they can offer a number of perks to boat trailer owners. Aside from the fact that these are less expensive, they come all set to be wired and installed so even beginners won’t have a tough time completing the wiring job.

These come with easy-to-follow wiring instructions, and they even contain color-coded diagrams where users can easily distinguish the function of each wire. They also include the needed tools, hardware and wiring system and connectors that complete the assembly task.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted boat trailers wiring harness brands?

If you wish to invest in reliable and second to none quality wiring harness products, then this could only be possible if you conduct a comprehensive research about the most trusted brands that majority of boat trailer owners use these days.

Needless to say, there is nothing for you to regret about if the manufacturer of the product you decided to invest in is highly trusted in terms of producing durable, functional and reliable products that have been tried and tested to serve their purpose without any trouble.

If you have no idea yet about the most credible brands in the world of wiring harness for vessel trailers, here a few of the most reputable manufacturers of wiring harness products that you can check out:

  • Hopkins Towing Solutions
  • Reese

Please take note that these brands are just a few of the most preferred options chosen by a plenty of boat trailer owners around the world. Luckily, their wiring harness products are built with topnotch quality yet they are not really priced so expensively.

How to run wire through boat trailer?

When running wires through vessel trailers, you must contemplate on the following steps:

Disconnect the lights and lift the previous and damaged harness, you need to uncover how the wires were tied up. Here, it might be required to run the wires within a tubular framework rings or members along the framework. For this, you may utilize the old wires to ride the new ones out prior to making any sorts of connections.

Please be reminded that there has to be a couple sets of combo wires and these include the brown and yellow that run along the left-side framework; brown and green that run along the right-side framework. Meanwhile, the white ground wire is intended to link with any bolt at the rear of the coupler. The blue wire is responsible for linking to the solenoid on the surge actuator.

How to install and use?

Here is a 7-way installation instruction for you to follow when setting up wiring harness to a vessel trailer:

  • Point out an appropriate mounting point on the hauling vehicle for the adapter. The wiring harness must come with sufficient length to be able to reach this point and fasten the adapter.
  • Then, plug the four-plug of the adapter into a four-flat plug extending from the vehicle. In so doing, it would provide right and left turn as well as taillight functions.
  • Spot a grounding pint close by the adapter like the vehicle’s cross or frame member. Get rid of the filth and rustproof the spot. Tie up the white wire with eyelet.
  • Lastly, link the remaining wires through simply coiling yellow connectors. You may refer to color-coded diagrams provided in the product you have purchased.

What is the warranty?

It is absolutely disappointing ending up buying faulty or defective products. For sure, nobody wishes to waste time and money on products that won’t serve them any useful purpose. Hence, as a smart consumer, it is best if you skip products that are not backed up by warranties.

A lot of local boating and marine supply stores and online shopping sites sell various products these days and it cannot be denied that there are several cases of faulty or malfunctioning products and there are frauds and scams that consumers can encounter if they shop on untrustworthy online shopping sites. So, to avoid all these inconveniences, it is best if you go for products that are supported by different types of warranties.

Product warranties are consumers’ protection in case there are some problems regarding the purchased product in the future. So, if you want to give justice to the money you spent for a wiring harness for your boat trailer, be sure to buy the ones that offer warranties.

Where to buy?

Shopping for a boat trailer wiring harness is made easier these days since there are lots of local boating and marine supply stores which are heavily stocked with countless of products that consumers could pick from. Buying wiring harness for your vessel trailer in person is a good thing to do in that it gives you the opportunity to inspect the product up close and decide right away if the product is the right option for your current needs.

Alternatively, a more convenient way of looking for topnotch wiring harness for your boat trailer is through shopping online. Online shopping sites such as WestMarine, Amazon and WalMart can offer you some of the world’s most renowned brands and limitless products to choose from. And, these sites commonly offer the best deals that you could not enjoy in local stores.

How to care and maintain?

When caring for and maintaining wiring harness for vessel trailers, it is important to uncover that, in general, the four-pole trailer connector would remain in the cargo or trunk area of an SUV or vehicle when idle. This is to aid in prolonging the lifespan of the connector through simply shielding it from any sorts of accidental damage and other potentially hazardous elements.

Meanwhile, when it is required for hauling, all you need to do is to plainly haul the connector out and close the back door or trunk. In addition to this, the rubber weather strip that offers a door seal is the one that helps in keeping the wire from getting tweaked. And, in the event that the trailer connector has to be fastened underneath the vehicle, you can refer to various mounting brackets that are designed to help you safeguard the connector and keep it from drooping below the vehicle.


Trailer wiring is not all that convoluted; even so, majority of boat trailer owners do not possess electrical engineering degrees either. Truth is, a plenty of wiring issues are the outcome of overflowing series of happenings that could have you panicking particularly if it is almost time for the scheduled departure. In times like this, you just end up asking yourself, “what should I do?”

By happy chance, some wiring problems are not that intricate to detect; for instance, when you deal with broken wires; while these could start small, if not properly addressed, the problem could get worse. Surely, a broken wire is less complicated to fix; however, you might not know it – you could be setting yourself up for more serious issues.

Hence, one of the most practical considerations from the very start should be investing in the best boat trailer wiring harness. This way, there is no need for you to encounter serious wiring problems because top quality ones can help you save yourself from broken and faulty wiring harness issues that could significantly affect your trailering experience.

The product reviews as well as the buying tips exhaustively discussed above can serve as your guides on how to ensure getting the right wiring harness for your vessel trailer.

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